Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 11

She’d figured out the art of survival of years ago, but never did she ever lost herself to the alcohol. In fact, she wasn’t a good drinker at all. Her limit was only one glass of it and after that, she would lose control of her own mind and body. But honestly, she didn’t feel regret. Last night was very satisfied sex.

Kyla stirred below him as the amber morning sun started to throw prisms of light through the walls of the hut. Almost immediately, she ground her body against the warm body behind her, her leg tightening around my lap. When she rocked her hips into him, a quite grumble sprung from his chest. She was so wet she left a slick trail up the side of his, making his cock come to life like it was spring-loaded. It didn’t take much for her to bring on his erection, even after all of these days. She could wet her lips and he would be hard as steel and begging to mount her.

“That was one hell hangover!” She gasped quietly, then moaned as he kneading her swollen breast. “But, I won’t ever regret-..oohhhh..yesss!”

She smiled with her eyes still closed. “Just l-like that..”

Her lips parted when his hand moved lower, over the swell of her stomach, down the crease of her pussy. She couldn’t remember how many time had them intercourse last night. But, judging by the sourness of her vagina, it must be the most mind-blowing sex that she ever experienced. A chuckle rumbled low in Ace’s chest as he stretched her open, priming her body to take his thick cock. “Morning, mate”

Kyla hummed. Her ass ground against his cock, making it feel so good he could have come right there on her round, full backside, but he had other plans for this release. Plans that included being buried so deep in her body until lost his mind. It was his new favorite place to be. “Again..”

Rolling onto her back, she managed to swing her leg over his waist and sit over him before the air had a chance to rush out of his lungs. Rocking her hips until he was pushing at her entrance, she rolled her head back. Ace could feel the long ends of her hair brushing his thighs, and inch by inch, she lowered onto him. She almost had him coming right then, but he ground his jaw and willed himself to hold off. The feel of her pussy stroking his cock was not something to rush. It was perfection in tangible form.

“I’m sorry for stealing your virginity, but trust me I never regret it” She moaned when she reached around to gently massage his balls while she started to ride him. Ace squeezed her bun. His eyes were half-closed. “My little’re amazing”

“But Ace, there are amazing women out there..” He could hear the smile in her voice, but he couldn’t see it. He’d lost the ability to control his eyelids one Kyla-mounting-him ago, “”

He was confident with his statement as if it was true, but Kyla knows more than him. He will be just like others. A man will always be a man. They will leave her at the end. She knew it. And she lives with it. Alone. “Anyone..” she whispered.

Kyla’s pace picks up, her moans matching the rhythm of her pussy crashing down on him. “But, promise not to forget about me”

Ace hands came around the slope of her hips to cover her stomach. He couldn’t wait to see her body look when she full with his child. “Ace..”

She moaned, bouncing on his cock and making him feel so damn good, he couldn’t help the growl that erupted from his chest. “Shhh”

She hushed, sticking her finger outside of his lips, never missing a beat as he felt her pussy start to go off around him, “You’ll wake the savages. I don’t want anyone to disturb us..not until I’ve fucked you good and dry”

Her words made his grunts as he felt his orgasm burst in his balls. She bit her lip, riding her orgasm as her pussy milked at his urgently. “Yess”, she whimpered, her heavy breasts bouncing. “I need every last drop of you inside me, please Ace!”

Her asking him for it was his undoing. His orgasm shot up his shaft and burst out of his head in thick hot ribbons of release. “Yours”

As her legs trembled around him, he rocked his hips into her, fucking her until he couldn’t feel anything above or below what was presently filling her with his seed. As she came down from her first orgasm, Kyla’s eyes opened. She turned her head to inspect the door of the hut as if expecting someone to burst into the hunt and witnessed their mate or even disturbing them.

Chuckling, Ace rocking her off of his lap, he swiveled around until he was behind her. She already knew what he had in mind, and she spread her hands out in front of her as she opened her legs for him. Ace slid into her, his chest lowering into her back, his arms winding around the widest part of her stomach. “Again”

Her little chuckle was cut short when he seated himself inside her. Once she’d regained her breath, she looked back at him with the same trusting eyes he’d seen when he touched her for the first time. “Take whatever you want, Ace. And I’ll give you all..”

Ace growls deeper, liking her exclaimed. The female knew who she belongs to. There’s no doubt that She was mate to him. And when he thrust into her again and again, she will cry with joy just like he wants.

Ace was not by her side the next time she awake. In fact, he was nowhere to be found. Kyla looked everywhere for him until she decided to clean herself. Fortunately, the woman of the tribe had shown her to a waterfall and promise privacy for her. So, she took it as an advantage to enjoy the moment to be alone. The water was chilly but refreshing, a definite contrast to the intense heat outside of the pool. In fact, the water seems to help her regain more consciousness and energy. She could barely feel the soreness between her legs. Ace was a very energetic man.

One that can satisfy women non-stop until he gets bored with them. It won’t be a surprise if he turns to be a womanizer if he’s a city man. One that she ought to avoid. Kyla let out a heavy sigh. The couldn’t believe that she had taken his first taste of pleasure. Now, she was just like them. Take and go. She didn’t want him to think of her as a bitch like others when they apart. The man who took her virginity did the same thing to her. Merciless. His words were sweeter than honey yet his touched was bitter. She felt nothing but pain. Will Ace feel the same way when they go to their own way? “What had you done, stupid bitch?”

She sipped water directly from the waterfall, feeling instantly better and refreshed. She’d been dying of thirst and hadn’t really realized it. The area was a peaceful one. Nothing much was happening, but there were sounds from everywhere- the jungle was never silent, it had always amazed her. She could hear a bird’s whistle, the sound of the trickling waterfall, the rustle of leaves and the gentle sway of a tree in the gentle breeze.

The jungle was a world of its own, but in its own way, it was truly magnificent. Take this pool, nowhere else in the world would you be able to expect this little area of beauty in the middle of the tress! The jungle was special, it wasn’t her favorite place on earth, she preferred her home ground, but she could appreciate and enjoy the lush beauty here. Kyla was in a daze when she felt a muscular hand on her arm, so she squealed and spun around to punch him. Ace’s eyes flared over her bared breasts and rosy nipples, and he suddenly pulled her into his chest and started to kiss her with great biting kisses, that as any other time would have turned her on and had her immediately jumping into bed.

His kissing was frenzied, hurried and she moaned at the feel of his pecs with their slight dusting of hair rubbing against her nipples. She restrained herself somehow and tried to push him away. Instead of stopping, his mouth gentled, his tongue played with hers, coaxing her into the game. She was tempted to give in, but how could she? A hand reached to cup her breasts, she stiffened, but his lips started to press into her again, his tongue thrusting into her mouth, rubbing hers every time. She could feel arousal start to thrum in her veins.

“Ace!” She shouted, the sound muffled against his mouth. She could feel his cock teased her belly. She moaned, weakly trying to fight him off. Ace pinched her nipple, his mouth move away from hers to nuzzled against her neck, and his other hand started to trace its way down her stomach and into her panties. She started to struggle again since she knew she’d be helpless and unable to resist if he touched her pussy. Ace’s hand tightened on her nipple, and his mouth clamped down in the crook of her neck, sucking her hard. She shrieked in surprise and this time he released her- pulling her slightly away from him. She stared at him, her breasts heaving as she panted for air. “I awake a hungry beast..”

She quickly covered them as she saw him watch them jiggle and sway with her movement. She frowned at him, but let him took her hand gently and kissed her wrist. Kyla was shocked when she realized a beautiful bracelet hung around her wrist. “When-..”

It was a beautiful bracelet with a big blue ocean diamond as if matched with her eyes. She looked up at him in questioning. His full lips twitched up and she pulled her to him again. “Yours”

“Mine?” She asked breathily, then added “W-Where did you get this, Ace? Please don’t tell me you-”

Ace let out a chuckled and nibbled on her neck, “We found it. A treasure was hidden among the mountain. Badman bring soldiers to stole it but Ace protect it just like they ordered”

Kyla frowned again and pulled slightly away to directly on his eyes, “Who’s they?”

Sadness fleshed through his eyes before he turned his back to him, “Parents..”

The words sound strange when it coming from him as if he was having a hard time to said it. As if a bad memory hunting him everything he said it. Kyla paled. She knows what happened to his parents even when he didn’t explain it to her. It was obvious that someone in this jungle wants to harm him. So far, they didn’t meet someone who desires to kill him or hurt him. No other stranger had been seen since she meets Ace. The tribe was an exception. “Come”

Kyla blinks and looks up at him. Ace pulled her out of the water and wrapped her body with her towel. “What belongs to Ace-”

He stared deep into her eyes, “-will belong to Ace’s mate. Kyla belongs to Ace. Treasure and Ace belong to Kyla”

Ace grabbed her arm and started to pull her along with him. Kyla chewed her lip, “But-”

She didn’t get a chance to speak when he suddenly carry her in a bridal style and run faster like a jaguar. A familiar black fur came into her sight. Rage finally decided to appears out of nowhere and joined them. The leopard bumped his body against them and she cringed at the feel of his soft fur against her legs. “Slow the fuck down, Aceeeee!”

Kyla shouted and closed her eyes when they suddenly jumping from a cliff. Ace jumped from tree to tree then swing along the vines like a monkey whereas Kyla had to cling on him. “Oh, fuckkkk!”

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