Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 13

Barbara stood nearer the locked cell. She sucked in a breath when those piercing calcite eyes stared back at her. She didn't dare to move, afraid that the predator will lunch at her. She'd seen animals killed by predators. She'd lived through an attack, saw the others slaughtered before her. But, the way he looked at her was none of the promises that will harm her. No. He about to devours her.

A buzz swept over her, No, not simply over her. Into her. She gaped, her inhalation of air drawing more of this unfamiliar presence inside her. It was too much, almost suffocating. Barbara swayed, lightheaded. "Ohh...God"

She whispered softly. Barely believing herself that she felt much safest and glad to see him. Much alive yet the thunder in his eyes telling a different story. He was an impatient man. The one that will kill anyone that threatens him or perhaps annoyed him. And she was the one to be blamed for his sudden change of mood even though she didn't know what has she done to make this predator awake with much adrenaline. After counting to three, she encouraged herself to open her eyes and wished she hadn't. He stood before her, Closer than she prefers. Not that she scared or disliked him. She couldn't help but curse. Stupid, giant-bodied, very healthy, super healing, well-endowed...Oh, don't think about his endowment!

Hard to forget since she'd felt it press against her like a seductive hard lollipop. Focus! Her body would have liked to rub a bit more against him, and her lips yearned for another taste but she couldn't do that. Not even a little bit lick and bit-

"Ofhmnn!" She yelped when he suddenly kissed her.

Right then, molded against his muscular chest, with his tongue tangled around her own, she trusted that small clear voice in the back of her mind that told her not to be worried. At no point in her life had she wanted for anything, and so, there had never been anything she'd wanted. She wanted Lycus. But not when their future isn't clear. Not when there's danger hunting them. She didn't want to take any risk. Barbara placed her palm against his wide chest and pushed him. The wild beast holds her tighter to him, pushing his tongue into her mouth again and devoured every part until she couldn't breathe.

During the past few days, she'd struggled with how to broach the subject. She didn't want to assume that he subscribed to the animal instincts of mating. Lycus clearly cared for her. So, it will be harder for him to agrees with her plans. Not that he has the choice to disagree with her. In fact, what kind of shifter doesn't want to escape this horrible place? She just hoped she wasn't setting herself up for disappointment. Barbara looks down at his bared chest with conflicts. Again, she has this annoying little feeling of hers. Something about letting him go.

"What's bother you, little doctor?" Lifting his head, Lycus held her jaw lightly and tilted her face up. "Look at me"

Her eyes obediently stared into his. He studied her for several seconds before he spoke, "Speak,"

"I know this sounds crazy but I...agreed to help them create another serum. Trust me, it's not like what you think. I have a plan and-" Stars, this was so complicated.."I know how to help you escape this place"

She breathes and dropped her forehead to his chest, afraid to see his reaction. She'd been prepared for his anger, but she didn't understand the rush warm that suddenly enveloped her. It started in her chest and radiated out through her extremities, filling her with a deep and profound sense of belonging. "Okay"

Shocked, she lifted her head and stared into his dark gaze, "Okay?"

The huge man nodded his head, "Okay"

Disbelief painted on her face as she narrowed her eyes at him, "Okay.."

"Okay" He lowered his head to brush a chaste kiss over her lips. "Do as you wish, little doctor"

He claimed her lips again. Her pulse sped at his words, but sadly it wasn't that easy. "A-Are you sure? But, I thou-"

He threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her hard and fast. With his fingers still tangled in her hairs, he walked her backward until her back pressed firmly against the wall. Their lips crashed together in another searing kiss, and he released her locks, his hands wandering down to her shoulders, along with the curve of her torso, then over the swell of her hips. His longer fingers splayed across her backside, gripping her firmly and lifting her up the wall to accommodate for their height difference. Without words, he urged her legs around his waist and sand into the cradle of his hips, rocking against her so that his erection pressed against her core with every shallow thrust. His hands everywhere, touching, teasing, stroking, fanning the embers of desire that burned in her belly. Over and over, his lips skimmed down the side of her throat, only to return for a blistering kiss that made her legs weak and her head spin.

She tightens her grips on his shoulder and pushes him harder. "W-Wait! We s-shouldn't do this.. i-it's to- uhhmn!"

Lycus grabbed her wrists and lifted it above her head like a strong chain. One, sharp fang scraped against her bottom lip, the stinging heightening her pleasure as Lycus plunged his tongue between her panting lips to taste and explore. He was gentle yet demanding, taking what he wanted while giving her pleasure in return. Barbara could barely breathe and each struggle to draw air into her lungs ended in a gasp that burned her throat. She wasn't some blushing bitches, but he clearly had more experience than she did, by evidence of the way he strummed her body like a finely tuned instrument. Every touch burned hotter. Every kiss melted away the last remnants of her inhibitions. Every whispered word stroked the fire that burned within her.

"Tell me, little doctor" He whispered, then added with narrow eyes, "Who dares to touch what mine?"

Barbara blinks, then slowly there's a surprise in her expression. The shock set in. A tangle of emotions crosses her features, with shyness or embarrassment perhaps, being on top of the list. "H-How?" She gulps.

She was sure that she had wiped her body for hours just to clean away those disgusting scent. By now, the wild feral shouldn't smell it on her. But, the dangerous looked in his eyes told her otherwise. Lycus's calcite eyes are hard upon her, so aware and intense. He resonates with power. Barbara struggles to concentrate, to hold back a part of herself, but it's hopeless she can only give in. "It's not like what you think-"

"Did you enjoy it?" His eyes twinkle with murderous. "No!"

She shouted. A shudder runs through her body. She feels disgusts and shame. Truth, she was stronger than that asshole yet she couldn't avoid his touch. The pain on her neck prevents her from breaking his neck. "I tried to push him away but-"

Lycus eyes dropped to the hand on her neck, caressed the new collar tighten around the little doctor neck. He could smell her burning flesh And if he looked more closely he could see those skin had turned red. A loud snarled came out from him. Barbara flinched when his rough hand wrapped around the collar and yank it gently. "S-Stop!"

He froze when she cried out in pain. A little blue bolts shot through the collar and into her flesh. "I'll kill them!"

A loud growled vibrated through the wall. Barbara let out a whimpered but pulled the feral closer to her. Trying hard to prevent him from kick down the door and running wild just to find that asshole or even worst trying to kill everyone he sees. She attempted to assure him, but her voice was too hoarse and she was so exhausted it came out more like a croak and he still looked as though he'd been punched. She studied him, trying to gauge his sincerity. "You cannot run around and kill anyone you see. They could harm you, Lycus. Seriously, it's hurt like hell but I can still survive"

She opened her eyes to look up at him as she waited for him to reply. His face grew thoughtful and his body still tense. "It won't change the fact that I'll kill anyone that touched what's mine"

She frowned, "I'm not yours-"

"Husshh!" He leaned and lick her burning flesh, making her moans slightly. "Let me heal you, little doctor"

"I-I'm fine," She said, almost reluctantly. What was wrong with her? She couldn't think clearly with his hands and lips stroking against her fleshes.

He hummed and ran his hand over her hair and her traitorous body melted, wanting to lean into him, to burrow against his chest. To let him surrounded her in his heat and strength. She swallowed at the enormity of it. She really was contemplating her future with him. It was madness. It was crazy. But it was her mad, crazy life. Hadn't she wished for something to come along and stir up her boring life?

"I'm perfectly fine over there" She bites her lower lips. Hands trembled on his wide shoulders.

Holding her up with one hand, while locking the other through her soft hair. His lips continued to devastate the sensitive skin along the column of her neck whereas the collar seems to cover the rest of her neck. It was a thinned yet cold mental that craved perfectly into a collar. Rage buried in his heart yet he managed to push it away and focus on the lovely doctor in his arms. He wanted her. Needed her. Insinuating his free hand between them, he pressed his palm against her core, cupping her in his shaking hand, nearly came right then and there. He found soft, warm skin that beckoned for further exploration. Sliding his middle finger between her folds to test her readiness, he paused abruptly and lowered his forehead to her with a strangled groan. So hot. So wet.

His digit slipped easily through the moisture that slicked her pussy, making him lightheaded as he struggled to breathe. Electrical currents traveled the length of his spine, and his cock jerked and pulsed with every thunderous beat of his heart. He circled her quivering entrance, teasing, testing, before slowly inserting a finger through the tight muscles. "Fuck!"

He growled as he savagely leashed his slipping control. "Only I can touch you, little doc"

She breathes. Despite her stubbornness, Lycus never hesitated. He'd never do anything to bring her harm, not even inadvertently. He was a man- No. He's a beast that knew what he wants. He takes and stakes a claim on his property. In fact, when she arched up from the wall with a needy moan, he knew he could never walk away then he could cut off his own arm. He just had to be careful. "Patient, doctor"

He groaned, inserted a second finger into her slick channel, pumping slowly as he scissored his fingers, stretching and preparing her. He kissed her hard, mostly because he wanted to, but also to distract her as he added a third finger and plunged deep. Stopping her from refusing him. Jerking away from his mouth, Barbara cried out, her eyes flew open, and she bowed up from the wall as a gush of moisture spilled into his palm. Teetering on the edge, battling back his baser instincts, his muscles so tight he didn't know if they ever unknot, he dropped his head to her shoulder and growled, the sound echoing down the room. Carefully, he inched his fingers from her clenching core, gripping his aching length, and positioned the crown against her opening. "You want this" he managed through gritted teeth, "Tell me"

In response, Barbara gripped his shoulders, her fingernails digging into the bare flesh and jerked him forward as she rocked her hips up to meet him. "Hell yes!"

Sinking into her tight, drenched pussy was the single most amazing experience of his life. Her inner walls surrounded him, massaging him in rhythmic waves, milking, pulling him in deeper. He started slow, aching back then slabbing into her in measured strokes, but as her cried grew in volume, he could no longer deny either of them the release they sought. His tempo increased, his thrust hard and demanding, but Barbara met his push for a pull, spurring him on her erotic moans and questing hands. When her inner walls clamped around him and the breath caught her throat, he finally unleashed the grasp on his control and plunged into her depths, sending them both careening headlong into orgasm. Instinct took over and reasoning abandoned him when she tilted her head to the side in surrender, baring the delicate curve of her throat. The gums around his canines ached, his mouth pooled with saliva and only one word chased itself in an endless loop through his thoughts. "Mate."

"Fuck!" Barbara cursed under her breath. She couldn't undo the mistakes.

The truth had been discovered as soon as she hacked into the company's system. She was damned for not doing it early. Weeks of thinking about how to free Lycus from this hell had completely prevented her from seeking the truth of the company. Unsurprisingly, she had been working with the wicked man. One wants to play the god over the world. A shiver runs through her as she read again. Her old computer helping her a lot to seek any information she needs. Barbara runs her hand through her hair. Her lips turned into a tinned line as she stared into her works. The serum Bf-5 had been uncompleted since she didn't have the intention to ruin the world. She didn't care if they find out about her plan. Lycus will be long gone before they find out about him.
She looked down at her white coat. And it will be the last time for her to wear it. Working in a lab has been her dream since she was born. She wants to create a better world and it never dimmed when she finds out that they're not the only intelligent species ever exist. Barbara let out a groaned and closed her eyes. Nausea begins to hit her against. It took a few minutes for her to pushed it away and focus on her planned. Lycus had been weird lately. She could sense his mysterious eagerness. As if he had been waiting for something to happen but that stubborn feral never share anything with her. Although, she didn't regret wasting their time exploring each other bodies.
"Professor." Barbara looked over her shoulder. Her ex-student look at her with hoped and interest. He had been the most clever boy that she ever meets. His mother was a nice old woman with a warm smile, much like his. But, he was no longer the sweet boy.
"I assuming you've decided about the matter" He jerked his head up and stared at her, a shallow valley forming between his eyebrows.
Barbara understood what he was trying to tell her, and she no longer denied it. She needs his help. Choking back a sigh, she pasted a smile on her face she didn't feel. While she wanted to keep him away from her problem and stay safe, she wanted Lycus away from this hell more. "I need your help"
She watched his expression soften. He moved to observed her work, then calmly, looked at her, "Anything"
Almond eyes study her, His eyes twinkled as he stared down at her works again. His slightly disheveled, dark-blond hair was short and neat. He was an interesting young man like his father. Chiseled cheeks, firm jaw, plump lips and deeply tanned skin. It's hard to believe that she had once held him when he was still in a diaper. His gaze caught hers, holding her spellbound with curiosity. "Please tell me, you're not planning on giving them this?"
She blinks and shook her head, "I am-" then take away the serum from him, "-It's not the most perfect serum, but good enough to fool them"
He studied her as if searching for the truth, then he nodded his head and smile, "Good," Barbara watched the young man leaned on her table and crossed his lean yet muscular arms. "Now, spill the beans"
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