What I Needed

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Chapter 54 ~ The Twins

Priya’s P.O.V.

Ooohhh,” the day had finally arrived and my body felt like it was being ripped apart with every contraction.

“Just hold on baby, we’re nearly there.”

Jakobe was hurtling down the freeway at lightning speed, pretty sure he was more panicked than I was. “Holy shit,” I cried out, gripping onto his arm. “Jakobe,” I drawled out, “I feel like I’m going to shit myself.”

That gorgeous bastard laughed at me, “Mafia baby, I’ll hose ya down if you do.”

I narrowed my eyes at him just as a gush of fluid leaked out of me and onto the passenger’s seat. I looked up at him with tears clouding my vision, “What?” he screamed.

“I just pissed myself.”

“Fuck these kids are already a pain in my ass.”

My lycra pants were saturated and on top of my body being ripped to shreds, these babies were bearing down hard, wanting to escape a hole that I was pretty fucken sure they couldn’t fit through, despite the Doctor assuring me it would expand to accommodate a body or two.

Life was about to get a whole lot more complicated, I could see that just from the beginning, hell one of them was hiding behind the other for months seemingly unnoticed, sneaky fucker.

The hilarity of the whole situation was the entire bloody Road Warriors MC was following us at unimaginable speeds as we hurtled our way to the hospital. Deon and Eva, Brutus and Vell were on the bikes in front, with Leighton and Kitty at the head of the precession behind us. The noise from the bikes was enough to scare the other drivers and they pulled to the side out of our way, like you do for emergency vehicles.

“I feel like we should have some kind of old western music playing,” Jakobe teased, the excited sparkle in his eye was enough to have me groaning at his ridiculousness.

“If you touch that stereo, so help me god caveman, I will bite your arm off.” He threw his head back and gave a chesty snort.

“You’re starting to scare me, wife.”

We pulled up to the emergency doors of the hospital and Jakobe flies out from behind the wheel, tossing the keys to Vell as she dismounted and straight through the glass automatic doors, leaving me to mewl in pain in the passenger’s seat. Finally, he realises his mistake and comes shooting back out, sweating and swearing as I’m still seated, watching on in bewilderment.

“Where the bloody hell were you going?” Deon asks, trying desperately to hold back his amusement.

“Shit, I panicked and forgot to take the wife.” A roar of hysterics rang out over the leather-clad horde of dangerous bikers.

“Jesus Christ Trigger, you’re a fucken imbecile,” he rolled his eyes at Deon’s jest.

“Fuck, guess I should take you with me, huh?” I look up at him incredulously as he reaches my door.

“That might be nice, unless you plan on birthing them on your own?”

“Fuck, sorry Mafia.” He holds out his hand and helps me from the car, “you want a wheelchair?”

“You want a kick to the balls?... ffffuuuucccckkkkk,” I cried, buckling over in pain as Eva collected my other arm.

“Just breathe through it,” she offered with an apologetic look on her pretty petite face.

“Eva, I like you, don’t piss me off,” she stifled her chuckle.

“I guess now would be a good time to tell you?” She said as we hobbled through the entrance.

“What Nevaeh?”

“I’ll be joining you in about six months.”

I froze, allowing her words to process, “You’re pregnant?” Deon was beaming proudly.

“Yep, just passed the first trimester,” he said.

“Jakobe, you owe a fifty, I fucken told you she was knocked up.” Jakobe rolled his chocolate eyes again.

A woman in scrubs arrived with a wheelchair, “Mrs Sloane, the Doctor is waiting for you as they prep theatre, I’m sorry but your… um… bystanders… are not allowed in, they’ll have to wait in the waiting room.” The poor nurse looked terrified at telling a bunch of murderous bikies they can’t come in. It was then I noticed the amount of security guards that surrounded the front foyer of the hospital.

“Alright you fuckers, VP Trigger and Princess can’t have spectators, follow me to the waiting room,” Deon boomed out over the men, gesturing them to follow him.

“Theatre? Is that necessary?” I questioned, suddenly feeling very vulnerable and panicky.

“It’s just a precaution, Mrs Sloane, no need to worry,” she stated. But I was worried, more than worried, Jakobe could see it on my face just how concerned I was and he tried to comfort me as best he could.

“I’m sure it’s nothing Mafia; try to relax a bit ah. I read that if one of the twins is breech or not in the ‘Vertex’ position, I think that means head first, then a caesarean section is the safer option.”

“Wow, it’s rare we have fathers take such a vested interest in the labour process,” the nurse praised, to which Jakobe smiled proudly.

“Well, these are my kids,” he exclaimed.

We entered a birthing room where the nurse handed Jakobe some scrubs, the same colour blue that she wore, and ordered him to put them on as she tore away the packaging for some white compression socks and unrolled them, “I’m sorry,” I apologised, “I’ve wee’d myself.”

The nurse laughed heartedly, “your waters broke Mrs Sloane, it’s perfectly normal.”

Her smiling face calmed me slightly but then I was thrust back into the reality of my situation as a wave of unimaginable pain crashed over me and I shook uncontrollably, while the blinding force contracted my being. It was so painful I was rendered speechless and under its complete control. The other contractions I was able to remain focused and functional, this one was crippling.

I slowly became aware of my surroundings as Doctor Monroe entered the birthing suite. “Ah, Mrs Sloane, Mr Sloane, how are you both?”

“She’s turning Doc, we may need to sedate her,” Jakobe chuckled, bouncing up onto the bed, like a mischevious child.

“Shut up idiot,” I growled furiously.

“See turning, you think you could bring back my wife? It seems she has been possessed by some unnatural and mean being.” Sweat poured off of me as I panted, attempting to regain my strength.

“Let’s see where these little ones are at, hey?” She smiled but I could see the concern in her eyes, she was worried. Both she and Jakobe helped me onto the bed just as the anesthesiologist came waltzing in, whistling a tune that was annoying me.

“Can you shut up please,” I bit rather harshly.

“Sorry,” his deep baritone voice did not suit his rather feminine look of well-groomed eyebrows and soft face.

Another wave of pure horror crashed over me as I disappeared into the pain, squeezing my eyes shut as the darkness ensured and all that I could feel was the searing hurt that ravished my body, rippling its way from my stomach and spreading out across me.

The gell was squeezed onto my stomach and the doctor placed the paddle on my abdomen, the image of our babies lit up the screen. “Hmm,” Doctor Monroe commented, standing up and walking to the foot of the bed, “if you could place your ankles and knees together please, then flop open keeping your feet together, I just want to see how far you are dilated.” I did as she requested and she slipped a rubber glove onto her hand, her fingertips brushed at my entrance as my eyes grew wide with fright. “And 3, 2, 1… entering,” I could feel her fingers inside me, the process was quick but as she removed her hand and pulled off her glove with a loud snap, tossing it into the bin, she turned with a grave look on her face.

“What the fuck is wrong?” I cried out.

“Okay, the scan shows that your daughter is in breech position and blocking the way, your babies may be ready, but your body is not, I’m sorry Mrs Sloane, you are unable to have a vaginal birth how you wanted, Terry here will give you a spinal block, similar to what you know of an epidural, but he will explain that to you, and we need to get you in for a caesarean section straight away.”

“It’s alright baby, I’m here, we can do this together.” Jakobe’s assurance that he wasn’t going to leave me made my heart swell.

The anesthesiologist, whose name I now knew was Terry, explained the procedure and what the paperwork meant, “sign this please, it’s a standard liability form just stating that you understand what I’ve just explained to you.” After another harrowing contraction, I was finally able to sign and Jakobe and Terry helped turn me on the bed and rest my full weight on the pillows.

I felt the needle as it entered my spine and the prick had my entire body flush with anxiety, but then I felt a rush of relief as the pain dramatically subsided. They turned me back and opened my legs for the catheter to be inserted after I was covered up, a burly young man entered and unlocked the wheels, “let’s get your babies out? See you in there,” the Doctor chimed happily, rushing out of the room as the burly man wheeled me down the corridor to the theatre. Jakobe held my hand as we were walked the entire way.

The silence was deafening and felt like the footsteps echoed thunderously as I stared blankly at the lights on the roof above my head. My nerves were spiking out of control, I had no control and for the first time in a long time, I felt helpless. Once again I found myself praying, the first time was for Ovella as she lay in a comatose state, this time it was for our babies that were in my belly. I could feel the fear rolling off of Jakobe in droves, it was hard for him to hide his emotions from me, it always had been, but now, facing this intense situation, there were no words of comfort that could come to mind.

“Hello again,” a cheery voice called out as the bald head of a plump, Doctor Black, popped into my view, “getting excited?”

“Not exactly the words I’d use,” Jakobe replied gruffly.

“Well, let’s just hope you don’t pass out this time hey?” Doctor Black laughed; I had to stifle my amusement remembering the day we found out about two babies and not one.

“Okay,” Doctor Munroe interrupted, “I’m just going to put this sheet up and we’ll get started.”

Jakobe sat on the right side of my head and the anesthesiologist on my left. Terry placed the mask over my face as I began to drift in and out of consciousness; I felt movement and some slight tugging, then darkness enveloped me.


“Baby… Mafia… Mafia?... Priya, wake up.” My eyes shot open to the wide toothy grin of my handsome caveman.

“What… happened?” I croaked out.

“You done amazing Mafia, we have two tiny little squishy babes, wanna meet them?” He seemed to be remarkably happy, it was sure awesome to wake too. I could see the sheet was still up in front of me, blocking my view and Terry the anesthesiologist smiling widely. There was tugging and pulling going on in my lower abdomen.

“What are they doing?” I questioned.

“Sewing you up, that shits a mess down there but here…” he placed my tiny bundle onto my chest. The sight of our son, Calix, lying there was almost too much emotion and I burst into tears, Jakobe’s eyes welled with tears too. “Calix is 3.6 kilo’s, told ya he wasn’t going to come out a 6ft beast of a man,” I narrowed my eyes at his joke.

A wave on unimaginable love washed over me, our son was beautiful, then when he switched between them and placed our daughter on my chest, the same incredible wash of elation swept through me. This was what love was, I thought loving Jakobe was the epitome of purity but children, no, this was what it felt like to truly love unconditionally. “Caia is 3.2 kilo’s, no wonder you were turning into a crazy person, they weren’t exactly tiny,” Jakobe doted, holding Calix and looking at Caia with unbridled adoration.

After hours and finally being sewn back up and wheeled into our room, I was able to properly meet and hold our babies. I looked down at them wrapped warmly in my arms, I had never in my life been so in love with anything or anyone before. I carefully unwrapped them one by one and investigated their toes and fingers, kissing them gently as I felt their soft skin beneath my fingertips, I knew right then and there, they would be the most loved little kids in the world.

Jakobe came jolting in after some time, with Leighton under his arm, “ready to meet your brother and sister?” He beamed out with pride.

“Fuck yes, let me at em,” Leighton smiled.

I picked up Calix and handed him to his brother as Caia slept soundlessly on my knees. Tears filled his eyes while he took a seat in the chair beside my bed. The doors burst open, “I don’t care if it’s past visiting hours, let me see my grandbabies.” Digger came hurtling in, along with the rest of the crazy horde of Road Warriors, their arms jam packed full with balloons and stuffed toys, I cracked up laughing at the sight, “fuck, now there’s the sight we needed to see, congratulations you two.”

Jakobe was emanating such utter pride at the sight of his MC Brother’s, ready to welcome the addition to our family. This was more than I could have ever asked for, our family, as messed up and crazy and completely unconventional as it is, this was our home and the only place we ever belonged.

*** I would like to thank my incredible friend, Leisa Wood, for allowing me to use parts of her caesarean section birth for this chapter. She has inspired more than just shaping out Jakobe and Priya’s birth but continues to inspire anyone who is priviledged enough to know her. Thank you for being you. ***

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