Heart Of The King.

By Lovina S. All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


He grabs her around the waist with trembling fingers. He is gentle, scared of hurting her. She laughed the melody of a song he could listen for the rest of his life. “You know I am not going to break right? I am not as delicate as you think I am.” “I still feel like I am going to break you. I can’t believe I am doing this, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be……..” She puts a finger on his lips silencing him. “Just shut up and kiss me.” She whispered. He is terrifying and wild, a wild love…. Something she should run from but he was beautiful and made her heart beat faster so she stayed instead. She never betrayed the heart that loved her.


“Even if my heart desires and begs to a point of no return, I couldn’t have you in my share. The separation made me understand that love isn’t always about conquering your needs. Sometimes it could be quenched by remembering fragments of you. Your smile, your touch, your fragrance and your voice. It’s remembering the time when I first kissed you and felt as whole. It’s noting how you became my life from a part of it. It’s about being selfless after knowing you are miles away, basking in someone else’s warmth or enjoying your moments without me. My love is craving you at lonely nights.

Only regret is, I can’t reach you, because this love is forbidden.

A cursed entity of destiny.”

He was a King, the slave of a throne that was built from the blood of his ancestors. Beastly, deadly and dangerous were the words mob used to describe him. Prosperity and safety of the kingdom were only priorities. The creatures of darkness rested in peace assured of unbreakable sword that rested in his palm. In past, this sword has managed to rip kingdoms off their roots staking its claim over the lands, declaring him the ultimate king. But they failed to see an invisible dagger piercing a stone cold heart. He walked everywhere with it. He sat on his throne holding it, gently. A remainder of past and seal of forbidden doors is what he called it. An outcome of a sin committed by rebellious heart. His forbidden love rested under the sharp dagger point. The day he left her, he vowed to not open his heart ever again. The will was strong. Of all it was heart of a King, not a man.

But for how long someone can suppress the naivety of hearts?

There are no boundaries when it comes to love and war.

And he destroyed both, just to make her his announcing a deep, passionate and undeniable romance.

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