Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 10

“You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for..” - love, ZoRa

Kyla still could taste the oily texture of the weird liquid in her mouth. It was definitely not the light and bubbly mixture she’d expected. Ace was too busy to notice her face paled ever so slightly as his board shoulder stabbed on her abdomen. The wild man moved with grace like a proud man yet his steps turn quicker by the time they passed a few huts. “Urghhh..”

Kyla shut her eyes in pain as he jumped from one foot to another before climbing on the small hill. “You surprised me, Ace. I’m an excellent agen-”

She gritted her teeth. Her head throbbed badly. A yelped came through her lips when a pain seared through her left hand. “Yet, you s-successfully...let my guard down”

She winced, released his shoulder and dragged her fingernails across an itch on her wrist. Her veins stood out oddly as if her blood was too thick. A sliver of heat shot into her core, drawing another yelp from her. She squirmed over his wide shoulder and tried to tug at her skirt, knowing that this wasn’t the right place to strip naked, not that everyone dressed decently as her, but she couldn’t stop herself. Something odd had happened to her body. It demands a released from the strong wild man. Being naked seemed so called for. Her hands flew of their own accord between her legs and bunched the fabric there.

Ace glance at her with hard eyes, much scarier than a hunger wolf. His big, hot palm move under her tight skirt and shamefully stroking her naked flesh. Keeping her eyes shut, she became aware of three things simultaneously. Ace had taken the right choice and gotten her somewhere private- the quite told her that she was alone with him. Ace pushed open the thatched door and ducking his head to get in a hut, which placed a further away from the others. Curiosity win over her lusting brain as she lifted her head and look at her surrounding. The interior of the hut was much like the others, only smaller. In fact, it wasn’t very much bigger than the torn up plane. There was no cooking area and the hut was largely devoid of household implements. A thick grass mat had been laid against the far wall and there were several fur and leather blankets that looked warm and comfortable.

A fat clay jar with a wick in it burned with a low flame in the corner, casting long shadows in the cozy space. Perhaps cozier than she really wants to get, Kyla thought uncomfortably. She looked at the grass sleeping mat and couldn’t help but flushing in arouse. Like a wild man yet gentle with his touche, Ace put her down on the thick grass mat. He stood before her with determination yet patient. Kyla didn’t like the way he stood there as if trying to break the bond between them. As a result of her dissatisfying lust, she begins to pull at her top and skirt. Ace’s eyes turned darker and he clenched his jaw, the veins along his neck poked like an angry soldier.

“I need to touch you, Ace” She licked her lips. She sent him a wicked glance as she crawled to him. She looked down at the bulge that pressed against his loins. Kneeling between his parted legs bring a sudden power and proud through her chest. Without a word, she slipped one hand down his thick thigh, her face flushing red as she did. She dropped her gaze once, swallowed, then returned it to his face. “I-I taste you”

Ace made no move. His hands fall to his side with a tight clenched. Kyla licked her lips again. Her cold fingers slide beneath those loins, caressed his throbbing length. Breathless, She opens her mouth and leaned her face onto his cock, making a satisfying sound when her warmth, soft mouth sheathed his length. Ace grunted. A sudden tucked on her hair made her look up at him again. With that, he gripped a handful of hair at the back of her head and pulled, he went slowly at first, guiding her mouth and she sucked as if she were starved. He looked down at her with his cock stuffed into her mouth and began to move faster, taking more, pushing to the back of her throat even as she resisted, pushing back against his thighs.

With his other hand, he gently touched her cheek. She looked up at him and he slowed his movement. “Open and relax..” He barely suppressed a shudder at her obedience. “T-Take my cock into your throat, sweet Kyla”

She nodded and he resumed, going more slowly at first until she adjusted and he thrust harder and faster and when he came in her mouth, she swallowed without hesitation, looking up at him, her pupils dilated so that her eyes looked almost black, a sign of her own arousal, and when he pulled out of her mouth, she reached for him, licking again. Ace grunted again. Who knows the little vixen will be so obedient to him after a quick drink. “My turn”

He pushed her backward. A wide smile lightens her face as her hands slowly move to either side of her sex and she spread herself wide. She was breathtaking, all pink and wet, her scent sweet. He made a sound from deep inside his throat. Without words, he lifted her legs over his shoulders. A sign escaped her at the pleasure of being naked, even if his gentle touch was more torture than relief. His fingers were cool and slippery as if he were using some kind of massage oil that had a cooling effect. He massaged her inner thigh, occasionally brushing against her pussy with the edge of his hand. She moved her hips with the rhythm of his touch, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her need.

As if sensing her frustration, he touches her clit with the rough pad if his finger, sending more than just a sliver of awareness through my center. Another firework of stars erupted behind her closed eyes. She bucked against his hand and climaxed helplessly in short, violent bursts when he devoured her pussy then, tasting every inch of her and finally, sucking on her clit hard enough that within a moments, she began to buck beneath him again, begging him to stop and to continue all in the same breath, until finally, she came long and hard, and her energy spent, lay limp on the fur.

Drawing in a shaky breath, she tried to gather her wits. It shouldn’t be that hard, keeping a straight thought, but it was. Hard to hold on to a thought that didn’t involve some form of sexual activity. She was naked, trapped beneath those hunky muscles. “Ahhh..y-you know I can’t...” Kyla clear her throat, “I-I can’t fuc-..mate you”

She felt the full length of him settle comfortingly along her frame, except for the stab of his hard arousal between them. Knowing that he was already naked and ready for her didn’t help her regain control over her raging emotions. Damn, him! Her body was heated, calling out to him for more. She desperately wanted to finish what they’d started. At the same time, she knew they shouldn’t. “We shouldn’t..”

He nodded, yet she felt his fingers waving in her locks. Her scalp tingled at the simple caress. Her lids fell heavily over her eyes. “Yess...”

She whispered, taking in the fine look of his face. He wasn’t smiling, but despite the fact that his face was stoic, she had the impression that he means nothing his agreement. He hummed. Dropping her hair and shifting his waist so he was pressed more comfortably into her hip. Kyla thought of lying. She knew she should try harder. At least, push him away to prove her imperiousness. She should control her own body instead of letting the lust controlling it. Ace’s mouth twitched. As if he couldn’t help himself, he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. His eyes stayed on her, gauging her reaction to him. “I shouldn’t want you..”

He whispered against her lips, very serious and not at all embarrassed by his admission. Kyla flushed, “And I shouldn’t want be inside me”

To prove his point, he expertly rotated his hips against her, sending a jolt through her system. Her breast responded with the same sensitive tingling as before. She tried to draw her chest in, but he grinned and glanced down. She knew he felt her nipples harden against his chest stabbing into him. Ace lifted up, moving to roll the peak. “They want to be kissed..”

He whispered. His hot mouth covered her nipple. Her body heaved in pleasure. As his lips distracted her with their delightfully sinful movement on her chest, his hand dipped along her side, running over her waist and hip. His voice a hoarse growl, he said ” Mmmn, breathtaking"

Her hands moved into his hair, surprised by how gentle his touch was. She explored him, learning every curve of his muscular chest, his defined back. Hot, wet kisses trailed from her breasts down her flat stomach. She felt his tongue licking in between the movements of his lips. “Tell me you want this”

He demanded, his knees parted and he spread her wide to accept him. The tip of his arousal brushed along her folds, so stiff and hot. Kyla swallowed, torn between nervousness and desire. Yes, she wanted this, him, but she was also afraid what would happen when they did come together. Slowly, she closed her eyes. Her breaths quicken. She opened her mouth. The words were there but her voice wasn’t working. How could she possibly think of talking when his tongue was weaving its magic along with her ear?

“No?” He questioned, and made a move to pull away. Kyla whimpered and gripped his shoulders. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She couldn’t fight it. Groaning desperately, she made a move, with a sudden move, Ace was beneath her. “I want you, Now!”

She growled, her voice not sounding like her own. She pushed him over onto his back, allowed no movement from him. His dark eyes widened in surprise but he didn’t resist as she took the hard, long length of him deep into her body. Moaning, she sat still, feeling him inside her, buried to his hilt. It hurt, but with the pain came a longing so intense she wouldn’t have given it up for the world. Ace’s hands were everywhere, worshiping her.

He massaged her breasts, gripped her hips. When she lifted up, his stomach tightened. Sam liked watching his strong body flex and move beneath her. She felt a humming in her blood, overflowing to her stinging flesh. Her small hands rested on his broad chest and she used him for support as she pushed back down on him.

His lips moved and he was speaking, but she didn’t understand his strange words. It was a growling language, hoarse and primal. Sweats slid down the brow of his eyes and she grew wild at his power. Kyla rode him hard, anchoring her feet into the mattress. Her short nails clutched into his chest, digging into him, and he roared in instant approval. She then scratched him fiercely, understanding what he wanted, as she drew little streaks over his chest. His lips parted as the manly sound of ecstasy washed over them. “More” he demand, “Give me more!”

Ace grabbed her hips, pulling her down hard, His fingers gripped the cheeks of her butt, parting the cleft. Kyla went to lift back up, but he kept her tight and began moving his hips in shallow little circles, keeping himself deep. She whimpered in pleasure, gripping him weakly. She’d never known it could feel so amazing. His flesh rubbed against her sensitive clit and the beginning waves of her climax started to shake. “A-Ace”

She panted weakly, torn between a moan and a whimper, “Ahhh”

“Mmnn..” His groan joined hers. Her climax hit her like a tidal wave, drowning her in sensations. She called out in delight, feeling strange new energy flowing in her limbs. The markings on her hips began to sting, but she was too far gone in pleasure to pay it much mind.

As her tight passage clamped around him, he jerked his hot release inside her, filling her with his seed. She took him in, watching his glorious finish through the slits of her eyes. The tremors seemed to last forever. When finally they eased, she lifted her body off him. Before she collapsed on his chest she saw her marks were barely visible on his flesh. “Sorry, I didn’t me-”

Ace growled in possessiveness and dragged her mouth to his, cutting off her words. She felt his erection pressing against the cleft in her butt. Her body grew moist, slipping on his firm stomach. Holding her, he rolled, twisting their body until she once against laid beneath him while keeping his mouth sawing against hers the whole time. Then, his mouth kissed her body to heating once more until she was mindless and thrashing beneath him. When he entered her, lifting her leg over his shoulder, their voices mingled every bit as good as the first, their eyes locked and held. It was perfect.

It was too soon. Her body stirring again and again., demanding attention, sex and release which he willing to give. No protest from the wild man as he keeps pounding into her. His breath tickling her lips, his words little kissed on her mouth. He cupped her jaw and feathered a kiss down her neck. Ace skimmed his fingertips along her throat, pausing when he turned into his touch. “I swear...the drink caused an odd reaction to my body”

She frowned, but brought her face closer to him, loving the scrape of his bread stubble against her chin. And greedy her, she arched tighter against the hard, hot cock pressing against her core. She was silent, closing her eyes, partly because his caressing touch made her shiver. “Ohhh...That..ahhh!”

Her slick pussy coated his length, making it impossible to keep his hips still. She rocked against him, his cock teasing her clit. Unsatisfied, she slid her hand between her thighs, touching him, touching herself. Kyla let out a long moan, her stomach a tight knot of tension, her fingers working her clit faster. Ace brought his nose closer to her, his tongue teasing her to part her lips.

“My little mate” He whispered before he deepened his kiss.

His tasted hot and dangerous and with the promise of breathless release. She wrapped one leg around his calf, arching upward. Without the concern of the world, she kissed him, dueling with his tongue for dominance because they were both eager to explore each other. However, she did let him win, softened against him. His kisses were long and deep, lazy in his delight to explore her mouth and tongue and the edge of her teeth. Playfully, Ace nipped into her bottom lip, moved lower, closed his mouth around a nipple and sucked. She came, surprising herself, but the pull at her breast gave her a sharp orgasm that left her breathless for a second. It wasn’t enough, though for once, her heart didn’t feel as if it would explode.

She stared at his lovely face as he came hard. The throbbing length surprisingly becomes flaccid again, for now. Breathing harder, she smiles tiredly at him yet satisfied. “C-Can I”

Ace looked down at her. His cock hardens as if never get enough of her. Her eyes widened in surprise and he began to move, gently and lazily. She groaned. Half exhausted, half aroused. “Y-You can’t be serious- Ahhh!”

Ace grinned at her and fastened with lust. She closed her eyes, swallowing a moan. He had picked up! His hand grasped around her hips, steadying her as he thrust his slippery cock deeper. His breath came hard against her neck. She revealed in this raw act, in the carnal connection to him. It satisfied her in a primal way. “More..” “More!”

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