Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 3

She let out a groan and glared at her attacker. Dark forest eyes stared into her blue eyes. Her mouth hung open in shock as she stares at the...bearded wild man? Or more precisely, a sexy wild man. He didn’t wear any cloth except a torn jeans that barely covered his strong thighs. There were other people on the island with them? An illegal hunter? Victim of a plane crashed or ship crashed? Judging by the jeans that he wore, she was confident that the man wasn’t originally from the island. Kayla closes her mouth. Her lips twitched up in amused when she noticed his lean yet muscular body. A hunky one. She was smaller than him. The thought of being crunched by him made her shiver slightly.

The wild man pushed her to the tree again, knock up her wild imagination. His breathes shallowly as he watched her watched him. Seconds become minutes as the wild man slowly move his face closer to her. Her heart almost explodes due to his keen eyes. Truth, she was a fighter but this was the first time she was facing a wild man. What if he was a runaway murder or a real savages? Of course, she couldn’t just stand there without doing nothing to protect herself. She didn’t try to survive in this forest just to be killed by some savage man. But this man..he didn’t even move a single muscle to hurt her, yet. The man had a long dark honey hair and a beard hide half of his face, but that didn’t stop him from being an attractive wild man. His jaws were sharp and strong while his nose looked broken once or twice, piercing eyes, thick eyebrow, and tanned skin.

“Wha-” The man leaned to her neck and inhaled deeply. Fear and panic started to clouded her mind. No matter how handsome he was, a stranger still a stranger and a wild man...well that one was far more dangerous. Kayla tries to calm and think of—Anything. In a heart beats, his hands become loose on her, and she takes that as a chance to pushed him away from her. His eyes open and blinks once then twice before he looks up at her. For the first time since she checks him out, Kayla noticed her dagger stabbed through his left shoulder.

She barely moves her legs when he suddenly leans closer until their nose touches. Fight or flight kick into her mind again, and she decided to...well—fight and then flight. Fire poured into her, bravely, she moves her leg to kick him between his legs. As if reading her mind, the wild man gripped her leg before she could hit him. Gulping loudly, Kayla caught the sight of his lips twitches up. Annoyed, she screams and throws a punch on his face which also being caught by him. Left leg and right hand were chained in a still hand, she felt defeated. Hunger ripped her apart and the air went out of her lungs.

Kayla Belladonna Anemone was an independent bitch. She knew how to survive in any dangerous situation with her boxing skills and hunting skills taught by no other than her father. However, the savage man successfully prove that none of her skills really worth. She could barely move away from him, let alone fight him. She punches his chest rapidly using her free hand, but he didn’t even flinch not even when she hit his wound on the shoulder. The dagger no longer on his shoulder and it made her felt more angry as she didn’t realize him pulling away the dagger. Now, she was defenseless.

“Shit!” She let out a breathless cursed when he slammed her at the tree. The wild man looked at her, his emerald eyes made her numb. Its turned darker and darker every time she tried to pull her leg from him. “L-Let me the fuck go!”


The man stood still. Observing her. Out of energy, she stopped moving and leaned her head at the tree while glaring at him. She tried to recover her energy. In fact, it was useless to fight him. Sweat beaded her brow, and she wiped it away, trying to catch her breath. “Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you get here? Are there others like you out here? What...did you want from me? I swear if you hurt me or even a single of my hair, I will hurt you back in a different and painful way. Do you understand me? HEY! Eyes up here! What are you—”

The wild man leaned to her and inhaled her scent again. Kayla started to feel cringe and nervous at the same time. She swallowed hard and put her small hand on his face to push him away from her. A new pulse beat inside of her, settling low in her core, making her sex throb. Shit! Wake up, Kayla Belladonna Anemone! This isn’t some kind of-

“S-Stay away from me!” She warned him while leaning away from him. Her small hand still covering his jaws and full lips as she continues pushed his face away from her. The air stuck in her throat when he opens his mouth and bites her fingers gently using his surprisingly white straight teeth. Kayla froze. She stares at him with wide eyes, incompletely shocking her system. Impossible as it seemed, his heartbeat seemed to hilariously surge through her, beating alongside her own.

Embarrassed and flushed, Kayla let out a panic scream that somehow shocked him. His hands loosen on hers, and she took the chance to use all her energy to push him away then she kicked him on his rocky stomach. Staggering backward, she turned around and hurriedly running without a clear direction, nearly doubling over as she struggled to breathe. It wasn’t every day she gets the chance to scream and run away like a frightening chicken- NEVER!

Actually, she didn’t have the intention to scream but the image of her best friend, Bia replaced knock her sense, ‘Scream, Kayla! Scream!’.

Shockingly, she couldn’t stop the felt of burning desire, unlike anything she’d ever experience build in her core when he bites her fingers softly. Those dark piercing eyes hold a lot of promise and secret that she could barely hold. Damn you, stupid hormones!

Her heart beats furiously like the sound of a beating drum in her ears. Kayla tried to run faster without stumbling by those sadist roots. She was frightened at the thought of him chasing her and successfully caught her against her will. She shook her head and frequently look over her shoulder. Fortunately, the wild man was unseen. She didn’t know whether it was a good thing or not, but she has no desire to stop. She smiles slightly and fully turned her head to look again. NADA. Frowning, she slows down her steps but clumsily stumbled on a big root that sent her flying. A gasp came out from her mouth followed by a loud cursed before her head hit a tall tree.

“F-Fuck...” A groan of pain escaped her lips. Pain stabs through her head, and she failed to move her body without feeling like the ground spinning around her. Her sight becomes a blur, forcing her to close her eyes to stop a headache and dizziness. Surprised...surprised…

A gorgeously sexy ass was the last thing she sees from upside down before she was completely black out. May the god bless that ass...

“Fuck!” Kayla hissed. Pain and dizziness shot through her head as soon as she wakes up. She squeezed her eyes and rubbed her throbbing head. She waited for a few minutes before slowly open her eyes again and focus on her surrounding. First, she saw a rusting ceiling while her hands caressed a soft fur. Curious and scared, she tried harder to push her body up into a sitting position. Dark—She barely sees anything. She rubbed her eyes and blinks before observing again. A few small tables filled with junks same goes to the floor. The place filled with old clothes, books, leaves, and rotten fruits.

Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped in disbelief as she realizes that she was inside a part of an old plane crashed that stuck high up in a huge tree. She moves to one of the broken windows and stared out at the magnificent milky stars and bright shining moon on the dark sky before widened at the sight of the ground. The tree was eight meters higher from the ground. A fear of falling from the tree stung her. Gulping loudly, she forces her trembling legs walking to the large made up bed. Again, a soft fur caressed her palm as soon as she sat on the bed, and she yanks the fur closer to look at it. Her face pales when she noticed it was a tiger skin. It was a high-quality skin made as a blanket. She was impressed and scared at the same time. The thought of someone killing a wild tiger and skin it frightening her more than Jason the killer. The person must be a very strong yet frightening man. Could it be...the savage man? She really hopes he was alone or else she will be...totally defenseless.

Sighing heavily, she looks around the plane for something, anything that could help in any way, whether it for defense, filling her hunger stomach or her dry throat. Narrowing her eyes, she saw a small bag at the corner of the plane nearer the broken window. She quickly stands up and moves slowly toward the bag. Still, she needs to be careful with her movement, just in case the plane decided to be sadist and fall. She grabbed the bag and hurriedly sit on the bed. A big smile curved on her lips when she realizes the bag belongs to her. She opens the bag in the hope to find her bottle and the protein bars. Luckily, everything still inside her bag. First, she swallowed the water until her throat no longer felt dry before unwrapped the protein bars and bite it down.

She was still hungry even after she ate the last bar of protein, but for now, she needs to stay calm and find a way to climb off the tree. Unfortunately, her hope dies when she sees a dark shadow stood tall behind the moving sheet or perhaps a curtain hung on the only entrance of the half-broken plane. Light comes and goes as the dark silky curtains moving backward and forwards due to the gentle winds. Panicked, she cowardly away when the figure moves to her. The wild man stops at the edge of the bed and looks down at her.

“Stay away from me!” She shouted angrily.


Kayla sit still and wait for the man to attack her. She was ready to fight him. It takes everything in her not to jump and attack him first. Cautiously, she moves to the corner of the bed and places a leg on the ground with her bag on the other hand. The man didn’t move a muscle as he watched her in silent like a predator hunting for its prey. Once again, she’s the first one to break the silence between them, “Are you going to hurt me?”

The man slowly tilted his head while staring deep into her eyes. Out of patient, she crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him. She was ready to mock him when a deep voice echoed around the silent night. Her eyes sparkled with amused when he put a knuckle on his chest and speak, "Me...Ace"

Kayla guesses ‘Ace’ was his name. Nodding her head in understanding, she opens her mouth and closed it again, hesitated if she should tell him her name. Biting her lower lip in frustrated, she tells him in a flat tone. “K-Kayla”

She clears her throat and repeat, “Kayla”

Silent. Awkward. Frustrated. He didn’t move or speak, just standing there like a statue. Rolling her eyes, she finally stood and pulled her bag on her shoulder before walking carefully towards the curtains. “Well, Ace. As much as I want to sit still and stare, I have to go-”

Not even two steps away a hand yanked her by the wrist and jerked her into a hard chest. She blinks in surprise and tried to pull her hand from his strong gripped but it felt like pulling a chain from a wall, hard and strong. His eyes stayed hard and fire came into his eyes. She gritted my teeth while glaring at him, “Let.Me.Go!”

A rough growl coming from him, and he shouted, “No!”

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