Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 13

Kyla struggled through the strange, yellowish vegetation, her throbbing head filled with the rich, pungent scent of the alien jungle. She was saying the worst thing she could think of under her breath as she pushed aside green vines and lavender creepers. Her vocabulary of swear words was admittedly unlimited which made her worried as the wild man seem to be a faster learner. He did learn a lot of things by observing her.

The big feral was plowing along ahead of her, cutting a trial with his huge handmade knife. The curving blade glinted dully as it rose and fell tirelessly, hacking at the vegetation that impeded their progress. From time to time he came to a particularly rough snarl of vines and then Kyla could hear him using words that never appeared on any of her vocabularies. As they pushed through the foliage, which had reminded her of a big swirl of cotton candy when she had looked down on it from across the street of her apartment, she reflected that she had done a lot of things lately that she never could have pictured herself doing at the private agency.

For one thing, she hopes to disappear now as the feral seem to be angry at her. One moment they were having the most mind-blowing sex and then the argument happened as soon as she open her big mouth. She sighed and swiped at her sweaty forehead, jerking back quickly as a dusky rose-colored creeper whipped in front of her face. Off to their left in a dense lavender thicket, a musical hooting sounded brief and then died. Taking a deep breath of the pungent jungle air, she allowed herself to admit that her emotions about Ace's sweet attitude toward her was melting her frozen heart. He successfully changes her mind toward man.

It scared her but fascinating her at the same time. Truth, she wants to be with him all the time. Spending more time by having great sex with him like a mate that he wants. Unfortunately, she has her own life. It was always a mission that filled her life. She was someone that having a busy life and much dangerous than any other woman willing to do. Luckily, dangerous was her middle name.

There were vines and bushes everywhere but the evergreen jungle wasn't just underbrush. There were also tall, thin treelike things that were impossibly long and slender. They waved gently in the humid air, reminding Kyla of underwater plants she'd seen on her one trip to Koh Hey Island, Thailand. The same year she had her first mission. When she'd asked him, Ace had explained briefly that the island had its own soul. This allowed the slender trees, which never could have supported themselves on higher-grav earth, to grow to tremendous heights. To Kyla they almost looked like long yellowish and greenish fingers scraping the cloudy sky. Why the WHO never discovered this island is mysterious to her.

Now, striding along behind him with the jaguar eyeing her for conscious of time was almost unbearable. She wants to break the silence among them but Ace didn't seem to have the mood to talk to her. Frowning, she clenched her teeth while watching the muscles in his broad back jump and roll as he cut brush tirelessly, she admitted that she was breathing easier and more relax when she's around him. In fact, there's something about him that makes her feel safe. Despite the dull throb in the back of her head and the pain from her scratched arms, she felt alive in a way she never had before. They seemed to hike for hours. Her long, curly hair was pinned to the nape of her sweating neck with the long, ornamental pin.

She was yawning when Ace finally stopped walking. His hand came up to grabs her arm and nudged her closer to his side. "There"

He pointed at the below of the cliffs, hidden by trees was the camp of her team. "We're here!"

She said, a little breathlessly. It wasn't that she was out of shape, exactly, the rough sex with the wild man made her more exhausted than the strenuous as hiking through a humid jungle for hours at a time. Kyla hesitated for a while before turning to him, "Well..I guess..this is where we-"

Ace tensed. His eyes turned darker and she could see the veins poking on his neck and arms. His hands on her arm tightened as he pulled her away from the camp. "Kyla sees enough. Home. Now!"

Fuck! She cursed under her breath before pulling her arm away from him. Trying harder to get away from his tights gripped. "Ace.."

She stared at the ground, guilty. Her voice was softer than silk. "I can't go with you.'s not that I don't want to be with you-"

Ace paused for a moment, dropped the pack he was carrying over one shoulder and then turned to face her. He had been tirelessly cutting brush for the past hours, hacking and slashing their way through the jungle and the state of his body showed it. Leaves and bracken were stuck in his bristly dark hair and his face was streak with sweat. The vines that occasionally whipped back and caught Kyla dealt much more harshly with him. His dusky tan skin was a mass of thin red lines that looked like they must sting. The flat planes of his broad, muscular chest and rippling abdominal showed through in several places. Her armed sweat off his face, biceps rippling with coiled tension as he did so. The casual power of his big body always took her breath away.

Despite the sweat and the marks on his skin, he still looked fresh enough to cut trail the rest of the day and well into the night if necessary. It occurred to her that for a man as physical as Ace obviously was, the intense action of this rough trek through the jungle was probably just what he needed. Any hope of him following her out of the island die instantly.

Surprisingly, without any words, Ace placed his hands behind her back and under her thighs. His sudden movement didn't give her a chance to react before it too late. The angry wild man carried her away from the camp while ignoring her protest. "Aceeee!"

He jumped from tree to tree, forcing Kyla to wrapped her hands and legs around his body like a snake. After a long-running and jumping along the jungle, they finally stopped. Ace didn't give her a chance to breathe freely as he kissed her, roughly. Kyla sighs and whimpers with desire; a constant carnal melody. He pulls back from her mouth and his lips move down her throat, along her collarbone, until he's able to bite and suck on her skin. He pushes her top, revealing her pale breasts. Holding her tightly, he pushed her gently on a bark. He understands the submissive mind. Being forcefully held, imprisoned in his arms, makes her feel secure, desirable and wanted.

His palm trails down along her waist and slid beneath her greenly pants. A big palm between her legs. His fingers gently stroke her outer lips. As she swells, Ace easily open her folds. Using her plentiful juices, he circles and tease. Her breath becomes shallow and speeds up until she's panting. The pulse in her throat is visible. The room is saturated with her unique heady scent. "Say you won't go there"

Kyla opens her eyes to stare at the feral. His voice was husky with lust. "Say it, Kyla"

"I-I can't" She breathes a little desperate.

She's a needy little thing and he adores her. He reminds himself that he gets to play with her for hours tonight until she can't think straight or even think to ever leave him. No one has ever absorbed his attention as fully as his little doe does. Kyla brings out something in his inner nature that he never knew was there. He feels dominant, yet loving, trusting and protective, all the same time. No one has ever given themselves so completely to him. Her total surrender is beautiful. This is more than's an obsession. An obsession for her attention and love.


Mama said she loved him and yet she left him alone in this island. Hunted by danger. He couldn't relax for seconds without watching over his back. He truly hates the jungle yet like at the same time. He felt free even when he will always closer to the mouth of danger. His mate moans under him. Fuck! She's dripping. Ace put his soaked fingers near her lips. "Open,"

He growls. Lust make his voice hoarse. She complies. He put place two fingers inside of her mouth and stroke her tongue. "Taste it, Kyla. Taste it just like how it made me addicted to you.."

He demands. Moaning, she vigorously works him. She licks her soft pink tongue assiduously, like a wild cat, and sucks his digits like a vacuum cleaner. "Good girl,"

He said. Ace sink his teeth into a nipple, then lap and he soothes her breast. His fingers return to her swollen mound and throbbing clit. He taps the erect, pulsing flesh- just once, and she cries out. She's nearing to climax, so he held back, cupping her mound. "Tell me that you won't leave my side, Kyla"

He sees her mental gears shift, while she attempts to swim up from her sensual daze. "What?"

She gasps. Ace orient her and get her on track. It takes a while for her to surface and then to focus and process what he said. Bemused, she shakes her head. "I-I can't. Not when I have a mess to clean up"

Ace frowned. "Important enough to leave my side?"

She shrugged. "Yessssss!"

She hissed and trembled when he pinch her clit. He's high from the powerful buzz. Kyla is under his care. He can take her and pleasure her any way he choose. Ace bend forward and whisper with dark seduction in her ear, "You're leaving me?"

She shook her head. "It's not my intention to leave you, Ace. But, I need to go to the camp. Need to take down an evil asshole like a damn heroine"

Ace remove his hand from her mound and place it on her thigh. There's no need to distract her right now. "Who are you, Kyla?"

Her brow draws down and she has a faraway look. Unexpectedly she meets his gaze and smiles. "I'm-"

Kyla blinks her eyes and arched an eyebrow at him. Ace has his palm covering her mouth. He clenched his jaw and look behind him, dangerously. "Whve ahe ywo doinwg?"

She almost shrinks away when he looks down at her. Those eyes filled with irritation and anger. Not a good combination. They were in the mood of having mind-blowing sex! And now everything had been ruined by male voices sounded not far away from them. Ace put a finger over his lips as if ordering her to be quiet. Kyla nods her head and slowly stand up after he released her. She fixes her top and pants before walking to the tall tree to take a peek. She recognizes for an instant the two men who ruining her best moment. Brian and his stupid companion, Thomas.

"We're supposed to be looking for your fiance. Seriously, I don't like this, man. What if-" Thomas said, a little bit frustrated as he split to his left.

Brian let out an annoying groaned and turned to glare at his friend, "Shut the fuck up! That bitch might be dead by now. So, stop wasting your energy from thinking of fucking her"

Thomas frowned, "I didn't-"

Brian rolled his eyes, "Save it. Do you think I didn't notice the way you looked at her? Hell, every man wants to fuck around with that bitch! What's so good about her? She's only good with sucking man's dick"

Kyla was speechless as she just stared at them. She had never feel furious like this. Not even when an asshole tried to chain her up and fuck her senselessly. Unconsciously, she steps forward with murderous looks. Ace grabs her arm as if reading her darkest mind. He stops her before she makes a scene. He shook his head and drag her away from the men. "Ace!"

She half yelled, half whispers to him. "Stop!"

Kyla pulled her arm from his tight grips. He didn't even glance at her as he half dragged her away from the unworthy men. "Please! You need to let me go. I-"

"No!" He snarled at her. His white teeth were sharp and his eyes looked furious as he glared at her. "He will kill you. Ace won't let them touch mate. Kyla belong to Ace"

Kyla frowned and ignored his last words. "Who? Brian? Psssss..." She rolled her eyes, "That guy hardly dangerous to me. I have meets a lot of dangerous men in the past and none of them was like him"

His eyes burned with rage. "No one can hurt you, Kyla. Not as long as I'm alive. Ace will protect mate. Mate stay closer to Ace"

She let out a heavy sighed, looking desperate. "Please, Ace" She begged him, "I have to go. Someone will be looking for me and I cannot stay hidden with you forever. I'm an under-"

They heard the same voices coming closer to their direction. Kyla closed her mouth but still pleading him with her eyes. Ace seems to struggle with his choices. Large, hot hands brushed against her skin as he pulled her closer. He took another deep breath, his head lifted, and those incredible eyes of his stared into her wide ones. He had a really deep voice but his tone was soft, almost soothing. Giving a nod, he leaned closer to her left ear and whispers, "Made it quick. Yell or shout my name and I'll be there to save you. Ace will always be watching over mate. Be a good girl and stay away from danger"

Kyla let out a relieved sigh. She looked at him in adoration and respect. Ace was a handsome guy for a wild man. His chest crushed against her own where he held her tightly against him, and his arm around her waist and his amazingly dark forest gaze met hers. "Promise to me to stay safe, Kyla"

"I promise" She breathes.

Ace stiffened, his body going rigid against hers when he broke their locked gazes to look over his shoulder again. A deep, scary growl made his chest vibrate against her smashed breasts as he spun around, putting her body firmly against the tree behind them, nearly crushing her between it and him. He gave her a breathless kiss before releasing her. She could see a movement over his shoulder, her attention flew there for a moment then to his. "See you again, My little mate"

He looked seriously torn by leaving her alone without protection. Kyla smiles softly at him, urging the wild man to leave her alone. In a blink of an eye, Ace climb on a tree and out of her sight. But, she knows for sure that he's still here, watching over her. Always. The wild man seems to really care for her. He had proved to be a lot trustworthy than the most man she knew. Kyla sighed heavily. She relaxes her body and leaned on the tree with a bored face. It took a few minutes for the men to finally come into her sight. She watched the men glaring at each other. They didn't seem to notice her present which irritated her more. "Well...well.."

Both men tensed as she finally spoke. "Look who I meet. A soon-to-be-ex-fiance and an asshole who eager to fuck me"

She could hear someone growling which making her cringe. Luckily, the men looked shocked to actually notice the sound. 'Relax! They're in a damn jungle..'

As she tried to convince herself while observing them. She narrowed her eyes as Brian recovered quickly and now glaring at her in disbelief. "Ex-fiance? The he-"

"Fucking yess.." She hissed, walking to him like a dangerous predator. "You heard me loud and clear, Brian. I, Kyla Belladonna Anemone will break my engagement with you, asshole"

Brian hissed in anger. He narrowed his eyes and grips her arm tightly. Another growl make her cringe. "You can't do that! I'm the one who can break our engagement. We already-"

She shrugged, "I changed my mind" Then she added, "It's pathetic when I think again. A pity man trying to be popular and get back to his ex was desperate enough to made a deal with a bitch. I make you famous and yet you treated me like a trash. So, fuck off...asshole"

She pulled her arm and walks passed both of them. Finally, she can finish her mission without any distraction. Kyla hummed happily before stop to turn around. Brian's face was red with anger while Thomas looked quite amused. "What? Changing your mind so quickly? Bitch!"

Brian spat as he looked at her with hatred. Her lips curved into a grin as she walks to him again, "I've been waiting to do this since I first meet you"

"Do what?" He narrowed his eyes. Kyla smile wider and raise her hand, "Do this!"

A howl of pain breaks through the forest, making the birds fly away. "Fuck!"

Brian covered his bleeding nose. "Now...I can walk away like a proud bitch. See you when you see me again, assholeeeeee~"

Kyla walked away happily while whistling, leaving the men without any grunge. Her hips swung with the beats she made. Making the well-hidden wild man chuckling in amusement. "That's my mate"

His eyes preying over her form with lust. It won't be long before he tastes her again. In fact, his little mate will beg to be devoured by him again. That's a promise for sure. And he's a man with his words.

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