Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 12

Two hours and a half, Kyla look up at the mountain paths they started to climb. Correction—The mountain paths that he climbed after a long lecture from her and a quick visit to the savages tribe to take her belonging. The mountain paths were steep, but he climbed like it was as easy as ABC. They could lead to a fate that included a cracked skull and several broken bones. Fortunately, Ace never slipped. He never fell. It was as if mountain’s rocks, knowing around on them, extended him special privileges. He never shows any hesitation in his movement. Briskly he strode up the path, his eyes focus, his face set in stone.

Farther up, the path grew even steeper. But, they manage to come to the wall. Not a man-made wall. From top to bottom, it was made out of the solid, rough, unbreakable rock, with scarcely a handhold in sight anywhere. Somewhere deep down she knew it was simply a natural rock formation, but it looked as if it had been placed there by some ancient race of giants to block anyone from going further. Their path ended at the bottom of the wall. There was no other way in sight. Then, they continue to climb again until probably thirty minutes later, they finally arrived on the mountaintop.

“Well, done! You’re such a strong wild man” She patted his chest and grins when Ace quickly slammed his lips to hers before she could move away.

His perfectly white teeth showing happily as he smiles at her. Only a small compliment and he already look like a God has shaken his hand. Grinning at him, Kyla turned around and all thoughts flew out of her head, because there, right in front of her, stretched a sight the like which she had seen before in history book or just like the other few places that she had visited during her mission. For a moment, she thought they had been magically transported to Egypt, to the great pyramids of Giza. Unfortunately, the stone here was grey, not the color of sand. In fact, even though she had been to Egypt, she had never got a chance to see the pyramids. But she could see this one with her own eyes.

Oh yes, She definitely could. Like a crown atop the head of an ancient king, a majestic stone pyramid rose on the highest stone pyramid rose on the highest point of the mountaintop. Around it stood various smaller buildings, impressive monuments in their own right. They stood atop a board grassy stretch of land that once had been tamed by rows upon rows of stone terraces, but was now slowly being reclaimed by the wild. Mist drifted between the ancient monuments. The sun sparkled on dew. She was awestruck. “It’s beautiful..”

“Yes,” Kyla turns to watch him watch her in adoration. Naughty glittered in her eyes as she slapped his butt, “But, not as beautiful as my wildman”

Ace’s brows arched. She shrugged then gazed at her surrounding in amazement. He finds her expression cuter the more he spends his times with her. At last, he let out a chuckle and strode past her, off towards the largest of the pyramids. “Come...”

She hurriedly followed him without words. Under a wide stone lintel, there gaped an opening. She hesitated to call it a door, because for that, in her humble opinion, you usually need a slab of wood or strong iron with a knob attached to it. Although, it definitely was an entrance. Ace stopped a few feet in front of it and grabbed a stick of wood. “Oh,, use this”

She hands a lighter from her backpack and helps to light up the torch. A flame flared up and, in its light, the entryway suddenly glowed, bright and red like the gates of Hell. Kyla takes out the small torchlight and held it closer to her chest. Ace strode forward with confident steps. With careful steps, she hurried after him. Inside, it was dark. No matter that a torch was burning—the room they were standing in was so vast that its light was simply swallowed up by the darkness. Somewhere, high in the shadows above her, she could guess a rocky ceiling, but other than that, there was only blackness.

Luckily, she has her torchlight, lighten the way for her. Further, into the room, her eyes widened. She raised the torch over her head in disbelief. Gold. In the light of two torches, there was no doubt anymore. Gold and gold and more gold. It glinted on the walls, was heaped on the floor, even hung from the ceiling. There were heaps of coins, mountains of jewelry, amazing statues of ancient heathen gods in jewels and precious metes—More than the eye could see. “Holy Shit!”

No answer. She glanced sideways at Ace. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to be somewhat awestruck. She could practically see the boredness in his eyes. His gaze was lazy to the gold and precious jewels with a look she barely recognized. It was the same one he sometimes got when he talks about his past. “All this make me lost them..”

Her face softened and she completely forgets about the valuable things inside the room. His face hardened in an instant until her hand touched his cheek. He let her pulled him to her and nuzzled into her neck. Inhaling her scent to stay relax. Her fingers running through his long honey hair slowly and lazily. In a blink of eyes, Ace pushed her onto the mountain of golden coins. A dangerous sexy gaze fell to her. “You can have all of this, but in one condition..”

He leaned forward and whisper dangerously closer to her ear, “You’re mine...forever”

Kyla let out a shaky laugh before palmed his face in her small hand and move it to her face, so she could stare him directly into his eyes. They stayed like that for seconds before she finally narrowed her eyes in curiosity, “And since when did you’re a master of words?”

In the next instant, his features were unreadable. “Ace is a fast learner. Used to be the smarter kid” he said smoothly.

“Uhmmn..“She hummed.

“A fast learner?” “Always..” His voice laced with determination, “And I know how to satisfied you, my mate”

Half grinning, half resolved, she gently brushing the golden locks from his eyes. Filled with a heady mixture of need and anticipation, she closed the remaining distance between them. His hands anchored at her waist, easing her between his thighs. Warm and sweetly scented with mint, his breath kissed the V of her tank top. “Prove it..”

She whispered breathlessly. His eyes turned darker and he quickly kissed her without further words. His hands slid languidly up her sides and cupped her jaw. He planted breathy kisses and nips over her nose, eyes and her chin. Kyla moans as he gently tugged her face down for another kiss. While his tongue worked its magic, he urged her onto his lap, spreading her thighs and hooking her legs around his waist until she straddled him completely and cradled his erection. His mouth never left hers. In their position, she knew he was impossibly aroused, that he was huge and thick and hard- and she had caused this erection!

She was a woman too tall, too bossy, and lacking in obedience grace, had brought this seductive wildman to such potent arousal. That knowledge gave her power, power that was very, very intoxicating. On and on the kiss continued. Kyla couldn’t believe that they were about to fuck on top of the coins. The coins fell onto the cold golden ground with a pleasant sound. She knew she couldn’t deny him. He was a man hard to reject. In fact, as soon as he bites her fingers for the first time they meet, Kyla knew that she already attracted to this wild man. It was silly and unbelievable. Bianca Holly Amaryllis will send her to the mental hospital when she hears about this.

Hell, even she couldn’t believe that she, the great bitchy radish woman was breaking her infinity CODES. Fortunately, she didn’t regret it at all. The only thing she could do is enjoying the feeling of his hard flesh against her. Ace explored her leisurely, prolonging her pleasure, making her burn for so much more. He let his tongue trace the outline of her lips, leaving fires in its wake. His hand splayed over her collarbone, so warm, so inviting, a heartbeat away from dipping inside her top and cupping her breast. But that strong, masculine hand remained in place, teasing and taunting. Tormenting.

As one minute ticked by and then another, her nipples puckered in expectation and rasped against the cotton fabric of her top. Her body began a constant ache for the heat of his hands- any part of his hands. His fingertips. The pad. The calluses. Something, anything except the waiting, the needing. She already knew an invisible cord stretched from her nipples to her clitoris, and if he would only touch her intimately the throb between her legs would spring and uncoil, giving her release. She pulled away from their kiss, “Don’t make me wait, Ace”, She gave soft kisses along his strong jaw, “I’m not a patient woman. Never...Ace”

To prove her point, she rotated her body on his hips. Brushing ever so slightly against his length beneath that loins. Ace let out a lustful growl. Using his grip on her neck, he pulls her body from his and turns her away from him. Giving a slight push, he urges her downward and almost wants to cry out in victory when she gives him not an ounce of fights as she starts to lower herself. He let his knees bend and lower himself down to the cold ground with her. Kyla’s knees hit first, then his and he didn’t stop pushing her forward until her cheek rests against the ground while her ass hovers just in front of his restrained cock. “God, yes!”

She moans, and victory and lust surge through him. His cock, which has been getting progressively harder, now pushed brutally rigid against the loins. Ace brings his free hand up and grasps the bottom of her army pants, pulling it down to her knees. Slowly, he reveals the loveliest, sexist thing she called thongs. Another new favorite word enters his repertoire- Thongs. When her ass and lower back are completely devoid of her pants, he tells her, “I’m going to mate you hard, Kyla”

“Fuck..” She cursed breathlessly. Her upper back rises slightly, not from any fight left in her, but because she inhales deeply. When she lets it all out, she tells him with conviction and a hint of disbelief, “I’m never a submissive woman, Ace. In fact, I’m a bossy one with her man tight up on the bed”

He hummed, and his fingers go under the thong. “Not anymore..”

“You ruin me for other men, Ace..” She whispered. His heart seems to almost leap from his chest over the plaintive tone of her voice. Grasping the thong, he roughly pulls it away until it torn. She grunts and glances at him over her shoulder, “That was the last one! Damn you, wildman-”

A gasp came out from her mouth when he reaches down and, finally push his finger inside of his little mate’s warmth pussy. He leaned to the side so he can get a glimpse of the backside of her pussy. Its flowery petals are dewy looking. Hot breath hissed out between his clenched teeth. “You’re so wet for me, Kyla”

“Hell yess...” She moans, pushing her hips backward. “Don’t move”

Ace orders her as he pulls his finger back slightly and pushes it back in. She stays absolutely still but moans again. Releasing his hold on her neck and removing his hand from between her legs, he yanks at the loins to free his cock. Pearly fluid is leaking from the head and, using his hand to guide himself, Ace rub it over one of her ass cheeks, creating a glistening path of over her pale skin. “I’m wet for you too”

“Now,” Kyla hissed. He bends over and grips her by the back of her neck again. “Please, Ace”

This time she truly begs at him. In an instant, he guides his swollen shaft to her pussy, rubbing the head through her wet folds. The sensation is overwhelming, causing a tightening of his muscles from head to toe. He leans his hips in slightly and pushes into her just an inch. Hers so fucking tight, but her slickness sucks him in just a little further. He watches as her ass cheeks clench in anticipation and her fingers dig into her palm. Now that he’d lined up perfectly, he releases his hold on his cock and grips her hip. Ace wait for just a moment, relishing in the graceful lines of her back and the way her hair loosens from its messy bun.

Her face is turning to the side, and her profile is exquisite. Eyes slightly open, her lips turned upward in a pleasurable smile. He’ll never forget this as long as he lives. With one coordinate move, he pulls back on her hips and slams his own forward, lodging his cock in deep, his pelvis pressed flush against her ass. Groan tears out of his throat because that feeling of her pussy completely enveloping him is almost more than he can bear. Kyla gives a soft cry, and her eyes squeeze shut. “Yes! Faster Ace! Fuck yess...”

She cried out in joy. Her voice echoed in the room. Only them, completely in one flesh for another hour to devour.

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