Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 2

One thing that Kyla was annoyed about her fiance was his attitude. Brian seems closer to Miss Goody two shoes since yesterday. Sometimes, she caught them laughed at their own jokes or flirted to each other as if they are the most adorable couple on this island. As an ignorant girlfriend, she couldn’t help but hoping them to be stabbed by a dagger or eaten by some wild predator. Action speaks louder than words. She rolled her eyes at them and made a gesture as if their words have made her suffer diabetes. Deep down, she felt regret looking for them. In fact, she could reach their main camp by now if she didn’t waste time searching for them yesterday. Now, she was stuck with AN IGNORANT GROUP OF HER.

Not that she’s scared to be alone. Breathing heavily, she sat on a big rock as soon as Brian order them to rest. Having enough of his attitude, Kyla takes the chance to talk to him as he stood nearer her. She places a palm under her chin and tilted her head at him, “Just in case you forget, I’m your most charming fiance...”

Brian raised an eyebrow, “So?”

She ignored his rudeness and shrugged her shoulders before speak again, “Nothing, just want to remind you in case you have sudden amnesia. Truth is, I don’t really care if you flirt with her but I’m your fiance, and we were fucking stuck on this unknown island, I believe crazy thoughts will make us do some stupid decision such as...oh I don’t know, perhaps ignoring my fiance and hook up with my bitchy ex-girl-”

Brian’s face turned red. Kyla could almost see a cloud of smoke come out through his ears. She blinks and glared back at him. She was never scared of him. In fact, those deathly glares will never kill her wild spirit. Brian stood up and walk closer to her. Kyla lifted her head as if daring him as he looks down at her in disgust, “I don’t have time for your jealousy. True, we stuck in this fucking island and for once I agree with you, Kyla. Crazy thought will make us do some stupid decision, so you better erase that stupid plan of yours. Whatever you are planning now, I don’t want it to have anything to do with her”.

He lifted his hand to stroke the red curls of hers dearly before gave it a gentle tug. His eyes flared with anger, but Kyla still didn’t feel any fear towards him. She rolled her eyes and slap his hand away from her, “Don’t worry. Playing dirty isn’t my dessert even if I’m a bitch”.

Brian narrowed his eyes at her, “I really mean it, Kyla. Stay the fuck away from her. I don’t care the fuck you do or think about me, but...seriously Kayla stops being a bitch. Isn’t it enough that you’re my fiance?” He shook his head then added, “Just be obedient and quiet for a while”.

She looks at him in disbelief. For once, his words remind her of her uncle. ‘Keep that attitude again and you will end up like your miserable mother. It was hard enough to feed an orphan. Maybe you can sell your body like her, so I don’t have to waste my money on a daughter of a slut!’

Kyla blinks her eyes and shook her head as if trying to bury those nasty memories of her uncle. No wonder she could handle his attitude. Brian was like a clone of her uncle. Even if it wasn’t the first time he treated her like that, she still can’t accept the fact that he wants her to act like a doll. It was a waste of thought to think that he will change eventually. It was true that a bad habit rotten hard. He thought he was greater than her bitchy attitude. Until now, she didn’t know why most people called her a bitch, but if there’s one thing she knew about herself was that she wasn’t an easy person to mess with. In fact, harsh words didn’t affect her any longer. So, unsurprisingly he failed to scared her. Kyla let out a chuckle and wave at him as if dismissing him. Fortunately for him, she decided to ignore him for the rest of their journey since a piece of advice didn’t work on him. One, she could stay quiet as much as she wants, but obedience...Hell, no! Obedient isn’t her middle name and to bow at a man, especially to a man like him will never happen. Not even if he’s the last man in the world.

“You got to be kidding me!”

She muttered as rain slowly showering them. They were soaking like wet cats, and unsurprisingly they refused to stop. Again, they refused to listen to her. Telling her not to be a soft bitch.

“Rain won’t hurt you, princess” Joked them, which she replied with, “If I’m a will be my most pathetic servant. But don’t worry, I may show mercy to you...”.

Kyla wiped her wet face. Her reddish hair sticks around her bared neck as the rain fell like cat and dog. Thunder cracked as she carefully not to stumble on the muddy ground. The ground becomes harder to walk on as more rain washed away the mud. Kyla tried harder to follow them and make sure that they’re still vincible in her sight. She almost reached to the point to scream in frustrated and grabbed Brian by his ear. Shouting at his ear will be a great idea. Almost! As if luck wasn’t on her side, she accidentally stumbled. Fortunately, Thomas’s back safe her from swimming fully into the muddy ground.

She takes the time to wipe away her soaking face before staring at his back. Frowning, she tapped at his shoulder and shouted at him, “Why the hell are you stopping? This isn’t time to rest! So, fucking moving, please!”

She punches at his back when he ignores her. Thomas flinched. The punch successfully brings him back to reality. In a blink of eyes, he turns around which too quickly for her to catch up with his words. He was shouting at her before pushing her, “Run! Run!”

“W-What?” Kyla fell to the muddy mud and sat there, watching him running in the opposite direction. Confused, she keeps watching the others following his steps and before she can shout at them to come back, she heard a powerful growl. She turns her head and freezes when she sees a leopard stood not far away from her. Like others, she was on her feet and was running as if Jack, The Ripper was chasing her. Running away from a leopard isn’t the smart solution but sitting on the mud while watching the predator end her life isn’t a smart idea either. Kyla runs in the rain with muddy mud trying to slow her down. In fact, every step she took obviously didn’t help her at all.

In a panic moment, she realizes that she no longer see her stupid team. The only thing she could think is flight, not fight. She was exhausted and didn’t dare to look at the leopard over her shoulder- so afraid of kissing the muddy ground. Run and run, she used every energy she had to get as far away from the predator. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on her side as she stumbled again and this time sent her sliding down along the mud. She tried to grab something to stop herself falling from a cliff. She gave a silent pray to god and almost cry out loud in relief when her hand caught a root. Kyla closed her eyes as a mud fell onto her, making her invincible to the eyes of the predator.

Kyla wiped the mud from her eyes using her free hand. Then, she looks up and sighs in relief when she didn’t see the leopard anymore. Perhaps, it has found another prey.

“Amenn...” She said to the sky.

After all, she tastes like shit. A good thing about being a bitch. Even Satan give up on her. Kyla gripped her bag pack closer to her body as she waits for another minute. Her hand refused to let go of the root. Its grip the root tighter. She leaned away as much as she can from the mud and wait until her heart beats steady again before she climbed up. Mud already covered her body by the time she stood at the muddy ground. Thankfully, her heavy small bag pack didn’t stop her from climbing up. She takes out the dagger for her own safety before searching her team, again. The rain eventually stops and soon sunlight break through the spaces between the trees. She hugged herself in a mission of warming herself. The white t-shirt along with Bia’s long army pant hugs her body like a second skin.

Her body was trembled by the time she decided to take a quick rest. Kyla leans at a big tree and drinks the last gulp of water in her bottle. She needs more water, but she didn’t think she has the energy to walk anymore. Nonsense, she doesn’t have any choice but moves before she meets another predator. Tired. Abandoned. She was sick of this jungle. But, nothing could change the fact that she was stuck here. After eating a protein bar, Kyla hurriedly walking to the opposite direction of their main camp.

Bianca once warned her about this. She keeps warning her that bad thing will happen anytime to her if she accepts this mission. All because she had a bad experience during her high school’s camp. She had talked about it all the time when Kyla mention to her about wanting to buy a cabin nearer forest.

“Brian!” Kyla shouted while slapping a leaf away from her face. “Thomas! Where the hell you guys? Shout if you hear me!”

Disappointed and frustrated clouded her as she received nothing, but the sound of animals hidden deeper in the jungle. Branches whizzed by, pulling at her hair. She felt free, wild like she could fly or it because of a light-headed that she experiences after walking non-stop. After a few hours searching for them, she finally realizes that they actually didn’t need her help no matter how much she insisted on abandoning them. Sadly, no one in her group ever listens or asking for her help since their plane crashed. Now, the only choice she has to continue walking to the North until she arrives at the main camp and ask for help from the other group. Walking, walking and walking.

Her pants and shirt almost dry but still covered with mud, same goes to her hair and skin. She was so tired and almost giving up and decide to lie on the ground—Almost. Sadly, lying in a muddy ground isn’t on her list, not if it isn’t as comfortable as the muddy bath at her favorite spa. The ground was so muddy and made her more tired as she trudged along. In a tired condition, she wishes she has a time machine to go back to the time before she got here. She could almost felt miserable just like from the first time she suffered in a juggle during her summer vacation, ten years ago. Fortunately, this was not her first time suffering from a deathly situation in a juggle. If there was the worst situation she ever experiences in a wood/juggle/forest than it will be lost in it for weeks while badly injured.

Although, this moment could be the second worst experience for her as she lost her stupid team in an unknown forest. She should reject the request when she first gets it. But, her stupid dickhead fiance chance every plan she got. In fact, he dares to exclaim that Kayla Belladonna Anemone, a.k.a one of the best hydrologists working in the same company with him was a reddish bitch that only know how to keep herself as beautiful as a doll. Nothing wrong with her choice of fashion, and she didn’t understand them at all. Still doesn’t understand their problem with her appearance. Most people exclaimed that she was too curvy. Her nails were a bloody ugly in a red cherry color. Her red hair was like a creepy Medusa. Too bright and too curly. Her cat eyes shape made her look like a sick bitch.

Not that they dare say that in front of her but the rumors will never slip from her. Sometimes she heard it from the women in the washroom, thinking they were alone in there. And there was a time when she heard most of the men talked about who will successfully fucking her. In fact, most people working in the same building tend to act nice in front of her while stepping behind her back. Not that she doesn’t have friends to trust. In fact, she had a few people she could trust, but sometimes she didn’t have the heart to give full trust in someone. At least most of her trusted friends prefer their privacy, especially Bianca Holly Amaryllis, her best friend.

Letting out a snorted, she pushed away all the miserable thought from her mind and focus on the journey. She curved her hand tightly around the dagger. Her reddish hair tumbled around her shoulder. It curled and was just as unruly. Gladly, she tight it into a messy braid to keep it out of her eyes. Kyla wiped away the sweats from her forehead and swallow her own saliva. She desperately needs to find water before she dies because of dehydration. Her stomach growl hungrily and every muscle in her body was sore. Typically, she might fail to be a good adventurer like her father.

Afterward, her footsteps become slower as she heard the sound of a waterfall. Using her last energy, she runs as fast as her feet could hold her until her boots sank into the sand. A happy scream came out from her lips, and she jumped in joy. “Fuck, Yes! Yes!”

Pushing off the bag from her shoulders, she dashed into the water and kneels to wash her face. The freshwater caressed her face and washed away the dry mud. Happily, Kayla looked around the place, making sure no danger seeking her. Smiling widely, she takes off her clothes and stood proudly like a newborn baby- Naked. She took a deep breath and jumped into the water. It took a long time to clean herself, but she was too happy to stop. Water dripping down from her hair and down her body. Soon, she takes out the small towel.

This was the second time she gets the chance to clean up and refilled the bottle. Later, she sat on the rocky ground with a palm against her face, trying to get a little rest. She needs to get going to the North, but with a hungry stomach, she knows she will not make it before the collapse. The compass inside her pocket can show her the right path every time she gets lost, but the journey was longer than she thought. With not enough food, she will never reach her destination. Until now, she didn’t see any sight of her team or the main camp. In fact, the only living thing she sees was the wild animal and green plants. Three bar protein left, and yet she didn’t have the luck to find fresh fruits or fish. Her head spinning in exhausted. Her stomach keeps disturbing her with its growling sound. took a long breath. Then, continue again in order to control herself from a panic attack.

She was almost calm when she heard a sound behind her. She knew something was stalking her since yesterday. Kyla can feel it but never take it seriously. She was in a freaking forest for the matter of fact and a lot of eyes watching her. But now, the stalker must finally decide to attack her. Was it the leopard? Or is it another predator? Tensing, she moves her hand to her boot and takes out the dagger. She waits and waits. She can only hear the sound of the waterfall, until...a crunch of a stick crushed from her. In a blink of eyes, Kayla throws the dagger.

She could hear a hissed but no sight of the animal. Not even behind the trees. Fortunately, she didn’t miss the fresh footprints on the ground. Her heart speeds up as she stands up after observing the footprints. Kyla blinks and ready to turn around when a pair of strong hands grabbed her on the hip and shoulder and turn her around. Her back hit the tree, pushing the air out of her. “S-Shit!”

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