Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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"You can hide, little doctor. But, I can smell you from a miles. Run and let this beast hunt you" When the beast set his eyes at her, there's no way she can hide. Something about him sending her body a sweet pleasure that she eager to deny. But, when thing become dangerous, only he can protect her either she like it or not.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Barbara stared at the naked man laying on the dirty floor. A half-breed; a mouth-watering hunk of hard muscles. He looked mostly human, except for the huge bodybuilder, sharp elf-like ears and long dirty craws. She slowly knelt beside him and ran her fingers through his hair. So soft and curly!

She caressed his cheek, delighting in the feel of the stubble along his strong, masculine jaw. His gorgeous features made her pulse quicken. She tilted her head and gently ran her fingers over his shoulders and his broad chest, feeling the muscles against her skin. Heat spread inside her. It has been long since she sees a magnificent creature like him. After being locked down in the dirty caged of the Underworld’s company, her mind getting wild. She didn’t like getting closer to the other subject. They’re violent and troublesome. Some male wants her submission, but so far she successfully turns them down. The freedom of being alone is intoxicating. She growls and fights to be left alone.

She watched every hour as the crazy people in the white lab coat dragged the subjects in and out through the door. The room was like a prison. Two to three subjects shared a cell with her while the rest get their cell. Hers placed at the corner of the room nearer a small hole which the only source of light for the room when the door was locked.

She used to be one of them. She was a scientist that in charged of a private project before the experiment went wrong and sent her here. She was injected with serum R-365 by her ex-fiance. As a result, She was like a mutant. Furthermost, She was known as subject 96. The Lowliest. Failure half-breed.

Something just doesn’t feel right. Her once lab mates now her enemy. They had done some check-up and weird experiment on her for nearly 7 years before they gave up and left her rotten inside the cell when their other subject changed into something that she’s not- A shifter. They become more obsessed with experiments. The once relaxing small experiments become wilder and dangerous. They treated the subjects like a wild animal need to be enslaved. One mistake will lead to trouble and disaster. So far, she managed to stay invisible.

Barbara coward away when the man stirred. Her heart beating faster and she leaned closer to the wall to let the darkness hide her. Not that it will shield her from the man but still she feels safe. She watched, mesmerized as he groaned, swallowed and rubbed his eyes before sitting up. A deep dangerous growl vibrates through his throat as he taking his environment. The closer subjects nearer their cage quickly shrink away from him. Frightened when a new threat stayed among them. Barbara watched him under her eyelashes and knelt lower to the floor as her sharp craws came out in defense. She froze and let out a low growl when his gaze landed on her, his pale eyes narrowing dangerously. A shiver went through her but she refused to cower away. She feels proud when she gives him a death glare.

There were words of agony, of rage, in those yellow calcite eyes. This was not rational, logic-driven creature. This was a man, an animal, crazed by blood-lust and pain. He thundered, his deep gravelly voice clawing across her skin, awakening a part of her long inactive. “They thought to pacify me with the use of a female?”

Then he said, “I’ll tear you apart before you touch me”

She let out a growled and bare her teeth at him. His insults didn’t hurt her the way he’d intended but it’d alarm her. He meant to hurt her and the animal in her refused to let him do as he likes. She didn’t means to seek an intimate touch with him. A curious touch was the only thing she does to pleased her curiosity. It was unbelievable that they managed to create a magnificent monster. A dangerous predator. They didn’t know it yet. But for now, Barbara needs to stay away from the monster. She could sense his murderous aura. The need to hunt and kill.

She lifted her chin and narrowed her eyes, “No one touch anyone” then she add, “I have no desire to touch you. I’m not the only female here”

This time he was the one tilted his head, observing her in the dark. His eyes glowed and sparkle dangerously. He was gazing at her long bare legs. She wore a white dirty short along with a big shirt covering her curvy figure. She has a sharp craw yet shorter than his. Her hair was a dark golden brown color like maple syrup. It was straight and reached her shoulder-blade. His fingers twitched, the urge to reach out to her, to stroke her soft flesh, tremendous. Judging by the flex of her biceps and thigh muscles, by the frustrated radiating from her, she wouldn’t appreciate that response. She also wouldn’t listen to any command he issued.

A reprimand, verbal or physical, would add to her hostility. Some had already tried to restrain her and failed. The reportedly unbreakable wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the frame of the uploading dock had been broken, rendered useless. Good. That’s meant she’s not an easy female. A monster like him. One will bring trouble to him if he didn’t stay away. But, the need to make her submit was messing his mind. Her rose quartz eyes staring straight into his eyes. She tried to stay strong and brave but she fails miserably. He could smell her fear and worried. Then, he averts his eyes slowly to look around. As she said, she’s not the only female here. Some coward away from him. Two tried to move closer to him but froze when he growled and three were sleeping, ignoring them.

He lifted his head and inhaled deeply. The place smelled of blood, urine, vomit, sweats, and arousal hit him like cold water. He almost moves his hand to closed his nose when a sweet scent caught his attention. He inhaled again with those eyes closed in addiction. Barbara let out a snorted and shook her head. She couldn’t believe he still enjoyed the disgusting smell of the room. She had caged in almost thirteen years and yet she hasn’t get used to the disgusting smell. Moments passed. He remained motionless, allowing her to look at him, to smell him, to become accustomed to the sound of his breathing and heartbeats.

Her heart pounded so loudly, she suspected with his superior senses that he could hear her. But damn him, she couldn’t stop staring at his manhood. He had shifted his weight from his right foot to his left. Left hand on his left leg while the right one stayed on laying on the dirty floor. Giving her a better view of it. Eventually, his confidence makes her annoyed. He could at least point that thing somewhere else. His thighs were strong and four times bigger than hers. She could see the scars on his body. There was a long old scar along with his abs to his hip and on his right thigh. His cock was thick and long and had an interesting ridge. She resisted the urge to wiggle her ass, her pussy moistening, her nipples tightening.

Furious and frustrated. She yanked the thin black blanket from under her and throw it to him. His thick hand catches it with closed eyes. His lips twitched and he brings the blanket to his nose and shamefully smells it. Sweats dripping down her back and neck and she gritted her teeth, hiding her embarrassment with anger and irritation. “Don’t get me wrong, I gave you that not to fucking smell it like a dog”

She let out a warning growl before turned away from him. Avoiding herself from attacking him. It will be a stupid suicide thing to do. “Just fucking cover it! No one wants to see your dick”

“Liar” His voice was impossibly deep. No male should have a voice like that, like an endless day filled with sin and danger.

She leaned her head on the wall and closed her eyes. Her ears focus on hearing his heartbeats and any movement made by him. So far, no one tries to pick a fight. Neither a threat to her except him. But, she won’t let her guard down in case Luke the troublesome tiger-shifter coming back from his daily check-up. That annoying male had been the pain in her tits. He was stubborn and brave enough to tried to claim her. Eager to made her submit to him like a weak female. She disgusted him. Always hoping that he will die someday and left her alone. Hell! She didn’t know how to protect herself from two dominant male in the same room. It will be the worst story of her life in years. She hopes for the best thing to happen but she couldn’t escape from her sadist fate.

As if God hates her so much, the door immediately slammed open. Three footsteps walked into the room and stop in front of her cell. An annoying high pitch whistle made her fingers twitched. The tiger-shifter walked into the cell and stop five feet from her. A chuckle came out from him before he inhaled deeply and hummed delightedly. “Female...miss me?”

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