Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 7

Ace steadied Kyla as her foot caught on an exposed root. Exhaustion clung to her, and this time he didn’t fight the urge to keep his hand to himself.

“Thanks”, She said, not attempting to pull away from him as she had other times, her jerky movement accompanied by an elusive hint of aroused and sweats.

Just like he predicted. Kyla was a very complex female she ever meets more stubborn than the female at the tribe. Aryck, the Chief will be laughing at him if he looks at him now. Ace barely talk to her or even do more intimate things with his mate. Kyla took her hand from his as they climb an endless mound. Ace glanced at her, seeing fatigue on her face. They’d traveled with little rest and been forced to push hard to make up time when some wild animals approach them. More than once he’d seen her furrowed her eyebrows. Her concern for not finding the camp soon was easy to read. Although, he didn’t understand why would she eager to go to that place when she has him. Ace knew that place that she had been talked about. He had watched it for almost a month and the outsider weren’t good people. In fact, he knew someone who had proved himself to up no good.

Ace wants to stop her from going there. But the eagerness of hers made him hesitated. He was scared of her refusal. Plus, Kyla was a stubborn female. One that will be the death of him. Despite the pace, he set she hadn’t uttered a sound of complaint or protest. Each time he’d thought she would falter and demand them to slow down or stop, she’d draw an internal strength and find additional stamina. Mile by mile, his resistance to not touch her weakened, though she might not appreciate it has made him resist those temptations. In fact, he was a strong male. One that had successfully cheated death. Such thing as lust won’t wreck him. However, Ace had reached out to keep her upright, twice, as another mile passed.

“Kyla..” Ace called her as he keeps his hand on her arm. Kyla looks up at him in a patient. Sweats rolling down her forehead and neck. The look on his face made her spine prickled with a cool disappointment. He squeezed her arm in comfort before speak, “Need to stop now. The sun will die soon”

Kyla let out a frustrated sigh and gave a quick nod before letting him lead the way. She was exhausted and care no more about the place he decides was good enough to stay for one night. To her relief, they heard the light, laughing sound of water a long time before the sky turned dark. After they had made a place in the middle of small clearing for their fire, Kyla decided that she wanted to take a quick wash in the narrow stream. The water was clear and glittered under the moonlight.

She was hot, sweaty and sore and wanted to wash off the grime of their trek through the jungle. Ace was busy gathering the woods along with their new companion when she headed to the water. Kyla takes off the wet tank top and lets it drop, then unsnapped the catches on the trousers and shimmied out of them as well. Kicking off her boots and feeling very conscious of his eyes on her naked backside, she ignored him and waded into the stream waist-deep and began to wash as she could.

She submerged herself to the neck in the frigid stream, getting used to the chilly water. After a while she dunked her head and let the cold water run through her long reddish curls, making them look like a new species of water weed as they trailed in the brisk current. As she bathed, she could feel the wild man’s eyes on her back. She thrilled having to turn around and face him head-on and naked again, but she didn’t see that she had much choice. Backing out of water would be both ridiculous and dangerous. If she fell over because she couldn’t see where she was going..would be painful as hell.

“Let me” His deep voice was closer than she had expected and Kyla’s flesh prickled over the chill bumps of arousal and surprise. She could feel her nipples, already hardened by exposure to the chilly water, contract painfully tight. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering.

Kyla wants to refuse any cares he offered her, but her mouth wouldn’t cooperate with her. Taking a deep breath and ignoring the panicky feeling in the pit of her stomach, she dropped her arms and stood silently, waiting. Ace eyes darken as he observed her naked body- dripping body. Her long hair trailed down her back and beads of glittered water clung to the softly rounded apex of her pussy, the full curves of her breasts and the tightly jutting roses buds of her nipples. “I-I..”

Her heart was drumming against her ribs, and she was having a hard time getting a deep breath as his rough palm caressed her skin. The heat from his gaze seemed to start a fire inside her somehow, and she could feel her olive skin flushing a rosy pink, but still, she held her ground. Inside her head, the voices of her inner demon were strangely silent- perhaps they had pleased with her choice. “Hush, little mate. Let me clean you”

He rumbled, at last, stroking the soap against her skin. She couldn’t hold back the moans as lard hands roamed over her body, exploring her hidden places and mapping her curves. A hot, sweet mouth covered her own as she turns to him. It demand entry which she granted gladly. Ace tasted her thoroughly and then the wet heat of his tongue trailed down her throat to the soft curves of her breasts. He was sucking her nipples, taking as much of her breasts in his mouth as he could while his big fingers molded the other with rough gentleness. “Mate with me, Kyla” a deep voice whispered in her ear.

Kyla blinks then bite her lips in frustrated. “I-I...can’t”

She bites her lower lip harder when he parting her thighs for the sweet pressure of his big fingers rubbing over her swollen clit. Her pussy lips were drenched with her juices, making her cold flesh slippery, easing his way. There was no doubt about it- she wanted this, needed it. But, she can’t do it. The thought of refusing those thick cock made her feel as if someone has thrown cold water on her, even though if it the cold doesn’t affect her anymore. Kyla forced her hand move over his- stopping his fingers from spreading her pussy lips wide. Ace flinched. His eyes were heated with lust, and she feels bad because she can’t accept his generous offer. However, if there is one thing she can do for him instead of having wild sex, then it will be pleasuring him.

“I may not mate with you” She smiles gently, then slowly lowered herself before him until her eyes at the same level with his rigid shaft. “But I can pleasure you, Ace. Like this...”

With the first touch of her lips on his cock, his head snapped back, sending his hair flying as his breath hissed in through his teeth. Kyla closed her mouth over his cock head, sucking gently at first, then harder, raking the shaft with her fangs. Gliding her tongue along the length, driving him to the edge of insanity. A gentle bite to the head sent more of his fluid gushing into her mouth, and she hummed at the salty taste of it. Her hips curling up until her knees sank deeper into the sand. Her hands were everywhere at once- stroking his cock, caressing his skin, dragging her nails over his bottom. His balls twitched in anticipation as the night winds rustled the leaves surrounding them and wafted over his wet cock.

Ace gazed into her fiery eyes as her breath on his moist skin made him shiver, and the swipe of her tongue made him groan. Soon, his hands gripped her hairs to hold her still while he fucked her mouth until he came with a snarl, filling her with his cream. Kyla swallowed- nearly taking his dick down her throat- he pulled him back and licked the remaining cum from his cock head. Her lips curved into a satisfying smile as she looks up at him, “That...I can promise to you, wild man”

His pupils as round and glowing as hot embers, and he wasted no time to let out a deep growled. A slow seductive grin curved on his lips. “And I will too, my little mate”

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