Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 10

“My sweet Barbara..” A cold voice called her from the open door. She was tight up on the chair and couldn’t look at that bastard’s face until he walks around her and stops in front of her with a wicked smile. “You look...different”

His eyes roamed over her body until he leans away with a disgusted face, “Surprisingly healthy but smells like a wet dog. I guess lock up inside that cell didn’t weaken your spirit at all”

She narrowed her eyes at him before letting out a bark of a laugh, “Weaken my spirit? Ohh River...”

She chuckled and looked up at him with a deathly stared, “Nothing will stop me from wanting to kill you. Once I get-”

“You’ll have your wicked way on me” He rolled his eyes and wave at her in bored, then added, “And I will wait for that time to happen, Barbara”

He curved his lips into a sickening smile, “But before will be barely moved-”

He placed his hand over her inner thigh and slipped into her shirt. She let out a warning growl as his fingers rubbing over her swollen clit. Lycus’s cum still drenched along with her juices. But, River didn’t seem to notice it, instead, he thought his touch had made her wet. Her pussy lips were drenched with their juices, making her hot flesh slippery, easing his way. “Look at have been wetting for me”

He pushed her shirt up to her hips to reveal her soaking flesh. River’s smile was wider as he stared at it with hunger eyes. “You won’t stop wetting for me, aren’t you?”

He was spreading her pussy lips wide, opening her sex for his own pleasure. Two thick fingers pressed inside her, exploring her pussy, mapping her secret places where only Lycus should touch it instead of him. She let out a snarled and struggled on the chair, trying to hurt the male that dares to touched her. River rolled his eyes and pinched her clit with his thumb, harder until she flinched and freeze in horror as his other hand move to the front of his pant. He let out a cursed and stroked his hard cock beneath those pants. His fingers were rubbing over her hot, slippery sex insistently, urgently.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Barbara. Harder and nonstop until you beg me to stop” he groaned low in her ear, pressing deep now until he reaches her g-spot. She let out a snarled and unwillingly cum on his hand.

The hot, dirty words and the motion of his fingers inside her made her turmoil. River was mistaken her growl as an invitation. He hurriedly pushed down his pants and revealed his thick cock, but smaller than Lycus. He licks his lips and leaned until his cockhead pressed on her cheek. He stroked it against her cheek, soaking it with his cum. Barbara growled louder and move her head away from his cock, “Do it again and I will fucking swear to tear it apart with my canines!”

He blinks and narrowed his eyes at her. “If you don’t suck it, Barbara...I will-”

“Now that not what you supposed to do, River my dear” A wicked voice came from behind Barbara. A click of heels echoed through the silent lab. River looks pissed but finally steps away from Barbara. He looks up at the other woman in bored, “What are you doing here, Lana?”

A blonde came into Barbara’s sight as she stood beside River. Lana let out a chuckled and shamelessly stroked his shaft. Barbara ganged in disgusted as he hissed. His cock jerked in her hand. “Allow me, my dear”

Lana kneels before him and licks his cock head. Barbara closed her eyes. They disgusted her more than the tiger shifter, Luke. Barbara cursed under her breath and closed her eyes in disgusted. She was rather rotten in the cell than being in the same room with these people. Two fucking people who betrayed her. Their attitude never changed just like she expected. In fact, it becomes worse than the last time she sees them. Barbara felt the cold shiver run through her body in a way that makes her felt dirty. As if a skunk has spread it stinky smell all over her sensitive nose. She could sense it even though her eyes were closed. River was looking at her like a piece of candy. He made it as if she was the one who touched him. Making him cum like a pathetic, needy asshole.

Lana let out a sultry chuckle and wiped the cum from her chin. Her tight black skirt rolled up to her tanned thighs. Barbara rolled her eyes and crossed her legs tighter. She could felt her whole body trembled in fear and hopeless, yet she refuses to show her weakness to them. It took her years to master her own emotion. To hide those ugly feelings that she eager to show them. The hatred runs deep in her blood. Pumping in her heart in a furious beat that almost make her chocked. River hurriedly fastens his belt.

His grin was wider with arrogant as if he had shown a fabulous orgasm to the Queen. Although, no queen will ever want to watch his dick shoved into a slut. Even Lycus can do better than that. In fact, a glance from him could wet every female underwear with need. It was still a mystery to her as for the reason why Lana want to be with a man like River. Why would she betrayed Barbara for a man that hardly makes her feel anything other than annoyance and headache?

Barbara had to fake an orgasm every time she let him fuck her in the past. She thought she will be free from him and she was glad to finally knew his true personality before she marries him. Now, they were nothing but a subject and a mad scientist. Both things didn’t have the same understanding. She despite an illegal experiment. A knowledge used for evil purposed. She proud to made the right choice to refused their invitation for her joining their group. A secret society. A group of scientists doing some experiment to create a great weapon to win the war. A war that will never happen if they didn’t start it. It felt as if leaving in a dark room without knowing what had happened to the world. Did the Government know about the black project?

No. She doesn’t think so. These stupid group of scientist thinks that they can save the world. It was dying in the hands of the human. She wasn’t completely stupid and her brain function just fine before she turned. In fact, she became a scientist to find a cure for a disease, tried to find a solution to every problem based on logic and the need to see the world recover or even better be more advanced like they hope in the future. But now, all of it was just a dream that she will never able to fulfill it. She was stuck under secret lab-ground. A place for the secret project. It was once a good place. A place whereas the subjects, not a thing to be useful and thrown like trash. A place she felt glad to spend every lifetime in order to save humanity. Now, it was hell. A place that tortured her and other subjects. A place where she will never going to escape.

Barbara gritted her teeth. Her heart beats faster. She was scared. The thought of being locked like a hopeless animal made her felt panicked. Her breaths quicken and she was forced to take a deep breath in order to mask her emotion. Fortunately, a scent of woods and soil hits her sensitive nose. It was a scent that made her calm. Giving her a purpose to stay strong. It was silly to think that a huge monster, once her most favorable subject needs her. She had this need, deep inside her that she eager to fulfill. She needs to stay strong in order to find a way to help him escape. Free from this place. That is her new purposed. Her lips twitched at the new determination. She different person now, not the boring, naive scientist she’d once.

Barbara grabbed what was left of her self-confidence and gathered it around herself like a cloak, holding it close. There had been a time when she could have faced a crowd and spoken to them without breaking a sweat. And she still not forget how to speak or deal with people like them. Her cold and steady voice escaped from her lips in purposed as she looked up at them. Her hands were tight down on the iron chair, but she was still strong. She a few kicks from her will knock them out. Yup, she was barely human. A predator observing her preys. “What do you want?”

Lana let out a chuckled and curled her hair around her fingers. Those long black nails will never defeat her craws. She still dangerous enough to rip open their flesh like a plastic doll. Barbara tilted her head and watched them with her sharp eyes. River shiver as she smiles at them, letting her canines intimidate them. However, it didn’t give any effect on Lana. She did stare at it as if it will be stunning for her new necklace. She smiles back at her. Barbara knew that smile. She cannot forget that expression on her face. It was as if they were inside her lab again. The day she knew she will never be normal again. Lana was the first person to volunteered to do some experiment on her.

Barbara’s heart squeezed hard, flooding her body with adrenaline. Survival instincts honed in the lab where she’d been held captive kicked in. She went still, hoping that she was wrong. That they want nothing from her, but it was a faint hope. Lana’s smile wider as she speaks, “As thoughtfully as ever..” then, she added, “Here’s the thing”

River pulled a chair a few feet from her and sat with Lana on his laps. Her voice came out in boredom yet determination. “Do the thing and we will give the thing you desire the most. Don’t worry, this time I have the approval from them. They will let you go to anyplace you want. Away from here”

The words left her cold and sent her careening back into the lab where she’d been held. The mad scientists who’d tortured her treated her like a thing- a trough from which they ripped open and poked with different things with no more concern for her than they’d have for the useless thing under a microscope. Barbara sucked in a long, deep breath and focused on their deal. “What will make you think that I-”

Lana lifted her palm and take a paper from River’s hand. “Maybe this will change your mind”

Barbara narrowed her eyes and stared at the papers. She didn’t say anything, but Lana’s eyes glittered as if she has won, “A prove..”

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