Entwined To My Destiny

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Sometimes in attempts of being cautious we commit the most wondrous mistakes. Shallot Carson is intellectual and hardworking when it comes to studies. She could torture herself with hectic schedules if it gave her the marks. All her hard work pays off when she receives admission in her dream university on scholarship. The college is far away from her home, her people and her best friend. Kieth Woodward, Shallot's best friend is quite a reverse of her. A single word from his books can make him sleep for hours. He believes in living the life by doing everything which is unnecessary. Things were going on well, until destiny decided to put them away. She finds love, she breaks a heart. She finally comes out of her cyst and began facing the real life besides the books.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I was standing right outside my best friends house. I was cold, shivering with the tiredness of consoling him for weeks now and was living with just a flicker of hope.

Why is he so difficult to tame? I mentally encouraged myself to let in and talk. I have been doing this for days and was merely interested to do any further. But there was all these feelings as perks of best-friendship that I couldn't see him sad. I wanted him to be as he was always.
I pressed the door bell, realizing I don't have much time to let go. The door swing opened before a minute and I tried to chuck up a good looking smile.
Aunt Myra, pulled me into a warm hug, smiling unreasonably.
"I'm so glad you're here, Shallot" She exclaimed.
I smiled at her innocent expectation. I could talk about long stories from nowhere when I'm with her but there are times in life when you have a lot to say, to blurt, to express but cannot do anything as it is all merged up and you just feel defeated and smile.
"Keith is up in the room" she stated resting her hand gently on my shoulders.
She was smiling worriedly and I could see how beautiful she was. Totally like Kieth. Or I may say vice-versa.
I left a small rushed kiss on her cheeks and tried to energize my voice.
"Everything is fine. He's just stupid." I tried to cheer her up.
She smiled approvingly and directed me towards the stairs.
"Now GO!!" She pushed me towards the steps with her hands lying on my waist as we both shared a light laugh.
I reached the room. The gate was slightly open and I could see the faint light coming out of it. I didn't knocked as it was the part of our best-friends manners.
Keith was sitting on the bed facing the wall. I mustered up courage to make it everything go well tonight.
I called out his name but he didn't tended to answer.
Maybe he was angry or maybe because he had his earphones plugged in.
I didn't wanted to fight. I want this to be sweet. After all, I was leaving.
Without a sound, I marched towards him. I rested myself beside him as I took one of his ear thing and inserted it in mine.
I wanted to know what he was feeling. The songs we choose is always the definition of the life we're living.
There was no song playing so yeah he was ignoring me.
I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't looked back because I didn't knew what to express.
"I'm making everything harder for you? Ain't I?" He asked looking ahead again at the wall.
Our shoulders slightly touching because of our close posture.
I turned towards him, taking his lovely face into my palm, cherishing the moment I'll not get to live for a long long time.
"Oh! Look at me, Keith" I tried to energize my every word trying to turn it into a usual best-friend talk.
He had his eyes shut. He was trying to prevent his emotions to fall down.
"You can cry but only when you look at me" I tried to sound demanding but in a friendly way.
"I'm sorry Shallot" He exclaimed opening his eyes.
"Against the best-friends manners" I stated giving him a grin.
He laughed a little still looking at me.
I let go of my hand from him before the intimacy could turn awkward.
"I'm leaving tomorrow" I mentioned looking ahead at the plain green wall as he stared at the same.
"I know" he replied.
His head rested softly on my shoulders and I could feel his warm breathe on my neck.
"I'm sad because you're leaving the continent and saddest because I screwed up the last few days we could have spent together and happily" he spoke still lying close to me.
I smiled embracing the fact that he finally spoke.
I wanted to know what he was feeling. About himself, about life and about me.
"I'm happy because you spoke and happiest because you spoke to me" I grinned looking at him.
His face turned towards me, casually distant this time.
He slapped the back of my head and that literally hurt.
"Ouch!" I uttered returning back his beautiful gift to me.
"That was so violent" I stated laughing and looking at him.
He giggled making sound and it was intentional. I could feel that he was trying to annoy me.
"Tell me your plans girl!" He was trying to sound excited and somewhere did.
"Study. That is something my dad has given priority to. Then, stay away from guys. This is my mom's priority list for me."
I could see him laughing with all his eyes. God! Keep him that way.
"And, call Kieth everyday. That's Kieth's priority" Kieth mentioned slowly. His voice felt so beautiful in the silent room.
He eyes were boring into me and I tried to hide everything. I don't want to show him that I like him more than he does.
If we had everything official at this moment then I would have kissed him. So bad, so deep, so undying.
"Well! If you get my phone recharged" I laughed getting up from the bed.
His laugh stopped amidst seeing me stand.
"Mom's calling for dinner" I showed him my little phone which was vibrating with the call.
"See you tomorrow at the airport" he said hugging me warmly.
My fingers held his collars and I didn't wanted to leave him. I wanted to take him every where I went.
I pulled myself back giving him a forced grin.
"See you at the airport" I waved him a goodbye.
College is waiting for me.

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