Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Take hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast of prey. Kyla Belladonna Anemone wants to prove to her fiancé that she can be independent and flexible at the same time. So, she agree to join him to the Mysterious Island for missionary work. Unfortunately, their plane crashed on the other side of the island. Kyla finds herself alone in the rainforest, searching a way to their main camp when no one willing to listen to her. Alone, hungry and tired. Someone is stalking her. A half-naked wildman on her trials. All he wants is to mate her and has his wicked way on her. Will she survive or eventually devour by him? There's only one way to find out..

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Kayla Belladonna Anemone let out a curse. Two steps to the right and she was gazing through the plane broken window. She was very confident that she heard the sound of shotgun twice before it becomes quiet again. Dark orange skies greeting her with a peaceful view. Birds, huge birds from different species flying at the sky freely. It felt as if she was in Rio again. However, waiting in the plane alone made her almost losing her sanity which didn’t help her at all when the small container made her felt like a bird stuck in a cage.

They called her dumb reddish behind her back but now their stupidity was sparkling (strongly) than hers. They thought they were smarter than her just because she wore fancy clothes, wasting time at the saloon, and had a goldfish named Bob.

Fortunately for her, staying in the plane was a better choice than walking through the unknown jungle without protection. A good Advice- that was first smart words she ever said to them without a taste of sarcasm, yet they ignored her. In fact, they refused to give her a weapon to protect herself. That was the most stupid thing they ever did to her. It will be a pure coincidence if she accidentally shot someone, but a weapon isn’t a strange thing she ever touches or use. Of course, they didn’t know about it. Their ignorance of her true identity was a blessing to her. No one should know who or what she does for real- A bitch. That was a more suitable one if anyone ever likes to describe her.

Fortunately, she wasn’t just any dumb bitch. Not even close. However, for a few hours, she’d agreed that she was dumb enough to receive this mission. Wandering into the jungle of unknown island to explore or whatever hidden motif they hide from her wasn’t written in her to-do-list at all. Well, maybe it was one of her work-to-do-list, but that was before she realized that she will be stuck here unless she finds their main camp. Luckily, she’s Miss Know-It-All. Whether it one way or another, she will dig their secret eventually and get the hell out of here.

At first, she thought they will only take some wild adventure to the Borneo jungle. In fact, the old man did say it wasn’t a place she’s not familiar to. It was true though, no danger things, place or situation she hasn’t tried yet. Plus, she had almost died twice, but nothing can bother her than being clueless and unprepared for a thing she didn’t know. She was a woman filled with expectation. Planning and preparing things like the way she expects was one of her most famous excellent ways as a- No, nothing can change the mistake she had done. She can kick her old man ass as soon as she completes this mission. So far, she needs to be concern about her fiance. Kyla gritted her teeth. That words bring a lot of disgust to her. She will never have one if not for this stupid mission.

Brian Rafanelli was the one to blame. As the leader of the team and her fiance- a fake one, he should know better than taking a risk, especially when it involves people’s life. Unfortunately, the others abandoned her. Gone like a ghost. NADA. Fifteen hours since they arrived or more like crashed at the other side of the island, Kayla know something bad will happen. Hell, bad things always happen when she joined them. Six months stuck with them and never get a stroke of luck. Once again, she couldn’t help mumbling all the bad words she knew from a different language. Started with Scheisse! Scheisse! Scheisse!

She knew she couldn’t leave them alone here on this strange island even though that was on top of her favorite to-do-list. In fact, she was stuck here with or without them. Luckily, they were not the only team on this mission. The other team should arrive by now. Soon, they will start looking for them. At least, the thing she should be concerned about was the stupid group of ignorant team of hers might or might not be in danger. Three men included Brian and another woman named Sheila which she suspected was Brian ex-lover thought they were clever enough to walk through the jungle like they were invincible to the wild animals.

She insisted them- told them to wait here to be rescued. Until now, she couldn’t believe they would ridiculously abandon her. She’d hope for a second that Brian will agree, at least just for once. It was so tiresome. Suddenly, she felt tired. Tired of being ignorant. However, it was a curse and a blessing to her. Though she waited for another minute, in case they change their mind and come back with one piece but...the chance was pretty slim.

“Fucking stupid group!” She cursed, replacing her favorite red heels with her black hunting boots. Then, she grabs the bag on the seat next to her and makes sure she had everything she needed when she walks through the jungle.

“Let just hope it’s not too late to catch up with them,” She told herself. Warm fresh air hits her on the face as soon as she hits the ground. She was surrounded by green plants.

The island looks peaceful and welcoming, but she knew better than that to let her guard down. Her father didn’t waste his free time training her to hunt and camp out in the woods for nothing. She spends her childhood times with her father, so she could learn a lot of things from him and be the best among the best- like him.

She buried the memories of her father as she walks carefully on the muddy ground while looking around. Kyla becomes instantly alert as she heard the sound coming from the animals in the jungle. Regretfully, she cursed herself for not bringing a gun except small daggers, each hidden inside her boots. She looks at the large trees and instantly rubbed her arms. The trees are huge and blocking out most of the sunlight.

Sighing lightly, she kneels down on the ground to observe the fresh boot marks. The good news is they headed in the right direction, but the bad news is the sunlight barely make out through the trees, which indicated that it’s almost dark. She took a deep breath and hurriedly followed the boot marks. She needs to catch up with them or searching for a safe place to stay for the night.

Three hours and a half, she still didn’t find them. Fortunately, she found a river. A good place to stay for a night. Kayla comes out from the clear river. Tired and frustrated, her brain refuses to give up on searching for them, but it was too dark to do a stupid risk. She was lucky enough to find a safe place near a river or else she doesn’t have a choice but to climb a tree and sleep until the sun shows up. Chuckling to herself, Kyla stood, stretching her arms above her head. There was something magical about being out here alone at night.

Just one night alone to clear her mind before she faces that stubborn asshole. Goosebumps prickled along her arms. The fire from the burning woods will provide her light and a bit warmth just for the night. Reaching up, she pulled the hairband, letting her thick, red hair curls fall around her shoulders. Grinning, she takes out the lavender soap out of her bag pack. It was the perfect night for a river bath. Plus, the sweats and mud almost make her body smell like a sweaty pig. Don’t get her wrong, she like pigs, but she didn’t tend to smell like one.

Her nipples puckered as a slight breeze kicked up. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose and for an instant, her heart raced. It felt like someone was watching her. Scanning the shoreline again, she saw no one, NADA. She had this particular stretch of the river all to herself, that is if her team has not retreated back and found her here at the river.

Taking a deep breath, she went up on her tiptoes and took a shallow, arching dive into the water. She emerged gasping from the shock of the cold; it left her exhilarated, driving out the disquieting thoughts rattling around in her brain. She took long strokes backward, zipping through the water. Kyla pushed her hair back and swam towards the shore and took her lavender soap to caressed it every inch of her body before she washes it away. Relax—she dug her knees into the sand rose up. She was having a silent moment to think and stare at the sparkling river when once again, she felt a prickle along her spine, and she scanned the shoreline.

Even as the cool water slide down her arms, she felt a slow heat building inside of her. There was something so sensual about the solitary moon and the sound of the moving river. That heat within her grew, blossoming in her core as Kyla remember the scene from the erotic book that she had read. The situations were similar to her, but she was all by herself rather than being accompanied by the very sexy werewolf named Duke. Well yea, she was a bookworm and knew how to read, which will make Brian deathly shock if he knows it.

Taking one last look around, Kyla let her fingers trail over her arms settling on the hard peaks of her nipples. A steady pulse beat between her legs, and she grew bold, sliding her hand to the juncture of her thighs. A delicious ache grew there, drawing her out. Duke’s face wavered in front of her like some spirit she’d conjured. Instead of Patricia, she imagines that she’s the one in the arms of the sexy werewolf. She imagines those piercing, gray eyes had stared straight through her as the author described.

Stirring up a powerful lust and every fantasy she kept herself. Brian never really satisfied her and it been long since she has sex, really long time as they were busy with a lot of work to do and this new mission makes their relationship become more distant like a retired-fuck-buddies. She knows the present of his ex-girlfriend will ruin the last string of their relationship. After all, man-whore was his middle name. She knows how desperate that man can be when he continuously flirts with Kyla just to make his ex jealous as if she notices it.

Buried away the thought of that asshole, Kyla leaned back until she sank into the sand. She stretched her legs in front of her and threw her head skyward. She stroked the hard little nub at the center of her and spread her legs wide. It felt so...good, so right. She could steal just a few moments of peace and selfish pleasure before she had the weight of the world back on her shoulders. Desire flared through her and she thrust her hips. She sank lower into the water until her breasts were fully submerged. Water splashed around her as she bucked with the abandon beneath the gentle waves that hid her secret. She could use her favorite toy, but she didn’t have the energy to abandon the cold water.

She came fast and hard, sliding beneath the water. Her limbs shook with delicious release. Breathing heavily, she kicks off from the bottom and swam away from the shore and dove deep. She finally emerged and gasping for air as the echoes of pleasure tingled through her. As she reached the dock, she dipped her head under one last time before she pulled herself out.

Water pooled around her as she leaned forward and wrung out the ends of her hair. Kyla grabbed the small towel on top her bag pack and lazily dry her skin before pulled her tank-top back over her head. In a brief moment, something moved in the trees as she slid her panties back over her hips. Her heart hammered in her chest as she tried to look at any movement in the dark forest. Unfortunately, there was nothing there though. Still, her senses heightened on some preternatural level. She wasn’t alone. She froze at the end of the dock as a sound of broken stick caught her ears, and she turned toward the western shore nearer the fire and her bag pack to put on her hunting boots.

Kyla led out the dagger from her right boot and a small torchlight from the bag-pack. A shadow silhouette emerged and stop in the dark and her pulse quickened, thundering in her ears. Every cell inside her scream for her to run, but she’s a strong yet stubborn woman. A gift from her own father. Hell, she can be a hit-man if she wants to. In the blink of an eye, she turns on the torchlight and faces the shadow. Unfortunately, the thing moves away before she can fully see its real form. Gripping the dagger tightly in her hand, she shouted to warn the thing or maybe its just one of the animals she saw when she searches her team...or perhaps one of her team that decided to scare her, “Come out...come out of the dark! Or I’ll burn your ass-”

She turned around and face her torch to the north. She swears she heard something or someone moving. Her footsteps sank into the sand as she approaches the trees. Still, she sees nothing. She walks a little further through the jungle in slow and quiet motion before she decided to stop when she realized she had left her backpack at the river. One last glance around the forest, she quickly walks to the river again when she caught sight of light behind her. Kyla took a deep breath and ran to the light and almost laugh happily when she heard Thomas’s voice a.k.a one of her team. His voice soon followed by Brian and Rascal and...Shila. “Seriously, we should stay-”

“Yea, you guys should stay at the plane with me. Now, look at you guys” She said while facing her torchlight towards them. They shut their eyes due to the strong light from her torch and smirked when they cursed under their breaths. Brian was the first person to break the silence, “Kyla turns the fucking torch away from us!”.

She rolled her eyes and turn away the torch, “Still an asshole”. “What?” He asked as he blinks for a few seconds and looks at her. She only shrugged her shoulders before she turns around and walks back to the river, “Come on guys, I believe you have learned your lesson. No more ignoring the bitch”.

“Bitch” She heard Shila said under her breath before silently following her along with the others. They look just like she had expected. Deathly tired and sorely dirty. They were covered with mud and smell stinky like they had fallen into a lake of poop. She didn’t know what happen to them, but she was glad that she found them. At least, she’s not alone in this dark forest anymore. A Private moment was over and now it’s time to stick with her annoying team.

“So...who and what are you guys shots? Bet it not a cute little rabbit hop out from a bush?” She asked.

“Anyone?” She asked when no one answer her. Hah! Keep ignoring me, and we’ll see what happens next...

Rolling her eyes, she pulled the sleeping bag tighter around her as she watched them. They had been busy with warming their body without thanks as she was the one light up the fire, HERSELF. They were sitting closer to the fire until without giving space for her. Not that she really cares about it. In fact, she was too tired to voice out her thought. Tomorrow, she will be more bitch to them.

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