What I Needed

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Chapter 7 ~ Closer

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

I observed her as she laughed with Aja so carelessly. Priya had slotted comfortably into a regular routine and seemed to be thriving, she continued to scroll the newsreels when she thought no one was watching and that bothered me, especially the tinge of sadness upon her face when princess found nothing. It also bothered me that Priya had admitted it was her own brother who had inflicted such horrendous cruelty upon her. I wondered if it was him that attempted to rape Priya, come hell or high water, I was determined to keep my woman safe.

Leighton pulled up a chair beside me. “Hey, Dad.”

“I spoke with your mother again today,” he glanced up in alarm. “She’s agreed to back off if you call her at least once a week,” Leighton scowled, despising the request.

“Why should I? She just stood there and watched him. For years her husband’s treated me like shit, and then when he put his hands on me, she made excuses for the bastard. The other day was my last straw - I’m done being his punching bag.” I agreed with my son’s actions wholly.

“Yep, and I’m so proud you beat the shit out of the cunt, sending him to the hospital. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, she’s your mother, mate. Just do it till your birthday, and then legally she will have no leg to stand on. But don’t you worry kid, the boys and I have something really special heading that pindicks way, how dare the wanker think he can take his fists to my son and get away with it?”

When Leighton informed me of everything that had been happening - I lost all control - broke chairs and tables, windows and walls. No wonder that bitch kept such a close eye on us; she didn’t want Leighton to spill the beans. Revenge was heading for that motherfucking husband of hers, and it will be dealt the biker way.

“Fine,” my boy grumbled. I hated forcing him to remain in contact, but we couldn’t trust her not to fuck everything up, so, we had to pretend she was in control. Kitty came walking into the room and Leighton’s conversation with me suddenly long forgotten - his sole focus now was on her, “uh, I’ll see you later, dad.”

Priya sashays over to me with a steaming hot bowl of stew and some freshly baked rolls. “Here,” she smiles, placing the contents in front of me and tries to leave, I grabbed her wrist, pulling princess into my arms and onto my lap.

Since Leighton shifted into his own quarters, I had hoped we would have upped the foreplay, but between the new run, the warehouse we’re looking after, the side jobs, and now, her working for the club - we just couldn’t seem to get a moment alone.

“Where ya going, babe?” Priya giggled at my playfulness.

“Jakobe, I have more men to feed, stop flirting.” I captured her lips with my own, and she moaned into our kiss, relaxing immediately.

“I’m not going out tonight, and I’m not drinking with the boys,” a cheeky smile graced her face.

“Is that your way of saying, don’t stay up talking with Aja when you finish?”

“You bet your sweet ass,” Priya leaned forward, sliding her thumbs across my earlobes.

“Okay, stay here until I finish, we can go up together.” Priya gently brushes her lips against mine before getting up - I followed those hypnotic hips with my chocolate browns until they were out of view.

I turned back to see Brutus sniggering at me. “What?”

“Nothing,” he chimes, tucking into his food, “I had to get my own bowl.”

“Aja’s always available,” I teased.

“You sick fuck,” Brutus curses, throwing a piece of a roll at me.

I shouldn’t joke, but I do sometimes think Aja is lonely. After Rex past away, I’ve noticed the emptiness behind her eyes, she and Rex were inseparable those two, and evidently made for one another.

Sitting at the table with a beer, talking in hushed tones with Deon and Brutus, I catch sight of Cadence making his way to Priya, again, as she wiped down the tables. It wasn’t a noisy night, most had already retired, so I could clearly hear their conversation, Brutus and Deon studied my absence of engagement and turned to see what my focus was on.

“Pretty Priya, you’ve stolen my heart.”

“Wow child, did you come up with that on your own, or did Ernie and Burt from sesame street teach you?” She continued to clean as all three of us chuckle at Priya’s feisty come back.

“Trigger can’t make you feel as good as I can?”

“Excuse me?” She looked like she were about to slap him one.

“Take a walk with me?” He clasps her elbow.

I was not fucken impressed, scraping my chair noisily on the floor as I stood to my full height, ripping my gun from its holster at my hip, and slamming it onto the table in front of me. Bending forward with intimidation and my knuckles flush with the surface, an unimpressed glower of violent warning shone from my eyes. The reason for my nickname - in my younger days, I became Trigger happy, and if this prospect Cadence doesn’t back the fuck off, I’m about to be Trigger happy again, puncturing this motherfucker with holes.

He dropped her arm - in my peripheral vision, Priya snaps nervously between us. I tilted my head to the side, indicating for princess to move away, she did without hesitation, coming quickly to my side. “This is the second time I have caught you near my woman, the first time should have been enough, but clearly, you don’t seem to understand that you don’t touch what’s mine.”

“I meant no disrespect, Trigger, sir, I was just being... friendly.”

“Friendly? You are a prospect. Until you are a fully patched member, I suggest you keep your ‘friendly’ hands to yourself before I cut them off with a blunt, rusty blade.”

Cadence swivels without saying a thing, heading out of the crib room and into the booze bunker. Priya leant forward and softly kisses my cheek, “you okay caveman? I could have handled that.”

I gripped her ass tightly, lifting Priya up and over my shoulder. “We’ll continue this later,” I state to Brutus and Deon as the sexy minx giggles and squirms, my hands unashamedly roaming her voluptuous ass. “Aja, I’m taking off with this one.”

“Have fun,” Aja shouts while laughing.

“Put me down, you brute,” Priya flounder’s her legs pathetically, my arms locking her into place as I smacked her ass cheek.

“My woman,” I grunt, navigating to my room.

Throwing Priya on the bed, sliding off my cut and climbing on top of her, I was ready to claim. “Nuh-uh, Jakobe. Do you honestly expect me just to open my legs like that?” She scolds.

“Yes, I want to taste you.”

“And I want to come and go as I please, but we can’t all have what we want, can we?”

I forced my legs between hers, rubbing my hardening cock into her jean-clad mound as Priya breathlessly mewled. “I want you,” I growled again, pushing my dominance.

Kissing Priya possessively, passionately, needily, and full of confidence, ensuring she would succumb to my charms.

“You Jakobe... are a... very naughty... man,” Priya chastised between liplocks. “And no, you may be domineering, but I am a lady, you pounced on me once, but I’m not letting that happen again.” I groaned in annoyance, undoing the buttons on her pants and yanking them down. Yeah, there wasn’t any resistance there at all, Priya.

“I want to taste you,” I repeated, my deep voice vibrating against my throat as it rested on the apex between her thighs.

“Yep, you said that, but I told you more than once that you couldn’t handle me, and you better be certain of what you’re claiming. You’ve had whores on tap for years, but I’m not a whore, and I refuse to be treated like one Jakobe.”

“No, you are certainly not a whore. Okay...” I bit down on her pussy, causing Priya to gasp and arch her back off the bed. “So, we do this differently, babe, but I still want to taste you, and from the slight dampening of your panties, I’d say, you want that too.”

She seductively spread her legs - I honestly didn’t think Priya would give in this easy, maybe she’s just playing with me? Her black cotton G-string is all that lies between my tongue and her honey. I ran my index finger over princesses underwear, slowly, torturously, and then hooked my finger inside the garment, moving it to the side. Priya’s glistening wet pussy lips were calling to me - tinged pink with arousal and begging to be devoured.

I poked out my pierced tongue, flattening it against her, taking long, luxurious strokes, moaning in delight at the sweetness of her crème. Priya’s pelvis moved with my tongue, licking her up and down as her low, delectable cries, pants, and small whimpering filled the air.

The tip of my tongue circled the nub of her clit as she gently bucked every time I ran my mouth over it. I was in pure heaven, feasting on a meal I would never get tired of.

Taking this opportunity to slide my hand under her top, my fingertips fondled the hardened nipple as her palm’s fist my hair. I could feel her getting close, surrendering to the pleasure - but all of a sudden, it was as though Priya couldn’t handle it anymore, and flipped the both of us. Priya undoes my jeans and jerks them to my knees, my feet remain planted against the bedroom floor, and she moans at the sight of my monstrously hard and weeping cock. “God, why do you make this so difficult?” She whines.

I can’t help but laugh, “what baby?”

“Of course you have a deliciously sculptured dick, I knew it felt big, but Jesus Christ Jakobe - it’s hard enough trying to keep my shit together, without seeing how fuckable your cock is.”

“I’m sorry baby, but that just turned me on like no tomorrow, you’re going to have to ride it now.”

“You’re an asshole,” Priya curses at me, pulling off her top, releasing her divinely plump and ample tits. Princess straddles me and holds my cock into position while keeping my hands out of the way. Her folds covered my shaft, soaking it in Priya’s juicy excitement, and she begins to move. Her creamy flaps were feeling glorious, stroking up and down my stiff rod.

“Fuck baby,” I mewled, capturing her tanned nipples in my heated mouth as my tongue swirled around each of them. Priya released a throaty moan the moment I begin my torturous ministrations against her dense breasts. I felt like an uncontrolled teenager as she ground along my pole, her natural lubrication providing a gentle ride as we slid against one another.

“Jakobe,” Priya whispered.

“Yes, baby,” I moaned.

“Ooh, god,” my woman cried out, grinding harder against me. Fuck, Priya’s working me closer and closer to the edge, and I haven’t even entered her yet.

“Fuck, you feel so good, baby.” Priya continued her salacious activity, slipping and sliding along me length until I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Baby... baby...” I warned.

“Shit,” Priya shouts, throwing her head back as I released my load all over my stomach and shirt, Princess shatters above me, cumming all over my thick shaft at the same time.

Her head rests against my chest while she heaves, gasping for air as the last of our climactic highs ravished our bodies. I lifted Priya’s head to kiss those tender lips, “you naughty little vixen.”

She smiles wickedly knowing precisely what she had done. “I told you, I am not that easy, it doesn’t mean I don’t want you Jakobe, but you have to show me it’s worth it...” Priya slides off me. “I can release you in a million different ways, but to make love to me, that is when I hand over my heart.”

“So, what do I have to do to prove I can be trusted with your heart?”

“I can’t tell you, you have to show me. This is what I meant by... you better be sure in what you’re claiming.”

I hastily removed the rest of my clothing, pulling her naked form to my chest. “Then, I will do whatever it takes to prove it to you.” Priya shifts, attempting to get dressed, “please don’t, just lie naked with me - I want to feel your soft, angelic body against mine.”

“You don’t make it easy on me,” Priya snipped, curling into my bare nude form.

“You don’t make it easy every second of the day, baby.”

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