What I Needed

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Chapter 55 ~ Ten Years On

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Today marks an unbelievably proud day for me, not only watching my son Leighton marry but knowing that when he came to live with us at the scrawny age of fifteen, he fell in love with the one woman he vowed would someday be his wife. Katie-Anne, you have blessed Priya and I with two beautiful little granddaughters, shaped the amazing man my son is and supported not only our family but all who belong to The Road Warriors MC. If your Mum Aja were still alive, she would have been crying with such pride at the strong, fierce and independent woman you have become and your father Rex, well, let's be honest, he probably would have skinned Leighton alive for defiling his baby girl…” everyone in the room laughed, “and I’m so thankful to finally, claim you rightfully as my daughter-in-law. Leighton, I’ve always been so honoured to be your father, you have never disappointed me and followed through on every promise you have ever made. Watching you with your own children makes my heart flutter, you are not just the VP’s son, you are a Bikie Brother through and through, you’ve earned your place amongst us in your own right and if I was to go tomorrow, I would die a happy man, knowing that despite everything we trudged through together, you became a better man than I will ever be. I love you, son, I always have and always will and your Mum, Priya and I got you and Kitty a little something to get your marriage started off right.” Priya walked over to Leighton and Kitty as they sat at the bridal table, hugged and kissed them both and handed them an envelope.

Leighton opened it and paled, Kitty burst into tears when he showed her, “you paid for our honeymoon?” he exclaimed.

“Yeah mate, I know you two wanted to do everything on your own and blew all of your savings on this wedding, stating you'd have your honeymoon in a few years, so... we wanted to give you both the holiday you deserve.”

“But the girls?” Kitty cut in.

“Are well taken care of,” Priya winked at them.

“Thank you,” Leighton gasped, striding over to me as I bearly stood holding the microphone a few tables over, my eyes watering over. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and we held each other lovingly as the microphone was pulled from my hand.

“That’s not all,” Deon smirked, “Kitty, Leighton, we put it to a vote and decided we hated you living away from the clubhouse, so, we’ve built you two and the girls your own house on club land. Now, I know you both wanted to do that on your own too, but c’mon? What kind of big brother would I be if I didn’t get to spoil my baby sister how Mum and Dad would have wanted? I saw the plan’s you drew up Kid, the house was built just how you and Kitty designed it.” Kitty ran into Deon’s arms, “Oh and Nevaeh and I already furbished the girl’s rooms for ya, as our wedding present to both of you.” I found it amusing that when Leighton patched in, the boys voted to keep his nickname and road name the same… ‘Kid’.

The reception was in full swing and everyone was laughing, drinking and having such a good time. I looked out at my brother’s, out at our twin’s, Caia and Calix, at Rex and his brother’s Vaden, Micah and Fern, Deon and Nevaeh’s kids. Brutus and Ovella’s moody teenage adopted daughter’s Willow and Reese along with their son, Kai junior and Leighton and Kitty's girls, Lorna and June, dancing with the rest of the MC’s offspring and I felt… peace. Contentment at the way our lives had turned out, even after all of the sin and justice we had dished out over the years, we had been blessed abundantly.

I smelt her intoxicating vanilla scent before I felt her arms wrap around me. “I think you’re getting soft in your old age, that speech was beautiful. God knows I teared up,” she kissed my cheek lovingly as our eyes fell upon Kitty and Leighton dancing romantically on the floor.

“I just wish Aja was here to watch her daughter walk down the aisle.”

“Yes, I wished that too but no one could have predicted her heart attack, she's with Rex now and at peace. It’s times like this I’m thankful for our family, the MC family.”

“Hey…” I pulled Priya around onto my lap, “do you think Willow and Reese are okay watching the twins completely alone?”

Priya scrunched her face at me, “well, they are being paid to take care of all the kids until their parent’s collect them… why?”

I smirked wickedly, “well Mafia, it’s been years since we’ve had a rendezvous in our old room…” I wiggled my brows hoping she would catch on.

“Race you there,” she laughed, taking off like a greyhound at the racetrack.

I bolted after her, catching up on the stairs to the top level of the clubhouse and throwing her over my shoulder.

“Put me down caveman, you brute,” Priya wailed.

“Never, you are mine. You will always belong to me, don’t forget Mafia Princess, you wear my mark and carry my last name.” Her body shuddered upon my shoulder, I knew she loved it when I got all possessive of her.

I kicked open the door to our old room, it no longer had sheet’s on the bed or my knick-knacks around the place but it did have blankets and pillows in the cupboard and towels in the bathroom. I threw her onto the bed, removing my cut and shirt, tossing it carelessly to the floor. Her hooded eyes wandered the length of my body, the lustful gaze burned brightly in her alluring greens.

“Fuck, you’re sexy caveman,” she bit the side of her bottom lip and sat up, her nimble fingers undoing my black slacks and pushing them and my boxers to the floor as I slipped out of my boots. She wrapped her hand around my cock and tugged gently, my trouser beast rising to full attention in her soft palm. Priya leaned forward, running her lavish tongue along the underneath of my erect member, trailing the deep vein that sat there. I moaned, my head falling backwards as pleasure pulsed through me when her mouth surrounded my weeping bulbous head.

She slurped away at my joy stick happily, god, I always loved the way she sucked me off. After a few minutes, I pulled out of her mouth and bent over to capture her lips, our tongues meshing together in a heated and fierce kiss. My hands made their way to the back of her dress and unzipped her from her tight red silk garment, she lifted her hips as I slipped it off her gorgeous legs, my mouth covering her exposed breast and my tongue swirled her nipple. She had not worn a bra in years, a choice I was always thankful for when lust called.

I pulled back, the pop sound echoed through the empty room as I bit the sides of her lace G-string and slid them down too, immediately covering her bare pussy with my mouth and lapped at her soft delicate folds causing her to writhe and moan as I flicked against the ball of nerves of her clit. “Jakobe,” she gasped, her palms fisting my hair.

I slid two fingers inside of her, the moistened tunnel already contracting around me as I pumped her with vigorous force, edging her closer to her orgasmic cliff. It didn’t take long for her to fall over the edge as a strangled cry of pleasure tore from her throat and my mouth flooded with her sweet orgasmic nectar.

I lined up the head of my dick at her entrance and pushed in, feeling the last of her release as it ravished her body. My hips jutted forward as I claimed her mouth with my own, thrusting into her with primal need, her inner walls hugging me tightly, even after all these years.

Again and again, I drove into Priya with excited vigor as she mewled loudly, knowing we were alone in the clubhouse. I was fucking her with everything in me, claiming her moistened core possessively and aggressively, just the way she loved.

“Fuck, Jakobe… I’m so… right… there… oh… god…” she cried through pants of breath as she headed towards euphoria.

“God I love you,” I cried out.

Oh, Jakobe,” she exploded, her walls clamping down around my swelling cock as my orgasm ripped through me with blinding fireworks, my semen bathing her insides as I released inside her.

We shuddered, then stilled, as we both floated down from our mind-blowing high, I could feel her clenching around me, milking every last drop of my cock as we regained normal breathing.

“I love you Jakobe,” my beautiful Mafia looked up at me with passionate adoration.

“Priya, you are exactly, what I’ve always needed and more than I ever expected, I love you.”

The End.

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