Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Doctor Barbara Creiddylad was a brilliant researcher forced to be a useless test subject by her ex-fiancé, River. Despite her advanced age, she seemed much younger because of her genetically altered DNA. She is the only one who can breach the human gene's limit. But, there was something she never imagined to happen after her agony. "You can hide, little doc. But I can smell you from a miles. So, run and let this beast hunt you" Lycus was her first successful experiment, but they were forced to be separated due to a misunderstanding. However, she was shocked to meet him again and tried to reject everything, including her affection for him. But, she couldn't escape the beast once he had his eyes on her. Something about him sent her body a sweet pleasure that she was eager to deny. His existence was a threat to humanity and a hope for the organization to rule the world. But unfortunately, they never find out about him until it's too late. His abrupt entrance was part of a scheme to wreak chaos. When things get serious, he is the only one who can defend her, no matter how much she dislikes it.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Her eyes remained fixed on the naked man lying on the filthy floor. A scrumptious piece of muscle; A half-breed. Except for the enormous physique, pointy elf-like ears, and long dirty nails, he resembled a human in most ways. In the middle of the night, Barbara knelt next to him, delicately combing his hair with her fingertips. It's incredibly silky and wavy!

She trails down to caress his cheek, delighting in the feeling of the stubble along his strong, masculine jaw. His attractive features made her pulse quicken. Barbara tilted her head and gently ran her fingers from his shoulders to his broad chest, feeling the muscles against her skin. Heat spread inside her.

A gorgeous creature of his caliber hasn't appeared in quite some time. Barbara had been confined to the filthy cage of the Underworld's corporation for a long time, and her imagination was running amok. She didn't want to get too close to the test participants since she didn't trust them. Assertive and obtrusive are two words that describe them.

A few of the men are trying to dominate her. However, the euphoria of being on her own may be addictive. She battles with a roar till she is victorious. Barbara could see the white lab coat-wearing maniacs hauling their subjects in and out of the door daily. To them, the room was a jail. Each cell housed two to three people, depending on the number of participants. The cells were arranged in a series of columns. Hers was closer to a little hole in the corner of the room that barely lit up the space.

In many ways, this environment resembles her worst nightmare.

Why? She was once among them. She was a researcher who helped with a private study before things went awry- things took a turn for the worse after her ex-fiancé forced an R-365 serum injection on her. Thus, her transformation into a mutant resulted in her being named Subject 96.

The lowest and dereliction half-breed.

Her former coworkers at the lab have turned against her, which is unfortunate. They'd been experimenting on her for seven years until they finally gave up. A new special was born due to their dedication to the other subject, the shifter. As a result, they grow more and more preoccupied with conducting experiments.

The formerly relaxing experiments became wilder and more hazardous. They treated the test subjects like wild animals that needed to be restrained. But, until now, Barbara was imperceptible.

Barbara coward away when the man stirred. She drew closer to the wall, allowing the darkness to envelop her while soothing her pounding heart. Even if it won't keep her safe from the man, she's comfortable knowing she is hidden. Awed by his moans, she stood transfixed. Eventually, he stretches his muscles before sitting up.

A loud, deadly growl escapes his lips as he takes in his surroundings, his throat vibrating with every breath. In the vicinity of the cage, subjects begin to shrink. They're scared out of their wits. Simultaneously, the sharp craws of Barbara's fingers sprang out in defense as she observed him behind her eyelashes.

She still, letting out a low growl when his gaze landed on her. His pale, dangerously constricted pupils were a significant concern to her. A shiver went through her, but Barbara refused to give in. Instead, she feels proud when she bravely glares at him.

There were words of agony- of fads in those yellow calcite eyes. This was not a rational, logic-driven creature. It was more like a man, an animal, crazed by bloodlust and pain. So he thundered, his low gravelly tone piercing into her flesh and stirring up a part of her that had been dormant for a long time. "They thought a female would pacify me?"

A faint chuckle slipped his lips, sending chills through the quiet space. Then it twisted into a cruel smile with sharp teeth grazing his lower lip, "I'll tear you apart."

Barbara let out a growled and bared her teeth. Those insults didn't hurt her the way he'd intended, but it'd alarm her. He meant to hurt her, and the animal in her refused to let him do as he liked. She didn't have eyes for intimacy with him. It was only to satisfy her curiosity.

They are stupidly unaware! It was beyond belief that they managed to create a magnificent monster. But, he is a dangerous predator. Currently, she could sense the malicious energy emanating from him. The need to hunt and kill is buried deep inside his mind.

To put it another way: In Barbara's mind, the solution is as simple as avoiding him. Instinct will be damned!

She arched her back and squinted her gaze, "No one touches anyone," then she added, "I don't wish for your touch and...I'm not the only female here".

This time he was the one who tilted his head, observing her in the dark. His eyes glowed, dangerously blazing while gazing at her long bare legs. Barbara wore dirty white shorts with a substantial shirt covering her curvy figure. Her craws were razor-sharp yet shorter than his. Oddly, her hair was a dark golden brown color like maple syrup. It was straight and reached her shoulder blade.

His fingers twitched for the urge to reach out to her, to stroke her soft flesh, tremendous. But, judging by the flex of her biceps and thigh muscles, by the frustration radiating from her, she wouldn't appreciate that response. Similarly, she disregarded every order he gave her. Any form of rebuke, whether oral or violent, could only make her more hostile.

The wall's supposedly indestructible wrist and ankle restraints had been destroyed, rendering them unusable. Good. A challenging female. Not suitable for a monster like him. But, the requisite to force her into submission was messing his mind. He could see it in her eyes, rose quartz peering into his. She wants to be brave but fails miserably. He could smell her fears.

Barbara instantly calmed down when he averted his eyes to look around. Indeed, contrary to what she has exclaimed, other women are present. But, only two females approached him and were stopped in their tracks when he hissed at them.

He lifted his head and inhaled deeply. The place smelled of blood, urine, vomit, sweats, and arousal hit him like cold water. He almost covered his nose when a sweet scent diverted his attention. He inhaled again with those eyes closed in addiction.

Barbara snorted and shook her head. She was dumbfounded when seeing him enjoying the disgusting smell. She was confined for almost thirteen years and still unaccustomed to the unpleasant fouls. Moments passed. He remained motionless, allowing her to observe him, smell him, and become accustomed to the sound of his breathing and heartbeats.

Her heart pounded so loudly that Barbara suspected his superior senses- that he could hear her. But damn him, she couldn't stop staring at his lower part. He had shifted his weight from his right foot to his left. The left hand was on his left leg while the right stayed on the dirty floor, giving her a better view of it. Eventually, his confidence gives her the hump.

He could at least point that thing somewhere else. His thighs were sturdy and four times bigger than hers. She could see the scars on his body. There was a long old scar along with the abs on his hip and right thigh. His cock was thick and long and had an alluring ridge. She resisted the urge to wiggle her ass, her pussy moistening, her nipples tightening.

She was furious and frustrated. Barbara yanked the thin black blanket under her and tossed it to him. His thick hand successfully catches it with his eyes closed. His lips twitched, and bringing it to his nose; he shamefully sniffed it.

Sweat was dripping down her back and neck. Barbara gritted her teeth, hiding her embarrassment with anger and irritation. "I didn't give you that to fucking smell it like a dog!"

Barbara turns away to keep from attacking him. It would be a stupid, suicidal thing to do. So instead, she demanded, "Just fucking cover it! Nobody wants to see your dick."

"Liar" His voice was impossibly deep. No male should have a voice like that, like an endless day filled with sin and danger.

Barbara leaned her head on the wall and closed her eyes. Her ears focused on his heartbeats and the movement made by him. So far, nobody picks a fight. But, she keeps guarding her back in case- Luke, the troublesome tiger-shifter, returns from his daily check-up. That annoying male keeps getting on her nerves. He stubbornly tried to claim her, eager to make her submit and become his bitch.

Consequently, she hates him and expects him to die someday. But, hell! She had no idea how to defend herself in the presence of two dominating guys. But, likewise, she hopes for the best thing to happen.

As if God hated her so much, the door was slammed open. Three footsteps entered the room and eventually stopped in front of her cell. An annoying high-pitched whistle made her fingers twitch. The tiger-shifter walked into the cell and halted five feet from her. He chuckled and hummed delightfully. "Female...did you yearn for me?"

Warning him, "Careful now, don't let your wits go to your dick," she said.

Barbara could feel his eyes staring at her body with lust. Then, finally, his disgusting smell evaporates in the air. She let out a sneer and covered her nose with her shirt.

He let out a bark of a laugh and glossed over her displeasure. "Brain is not important, but this-" He grabs his rod through his pants, "-Needs you."

Barbara maintained her closed eyes and completely ignored him. Luke was lean and a few inches taller than her. His head was bald, while his nose resembled a tiger, with sharp cat eyes and full dry lips. His ego was above his brain. "It needs you badly, sweetheart. Why don't we-"

"Shut the fuck up!" She said while gritting her teeth. Her voice was soft yet sharp at the same time. Footsteps approach her but halt when a warning growl vibrates through the wall. "Leave her alone, cub."

Luke growled back and spat, "Who the fuck are you?" Then he added, "I know you-"

He snorted, "You must be the newbie. The stupid male who dares to kill them." He puffed up, "Listen, asshole. Humans might be scared of you, but you better watch-"

A hiss came from behind her back, followed by a cracking sound on the wall. Barbara gaped as she turned around. Luke was elevated in the air by the naked man. He dangerously squeezed his throat. That death grip makes Luke struggle to breathe. As Luke clawed his arm, she could smell the fresh blood dripping from the naked man's hand. He tries to get away from the top predator. The man was massive and taller than him.

Barbara's eyes wandered to him as he flexed his arms. It wasn't right for a man to look that good when stretched. She tugged her eyes down to his hard, flat stomach, then to his muscular hips. Disappointment stung her as he secured her blanket around his private part. But, if she narrowed her eyes and honed in on it, she could see that sexy ass of his under the thin blanket. Her panties instantly dampened at the thought of his touch.

The man still and inhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring. His eyes flashed with golden currents of energy when he looked at her, ignoring the poor man struggling in his grip. The man loosens his hand slightly, allowing Luke to inhale a little oxygen. The man keeps still. Instead, he slowly examined her, his gaze resting for endless moments on her hard nipples under her shirt.

Barbara drew nigh to the corner and crossed her hands to hide her embarrassment. She glared at him and snarled. "Stop looking at me, or I'll dig out your eyeballs!"

His eyes darkened, and an emotion flashed through his eyes for a blink before he impassively tilted his head towards the man. Luke chuckles before coughing. He tried to look at her, but the man's hand had no mercy. It squeezes his throat harder when Luke speaks. "Y-You dirty, girl. You like it r-rough...don't you? I-I'll f-fuck-"

A sickening sound of broken bones made her stomach somersault. Barbara watched Luke's body drop to the floor like a soulless puppet. Fear and lust washed over her. She had never witnessed anyone being killed before, at least not in the room or inside her cell.

In truth, the subjects always fight with each other frequently, but none tend to kill their opponent. But this one was an exception. Not just a scary monster, but he is also a murderer. He killed one of the subjects on his first day here. She gulped nervously and stood still as he walked toward her. "Y-You killed him..."

She said in a failed effort to fully distract herself from what had just happened, unable to keep her eyes from darting at the motionless body. Finally, the man stopped in front of her with a light chuckle. "He was a boisterous cub. I'd prefer a silent place".

The room had been deadly quiet for the first time. The test subjects fear making a noise. They are afraid of being the next victim of the monster. She tried not to flinch when he knelt and tilted his head to observe her. All the bravery died inside her. She predicted him to be the dangerous predator in the room. She might be the next person to die.

A nerve-racking pause makes her take the chance to peek up at him. His eyes beamed with amusement as he stared down at her. Then, in slow action, he lifted his hand and dandled her locks. He curled it around his fingers, giving it a gentle pull to bring her face closer to his.

Her claws once again elongated, ready to make a suicide move. She gritted her teeth, holding herself from trembling crazily. Those cold breaths caressed her cheek and her earlobe. He whispers, "Now, I remember you-" He paused, "-Doctor Barbara Creiddylad."

Barbara froze in fear. She felt as if someone had thrown cold water on her body. His voice reached deep inside her, sensing the tenseness in the air. The man seemed to enjoy her unstable emotion. He let out a dark chuckle and inhaled deeply.

His lips barely touch her cheek when he speaks, "I'm curious. Why don't you satisfy my curiosity, little doc?" He hummed, "I was wondering why- a scientist, one of them, is inside this experiment cell?"

His warmth breathed weakened her, "Looking as hopeless as ever."

Barbara was trembling and breathless. She hurriedly leaned away from him and slapped his hand from her hair, "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

He hummed lowly before quietly peering at her discomfort body. Air left her lungs when his hand suddenly gripped her throat. He pulled her closer to his face, forcing her eyes to meet his. He narrowed his eyes, speaking precariously. "Liar...Liar...Your panties are on fire."

She blinked her long eyelashes, her gaze softened and unfocused. She pressed her thighs when those words sank more profoundly into her mind. Likewise, she was scared but shockingly arose at the same time. Her tantalizing musky scent shamelessly becomes stronger. His lips twitched, clearly catching her scent. "What are you doing here, doctor?"

She tilted her chin upward, stubbornness in the line of her jaw. She was ready to curse when he spoke, "Beware, little doctor. I'm not in my greatest mood today. So choose your words carefully before I do...something with that tongue of yours."

Barbara was shaking like a leaf.

He raised an eyebrow and somewhat squeezed her throat. Then, afraid of being the next corpse, she finally answers. Her whisper caressed his ear, "I-I'm no longer one of them."

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