Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 6

Ace didn’t show it if he was angry or not. His face was natural. Although, he was not as talk active as yesterday, maybe because she successfully knocked him out before he fucks her like a rabbit in heat. It was not like herself to rejected willing sex especially from a sexy wild man, but it felt wrong. Something in her mind rejected the idea of taking advantage of the lonely man. In fact, she didn’t know him that much. Not like they meet at a club and decide to have a one night stand. “This is delicious, Ace. We should keep some of it. I think I have..something in this beg-”

The sweat from her run became a cold clamminess on her skin. Shudder after shudder racked her frame after successfully caught the board, even if Ace was the one who got it. It runs faster than any board she ever saw. Luckily, Ace was faster and stronger than the animal. Surprisingly, he took only a few minutes to kill without even a scratch on his perfect body. Ace glance at her over his shoulder with a quick nod. He had been busy roasted the board. It has been a while since Kyla let someone do all the work, at least not when it about feeding herself.

However, Ace was different from the rest of male she ever meets. He promises her a relaxing time without the worry of the world. She has been sitting still and look pretty. At least, she hopes so. She was in a messy after walking for half miles. They were headed to the west. Ace said the explosion same from twenty- five miles away from the west, and they didn’t sure yet whether the main base was at that way. “Here!”

Kyla takes out the aluminum plastic and wrapped the meat in it. She let out a relief sigh and look at the half cooked meat, “Finally, a smell of heaven..”

Ace rumble then turns to hand her a slice of cooked meat hung on a clean stick. “”

She looks up at him with a charming smile before taking the stick with a quick ‘thanks’. Truth, Ace might be mad at her, but he didn’t have the guts to ignore her nor leave her alone. In fact, Kyla notices the way he walks in front of her protectively or the way he keeps glance at her or flinches when she almost slipped. The wild man cares about her more than her asshole fiance. Ace nod his head when kyla took a big bite on the meat. A soft moan from her enough to make him hard again. He shallows a groan and turns to the river to prevent himself from losing control again. He needs to wait. A full stomach can change the female mind. At least, he hopes so. Female mind was complicated. Even the male in the tribe admits that. In order to make the female want him, he needs to feed her and protect her.

Sometimes strength can make them change their mind quickly, but Kyla was different. She wasn’t from the island. So, strength wasn’t enough to make her want him. Perhaps he needs to do more than take care of her. Something like-

“Delicious isn’t it?” Kyla asked with a happy smile. Her smile was wider than before. It took a few lumps of meat for her to ate to be the happiest woman in the forest.

“Kyla..full?” Ace tilted his head. He had moved next to her as soon as she lazy laying on the dry grass.

His long hair stroked her cheek as he blocks her from the sunlight. His eyebrows were thick, there’s hope in his eyes as he stared at her. His cheekbones were sharp, beard covering half of his face, and she almost saw a twitched on his lips as if he wants to smile or-

“Have you ever thought of shaving, Ace?” Kyla lifted an eyebrow. Ace freeze when she curved his beard around her finger and pulled him closer to her face.

Maybe feeding her was all he needs to make her want to mate with him. Ace closed his eyes, gathering the will to purr as she gently caressed his cheek. His nostrils flared. He wanted to ask her if she wants to mate but afraid to receive a refusal. Although, he lean slowly to her, wanting to taste those soft lips again. His breath caught as their lips touched just for a few seconds before she pushed him with a yelped. “Oh Lord! There’s leopard behind you, Ace!”

Kyla pushed him beside her and hurriedly take out the blade from her boot. The black leopard moves lazily toward them then stop when she hissed at it. She was freaking scared yet the present of Ace beside her successfully made her refuse the idea of running away like a coward. Therefore, it might be the wise decision to do before the predator kills them. Ace let out a chuckle at her reaction. The female has trembled, yet she tends to protect him from the animal. It was adorable and took everything in him to not chase away the animal. But, Kyla didn’t find his reaction amused at all. In fact, she seems to be annoyed by his reaction. She gave him a quick glare before half yelling at him to run away. Ace wrapped his arm around her hips and pulled him onto his thighs. His face buried between her shoulder and neck. Kyla force calm on herself, but this time she let out a hiss at him, “Are you an idiot or what? I told you to fucking run away..not to-”

“Rage...Ace..friend” He said, “Kyla..Ace’s mate. Will not eat what’s mine”

The timbre of his voice sent unexpected heat into her belly. Kyla turned her head slightly, “Of course, it will. I’m not dumb yet, Ace. It’s a predator! A carnivore for th-”

Kyla froze as the leopard joined them, crouching next to Ace. His posture stiff, making her wonder if he felt beholden, or having a complex whether to eat her or not. “Breathe, Kyla”

Ace whispered gently. He left soft kisses along her neck then nib on her shoulder, making her flinched. A flutter went through her chest, an edgy awareness that had her hastily dropping her gaze in sudden confusion, then keeping it there in dismay at recognizing the signs of physical attraction. Kyla shook her head and took a deep breath before moving away from Ace and the leopard. “Y-You called it..a what?”

“Rage” He replied, then pat the animal on its head, “And Rage is a male. A long friend of Ace. Ace found him a long time ago. An abandon cub seeking for..shelter. Just like Ace”

Her heart softened as she stared at him. It must be a scary experience to have as a lonely child or man in a wild forest. No one to guide or help him. Kyla was lucky enough to meet Ace before she dies because of hungriness. The thought of it tormented her, stirred her compassion and her conscience, touched the place inside her that longed for someone like him. “Well, nice to meet you too..Rage”

Kyla felt a little dumb to talk to an animal, but no one there to judge her. The leopard yawn lazily. His sharp teeth were on display. He put his head on Ace’s thick thigh and closed his eyes. Kyla let out a chuckle and decide to put back her blade before stood. “As much as I like to lay here without care of the world...I think it best for us to get going. Soon it will be dark”

Ace nods his head and stood. Rage follows his master as Ace stood beside Kyla. He took the beg from her before she could protest then lead the way as if he was the king of the jungle. In fact, he seems to know more about the forest and its direction than her even though she had a compass with her all the time.

Kyla let out a sign and frown as she stared at the leopard. Rage prowled at Ace’s other side, streaks of tree-shadow merging with the stripes on his black coat. Each time she brushed against Ace, whether the act was unintentional or by design, the leopard made its presence known to Ace. Kyla narrowed her eyes. Something about the leopard seems familiar to her, but she was too exhausted to think. Rage glance at her as if sensing her stares. His tails swing arrogantly as he walks beside his master. Kyla knew the action pretty well. Katy the lazy cat did the same thing when Brian was nearer her.

Kyla closed her eyes, but couldn’t escape the sight of him. Raining day. Tripped over mud. Left by her team. Alone an-

She opens her eyes and gap in disbelieve, “I fucking knew you!”

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