Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 8

“Don’t touch it!” Ace pulled her hand before she touches those beautiful flowers. They were red and yellow. The flowers remind her of poppy, but with sharp pricks all over the stem.

Ace shook his head and stroked her hand gently, “It’s poisoned. Ace can’t move..curious..touched it”

Kyla’s eyes widened. “It can paralyze people? F-For real?”

Ace nod at her and nudge her to continue their journey, “Come. This way”

Kyla gave the flowers a last glance before followed Ace. They walked along the path which was narrow, twisting thing paved with flat, pale blue and orange stones that had greenish grass growing up in the cracks between them. All of a sudden Ace stopped dead ahead of her and raised a hand for her to stop as well. “What?”

She started to ask, but he stopped her with a shake of his head. Slowly, he turned in a complete circle, small spear out and ready in his hand. Kyla narrowed her eyes and hurriedly pulled out her dagger, wondering what new surprise was about to be sprung on them in the steaming greenish jungle. Was it another big bird stalking them? What was it called again? Something started with ‘S’. Anyway, they aren’t supposed to hunt during the middle of the day. At least, that what Ace said. So, if it not the big bird, then what? Kyla holds her breath and peeks over his shoulder.

Her tank and trousers had dried tighter than ever and she was aware of the uncomfortable way the fabric of the tank was cutting up under her armpits. It had pushed her breasts together and almost spill it out every time she jumped. She had been rather glad that Ace was walking along in front of her to avoid the continued heated stared of his eyes on her body. Kyla doesn’t think she could control herself anymore. But now it occurred to her that it wasn’t only the big wild man’s eyes that were going to see in her current condition.

Remembering what he had said about not offending the tribe, she hoped she can keep her mouth shut or at least avoid a sarcasm. Kyla almost rolled her eyes when Ace move to shield her sight. Suddenly there was a slight rustling in the greenish vegetation surrounding them and about five large men appeared so quietly from the jungle that was a terrible shock to suddenly find she and Ace were completely surrounded. Kyla narrowed her eyes from one alien face to another but was difficult to see anything. They were all wearing some kind of masks made of woods and feathers and only their pale, narrow eyes and the thin line of their lips was visible. They were tall, some she noticed with surprised was even taller than Ace, though none of them as massive or as muscular.

They were dressed in some kind of pastel leather loincloths and their skin, where she could see beneath the swirling painted designs drawn all over their long, muscular bodies, was the palest rosy colored. They were each carrying a long spear made from the wood of the finger-trees and every single spear was pointed at her and Ace’s direction. Ace stood before her, knife at the ready and stared around them calmly, waiting. Rage, the leopard growled lowly as if ready to pounce at them. He stopped growling and nudge at Ace’s thigh when he pats his head. Kyla felt frozen with fear and did her best just to be quiet and small. There was no way her daggers going to help her in this situation and she wisely let her hands rest at her sides.

Finally, the tallest of the tribe warriors stepped forward and said something in a hissed, guttural language, shaking his spear as he talked. Ace answered in the same language, his tone mild but firm and Kyla recognized it as the same language he had used when she sucks his balls. The tall warrior said something else and then lowered his spear. Ace apparently in response, lowered his spear and then all of the men lowered their weapons as well.

“Kyla doesn’t worry”, Ace assured her in a low voice. “They will not fights..Ace’s friends”

He turned to the tallest warrior again and began talking rapidly in the strange, multi-syllabic language while the other men came closer to inspect the newcomers in their jungle. The circled around rather like a pack of wild wolves, Kyla thought, touching, fondling and sniffing everything they could lay their dirty hands. While Ace stood calmly and spoke to what she supposed must be the leader of the group, long, thin red fingers poked at her and then inspected her clothing. They fingered the faded and wrinkled material and petted the rapidly integrating leather of Kyla’s fashionable low-ankle boots, which had been made to stand up to a trek through the jungle.

Since it didn’t appear to bother Ace to be poked and probed, Kyla remained silent, though it became increasingly difficult to stand the invasion of her space. But when one of the warriors yanked the hairpin from her hair, taking some of her hair with it, she couldn’t avoid making a little screech of pain. Her rich reddish curls tumbled down around her face. All of the inspecting warriors took a quick step back, making low, hissing noises of surprise and consternation in their long, thin throats. Ace turned in obvious irritation to see what the commotion was, interrupting his conversation with the leader. “What happened?” he demanded in a low, concern voice.

“This pal here” She pointed at the warrior, then added in an irritated voice, “Pulled my hair. Seriously, as much as I like to be looked up as a Goddess. I still dislike the thought of being a bald woman”

Dark brows narrowed over the forest eyes and Ace stepped forward to speak to the warrior who had pulled the hairpin from her air. He gestured violently toward Kyla and then thumped himself on the chest while talking rapidly in the strange, hissing language. Then he held out his hand, obviously expecting the warrior to hand over her pin. But to Kyla’s consternation, the man shook his head and gestured first to her and then to himself with the pin. Then he made a beckoning gesture at her, as though expecting her to come over to him. Kyla stood where she was and lifted an eyebrow in what she hoped was the universal signal of curiosity and amusement. “I take it he wants me for himself?”

Ace nods his head in irritation, frowning in a way that would have scared almost anyone. Kyla crossed her arms and shook her head at the warrior. “No thanks. You almost make me bald. I prefer to have my hair. Always”

But, he refused to give up. He kept gesturing to himself with the pin and then motioning for Kyla to join him. Then the tallest warrior, the one Ace had been talked to in the first place, stepped forward and began gesturing as well. Ace hissed and glared at the warrior before holding his hand to Kyla. Kyla tilted her head and lifted her eyebrow higher than before. Ace clenched his jaws and gestured his hand to him, “Come, little mate. Show them...Kyla belong to Ace or..he will archaic Kyla from Ace”

Kyla blinks, processing that information in a few seconds before glaring at the warrior. “I don’t fucking belong to anyone nor can be taken easily”

Ace gutted and still held his hand for her to take, “Come, little mate” Kyla sighed and cursed lowly before taking his hand. It crossed her mind to wonder if he was going to give her away as a gift to the warrior that had taken her pin, but she didn’t let herself consider it long. Ace had saved her once and take good cares of her. She didn’t think he would hand her over like a discarded trinket to the warrior. At least she hoped not. Kyla yelped when Ace pulled her to his. He instantly wrapped his thick arm around her hips and pulled her closer until her breasts pressed against his chest. “ are you doing, my wild man?”

Kyla tilted her head at him with amusement. She was well aware of his intention and luckily she was never a shy woman to show her affection in public. Without taking his eyes from the big warrior, he answered in a low growl, “Kyla is a goddess. Red hair..they like it”

“Female’s soul stored in her hair. He thought he..had Kyla’s piece of her soul” He jerked his chin at the pink hairpin, “Need to show him..Kyla is for Ace. Ace’s mate”

Kyla whistled lowly, “I’ll assume that I’m popular now. And you” Kyla poked his chest, “How many time I told that I belong to no one”

Ace narrowed his eyes and tighten his arms around her, “Mine..”

“Hhhmn” She hummed while staring at his lips. “Let’s give them an entertaining show..”

Kyla wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes. His lips opened with a deep growl, and her mouth was instantly there. Ace stiffened, taken aback by how quickly she’d pounced. Her lips were softly moving against his. She planned to lure him in with tenderness. And it was working. Then she realized his fingers were gently stroking her neck. His swollen bottom lip pressed gingerly against her. She suspected he was feeling pain than pleasure, but it wasn’t stopping him. In fact, he hasn’t complaint the no sex rules. Kyla thought pleasuring them both with their hands and mouth were enough to defuse the tension between them. But, each second, minutes, hours and days made their lust more palpable.

She leaned into him, and with a low purr, he deepened the kiss. The sound was so low and exotic, it reverberates through her bones, making her want to melt at his feet. Her heart pounded. Her hands smoothed down to shoulders, then around his abdomen. Silky hair brushed against her palm, sparking an electric spurt of tingles across her skin. Ace hissed when she stroked her palm against his front jeans. His shaft had been swelling and hard. It had curve up beneath those materials, adding the pain and pleasure to the unbearable desired.

“Kyla..” He whispered as he dusted her face with kisses.

She moaned and pressed herself against him. The hard ridge in his jeans was unmistakable. Heat sizzled through her and a desperate desire seized her. “My Ace”

He purrs low in his throat once again, then planted his mouth on hers. The gentleness was gone, replaced by a pang of hunger that made her squirm. She gasped against his mouth when she cupped her breast and squeezed. It was heavy and fits in his palm. Kyla broke the kiss and leaned back. A wide grin curved on her swollen lips. “Patient, big boy. We will continue..later”

Kyla placed her fingers on his lips when he bent to kiss her again, “Privately..”

Ace let out a low protest when she released him and turn around to look at the warrior. Unsatisfied desired and protectiveness forced him to pull her back against his front. Kyla could felt his warmth breaths against her earlobe and she bites her lower lip when those bulges poke her ass seductively. She narrowed at him over her shoulder with a low warned, “Careful, wild man. You’re playing with fire..”

A charming grin lightens his face. Ace caressed her rounded stomach and look up at the warrior with a stern face. He hissed at him and talk in that strange language. Kyla watched as the warrior stiffed and hissed back before handed her fancy hairpin. “Thank you. This was one of my collection. I don’t think I’m kind enough to give you even if I’m a Goddess”

A bark of laugh came from the tallest warrior. He looks at Ace and talks to him with an amused expression. The wild man behind her shrugged his shoulder and squeezed her gently. “You have found a very interesting Goddess, Ace the son of an intruder”

Kyla was stunned. The leader of the warrior had spoken in a perfect English language and look directly at her with a wide smile. “Nice to meet you, Ace’s mate”

“What the fuck..” She cursed lowly and turned to glare at Ace. ”Unbelievable..”

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