What I Needed

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Chapter 6 ~ Strong

Priya’s P.O.V.

“Aja? I have to get out the gate to pick up Kitty, something’s happened, and she doesn’t want Prez knowing.” I couldn’t leave without permission or arousing suspicion, so I sought out Aja to help, I knew Kitty would not be impressed with me alerting her mother, but I had too, there was no other way.

“What’s happened?” Aja’s natural mum instincts were instantly elevated.

“She’s being bullied, and I’m afraid they’ve got to her again. She called, sobbing into the receiver.”

“Why didn’t she confide in me?”

“I don’t know, maybe because Kitty didn’t want to worry you?”

Aja clenched her jaw, noticeably troubled. “I will get you out the gate, but I want a full report when you get back. Deon will know something is up if we both go.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded.

Jumping into my black Chevrolet Corvette (C5), I lined up with the gate. Aja was arguing with the prospect at the controls, but finally, the gigantic steel barrier slid back, and I drove out before I was spotted fleeing the premises. It had been weeks since I had been outside the club’s steel fortress and as the music invaded my ears and the engine purred away nicely, I felt a sense of freedom I had not experienced in a long time. No one from Frazier’s crew knew I had survived, and nobody at the Road Warriors knew about my past.

I knocked it back a gear and planted my foot on the accelerator, following the G.P.S. to Kitty’s school. Stopping by the petrol station, I filled the tank all the way to the top, I didn’t realise how low it actually was, thank god, I always kept the boot of my car lined with hundred dollar bills and guns - if I were to use my cards now they would discover I was alive.

Pulling up to the front of Kitty’s school, I flicked her a text and waited. When I saw her slowly walking towards me, my heart began to race; I could easily distinguish something was not right by the way she had her jumper wrapped around her waist and the dejected look upon her face. “Kitty?”

She burst into loud sobs of hurt and pain and fell into my arms. “I can’t come back here anymore Priya, what am I going to do?”

“What happened?” My heart was breaking for her as Kitty untied her jumper and stood up. My eyes fell immediately on the blood-red patch on the back of her pants, “did you just get your period?” I questioned, confusion etched into my face.

“No, I’ve had it for years,” her tears leaked thick and fast, “they slid a red watercolour painting under me when I went to sit down, and when I got up, the group of bitches pointed and laughed at me in front of the whole assembly.” These girls were mean. Yes, it wasn’t drastic, but for a young teenage woman with uncontrollable emotions, it was not just devastating but humiliating.

For a teenager, life is hard enough with the hormones raging through our systems, but for girls, dealing with their period - It was something that was beyond horrifying. I pulled the jumper back around her waist and ushered her into the passenger’s seat.

“I hate school, and everyone at school despises me. This being a small town, they know where I live and who I am related too, and they loathe me for it. Every day feels like torture, and I can’t handle it much longer, I tried to hide, to be invisible, but this group of girls, in particular, they want to make my life hell just for their own amusement.”

“Kitty, do you trust me?”

I asked, hoping she did, “yes, Priya, why?”

“I want you to continue with school, but I need you to show me exactly who these girls are that feel the need to ridicule you, and I will deal with them.” She begins to panic, “Kitty, this time they went too far, I know girls like these, I know they won’t stop unless you are physically hurt, or worse, you’ve off’d yourself - I’ve got your back, leave them to me.”

My tone was set to dangerous and deadly as the venom dripped off my tongue, and a plan began to hatch in the back of my mind.

We returned to the compound, standing there to greet us was a massive gathering of bikies, with an extremely angry looking Deon at the front of the pack. “Oh, shit,” we both voiced in unison.

“Where the fuck, have you been?” Deon’s temper snapped like an acidic laced knife.

“He’s not angry at you; he’s angry at me.” I tried to reassure Kitty as she scrambles from the car. Yes, I had taken her shopping, yes, we had been a while, but after the day Katie-Anne had, she deserved a little pampering to lift her spirits.

“Don’t Deon, princess Priya helped me...” Prez silenced Kitty with his hand as I got out and stood in front of him, leaning casually up against my automobile.

“You don’t get to come in and out as you please, I fucken told you I was watching you.”

“Deon...” Aja warned.

“Stay out of it, mum,” he spits back, “you’ve already done enough by helping her.”

“Deon!” Kitty screams at the top of her lungs and pulls his shoulder back, handing him her red-stained pants, “this is why I needed Priya and not you.” Her tears came down hard as embarrassment flooded her face, and she ran inside, past the horde of scary bikers.

He held up the pants and realised very quickly what had occurred, “blood,” he cursed.

“No, red dye. Kitty’s being bullied, and this is their latest attack,” I walked towards the back of the shed, throwing my car keys to Jakobe, who looked like he was just about to jump in front of me and take the bullet against Deon. “You are surrounded by your compound whores, old ladies and wives, President Deon, yet not one single one of them has ever bothered to get to know your own sister - Kitty was too ashamed to speak of this to anyone else. I get that you don’t know me, that you don’t trust me, but I will always break the rules to help Kitty, no matter what. So why don’t you fucken tell me what the hell I’m meant to do? You want me to go? Fine, I will go; you wanna lock me in the cage? Go ahead, beat me until I’m broken - but you better bloody believe that if she calls me again, I will be right there, without an ounce of hesitation, and it is because she, Aja, and Jakobe, saved my life. I owe them everything, and where I’m from, loyalty runs deep. I would give my life for theirs if it were required.”

I stormed off up the path and into the woods still on the compound property. I knew I had just challenged the head of the Road Warriors, spoken way out of line, but what was I to do? Deon was being an asshole. I knew nothing really, his plans and businesses were all kept safe and away from me; the only thing I wanted to know was if they heard anything about who I’d been searching for. I didn’t give a shit about anything else.

They could have blown up Africa for all I cared; I needed to resume the mission I had started weeks ago. By now, Frazier would have found out the clause that stopped the entire empire being transferred to him, and he would be spitting it big-time — knowing that tiny nugget had me feeling happier by the second.

It was well and truly dark by the time I got back, Jakobe sat just outside the entranceway to the clubhouse, puffing away on a joint, I could smell the reefer as I came to a halt beside him. “So? When do I leave, or will you be marching my insubordinate ass into the cage?” He took a long drawback on the weed in his hand.

“You need to follow me, baby.” Jakobe glanced up at me with an arched brow.

“What?” I was almost certain my outburst was cause for punishment of the brutal kind.

“Follow me.” Jakobe entered through the doors and led me up to Deon’s office where Kitty sat nervously waiting, incessantly tapping her foot, “Prez.”

Deon looked up from his desk, “sit down, Priya.”

I took the vacant seat across from him as Aja watched on from the doorway, Jakobe sat down in the empty chair next to me. “Give it up Prez,” Jakobe warned.

My head nervously flitted between both of them; I was on edge and ready to fight. “Alright,” Deon grumbled, unimpressed at being told what to do. “It seems I owe you an apology,” I was sure my eyes widened in shock. “It appears, you are the only one that has bothered to befriend and care for Kitty...” I sat there silently, I knew from past experiences in situations like this, silence was best. “You have to understand, Priya, I have a lot of people to watch over, and you’re a grey area, so I’m going to ask you, and it’s your choice to answer.”

Oh fuck, here it comes, they are going to ask, and I have no choice but to answer. “Who hurt you the night Trigger found you?”

I sat there in quiet contemplation, wondering how I should respond, my breathing quickened as I ran my fingertips over my healed face as if subconsciously tracing the once-battered and bruised skin before I looked up at him head-on. “My brother.” No one said a word, you could feel the thick, heavy stillness that surrounded us all.

“And... will he try and hurt you again? Will he come looking for you?”

“He won’t stop.” They all watched me intensely, “you have a nice relationship with your sister, not everyone is as lucky, President Deon.” This answer seemed to appease his curiosity; a stray tear escaped my eye unintentionally, “when do you want me gone?”

He sighed with a dejected frown, “same rules apply, you need my permission to leave the compound, Trigger is responsible for you, and now that you’re fully healed, it’s time you started working.” My head snapped between everyone for clarification, had Deon gone insane?

“What?” Jakobe got out of his seat and walked to the door where Aja stood smirking, “w-what?” I repeated in utter shock.

“Can you cook?” Aja asked.

“I-I do okay?”

“See you around ten, then? The men get their breakfast when they eventually wake up, but we do lunch and Diner.”

“Okay,” I nodded dramatically, trying to digest everything. Jakobe motions with his head for me to follow while I attempted to comprehend what had just occurred.

Leighton ignored us as we entered the room, with his headphones on as he laid in bed. “Mate?” Jakobe called before slapping the couch to get his attention.

“Yeah, Dad,” he removed his headphones.

“You know I love you, right?” Leighton peered at him incredulously.


“Well, don’t take it personally, but tomorrow, when ya bed arrives, you’ll move into your own bedroom.”

“Sweet!” Leighton replies happily, immediately noticing Jakobe’s disgruntled face, “I mean, oh, that’s a shame.”

“That was a shit cover job son.”

“Dad, I need my own room; I’m nearly sixteen.”

Jakobe laughed heartedly. “Oh, I know mate, I was there the day you were born.” Leighton puts his headphone back on as I sat on the mattress. Jakobe grabbed his stuff from the wardrobe and came to sit beside me. “You wanna join me in the shower?” He teased with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“What did you do?” I implored forwardly.

“I didn’t do anything,” Jakobe shrugged.

“I know you did something. What did you do?”

“I protected you as my woman.” I grasped his hand.

“Why? Why do you trust me at all?”

“I told you, I followed my instincts, and they were right, you did a good thing, babe, you protected and cared for Prez’ most treasured property when no one else would - his family. But I wish you had told me about your brother.” I hung my head in shame, “he’ll come back for you, won’t he?”

“I have no doubt he’s already started looking,” I flopped back onto the quilt cover.

Jakobe climbed on top of me, “then I will have to kill him, babe. Because no one touches my property.”

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