What I Needed

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Chapter 8 ~ Busted

Priya’s P.O.V.

Since our little escapade a few nights ago, Jakobe had been trying really hard, I almost feel sorry for him, the amount of torture I was putting him through, I think I amplified his curiosity at what the end goal will be like. Every chance he gets we end up in a very heated make-out session, but I won’t go beyond that. Yes, I’m in desperate need to be filled by that sexy caveman, in fact, it’s was so frustrating that I find myself masturbating - a lot!

This step is a must, though. Jakobe is used to easy and available, he doesn’t know how to work for pleasure, but he will learn, they all eventually learn. Deon has been drastically nicer since I came clean about my brother, yes, it wasn’t all the information, but it was enough to keep them all satisfied, for now. I know I’m on borrowed time, soon Frazier will come for me, but as long as I’m prepared, I should be fine. This was not the Road Warriors mess, so I won’t let it fall upon their shoulders.

Aja was like the mother everyone parentless child wishes for, and Kitty is the sister I have always yearned to have, I wouldn’t risk their lives by placing them in harm’s way. Now, if I could only get Leighton to like me... uh, who am I kidding? He will never warm up to me.

“Tonight, babe, I’m taking you on a date.” Jakobe waltzes into the kitchen and presses my body against the bench.

“Oh, really? And have you got permission from president Deon to take me off the compound lot?” He appeared to be annoyed with my jest. Jakobe knew how much I hate that I couldn’t come and go as I pleased, and he despised it too.

“Yes, and no.” I turned around, eyeing Jakobe suspiciously.

“Well, what does that mean?”

“It means, I told him what I was doing, I never asked for his damn approval, Priya.”

“Alright caveman. And where exactly are we going on this date?”

“You’ll see,” Jakobe pecked my nose causing me to frown. Mysteriousness is not a quality I enjoyed.

“Wow, you’re really not going to tell me?”

“Nope,” Jakobe snickers. God, every time he chuckles, I can’t help but swoon. Get it together you dick-whipped weirdo.

I leaned forward, pushing my goodies against his hardened body. My hands sliding seductively up his muscular arms as my nimble fingers massaged his tense and rocklike shoulders. “So, how do I know what to wear?” I pouted, peering up at the biker Adonis through my lashes, imitating my best green dazzling, ‘come fuck me’ eyes.

Jakobe groaned, “don’t look at me like that, baby.”

“Look at you like what, Jakobe?” I shrugged innocently and resumed my flirtatious posture.

“Jeans, wear jeans,” he grounds out through gritted teeth.

“What else should I wear?... Or not wear?” I seductively purr, swiping my tongue along Jakobe’s succulent lips.

“You’re teasing me, baby?” Caveman arches his brow while gazing down at me through hooded lids.

“Tell me Jakobe, so I can dress appropriately,” I murmured huskily, running my hands over his taut robust chest.

Jakobe gripped my thighs, lifting me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he rests my backside on the bench. I could feel his rising serpent rubbing wonderfully against my apex. “You will... wear jeans...” Jakobe nipped at my neck, “and that... is all... you will... find out... from me.”

Two can definitely play this game. “Jakobe...” I squeezed my thighs tighter around his hips, just enough so that my core stroking against his cock created enough friction to render the bikie weak. My fingertips slowly undid his shirt buttons, and my lips planted open-mouthed caresses upon his bare chest, my tongue lapping at the warm succulent skin. His digits entwined through my hair as Jakobe panted and moaned under my scorching touch.

“Fuck... you,” he curses, knowing very well, I am purposely toying with him, maintaining my grind against his pelvis.

“I know you want me to fuck you.” I moved to Jakobe’s lips, tasting the slight hint of cigarette smoke in his mouth as my tongue massaged his.

“I know... you want... to fuck me,” he whispered between kisses.

“Well god knows I don’t want to fuck either of you,” Aja exclaims from behind us. I jolt, startled by her sudden presence, and push Jakobe, as hard as I can, away from me. He grunts, disapproving of the sudden atmosphere change. “You have a room, don’t fuck on my bench,” Aja scolds, but then chuckled.

“Sorry Aja,” I mumbled, horrified by being caught - I practically ran out of the kitchen.

Of all the times to get sprung in a heated sexual tug of war. God, the last thing I need is anyone thinking I am slacking from my duties, especially with President Deon watching my every move. At this rate girl, you’re going to need a Jakobe detox.

I finally exited the bathroom, dressed and ready to go, deciding on high waisted black skinny jeans, with a red, tight, long-sleeved top, and scarlet red wedged heels. My auburn flowing curls, cascading down my back and shoulders with the smoky black makeup accentuating my forest green eyes.

“So, where are we going?” Jakobe smirked at me - I knew he wasn’t going to reveal our destination, but I thought I’d try anyway.

“Fuck, you look good, baby,” caveman grasps my hand and ushers me outside.

When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see where he had taken us. “What is this?”

“Well, I’m glad you asked princess. This is what civilians call an aquarium, they keep all sorts of ocean life here,” I had to laugh at his smartassery.

“Yes, thank you, genius. Why are we here?”

“Oh, baby, I thought your I.Q. was high? This is what civilians call an aquarium...” I clenched my fist and drove it into his arm as hard as I could, “ouch, fuck babe!”

“Stop being a smartass.”

“Stop asking stupid questions,” Jakobe squealed incredulously.

“Fine,” I conceded.

“Come on, we have the place to ourselves for a few hours.”

We walked hand in hand through the main entrance, a large burly guard spots Jakobe, and they shake hands enthusiastically. “Trig, long time no see, brother.”

“Brother, this is the one I was telling you about,” my hunky biker man points to me, and the large guard grins broadly.

“Never thought I’d see the fucking day. Hey there tiger, the names Ash.” The guard thrusts his hand towards me, and I shake.


“Well tiger, you go enjoy your night, and I’ll see you on the way out.” Ash smiles and then nods knowingly at my utterly romantic big bad biker man.

We took our time wandering through the empty aquarium maze - laughing, flirting, teasing, touching, holding each other comfortably. It felt so wonderful just being able to do ‘normal’ things, and not being surrounded by half-naked whores randomly fucked in places you ventured in the compound. Or even watched by prospects as I did something as basic as the laundry, but going on an actual date with a handsome, caring, kind, amazingly scary biker. I was in heaven, lost in a haze of romance.

We entered the dome tank, the sharks moved predatorily along the glass above our heads as my eyes nervously perused the dangerous animals. Jakobe had organised a small table and chairs with a pasta dish and wine. I couldn’t help but admire his effort and actions, gushing internally at his mushy, heartfelt side.

He really has thought about everything, taken his time to surprised me, my heart was in complete danger of exploding open and bursting with glitter at the sight of him.

The lighting from the creature’s tank was enough to keep the sentimental atmosphere, I was captured by this incredible gesture.

“You’ve gone quiet?” Jakobe remarked, pouring more wine.

“I don’t actually know what to say,” his confidence slightly faltered.

“Do you not like it?”

I felt a sudden rush of emotion flow over my heart and tears prickled at the side of my eyes, “it’s the most beautiful date I’ve ever had.” I forced myself to swallow the lump forming in my throat, “you’re unlike any man I’ve ever met, Jakobe, you unnerve me.”

“Then why do you look like you’re about to cry, Priya?”

I rubbed my hand over my heart as if trying to decrease the swelling, “it’s absolutely beautiful, I’m completely blown away.” My confession somewhat easing the weight upon my chest.

This made Jakobe smile, but I was in so much fucken trouble.

We managed to make it through dinner and floated on a cloud of light feathery kisses back to the entrance. Ash was standing just outside, “I have to go to the loo before we go.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

“If you want, or you can go thank your friend for helping, blow my socks off?” He chuckled.

“Just socks, huh? Not top?”

I grinned, “you never know.”

“Yeah, I better thank my brother.” Jakobe kissed my cheek and headed out the door.

I stood in front of the mirror, inspecting the sparkling face that stared back. My cheeks were flushed, and my gaze, cloudy, dreamy, unrecognisable. Is this really my life right now? Am I going to be woken up tomorrow, bound and gagged and held in that room, upon that chair? The memory brought me crashing back to earth.

I stepped out feeling deflated and teary. When I glanced up, I saw Jakobe and Ash standing in front of caveman’s Harley with their hands in the air. My adrenalin instantly kicked in, my hand unsheathing the handgun I decided to strap to my ankle before we left, and shuffled to the back door behind the service desk.

Sneaking around as quietly as possible, I slowed my breathing, controlling my wayward emotions, and to listen in on the intruder’s conversation.

“Where is she?” A voice I’d never heard before spoke with urgency.

“Who?” He was playing dumb, Jakobe knew as well as I, who they were looking for. Three suited men surrounded the boys with guns drawn at the biker’s faces.

“You know as fucken well as I, who,” the stranger seethed with his revolver trained at my Jakobe’s handsome face. “Do a sweep,” the mystery man orders another, and that man strode around the back of the building. I followed, easily hidden behind the overgrown shrubs. Once we were out of sight, I slowly inched towards the gunman, and without any thought or hesitation, I reached up, quickly grasping his chin and the back of his head, and snapped his neck. Just like that - he was dead.

The fool had no time to react. I relieved the unknown person of his shotgun and sneakily returned to the front as the first man continued to argue with Jakobe.

Ash was the first to spot me as I slid out into the streetlight and he began to wheeze hard, distracting the two nameless gunmen. With the shotgun in my left hand and the revolver in my right, I rest both muzzles at the base of the suited men’s skulls. “So, you three are the clowns sent to bring me in, huh?”

Ash and Jakobe ripped their guns from their grip, “where’s Minno?” One stranger asked.

“I don’t know who that is, so I’m just going to presume it’s the man who’s neck I snapped. You’re welcome.” My thumbs pulled back the hammers, arming both weapons. The boys give an unnerved side glance to each other - could they be thrown by me? “Who hired you?”

Jakobe pulled out his phone and dialled while I repeated my question. “Prez’, we caught three men down at the aquarium in need of questioning...”

“Two men,” I correct Jakobe, “the third died.”

“Right, two men, Princess just snapped the third’s neck.” He was contemplating my every move as if utterly unsure about my changed demeanour.

Ash stepped inside and grabbed the duct tape, binding the suited men as I lowered the firearms, suddenly lost to my inner musing.

“Hey, Tiger?” I turned back from my position of staring out at the ocean. “I’ll go delete the security footage - you move as though you’re trained?”

“That’s because I am,” I called back to Ash, refocusing on the water. These men arrived sooner than I anticipated, which meant my whereabouts were now known.

Jakobe stayed with his gun aimed at the bound men, he didn’t say a word to me, I think he didn’t know what to say. Jakobe doesn’t understand what I am capable of, and I guess I had hoped he would never discover the truth.

I statued there, zoned out for some time on the waves as the club cleaned up the crime scene. Deon tapped me on the shoulder, drawing me focus out of my mind. “A prospect is going to drive you back to the clubhouse, and you will wait in my office, Priya.”

“That’s it, huh? The so-called man who near on spouted sonnets attempting to get my affection, isn’t even going to talk to me about any of this?”

“I warned you, the truth comes out one way or another, and right now, we are cleaning up a murder scene you created.”

“What would you have me do Prez? Let them kill both Jakobe and Ash? Look at the way those men are dressed, they’re contract killers - they were not going to let your bothers walk away.”

“It shouldn’t have been your call.”

“Prez, I told you they wouldn’t stop until they found me.”

“And I fucken expected the whole truth.” Deon stormed off cursing as a prospect guided me to the Dodge Ram 4x4 crew cab, where I’m placed in the back with a gun aimed at me from none other, than the twit prospect, cadence, that’s been hitting on me since I arrived.


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