Devoured by Him; Wildman (Romantic Erotica)

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Chapter 9

“You have a very lovely pot! I felt like I’m in a tub again” Kyla let out a happy sigh. She walked forward, very conscious of her new clothes and wondering what Ace would think when he was her.

It was a beautiful, two-piece dress made of butter-soft leather that had been dyed red. The top and skirt were embroidered with tiny, neat stitching done in a pale green that was as delicate as anything Kyla had ever seen in her friend’s advanced needlework class at the famous shop in Paris. She could only suppose that the dress had been given several coats of dye in order to achieve the deep color for the tribe admiration. She had seen a lot of pastel color along their way to the tribe. As much as she admires the dress. It was too revealing. Both sides of the skirt were split directly to the thighs. And it revealed her smooth olive skin every time she moves. In fact, her underwear had been taken away after she gets into the hot pot, special just for her. ‘A warm bath for the Goddess’, they said.

It was more than obvious that the woman tribe was letting her wear the best clothing they owned and Kyla had thanked them again and again. The women smile at her and bowed her head in acknowledgment of Kyla’s pleasure in the lovely clothes. However, the clothing not just revealing but obviously had been made to fit the woman tribe, who was three inches taller and considerably smaller in the breasts than Kyla. The sling-like top, which would have supported the woman tribe’s average breasts, thrust hers up and out like some exotic fruit on a platter, barely covering her nipples. Looking down as she adjusted the straps, Kyla could see the dark love marks Ace had put on her collarbone.

She gulped and quickly avert her eyes from Ace when he noticed her. The big wild man had turned to look at her and his eyes widened, turning darker. His lips twitched up and stood to look at her up and down. “Mine”

He growled lowly, looking down at her with eyes that had gone from admiration to hunger the moment he saw her. Kyla grinned proudly and turn around slowly in order to give him a better view of her clothes. She felt his sharp eyes on her bare skin like a brand. It shouldn’t have been such a big deal, after all, Ace had seen her naked. But, maybe it was the way the butter-soft leather clung tightly to her curves or the flash of her olive skin that bring the tension between them more intense.

“Mine was not the great words to compliment a woman” She grinned at him, completing her turn and ravish him with her observing eyes. “But, look at you-”

She pointed at his chest, “-Wildman. Trying to show off your sexy muscles?”

She wiggled her eyebrows and move her finger slowly to his navel then to the new loincloth. The long shaft turns rigid and twitched beneath that cloth. Her smile turned wider as she looks up at him. Then, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered at him, “You are mine..”

A deep growl vibrated through his chest, “Yours!”

“Moon blessed you, Ace!” A voice came over his shoulder.

Ace pulled her down beside him on the thin grass mat. Kyla did her best to fold her legs modesty as she saw the women around her doing their best to serve the food. Ace put his big palm on her exposed thigh and grinned when she narrowed her eyes at him. “Behave..or I’ll punish you”

The elderly chief let out a bark of a laugh and slammed Ace behind his back, “What a strong woman, you had got yourself, Ace!”

Kyla tilted her head and look at him in curiosity. The chief let out a bark of a laugh and explain to her as if he could read her mind. “My father was an English man like you, Ace’s mate. He felled from the sky with a big weird thing that can fly you anywhere. Centuries ago, my tribe was fear to your kind. We had never seen anyone that not from this island. We thought we were the only kind in this world. But, that changed once he stranded here. The tribe locked him down inside the judgment’s place for days. No one wants to get nearer him. Afraid that he will bring disease or bring disaster to our tribe. One day, he loses his hope when he realized that he will never escape”

He let out a chuckle and shook his head, “But my mother was a woman with a big heart. She believes in miracle and more fond of a new thing. She thinks my father was a messenger from the god. So, one day..she decided to talk to my father and even tried to free him from the wicked place when my great grandfather tried to kill him. They run away to the east and mate for life. Loving each other like a real mate. My great grandfather doesn’t have a choice but to accepted him when he saves his life from the evil tribe. Now, we welcome your kind here as long as you didn’t bring danger or threat my tribe”

The elderly look at her in mischief and proud. Something about him made her felt a little bit uneasy as if she had been observed by a predator. Kyla frowned and shook her head. She was wrong to jump into a conclusion about Ace being the only human to be able to intimidate her. In fact, the tribe looked a little bit strange. She had seen a couple of jaguar in the tribe’s territory as if they were a pet or a friend to the tribe like Rage and Ace. In fact, some of the tribe looked more beautiful than her or any famous people she ever has seen. There just something that...strange.

Kyla gulped and said, “That...That’s was an amazing story” then she added, “Actually, I have a question..” The Chief didn’t say anything. So, she continued, “There must be another people- I mean my kind that had come here. Did you meet or saw my kind pass by your territory...yesterday or last two days ago?”

Ace didn’t speak, but he didn’t bother to make sure she eat each food that he gave her. He even makes sure that she finishes everything he put on her plate when she was too busy talking to the chief. The elderly Chief had a long black hair with a skin painted with the color of green as if he was an alien. He’d taken a big sip on the weirder smell drink before slammed it on the table like savages. The sound of laughter around them turned mute to the reaction of their Chief when Kyla asked him. Something tells her that her team had walked through their territory and might made trouble to them. His people watched him as much as they’d her, judging for themselves if he could go through with this. As their leader, he had to lead by example.

“Three men and one woman came passed my territory to the west. They looked like a lost sheep trying to find a way home. One man of them almost brings threaten to the cubs. Thinking that he can study them” He answered, his voice a little rough.

He motioned for the carcass to be taken away. Men carried it off, followed by three Jaguars, interested in the scraps they dropped on the big stone as they headed to their seats. Kyla enjoyed the pork, pretending that the sight of the dwindling pig didn’t bother her. But, the weird smelly drink seems to give her a pause. It smells like a piss mixed with lemon. Ace look at her with a wide grin as if reading her mind. He gave her a daring look and just like she expected he nudge the drink to her. “No, thanks”

Ace lifted an eyebrow but she ignored him and look up at the Chief, “As the same kind, I apologize for their bad behavior. I hope it didn’t bring war or bad judgment to my kind”

The Chief smiled at her knowingly. “Don’t worry. We don’t judge your kind by some intruder behaving like a crazy baboon. Now, let’s enjoy the rest of the day with-”

Kyla turned to Ace when he nudges her the smelly drink again. This time everyone seems to lift their drink to the air with a loud hissing sound before taking a big sip on it. Ace brings the drink to her lips and waits until she accepted it with a death glare. “No more kissing for you, wild man!”

She hissed at him before taken a small sip and then tried hard not to choke on it. Her eyes flushed with tears, and her cheeks grew red. Ace slap her gently on the back, treating her like one of the warriors. The drink spill over her laps. “Fuck!..”

Her voice a little rough. The drink almost tastes like a whiskey but much stronger than it. The smell of the drink stabbing her nose and making her sight blur. She keeps sipping it, making a lengthy break, then clearing her throat and trying again. Ace had to admire her for keeping up the pretense. Then, he frowned at her. He didn’t want her to become sick and felt as if he had bullied her. “Kyla?”

He called her name, not wanting to sound desperate, but he couldn’t help it when he noticed that she no longer sitting up tall and straight. In fact, she listed to the side. His side. He lifted his hand and hesitate for a few seconds, whether to touch her, shake her or hold her still. Without warning, she turned to look at him with a narrowed eyes. Her eyes blinking with mischief as she leaned to him and put her palm against over his chest. “Ace..there’s something I want to tell you”

Ace tilted his head and lifted an eyebrow. He was worried about her sudden changed of attitude, but the sight of her leaned to him in a sexy glanced made him turn on. His big hand that rested on her thigh moved up to her inner thigh and slid into her skirt. “Y-You need an..”

Kyla paused for a few seconds before continuing in a low, strangled voice, “-An English class” She shot her big wild man an incredulous look but he appeared to be utterly amused. His full lips twitched, “English class?”

“Yes!” Kyla throw here hands in the air then poke at his chest, “Because you have a horrible-”

A sudden noise from the center of the circle drew her eyes reluctantly from Ace. The women of the tribe were dancing to the strange beats. Some men had played music using bamboo which crafted into a weird yet creative instrument. Kyla felt thrilled. She was having a hard time getting anything out of her mouth at all because her eyes kept turning to the center of the torch-lit circle, where the entertainment began to be more exciting. The women jumped from foot to foot and swing with a great Egyptian dancing style. “W-Wow..”

She let out a breath and turned to kiss Ace, harder. Thrusting her tongue into his mouth before he could react. His heat washed over her and she started to tremble with need. Ace groaned into her mouth and kissed her even harder like an addiction. Her body glided on top of his, straddling his hips. She let her fingers have full reign of his chest, touching him everywhere, relearning his solid muscles. Her body grew moist as she worked her hips in a slow circle along his waist. Kyla moaned, she felt jolts of intense raw pleasure rack her body with need wherever his skin met hers. His hands moved over her sides, working up and down, up and down, in a lazy massaging caress.

The music still going on. Reminding Kyla of her main purpose. Her mouth claimed his briefly and her hands took his wrist. Lifting his hands over her breasts, she kissed his neck and ears. Her fingers glided down his large arms, moving to his shoulder as she licks his earlobe and nibbled it. “I-I”

She panted, “-need to dance..” She breathes hard and added, “Now!”

Ace growled when she pushed him away and stood with a trembled legs. Kyla swung her hips in a seductive way before walking to the center, joining the other women. Ace growled again. His nostrils flared and his body alighted with the idea of a hunt. His heart thundered in his chest, sounding primal in his ears. His shaft filled with blood, stiff and pulsing with need. He couldn’t hold it anymore. Tonight. He’s going to claim her as a mate should do. The beats hit his ears. Encouraging him to hunt his prey at the center. Howls overpower the music played by the males as he stood and move in a predatory way. He was filled with determination. His eyes wondering over the female dance like a goddess of seduction.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

His steps quickened as he came nearer his prey. She swung in the air. Ginger hair move to the beats. Olive skin flush with sweats and sweet scent. One. Two. Three-

“Mine!” He growled lowly at her ear. Her pulsed quicken and she gasped in disbelief when he turned her around. Ace wrapped his hands over her waist and pulled her over his shoulder like a sack of potato. “Mine!” He shouted again over the noisy crowds. The tribe turned to look at them and howls as if agreeing with his statement. “Ace!” “Ace!” “Ace!”

They spoke his name proudly and watched him walked away like a strong warrior in need to mate his mate. Now, the son of an intruder will not be lonely again...

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