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They were childhood friends that draft apart to be brought back together by a project that's worth half there grade. will they both be able to get along when they both are hiding secrets? Childhood friends enter high no longer speaking to each other, its there senior year and they are partner up to do a project that's worth half their grade. will the get along? while keeping there secres from coming out. will a inocent child bring them together in ways they didnt expect. read to found out if Ariadne and Jordan have their love story.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Ariadne Pov

Beep beep beep

Ugh, no, it can’t be morning already ugh okay. Let’s see what I’m going to wear today on the first day back at school, okay I will wear this today my black crop top with some skinny black jeans with my Adidas and my black bomber jacket. I decided to do a simple makeup look just a little lip gloss and some mascara. after that I let my hair flow down over my shoulders like usually

Now I’m done time to go to school. But first, I need some breakfast to let’s see what do we have here.
I’ll have an apple, for now, let me go before anyone wakes up.

“HEY, leaving without saying goodbye. “My big brother said

“You scared me, why are you even up you don’t have school until the fall. Shouldn’t you be sleeping in,” I asked him

“Now, why would I want that when my little sister is going back to school, and I need to see her off,” Jacob said

“Sure you do what’s the real reason,” I said

“I had to go to the bathroom, and I saw that you were seeking out, so I yelled to scare you,” he said

“of course funny bye,” I said

“Bye Ari,” Jacob said

“Bye Jay,” I said

I got to school on time, and as so as I got in the building and already want to go back to bed, I’m here at john smith high school.

I hear my ringtone god’s plan by drake come on I look at the caller id I see that it’s my mom calling I answer while I put my books in my locker.

“Hello,” I said

“Why didn’t you tell me you left for school I wanted to take a picture,” she said,

“mom, you were asleep, and I didn’t want to wake anyone, and I was running a little late.” I said into the phone,

“still. I wanted to see you off it’s your last year of high school.” she said

“I know I have to go.” I said

“take a picture of yourself so that I can have one.” she said,

“Okay, I will.” I said

“thank you, sweetheart, have a good day.” she says

“you too bye,” I said

“Bye,” she said, and as she hung up, I was at my first class of the day haven’t seen my girls yet, but I don’t feel like waiting, so I go in and take a seat in the back like always. I took place and waited for my English teacher to show up and just as I thought that there she was walking in the class just before the bell rang.

Good morning class, sorry I’m a little late today, and I know you all are excited for this year since it being your senior year, but I am going to give a lot but not too much work this year. And in my advice to you is not to slake, not even a little bit okay.

The whole class groaned well mostly the boys in the table next to me did, and just then, when Ms. Wilson was about to speak, the door was thrown open by none other than Jordan hills the school’s most popular most handsome bad boy. Or at least that’s how the other girls described him as all I saw was the school’s man-whore, player something. I had used to be friends with way back when, but the minute we hit high school, he dumped me as a friend and stared with drugs and hopping from one girl to another. I’ve changed since then I don’t even think he recognized me.

He walked right to the back where the boys had groaned and sat down and while Ms.wilson scolded him for being late to her class. He just ignored her and kept walking. Once he sat down, he looked over at me and caught me staring. I looked away and listened to ms.wilson speech, but in the corner of my eye, I say him still staring at with a smirk on his face and his eyes looking up and down my body.

The bell finally rang, and I quickly got my things and left before the whole class, I felt his eyes on me, waiting for me to turn my head to look at him. Once I was heading to my next class, I got a text from my girls.

“Hey where are you” Katie texted

“I’m on my way to history” I sent

“Oh okay save us a seat” thalia texted

“Of course and hi to you” I sent

“Oops hi see you in a bit” thalia texted

“Alright” I sent

I have known Katie and Thalia since we were two. We do everything together without them. I would be lost. I looked for a seat for a three of us once I found one I saved them. I put my foot on one and my bag on the other. And took out my phone texted the girls while I was staring at my screen I heard footsteps stop in front of my table I looked up, and there stood Jordan with his famous smirk on his face looking me right in the eyes.

“Can I have a seat,” he asks me

“Ugh nope sorry,” I told him

“Why not,” he says with a smirk on his face

“because as you can see I’m saving them, “I told him

“Well I need a seat, and I would like one of these,” he says still with the smirk on his face

Finally, Katie and Thalia walk in and quickly walk towards me

“Well I’m sorry can’t you see that they are sitting here if you can’t then I think we need to take you to the nurse,” I said with a smirk as the girls sat down

“Well played,” he says and walks to the empty seat in front of me

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