Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 5


Kyla’s eyes widened as he groaned, lowering his mouth to hers to lick at her lower lip before he took possession of her with a kiss that floored her with passion as his tongue teased hers. He sucked on her, giving her an image of his mouth doing that to her pussy. She wiggled her hips, moaning into his mouth, wanting him to move and trying to urge him to, which is wrong. She should stop him, yet her mind seems a blur. Her pussy clenched and her nipples were so hard they nearly hurt. Ace broke the kiss and hovered just over her lips while trying to get rid of her clothes. Kyla opens her mouth to stop him when he ripped it from her body until she lay there in completely bare to him. Growl escape his lips as his eyes roamed over her flesh. “We need to s-stop..”

Panting, he leaned closer to lick her cheek and lips, “Ssshhh..” He gave a lazy smile. His mouth nibbled at her earlobe, loving the sharp intake of her breath, the way she leans to him. “Talk less...mate with me”

She groaned, tightening around him, shivering at the feel of his mouth against her neck, “I wish we could...b-but now is not the time to-”

“Silent mate” He placed a finger on her lips. He was watching her heatedly, his eyes glittering savage, hot. “And let me give you joy unlike any you have ever known..”

Her hips jerked involuntarily to the rough growl in his words, as well as the words themselves. She licked her lips, panting hard as he spread her legs further, his fingers barely glancing over the moisture glazed flesh. “I-I still think this is not a good i-idea..” She moaned, shaking desperate for the touch. Her head fell back, a hard shudder wracking her body. Ace rasped his tongue through the slit of her lips from bottom to the top. Slow, sliding, erotically rough and so hot she felt flesh melting. His hard hands gripped her thighs, holding them apart when she would have clenched them around his head. “Hmmn..”

His low moan of pleasure vibrated against her clit. She felt the small bud throb, beg. Kyla gasped for breath as he licked her, his tongue dipping into the tight entrance of her vagina, swirling around, gathering more and more of her taste as his heated growls of pleasure echoed against her body. She was numb now. Although she could feel the sensations building, her skin tingling, the pressure increasing in her clit as he stroked around it, over it, sucked it, lightly into his mouth. “O-Oh fuckk..”

The shocking words erupting from her mouth did little to dim the haze of need sucking her in, as his mouth sipped at her flesh. “Harderr....Ace!” She was almost screaming now as he suckled her clit deeper, harder. “Y-Yes! Justtt like that!”

It was building in her. Her body tightened involuntarily, every bone and muscles in her reaching for his mouth, the hot draw of his lips, the moist wash of his tongue. It was killing her, killing her with pleasure, building, increasing. She could feel her heart struggling to keep up with the demands her arousal was placing on it. It beat hard and fast, bursting through her veins, a pleasure in and of itself. Then one hard male finger slid past the soft folds of skin. His mouth suckled her clit faster, his finger pushing inside her, filling her, burning her.

She heard her scream as the pleasure burst inside her. Desperate, hard, her hips bucked, and she felt herself dying. Her climax was like a tidal wave, tearing through her, heaving her body, shaking it, shuddering through it, destroying her as she held tight to her hair, praying for some anchor to hold her to earth. It was never-ending. Hot pulsing relief spammed through her cunt, causing it to grip tighter about his plunging finger, soak his hand, her thighs with a rush of liquid that would have terrified her at any other time.

Then his mouth was there, devouring the release, his tongue plunging into her vagina, building the pleasure again as the sandpapery texture of that organ rasped her tender flesh. “Ace wants to mate, now” He growled, his body moving powerfully, his hands lifting her as the thick head of his cock lodged against the entrance to her-

“Ace! W-Wait!” She half scream as she pulled her hips from his tight gripped. Ace fought for breath, for control. His eyes darken as glared at her, hotly and impatiently.

Kyla took a deep breath and cupped his cheeks tenderly. It was hard to not let him devour her body. She squirmed beneath him, fighting for breath, her body damp with perspiration, her female honey coating her inner thighs. She blinks, trying to control herself, but it was hard when he has gritted his teeth against the sensations as he tried to pull her to him. Kyla shook her head and say, “We ca-”

A sudden loud explosion thundered and shook the earth. Ace pulled her under him as if protecting her over the sudden reaction. It was strong enough to move the piece of the plane to the left. Kyla let out a scream and hug him tightly. Afraid of falling from the tree along with the broken plane. In fact, the explosion was strong enough thrown them off the bed. Kyla let out a shaky breath as she pushes Ace to the side and peeks through the broken window. Her legs trembled as she stared in horror at the trees. The explosion was strong enough blow off some trees. “Fuck!” She cursed, “Fucking stupid people!”

“What the hell they think!” She shook her head and yanked at her hair in distress. Ace was growling loudly behind her.

Dangerous. Murdering aura surrounding him. Kyla gulped nervously as she looks at him. It was hard enough for her to decide whether she should jump on him or run away. She shook her head again and quickly grab her beg. A big strong hand gripped hers before she could take out a pair of short pants and a tank top. “Wha-”

Ace shook his head as she glanced at him over her shoulder. He didn’t have to ask her to know what she tends to do and it will be damn if she has to fight him to get the hell out of there. She had been wasting time, letting him pleasuring her instead of going to the base camp. “Stay”

Kyla let out a sigh and turn to him, “Ace, it was nice of you to-”

He narrowed his eyes. His lips pressed into a tiny line as he pulled her in his arms. “Tonight. Stay here..”

His hands pulled her butt up until she wrapped her legs around his hips. He was a big man with big muscles. Her hands went to his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin. His sharp growl added sensation of surprised to her. Ace felt his cock swell, pulse. “Tomorrow...Ace help mate”

She took a relieved breath and look at him with soft eyes, “You mean you will help me find the base camp?” Ace nodded without hesitation and was rewarded with a tight hug from Kyla. “Thank you so much for helping me, Ace. It was good to know you didn’t tend to trap me inside this junk forever!”

Her hard peak pressed against his chest, temptingly. Ace gulped and let out a lowly purred. Desire added to the discomfort. Her nipples were tight and her pussy was wet. She tried not to move her heated pussy against his skin, but it didn’t discourage him as he moves his head to her neck and gave a lazy lick on it. It was wrong to do this when someone might be hurt by that explosion or it was big enough to kill some animals. She didn’t know if the explosion caused by someone she work with, but the main camp supposes to be in the same direction as the explosion happened. It was undeniable that they might be the cause. Maybe an accident or something...

“Ace” She pushed his shoulder to look at him, “We need to sleep, so we can get up early in the morning an-” Ace gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing. The lust in his dark eyes made her gaped in breathless, “M-Mate”

Kyla blinks and opens her lips when he throws her at the made-up bed, “need to!”

“O-Oh, shittt” She cursed under her breath.

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