Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 4

His cold eyes didn’t so much as a flinch from her death stared. “No. K-Kayla home stay”

Frowning, she pulls her hand again, “Wow...hold on, big guy”

“Firstly, this is not my home” She held up her finger at him, “Second, I need to go. So please, out of my way”

Annoyingly, Kayla placed her free hand against his chest and push him away. In addiction to her strength, she placed her left foot on his hip and push harder. Therefore, the man didn’t even bulge nor move by her action. Shaking his head, Ace wrapped his fingers around her ankle and pulled her to him. A scent of Deja vu’ hit her. Once again, she was in a weird yet intimate position with the wild man named Ace. Although, he didn’t seem to be aware of it, a curious yet amused painted in his emerald eyes. To prove her point, he leaned his face closer to hers.

His eyes dangerously travel from her face down to her breast then her leg. There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t quite understand. Was it curiosity? Adoration? Or- she shook her head and quickly push him away with both of her hand as soon as he released her hand. Ace ignored her and gently move his big hand over her hair. Wrapping it around his fingers and gently yank it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Her throat dry and she blurted in embarrassing. “O-Okay...I’m starting to feel creep now. Y-You should let me g-”

A sweet scent of flower mixed her salty sweat hit his nose, pleasurably. This female keep impressed him in many ways that he never feels before. He released her radish hair and pull her face by her chin. Words stuck in her throat, and she tried to move her face away from him but fail as he tightens his grip. Fire poured into her, shocking her system. He moves his head until their breaths mixed together, lips barely touch. His eyes narrowed slightly and his nostrils flared and that glint of interest flesh in his eyes. She was pretty sure that he intended to kiss her. One move forward, her lips could touch those full lips.

Disappointment hits her as he moves her head side to side then closer to his again. Here was a man standing before her, checking her out and surprisingly make her stood still like an obedient puppet. Typically, not her at all.

“Us...same-” Towering over me, he placed a palm over my heart. Confusion was written all over his face mixed with difficulty to form a perfect sentence. “-But ”

“Still different” She finishes his words with a knowing nod yet couldn’t stop herself from chuckling lightly. He may not be the real Tarzan, but his action seems just like the typical man raised in a jungle. Somehow, she felt a little pity toward him and almost tend to hug him in despair. Poor man. Sighing, she looks into his eyes and asks, “How long have you been here?”

“Long” He answered before letting her go. She watched him walking to the table filled with junks and looking as if searching for something. Kyla gazed at the curtains which might be the door to her freedom. She knows she needs to get out of there before he notices her intention, yet she was curious enough to not want to run away. At least, not when this man stole her interest. Hesitatingly, she moves to sit at the bed and stare at him throwing the junk to the messy floor piece by piece. “How long?”

Ace glance at her over his shoulder before looking at his hand. Kyla throws a curious gaze. Her eyes narrowed slightly as if trying to read his mind, which was impossible. Few seconds passed, and he finally turns to her and shows her his fingers. She raised an eyebrow before widened in shocked, “Holy shit! Thirteen years?” Gladly, he knew how to counts...

He confidently shook his head, letting the hair fell on his face and blocking his emerald eyes from her, “No. Ace...nine y-years old”

Her mouth hung open in shocked and disbelief. Licking her dry lips, kyla cursed under her breaths, “You had been here since you’re fucking nine years old? That was-...Damn, long enough to be a virgin” That’s not the point, Kyla! He’s fucking Tarzan!

She was mumbling to herself for a moment before looking at him again. He was continuously throwing junk to the floor which makes her a bit irritated. She let out a sign and relaxing slightly, trusting that he may not have the intention to hurt her. But, that didn’t stop her from asking him, “You’re not gonna plan to hurt me-”

Ace took a stiff posture with his legs slightly parted. Kyla felt a bit nervous when he didn’t say anything nor move a single muscle. Slowly, he glanced at her before fully turned his body and walking to her in a serious yet sexy face. Danger. Power. Blinking, she crawled backwards and stop when he towers over her at the edge of the bed. Nervously, she chews her lower lip and stare at him in slightly fear. Her eyes observed his movement as he dropped something on the bed—an old photo.

“You’re not gonna hurt me, aren’t you?” She asked again, growing bolder. She took a step closer toward the old photo and him, refusing to tear her eyes away toward him. On some preternatural level, she knew this was a challenge to him, but he didn’t show any sight of aggression or challenged. Lazily, he shook his head. “”

She couldn’t quite understand what all that meant, but she felt the power pouring off him in waves. Kyla narrowed her eyes at him and slowly nodded her head. She’ll trust him just this time, but she’s ready to fight any time just in case if he’s trying to attack her. Taking the old photo, Kyla holds it under the moonlight which came through the broken window. The old photo showed a cute young couple with a small kid between them. The man looked to be in his late twenties while the woman seems to be in the middle of twenties something. The man in the picture looks similar to the wild man named Ace but Kyla didn’t miss the similarity of the woman eyes and his. Right away, she knew the kid in the picture.

Once again, she felt sad and pity for him. She looks up and meets those emerald eyes. Somehow, Ace managed to sit closer to her without alarm her. Stranger, danger..or neither.

Her throat went dry, and she blurted her question with a clumsy stammer, “A-Are they..” At least, this time she didn’t flinch or move away. “Died?”

He tensed slightly before staring down at the old photo in her hand. His voice was in a deep sad tone when he answered her, “Killed...bad guys”

Silent fell between them. Kyla was speechless. She didn’t know what to say to the big guy to make him feel less sad. Slowly and carefully, he leaned closer to her and put his forehead on her shoulder before snuggling at her neck. She was tensed for a few minutes before relaxing. She knew he was alone for a long time on an unknown island and grown up without an adult to teach him a way to survive. Yup, Ace reminds her of Tarzan. Hell, he could be just like Tarzan, except he didn’t walk like a monkey or-

She leaned away from him to look at him with sparkling eyes, “Monkey. Are there any monkeys here?”

For the first time, Ace let out a deep chuckle and look at her in amused. Kyla was having a difficult time to not throw herself at him. He was acting more and more like a sexy Hercules stranded on an Island while she happens to be the lucky maiden to be in a wrong place in the right time. She stares a long at his bear than to his eyes. Something dancing in his eyes. An emotion that she needs to be aware of. “”

She didn’t know whether to jump and yell-You-Are-Fucking-Tarzan- or simple laugh with her lucky guess. A wide smile slowly curve on her lips “Sweet Jesus! This is fucking insane...”

She rubbed at the back of her neck while staring at him, “Well, at least you’re not alone..” He nods happily, lips twitched up into a smile. He wasn’t a man that always smiling, in fact this could be his first time to do it. At least, she could be the first person to ever make him do that. Wrapping his fingers around her hair, he gave it a slightly pull with his head titled in amused. “ family”

“Ohhh..I wish I could but..the thing is I need to go to the main camp where my other group gathers. Maybe next time..” His smile dropped instantly. Sighing, she slowly rises from the bed and tightens her gripped on her beg. Fortunately, Ace didn’t move a muscle. In fact, he was only watching her, calculating every movement from her as if he could watch her every day without getting bored. Again, Kyla shook her head and let out a small laugh. He will want to run stay away from her if he knows her for real, just like the rest.

Not even three steps, and she suddenly pulled backwards until her back hit the back. Ace didn’t waste time to climb on top her, pushing her under him like a cage. Ace isn’t an innocent guy even if he didn’t aware of it. One hand gripped her hip and the other pushed her to the bed by the shoulder. Legs tingle with her. Surprisingly, their position made her flushed slightly. Therefore, she tried hard to give him a death glare in order to hide her embarrassment, “Bad! Bad boy!”

Kyla almost laughs at her chosen words. Wrong words, Kyla. Second passed, she again feels defeated. Tired. Physical. And Mentally. No matter how she tried, her strength will never defeat his. Pressing her palm against his beating heart, she looks deep into his eyes. “Let me go...please”

“No” The word hung between them as if it had a specter all of its own. There was a different kind of magic and meaning in it. For the fourth time since he touched her, the air went out of her lungs. “Kyla stay...danger...night” Breaths, Kyla, Breaths!

“Okay...” She let out a shaky breath. Again, he seems to have the magic to make her submit to him, or maybe she was tired to argue with him. Unfortunately, he was the first man to dare order her around like a submissive female. Typically, a wild man living in a forest. Still, she couldn’t believe her own words. She hadn’t made a conscious decision. It was crazy. This was crazy. But at that moment she didn’t care. She just felt defeated, “Y-You win...I will stay. So, let me go”

A small breathtaking smile curved on his lips, clearly taking her breaths away. Ace keep staring at her as his hand moved from her shoulder to her collarbone in a gentle stroke. Turmoil raged inside of her as he reaches her face and cupped it in his big palm. The heat of his fingertips seared her. With each breath she took, a new, raw hunger flared within her. In a painfully slow movement, he leaned to her until their lips barely touch. His eyes move up hers, those hungry stared completely undo her as she unconsciously moves her lips against him. The touch beat strong along with her roaring pulse. Just once, I need to taste him..taste those-

His eyes. His touches. She just couldn’t get enough of it. She had a dream lot of this. A wild night with a wild-man just like in the novel she had read. A groan of desire escaped his lips and it took everything in her not to throw her arms around him. Holy wait...her eyes snapped open in stunned as she realizes whereas her hand had gone to. A big rigid shaft wrapped in her small hand. Startled, she moves her hand away from his length and fumblingly pushed him by his chest. Ace was in the cloud nine. High in an obsession of her touch.

His lips move against her soft lips, tasting the sweetness of it, forcing it to open for him. For the first time, he someone, a female come closer to him, in fact, touching him in a way only a mate should be. Yes, she will be his mate. For the first time he saw her took a bath at the river—stroking her soft skin, touching her womanhood hungrily, filled with lust as if a female in heat. It took him everything to not join her. Shoving his length into her warm nest and bring her joy like any other man ever do.

Truth, he never does any intimate thing with someone. Let alone let anyone touched him like the way she did. However, he knew how to give a female the joy. He had seen it before, from the Mosul tribe. He saw how they mated their mate. And he will do everything to her, just for his mate. He felt her small palm pushed him by the chest. But, he’s not done yet...

More...he wants more...

Ace want more!

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