Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 14

"Report" Kyla crossed her legs while watching two guards at the corner of their camp.

The men stood like a statue. Nothing can distract them except a loud shout from a certain couple in the bushes. She'd saw the bulged hidden beneath their tight pants when she walked by them. It's noticeable by the way their body tensed every time the pair make a loud noise. Poor men, they must be a walking stick for every tortured day they spend on this island. "Target had been hiding something. We couldn't find any suspicious thing in his office except this"

Kyla lifted an eyebrow and take the small picture from the woman. It was an old picture which looked quite familiar to her-No. She had seen this picture before. It was a picture of a family. The one that..."Shit"

She curled her finger around her hair and give it a gentle yank just like she always do when she feels frustrated or angry. The young woman didn't show any emotion except a little frown which directed to Kyla. She didn't understand why their leader will be so emotional. It's supposed to be well-known that Kyla Belladonna was a very top-

"Any reason for him to have this?" A stern voice makes the young woman shiver in nervousness. Nothing good happen when their leader was mad. She was like a bomb that can explode at any time. Otherwise, she was a great leader. One that can hardly be found today. "The older man on the picture was his brother and his brother's wife-"

"So, the kid was his niece?" Kyla tilted her head. She was staring at the guards with a flirtatious smile but deep down she feels like kicking someone ass. The young woman nodded her head and pretend to make a coffee. "They had been missing for years and we believe that the spy was sent to search the missing family"

Kyla frowned and looked down at the picture, "Here?" Again the young woman nodded. "Something was wrong, Cap. We believe that the suspect wasn't only involved with a drug but also a big-"

The young woman lifted her mug to her lips and pretending to drink it. Kyla rolled her eyes when she saw Brian stop at her table. His face was contorted with anger, "We need to talk"

Kyla laughed and rested a palm under her chin, "There's nothing to talk about, Brian. You can go back to your ex-girlfriend. I believe your dick will be perfectly satisfied with her-"

Brian slammed his hand on the table, "Don't you dare talk about her like that! She's not like you, A Fucking Bitch who thinks she's better-"

Kyla shrugged and lifted the mug to her lips, "I'm better than anyone-"

"No, you're a fucking stupid bitch!" He hissed at her, then added, "All you think is about how to not ruin your nail while sucking someone's dick!"

Kyla rolled her eyes and uncrossed her legs, "It's hard to keep my nail clean when all you do was cumming like a dog"

Her twitched with amusement. This acting clearly makes her feel like a great actor, but she's not sure how long she able to not laugh at their own action. Watching him carefully, she made sure he wasn't going to try anything. His stance wasn't leering or sexual so she doubted that would be his intent. Good thing for him. She knew about a dozen ways to rid an asshole of his manhood. "The fuck-"

Kyla cut him out by grabbing his dick. It twitched in her hand as she gripped it and give it a yank. "Just admit it that she can't control you as I did. Too bad, I no longer can chain you to the bed and spank your sorry ass"

She lifted her chin, giving him her most regal look. "Now, stop disturbing me or..", he paled when she looked down at his crotch, "I'm sure you want to have kids someday. So, don't make me become your nightmare"

The young woman cough, nodded her head at Kyla and walked away without a glance. Kyla tilted her head at the man, "Well?"

Brian was breathing harder while trying to hide his noticeable hard. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned on her table and take the mug from her, "Chain me to the bed?"

She fluffed the curls over her back, giving a quick, practice bat of her long lashes, "A fucking stupid bitch?"

He shrugged. His light brown hair was neatly trimmed, with longer locks pushed back on the top. He wore a dark-blue shirt and matching army pants. The material was shiny and lightweight. It molded to his trim waist and thick upper body and his feet were covered with black boots. "It's work thou"

Kyla glanced at their surrounding and relief to know that everyone had left the room in order to stay away from any fight or argument, especially as complicated as theirs. Although, it's only an acted. She tilted her head to the side and curled her finger on her locks, "Report"

Brian rolled his eyes and put down the mug, "As expected, the spy wasn't sent to keep an eye on us or disturb our mission. She-"

"-Searching for a lost family's members" She smiled, revealing a small dimple. Brian shook his head and laughed, "Guess I'm late again"

"Only fifty-eight second and two minutes" She deliberately paused, lowering her gaze, "Anything suspicious going on, besides the suspect was a drug dealer?"

"Yes," His tone filled with self-importance. "The suspect seems eager lately as if something really bothers him. He's been snapping around-"

"Plan B is it.." Kyla quipped. "We need to hurry before something bad happen"

Brian pretended to consider her words, but really he'd already agreed with her plan. He crossed his arm and let out a sigh, "Consider it done"

Kyla didn't answer, but he did turn to leave. As the fresh air hit her, she begins to walk nearer one of the guards and wink playfully at him. Her hips swing like a seductive dancer as she walks to her tent. It will take a perfect time for her partner to do his work as they plan. The guard couldn't leave their spot and chase after her but that didn't mean that they couldn't stare at her ass. Kyla rolled her eyes. ""

She muttered while walking into her tent. It was a cotton canvas bell tent. The tent was bigger enough for more than three people. But, Kyla was glad that she only has to share with two scientists that barely sleep in the tent. So mostly, she enjoys being alone in the tent. She sighed in contentment and ready to jump on her bed when a hand suddenly came out from behind her and covered her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock, but her body was automatically moving in self-defense. She stormed on the person's foot and turned around to kick-

Her long leg was caught by a strong hand. It pushed her until her back hits the mattress while both of her hands were gripped over her head. "What the fuck!"

His smell engulfed her. Heat covered her face as she recalled his kiss. It had felt so good. And his taste? It was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Besides, by the girth of the half erect rod pressing on her stomach, it could only be him. "Ace!"

There was a light moan and she watched him open his eyes. A light, victorious smile crossed over his sleepy features and he yawned, "You've been gone too long"

She frowned at him, "I could have hurt you!"

She wasn't sure if she wanted to hit him or climb on top of him. Just the idea of leaning over and straddling his hips made a jolt of hot desire dampen her thongs. She closed her eyes and bite on her lower lip when his strong hand glided up from her waist and slipped into her tank top to cup her breast. "You shouldn't be here. What if someone sees you and-"

She moaned softly. He lightly traced her collarbone, moving in lazy haphazard patterns over her skin. The same light torture rolled around her nipple as he refused to touch the center, "I miss you"

Kyla was pretty sure that was either the strangest or the nicest thing anyone had ever told her. She didn't have time to analyze as he moved his light caress along the bottom edge of her breasts, Her stomach tensed. Her body was wet with anticipation as his fingers crept to her navel, dipping along her hips. "You're so delicate,"

Ace moaned in approval. "Like a flower petal."

Her mouth was dry, as was her throat. And it took her few minutes to finally speak, "We should stop. What if some-"

Kyla pushed the big feral under her blanket and look at the entrance of her tent whereas her roommate stood. She was a short woman with a bobby hair and a flushing cheeks as she stared at Kyla in disbelieve. "No man suppose to be in here.."

She stared at the short woman with sultry eyes, "Too late-"

She bit her lower lips and pretend to shrug at the woman meanwhile a wicked palm stroked her inner thigh. He had big hands, strong, faintly calloused but perfectly groomed, and long fingers that put all sorts of forbidden thoughts in her head. She couldn't look at them without feeling her belly clench and having images flood in her mind of those hands skating over her body in a slow caress. Her breath stuck in her throat when his hand pulled her army pants from her legs. The wild man spreads her legs widely and buried his face onto her thong. She was wet and ready before he even licked her. "Shit! Don't stop.."

She chuckled as the woman's face paled. Ace was hidden under her blanket but the noticeable bulge under her blanket proved that she was having a man pleasuring her. Fortunately, the short woman didn't stay long to watch her climax after being devoured by that sadist mouth. Leaning back on her elbows, she drew the blanket up so she could watch every move he made. Ace let out a chuckle and move upward until blanket fall over his hips. She could clearly see his mouth glittered with her cum and it so turns on when he licks it clean. "Having much fun down there?"

She lifted an eyebrow at him. The wild man growled playfully at her and his gaze had strayed to her lips and lingered there for a handful of heartbeats before he finally leaned down to capture her lips with his. Ace loves the way his mate response to his touched. Her feminine gasps, breathless little pants, whimpers, and muted groans inspire him more than any melody. A powerful need to possess her fills him, emptying his mind of anything else. The beast knows no boundaries, no rules. The animal inside him is pure hungry, pure need. It lurks in the back of his mind, waiting for him to let his guard down, if only for a moment. Then it will come roaring out. The beast is savage- wonderful and powerful. He loves it...and hate it. It's the only thing in the world that's capable of genuinely scaring him. His cock throbs and drips with pre-cum. He was so aroused.

Kyla moans as he stroking his aching hard-on back and forth against her soaking folds. Ace looked down at her in hunger, "Mine.."

Surging forward, a grunt escapes him as he slams inside of her snug, supple body. The mattress sinks with the force of his effort, the strength of his savage need. Her beautiful body welcomes him into her slick depths. She let out a breathless moan. Her swollen channel clamps down on him hard, swallowing his shaft. His balls draw up, demanding release. Ace's eyes almost cross from the need to ejaculate. He squeezes them shut and concentrate on his efforts to delay his imminent climax. The carnal sensation of it, the feeling of his swollen cock filling her so completely, is incredible. He grinds his hips against her for a moment ad his dick, frantic for release, jerks inside of her, "Ohhhh..."

Kyla bites her lips, preventing herself from screaming. It was too good to be true. Ruthless in his primitive need, he continues to pound into her, filling her fast and deep. Her soft feminine flesh easily absorbs the impact of his thrusts. He try to vary his strokes and pace, finding her sweet spots. The bed squeaks. Kyla pants, whimpers and writhes. "Shitttt"

She whimpers and gasps- a constant sound of insatiable feminine arousal. Her skin flushes. It's shiny with perspiration. A damp lock of her thick red hairs curls over her cheeks. Disheveled and wild with sensation, she glows. It was true that she was just like a goddess. Her eyes plead in supplication. Fists clenching the sheets, bending toward him, her lips and breasts seek his heat. He knows she wants to touch him. "Touch me, mate"

The sound she makes is an inarticulate cry of joy. Her hands wrap around his neck, pulling his hair and scratching his back. Instinctively, she draws her body, skin-to-skin, as close to mine as she can. Their connection is intense and intimate. This is more than just a sex or even 'making love'. They're bonded together, body and soul. She belongs to him. Ace see it in her expression and the absolute submission in her eyes, He feels it scream loudly with her every response. He wants to be her everything. Spread as wide as she is, with her knees at his elbows, Ace penetrate her deeply. His balls smack her ass with every brutal lunge. His breath comes in gasps. He pants like a winded racehorse. The blood in his veins feels as if it's on fire. He picks up speed as he nears his peak, moving in short, fast strokes. The base of his spine tingles, signaling an imminent release. Shifting the direction of his thrust, he pumps into her, savagely riding her G-spot.

Kyla stiffens. A rippling pulse moves through her body as her internal muscles grip his shaft hard. Ace jerk from the incredible sensation of it. He strains and sweats with physical effort and needs. Kyla let out a curse and arches and thrashes as her burning hot channel spasm, making him assailed with intense pleasure as she squeezes him again and again in a long series of short, sharp contractions. The violence of her climax triggers him. The wild man throws his head back and roars his release. His hips and balls slap against her, as he ejaculates in bruising thrusts, once, twice, three...four times. Spent and exhausted, he falls heavily upon her and waits to catch his breath. His shaft twitched and throbs; her molten core occasionally pulses. "Y-You..clearly ruin me for other men"

Kyla looks tousled, well-used and sated. The feel of her softness and the heady smell of scent is perfect. So right. Ace nuzzle into her neck and shoulders, breathing her in. The feel of his cock, deep inside of her, gives him a lazy sensual pleasure. After long languorous movements, he switches their positions with his back on the sheet and her body on top him. Grunted, he pulled her tighter to his body and speak with possessiveness, "There will be no other man excepts Ace"

Kyla let out a yawn and look up at the sky. The sunlight caressed her face as she stood in front of her tent. It took her a few minutes to finally decided to get out of the tent and lefts the wild man on her bed. Although, she was worried if someone finds out about him but he refused to get out from her sign. Clearly, the wild man also has his own lazy time whereas he willing to wait for her to coming back and continue their-

"Kyla" A familiar hissing sound came out from her left. She opens her eyes and looks up at Brian. His eyes glittered with sense of humor but his lips curved into disgust. "What?"
Her lips twitched but she only threw him a boring look. It's undeniable that they should win Oscar with their so talented acting skills. The man rolled his eyes and says, "He wants to meet you, now"
Her body tensed. It took her a few seconds to move her body. She nods her head and walks away. "Good luck"
He whispered and watched her disappear into the biggest tent at the center of their camp.

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