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Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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'Take hope from the heart of man, and you make him a beast of prey.' Kyla Belladonna Anemone wants to prove to her fiancé that she can be independent and flexible at the same time. So, she agrees to join him on an expedition to a mysterious island. Unfortunately, their plane crashed on the other side of the island. Kyla finds herself alone in the rainforest., searching for a way to their main camp when no one is willing to listen to her. Alone. Hungry. And exhausted. Someone was stalking her, a half-naked wildman on her trial. All he ever wanted was to mate her and have his wicked way on her. Will she survive or eventually devour by him? There's only one way to find out...

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Kayla Belladonna Anemone let out a curse. Two steps to the right, and she gazed through the broken porthole irritatingly. She was convinced of the sound of the shotgun twice before it became quiet again. Dark orange skies greeted her with a peaceful view. The birds fly in the sky. It felt as if she was in Rio again. But, it was huge and threateningly. She shuddered when thinking of getting caught by them.

But waiting on the plane alone made her edgy and nervous. This is not supposed to happen. She was not supposed to be alone!

They thought they were smarter than her because she wore fancy clothes, wasted time at the saloon, and had a goldfish named Bob. What is wrong with Bob?! They called her stupid, but they were more brainless and stubborn! Those rules had been forgotten by them.

Staying on the plane was a better choice than walking through the unknown jungle without protection. Kyla did remind, yet they ignored it.

They even refused to give her a weapon to defend herself! Of course, it will be purely a coincidence if she accidentally shoots someone, but a gun is not a strange thing to her.

Of course, they were unaware of it. Their ignorance of her true identity was a blessing to Kyla. No one should know who or what she does for real- A bitch. That was more suitable for anyone ever describe her.

Fortunately, she was not just any dumb bitch. Not even close. But this time, Kyla believed she was foolish for receiving this mission. Wandering into the jungle of an unknown island to explore the forest was not her to-do list. It was put in a BIG CROSSED after Africanised honey bees stung her in the previous mission. She was BARELY ALIVE at that time!

Well, maybe it was one of her work-to-do-list, but that was before she realized that she would be stuck here unless she found their base camp. Luckily, she is the Miss Know-It-All. One way or another, she will dig their clandestine and get the hell out of here.

At first, she thought they would only take some wild adventure to the Cozen Island. But, instead, the chief postulated it was a familiar place, like the back of her hand. It was undeniably true that she does dangerous things all the time. Tsk! She had almost died infrequently, but nothing could bother her than being clueless and unprepared for the situations she was unaware of.

She was a woman filled with expectations. Planning and preparing the course of action was one of her most famous excellent ways as a- No, it was inexorable. She will kick his ass as soon as she completes this mission. This island is on a different level! He only fucking gave her the information after she departed!

Kyla gritted her teeth. Now, her stupid fiance was disobedient! She would never have one if not for this silly mission.

Brian Rafanelli was the one to blame. As the leader of the team and her fiance- a fake one, he should know better than taking a risk, especially when it involves someone's life. Yet, the others abandoned her. NADA. Fifteen hours passed- since they crashed at the other side of the island, and Kayla knows a foreboding will happen. Hell, bad things always occur when she teams up with them. Six months stuck with them and never got a stroke of luck. Once again, she inevitably mumbled all the bad words she knew from different languages. Started with Scheisse! Scheisse! Scheisse!

She knew she was inescapably from leaving them alone here on this strange island. Undeniably, she was stuck here with or without them. Luckily, they were not the only team on this mission. The other team should arrive by now. Soon, they will start looking for them. At least, the thing she should be concerned about was her stupid, ignorant group team might be in danger.

Her team consists of three men and two women- including Brian and a colleen named Sheila, his scandal. They thought they were CLEVER- Thinking they could walk through the jungle as if they were invincible to the wild animals.

"Fucking stupid group!" She curses, replacing her favorite red heels with her black hunting boots. Then, she grabs the bag on the seat next to her. Beep!- scanning.

"Let just hope it's ahead of time to catch up with them," She told herself. Warm fresh air hits her on the face as soon as she hits the ground, instantly surrounded by green plants.

The island looked peaceful and welcoming, but she knew better than to let her guard down. The survival rules still repeated in her mind. The first rule is never to become a hero. It is because human is the primary prey on this island. Everything here is more potent and more dangerous. The second rule is never to be confused by beautiful things- The more attractive, the more difficult. Finally, never believe in S-level species. They are the first predators- alluring, cunning, yet deadly.

Of course, she was trained before coming here. Her father had to streak his free time teaching her to hunt and camp out in the woods. Kyla spends her childhood time with her father, so she could learn plenty of things from him to be the best among the best- like him.

Sadly, her skills are more to- tsk. The intelligent chip has been implanted in her brain.

Kyla buried the memories of her father and wandered carefully on the muddy ground while observing her surroundings. Kyla became alert every time she heard the sound in her surrounding. Regretfully, she only had daggers, each hidden inside her boots. Kyle looked at the trees and instantly rubbed her arms. The trees are massive and block most of the sunlight.

Sighing lightly, she kneels on the ground to observe the fresh boot marks. Beep!- The good news is they walked in the right direction, but the bad news is it was almost dusk. She breathed, gripping a dagger while hurriedly following the boot marks. First, she needs to catch up with them or search for a safe place to stay for the night.

Four hours passed before Kyla found a river to rest. Tired and frustrated, her brain refused to call it a day. Chuckling to herself, Kyla stood, stretching her arms above her head. There was something magical about being out here alone at night. But, she always keeps alert.

Just one night alone to clear her mind before she faces those stubborn assholes. Goosebumps prickled along her arms. The fire from the burning woods provided her light and a bit of warmth just for the night. Reaching up, she pulled the hairband, letting her thick, red hair curls fall around her shoulders. Grinning, Kyla takes the lavender soap out of her bag pack. It was the perfect night for a river bath. Plus, the sweats and mud made her uncomfortable. She stood there, naked.

Her nipples puckered as a slight breeze kicked up. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose, and for an instant, her heart raced, sensing someone was watching her. Kyla scanned the shoreline again, but she saw nobody, NADA. She had this particular stretch of the river all to herself, that is, in case her team has retreated and not found her here at the river. The intelligent chip will remind her if danger is near.

She took a deep breath and went up on her tiptoes and took a shallow, arching dive into the river. She emerged gasping from the shock of the cold water; it left her exhilarated, driving out the disquieting thoughts rattling around in her brain. She took long strokes backward, zipping through the water. Kyla pushed her hair back, swam towards the shore, and took her lavender soap to caress every inch of her body before she washed it away. Relax—she dug her knees into the sand rose. She was having a silent moment to think and stared at the sparkling river when once again, she felt prickles along her spine and scanned the shoreline. WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

Someone or something is watching her, but the intelligent chip stays silent, indicating it is harmless. She ignored it for a while, focusing more on herself. This place is ridiculously magical.

Even as the cool water slid down her arms, Kyla felt a slow heat building inside of her. There was something so sensual about the solitary moon and the sound of the moving river. That heat within her grew, blossoming in her core.

Somehow, she remembered the scene from a particular erotic book. The situations were similar to her, but she was solely, instead, accompanied by the very sexy werewolf named Duke. That's right, she loves books and knows how to read. She chuckled when she imagined Brian's ugly face if he knew it.

She licked her lips. A beep sounded in her mind, 'Area scanning.'

Taking one last look around, Kyla let her fingers trail over her arms, settling on the stiff peaks of her nipples. A steady pulse beat between her legs, and she grew bold, sliding her hand to the juncture of her thighs. A delicious ache grew there, drawing her out. Duke's face wavered in front of her like some spirit she had conjured, more accurately with the help of her program. Instead of Patricia, she imagines that she is in his arms. Those piercing, gray eyes had stared straight through her just like the author described.

Stirring up a powerful lust and every fantasy she had kept herself. Brian never really satisfied her, and it has been a long time since she had sex; they were always busy with work. This new mission makes their relationship more distant, like a retired-fuck-buddies. She knows the presence of his scandal will ruin the last string of their relationship. After all, man-whore was his middle name. She knows how desperate that man can be when he continuously flirts with Kyla to make her jealous.

Kyla snorted, leaning back until she sank into the sand. She stretched her legs in front of her and threw her head skyward. She stroked the hard little nub at the center of her and spread her legs wide. It felt so...good, so right. She could steal just a few moments of peace and selfish pleasure before she weighted the world back on her shoulders. Desire flared through her, and Kyla thrust her hips.

She sank lower into the water until her breasts were fully inundated. Water splashed around her as she bucked with the abandon beneath the gentle waves that hid her secret. She could use her favorite toy, but she lacked the energy to abandon the cold water.

Kyla came fast and hard, sliding beneath the water. Her limbs shook with the delicious release. She signed, taking time to relax her limbs before kicking off the bottom in huff and puff. She swam away from the shore and dove deep. She waited again- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6- before finally emerging and gasped for air as the echoes of pleasure tingled through her. As she reached the dock, Kyla dipped her head under one last time before she pulled herself out.

Water pooled around her as she leaned forward and wrung out the ends of her hair. Kyla grabbed the small towel on top of her bag pack and lazily dried her skin before pulling her tank-top back over her head. In a brief moment, something moved in the trees as she slid her panties back over her hips. Her heart hammered in her chest as she tried to look at any movement in the dark forest. But there was nothing there. The chip was silent.

Still, Kyla's senses heightened on some preternatural level. She was not alone. Kyla froze at the end of the dock as a sound of broken stick caught her ears, and she turned toward the western shore nearer the fire and her bag pack to put on her hunting boots.

'Area scanned- a savage male stood seven miles from the host.'

She pressed her lips. The program was unpunctual in notifying her. Not just because of the insufficient revenue! The dense forest attenuated radio waves, so signals are weakened through absorption. Even her advanced program hardly worked.

"Savage?!" Kyla led out the dagger from her right boot and a small torchlight from the bag-pack. "It's better not a cannibalism!"

She fought with those people in the previous mission. They are treacherous and affect her whole diet! Inconceivable, she became a vegan for 5 YEARS!

A shadow silhouette emerged and halted in the dark, and her pulse quickened, thundering in her ears. Every cell inside her screamed for her to run, but Kyla was stubborn as a mule. A gift from her father. She might not be a skilled fighter, but she can still fight.

In a flash, she turns on the torchlight and faces the shadow. But, he retreats before she can fully see the actual figure. Gripping the dagger tightly in her hand, Kyla shouted to warn him. Maybe it was one of the animals she saw when searching her team...or perhaps one of her team decided to scare her. But, alas, her program was never wrong.

"Come out!" She shouted, "Come out of the dark! Or I'll burn your ass-"

She turned around hinted her torch to the north. She swears she heard something or someone moving. Her footsteps sank into the sand as she approached the trees. Still, she sees nothing. She walked a little further through the jungle in slow and quiet motion before she decided to stop when she realized she had left her backpack at the river. One last glance around the forest, she trotted to the river when she caught sight of light behind her. Kyla took a deep breath and jogged to the light, chuckling when she heard the voice of her team, Thomas, later by others, "Seriously, we should stay-"

"Yea, you should fucking stay on the plane with me. Now, look at you- satisfyingly miserable!" She mocked while facing her torchlight at them.

They instantly blocked the brilliance light. Brian was the first to speak, "What the fuck, Kyla?!".

She rolled her eyes while retreating the torch from them, "Still an asshole."

"What?" He peered at her.

Kyla shrugged before drawing back to the river, "Come on, chums! I believe you have learned your lesson- Never ignored a bitch".

"Bitch" She heard Shila say under her breath before silently following her along with the others.

They look just like she predicted. Deathly tired and sorely dirty. They were covered with mud and smelled stinky, same as they had fallen into a lake of poop. She suspected them of falling into a real one but was glad to find them. Then, at least, she was not desolate in the dark forest. More meat to choose from will be more delicious than hers.

"So, who's the unlucky one to get shots? Rabbit?" She queried. "Oppss, forget-" She slapped her forehead, "There's no rabbit here!"

"So...savage?" She disregarded, again. Tsk! Bunch of stone-deaf!

Kyla pulled the sleeping bag tighter around her, watching them while rolling her eyes. They had been busy warming their body appreciatively, ignoring that she was the one lighting up the fire, HERSELF. They were sitting closer to the fire without giving space for her. Not that she cares about it. She was too tired to voice out her thought. Tomorrow, she will be more bitch to them.

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