Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 12

Someone did clean her old lab. It was much better than the last time she was here. The remaining of some organs, animals, and even undeveloped fetus had been replaced from the broken jars. In fact, her messier table was paperless. Although, she hopes that all result from her previous experiment were somewhere inside her lab. It will be useless if someone had stolen it and use it for themselves. Some scientist like to steal other affords for their own reputation. This type was the meanies one.

Barbara bites inside of her cheek until it bleeds when a sudden pain stabbed through her neck- Again. She could smell the burn of her flesh. It was one that she tried to ignore. But, he refused to left her alone, torture-less. Her fangs came out and her eyes glittered in hatred. “ bad”

River sat on the chair faced her back. In his hand was a small remote control that links to the collar on her neck. It was created to punish rebel subjects. They want to make sure that the creatures learn their place. Fear needs to be built in order to control the subjects. Barbara never gets one of those things until she accepted their stupid agreement. Now, she will torture every second by him. Barbara let out a breath. She tried harder to control herself from ripping his head. She knew that was the cold heart asshole. He seemed to take delight in tormenting her endlessly, maliciously.

She didn’t know why she was taken at first. They hadn’t tried to explain, hadn’t made any attempt to reason with her. They had treated her like an animal from the beginning of her new life as a monster. A dangerous animal, with no reasoning skills. It had become abundantly clear very quickly, that it was her knowledge they were after, and it hadn’t taken much of a leap to figure out that whatever they had in mind to do with it, it wasn’t something she was going to like. They could not have reasoned with her. The fact that they’d tortured her alone was enough to preclude any interest she might have had in cooperating with them. But, she needs this.

Regardless, she had endured more than mere detached, clinical study. That would have been more uncomfortable enough, probably painful, but her treatment had gone well beyond that- and there had been no doubt in her mind that the ex-fiance she knew only as the cold asshole was behind it. There was malice in his eyes whenever she saw him. He was aroused when he was around her, and more aroused when he had mind fucked her, or inflicted pain. The more she resisted his attempts to fuck him, the more she endured in repercussions. Feeling dissatisfied, Barbara glance over her shoulder with hatred, “Why are you doing this?”

“Hmmn?” He hummed and looked up at her with mischief. She turned to him with determination. “You knew this was against the law, River. You cannot play like a god. It’s not you-”

River slammed his hand on the desk. His face was red with anger. “I’ll be the god! Not even you- the President can stop me from-”

“And how can you be so sure of that, River?” She asked, desperate to made him hesitate with his decision. “Even the smartest person can make a mistake and it’s not too late to stop River. Think”

Barbara moves to stand in front of him and take his hands on her small ones. “There’s a lot of innocent people out there. This is wrong, River”

River was calm for a while. There was softness in his eyes that made her think he has finally believed her words. But in a blink of an eye, River ground his teeth, squeezing his eyes tightly as a sudden emotion went through him. Mindless, driven purely by instinct, he reached for her. His fingers wrapped around her hair and he pulled it until she let out a yelped. The pain made her fell onto his feet. She tried to pull away from him but fail as he tightens his grips. His eyes changed from softness to hatred. “It’s easy to say. You’re not the one who suffered from cancer. You’re not the one who’s fighting for life, Barbara. You’re immortal! What else do you want besides youthfulness? This-”

He pulled her up by her hair and grabbed her breast. “You should be wrinkle like an old lady if not because of me! This body of yours...”

He slipped his arm around her, plastering her body against his. A growl escaped her in spite of all she could do as he pressed his hips rhythmically against her so that he could feel the moist heat of her cleft teasing his cock. But, Barbara wasn’t wet with desire. She was disgusted with him. She held her breath. She struggled with her beast. “Get your dirty hands off me! You fucking disgusting old man!”

River let out a bark of laughed and thrown her onto the floor. He reaches for the remote control and pushed the red button. For an instant, a pain shot through her flesh. She let out a cried and tried to take off the collar but it was useless. “I’m going to kill you!”

“Tsskk...Tsskkk” He smiles wickedly at her, “And when you do...I’ll be long gone”

She let out a roar of fury but stayed on the floor. She could smell her burning flesh which made her furious, but before she could do any stupid action, a guard and a man came through the lab’s door. She ignored them and focus on her breathing.

“Sir, your present is needed at the Termination Room” Said the young man in a white coat. His almond-shaped eyes looked at River with less emotion. River let out a harsh sigh before nodding at the young man and walk out of the lab without so much as looking at her. Barbara was glad to be alone. Her body trembled slightly from the man’s touch. In fact, she disliked the thought of a man touching her other than Lycus. “Are you alright?”

Barbara tensed when the young man stood before her. She didn’t notice the man until his voice reached her ears. She was tired. It took two days to completely worn her out. It was a blessing to working in her lab again but that what she didn’t want for now. All she could think is a gentle touch from Lycus. She was dying to know if he was fine. Her body was obsessed with him. Its craved him like a drug. Only with him can she feel safe again. Her fingers shook nervously as she stands up with a weak leg. “What are you doing here, Jorlan?”

The young man frowned and run his fingers through his hair. “I’m working here for six months already, professor. I was hoping to work with you when I heard the rumors that you had done something very terrible. But, I always trust you, professor. You’re a very nice and rational person. There’s no way you will do something wicked-”

Barbara uttered a long, drawn-out sigh laden with false sorrow. “You shouldn’t be here, Lan. What will your mother think if something bad happens to you? If-”

“My mother died, Prof. It has been six years and I had long graduated from the University” He exclaimed. In the next instant, his features were unreadable. “You had been gone for twelve years. Everyone was looking for you until we received news that you involved in an accident. You’re not supposed to even alive nor walking inside a lab like a healthy human”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Lan. I’m no longer a human” Her gaze snapped back to him. A glittered cat-eyes stared at him. The abnormal eye’s color making the young man nervous yet awe at the same time. He nods in agreement. “You’re an amazing shifter!”

Such an easy reply disappointed her. On some level, perhaps, she’d hoped he’d say an insult or something unpleasant. If that the case, than she wouldn’t have so much hope. His expression still unreadable, he eased to the table. He didn’t come to her. No, he stood there while examined her work. “You’re a genius, prof. You should be respected and treated much better than this. In fact, I always adored your works. You’re why I’m here today”

He paused, then turned to her, “I can help you, prof. Anything”

He looked at her as if he expects her to actually seek for his help. Perhaps, asking him to help her escape from this place. But, Barbara only stood there with an unreadable expression. Although her heart raced at the thought, her toes curled and her nervousness increased. One minute ticked by. Then another. And another. Finally, as if losing hope, she gave a slight shake of her head, sending several strands of hair over her cheeks.

“No” then she added, “There’s nothing you can help without risking yourself”

His brow puckered in stubbornness. “But-”

“I need to rest before continuing my work. Exhausted wouldn’t help me at all” She quickly said. Jorlan nods. He let go of their conversation and move to the door. “I’ll walk you to the women’s quarters”

“No need for that. I’ll go to the cell” The words escaped on a breathless sigh. His eyes glinted with an emotion she couldn’t name but she knows that he will disagree with her. “But that place-”

“Is the safest place for me” Her fingers bit into her palms until it draws blood. In an instant, his eyes gaze at her bleeding palm. Without so much as utter words, he nods and walks to the direction of the cells. They walked in silence. No one seems to have the mood to talks. Perhaps, it was because of her unreasonable decision. She had been trapped inside that cell for years and it was the only place that keeps her alive until now.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow after my work is done,” He said as soon as they arrived at their destination. He gave her an assuring smile, “Don’t worry. River will be too busy to disturb you tomorrow”

Barbara nods at him and waits until the guard opens the door. Her shoulders sagged slightly as she glances at him over her shoulder. “I meant it, Jorlan” He drew a long, deep breath. “As you wish, professor”

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