Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 11

Barbara pulled in a breath for courage. “I will do it, but in a few conditions”

Lana lifted a skeptical brow, “Your condition is freedom. No-”

“The shifters should be provided with food, twice a day and I need my old lab to do the thing. It may take a few days, hell maybe a month. I don’t care what the hell you want to do with the serum but if you want my help, first, you need to agree with the conditions” Anger and worrisome spiked through her, making her tone sharp.

She watched and waited for the woman to speak. Her lips pressed into a tiny line. Her face no longer held amusement. Her words came out through clenched teeth, “Fine”

“But, remember to do your work perfectly if you want your freedom and your stupid conditions. If you dare to trick us-” She said, rising to her feet. “You fucking knew the sequences”

Bleak, violent memories threatened to steal her breath. Fear crushed her lungs. Her vision dimmed, and she almost swayed in her seat. All those tortured. Used. She couldn’t face that anymore. She’d rather die. It took Barbara a moment to beat those memories back, and the effort left her trembled and weak. She’d come a long way over the past few years, but she had a long way to go to get back to the woman she’d once been. Perhaps, never. However, if she didn’t stand on her own two feet now, she feared she’d never been herself again- that she’d end up cowering away inside that dark cell for the rest of her pitiful life.

“Now, here’s the rules..” Lana continued.

Normally, once Lycus furious with someone, he put the conversation behind him and let it go. He simply didn’t care enough to carry around people’s baggage. But when it involved that little doctor, he had a hard time to ignore it. He couldn’t get Dr. Barbara out of his head. She lingered there, in the back of his mind, like a puzzle left unsolved. His monster- the dark, enraged beast that lurked within him, always threatening to break free and kill- had perked up, its ears twitching with interest.

He was supposed to knock her out and held her captive in his den, away from this place. He should take revenge at her. Make her suffer for the thing she had done to him. Hell, she had abandoned him. Yet, the moment he recognized her. Her scent, her eyes, and her present was strong enough to make his brain fuzzy. He was angry at himself. It couldn’t be forgiven for his unacceptable action. Killing the tiger shifter could ruin everything he planned. He was supposed to wait and make sure the shifters were in a good shape. But, now, the plan has changed. Some deep, resonant vibration that seeped into the coldest parts of himself. His hand still tingled, and the pain pounding through his body- which had eased slightly upon contact with her- had now returned with a vengeance.

He was used to pain. It was part of his life. He accepted it the way he did his own skin, but since meeting her, he noticed it more. Dr. Barbara had the ability to affect him when no one else could. Not that it mattered. She couldn’t save him. He was trapped inside his own demon. And yet there she was, haunting a small corner of his mind with the memory of how warm she’d been, how delicate her flesh felt under his fingers. When he’d touched her, there had been something there- some subtle change inside of him. He couldn’t tell what it was, and even if he could, it wouldn’t have made any difference. He was damned. The beast wants to get out. No one knew of his dangerous state but him.

Lycus lifted his dark head in expectant as Carlos entered the dark place. The room was silent except for the six shifters that moaning in pain. The dark walls, cold floor, and bars were designed to make the room unwelcoming, there was no happiness here. No hope. Carlos’s deep voice was gravelly as if from a prolonged silence, “You shouldn’t take the risk”

Lycus kept his expression neutral, hoping the other man would take it for some form of ignorance. He couldn’t let Carlos know his secret- not until he was sure his instincts were telling him. “How’re the females?”

Carlos was a taller man but smaller than him. However, years of battle had hardened his body and etched themselves into his very skin. Small scars dotted the backs of his arms, as well as a few places on his abdomen. Muscles bunched under his uniform as he shifted to face Lycus. “We managed to take them out away without their knowledge, especially the pregnant females”

Lycus gave a quick nodded before closed his eyes as if dismissing the man. He waits for Carlos to walk away but the man was still stood there, watching him under his hard gaze. “They offer her freedom, Lycus. In exchange for the serum. We cannot wait any longer..the sooner we-”

Lycus glanced up, meeting his gaze for the first time since he’d entered the room. There were emptiness and aggression in his calcite eyes. But, his fists tightened as he fought back the blood lust. His hand ached to draw blood. Carlos knew to not dare him. He was a man with fewer words and more action. There was a long silence before Lycus finally speak, “Soon, my friend. We wait first. When the time comes-”

A sadist smile twitched upon his lips, showing his sharp canines. “-We strike”

Carlos swallowed hard, and his big body shook with fear for the man behind the bars and thrilled for more action. “As you wish..”

Lycus cannot hide it from him. The beast had glanced at him in those dark eyes. It seeks violence. The signs were all there. He had grown darker over the past month, quieter. His clothing had changed. So had his habits. He no longer dined with others. He sat alone, ignoring the rest of the men who offered to share his company. Those were all signs that his beast was nearly escaped, and that his time was almost up. He was distancing himself from the others, doing what he could to prevent hurting his brothers. Carlos had seen it all before. The female- the unlucky scientist had successfully distracted the beast. It seeks attention from her.

Carlos let out a long, resigned sigh, “I’ll come back in a few days”

Lycus nodded, letting the matter drop. A slow, feral rage expanded beneath his ribs at the through of the little doctor being hurt. Hours passed and yet she hasn’t come back. The monster inside of him rumbled in warning, rattling the bars of its cage as if testing for weakness. Lycus tightened his control over the beast and pushed thoughts of her injury aside before he lost control. A sound of footsteps stirred him from his meditation. A lowly growl slipped from his lips when the door open. A few guards came into the room with a food- real food as for human, not for pigs. He lifted an eyelid to observed the guards. None of them seem to care about the numbers of the shifters. None has noticed that the numbers of subjects had decreased drastically.

The scent of fresh bread hit his nose, making his stomach rumbled in hunger. The guard hesitated but hurriedly put the food nearer the bars before locking it. His lips twitched before he let out a back of laugh. “That’s right, guard. Watch your steps before the beast strike”

The guards mumbled in disgusted, but he could smell their fear. It was like perfume around the smelly room. Lycus watched them walked out from the room while trembled in fear before he finally stood to take his food. He hasn’t eaten since he locked behind the bars. The delicious thing that he had tasted since being here was his little doctor. She was an addiction. The thought of tasting her creamy pussy made his shaft harden painfully. The sensation was unlike anything he’d ever experienced, her essence warming, tingling, pinching, a creamy juice linger inside his mouth. It was too much, too good. He let out a groaned and closed his eyes. The sight of her lush curves pressed against his body, her breathing level and deep. Yet her mouth continued to move, letting those tiny tongue soaking her lips. He shook his head. The scent of the fresh bread brings him back to reality.

He softened his grip from the fragile bread before bite on it. A sweet flavor hits his taste buds, making his stomach rumbled again. This time he pushed away those dark thoughts and ate in silence. His eyes linger at the closed door across the room. Waiting. Once again, he was waiting for her. “Soon..”

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