Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 14

Barbara fell down at the sudden pain on her forehead. It's much stronger this time as she shuffled on her hands and feet, drops of sweat beading on her forehead despite the cool air. Her stomach turns sour with nausea; a smell of smokes filled her lungs and the sound of explosion rings in her ears. "Dammit!"

This is not what they planned at all. She waited and waited but only silent accompany her in the lab when a sudden explosion shook the entire place. It's quite worrisome because they're inside an underground felicity. They don't have to wait for the scientists to kill them if the explosion continues. Bury while still alive isn't on her list. Although, she doesn't have a choice now. It's either get out of the place or die. Fortunately, she doesn't have to worry about Lycus or Jorlan. They should be long gone by now, which left her alone to meet the asshole. She's bait, so the others could escape. But, something feels wrong.

With another jolt, the room shook like forever before it stops. Barbara coughed and quickly stood to get out of the lab. She didn't know what has happened, but she didn't want to wait to know. She wanted to cry, but no tears came; she could only stand there watching the hallway pack with shifter and human trying to escape. She could hear women screaming in panic, guards shouting something that she couldn't understand due to the sound of shotguns. Her mind functional without flaw. trying to calculate her way to escape. Obviously, she couldn't walk to the main entrance because the wild sound of people fighting is in that direction. Knowledge flooded her thoughts, facts and images, memories and details of the place.

"The heliport!" She whispered to herself.

Barbara quickly turns to the left. The place continued its ascent, swaying. She grew immune to the wild sound around her and continue walking until she reaches a door that leads to the stairs. She looked in every direction to make sure no guards or scientists sees her. But there was no one that free enough to pay some attention or even notice her. She breathes and continues her journey with determination until she reaches another door. This time it was a door to the heliport. She didn't realize that she was holding her breaths until she walks through the door. Well..that was easy. She frowned but pushed away from the feeling of paranoid and jogs to the side of the nearest helicopter. Luckily, she knew how to fly this thing. Good thing she got her license as soon as she was accepted to worked here. However, she swore to never get involve in a mess like this if she succeeds to get the hell out of here.

A scratchy voice came from behind her before she could rotate to the helicopter's door. "Not so fast, sweetheart"

Her new companions grin wickedly as she swiveled her body to them. Panic kicks into her system but she tries to push it away. Her eyes flickering between River and Lana. Barbara didn't know whether to be worried about the remote control in the bitch's hand or the small yet deadly laser in his hand. Both of their hand was pointed at her which make her froze in fear and anger. They stood in a vast heliport several times the size of a football field, surrounded by four enormous walls made of gray stone and had to be hundreds of feet high and formed a perfect square around them meanwhile the royal blue roof can be open which specially made for the helicopters.

"The serum, Barbara" Lana sneered at her.

"Safely tucked inside my pocket" She keeps her eyes on them while slowly take out two small tubes.

Greed sparkled in her eyes as Lana stared at it while River looks impatient. Barbara wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly jump on her just to get the serum. Wisely, River let the bitch step forward and impatiently snatched the serum from Barbara. She has a bad feeling about this. They silently watched Lana drinks on of its. Seconds become minutes before the bitch nods at River. There's a big smile on her red lips, showing the barely noticeable wrinkles around her eyes.

She stared at the last serum then looks up at him, "We should keep this one for further research"

River frowned at her. In a blink of eyes, Barbara watched unexpectedly as he pointed the laser at Lana and shot her right on the heart. She hits the floor like a wreak doll. The last serum rolling away from her hand and stop nearer his left foot. The bastard let out a sign and pick it out. "She's always a selfish bitch"

He told Barbara with a shrugged. "Don't look at me like that, sweetheart. It was her fault all this time. Seriously...she shouldn't seduce me at that night-"

Anger shown in her eyes as she watched the bastard approach her. "-But you shouldn't be there too. I know you will share with me about the serum if none of this happened"

Barbara didn't move. Her heart sank at the thought of sharing the information with him. True, she might to that if none of this happened. But, nothing can change the past and she will forever hate him. River reached out and tucked her hair to him. Their face was inches apart. "I really like you, sweetheart. It's a shame that you're one of them"

An animal. She gritted her teeth. The bastard dared to call her an animal. "Human are animal too"

She spats at him. Oh, how she wishes to make him a punchbag. He was lucky that the laser prevents her from doing what she desired the most. She grabs herself and wraps her arms around her waist, trying to acts as if she scared of him. His frown is condescending, but the way he holds the laser is much scarier, honestly. She grinds her teeth, almost breathing fire. Her fingers are clenched to her flesh, trying harder from attacking him. Suddenly, a rumbling laugh comes from deep within his chest. "Don't worry sweetie. I won't kill you. After all, you're needed for the researches..and this-"

He lifted the tube, open the wooden top cap with his teeth. Barbara's body becomes less-tensed. At least, he'd take the bait. All she needs to do is wait and-

"Now, move" He nudged her with the laser. His head nod to the helicopter behind her impatiently, then nudged her again with the laser until she moved.

More sweat rolls down her back as he follows her steps. Barbara tried to slow them down but the thought of the laser pressed firmly behind her back make her hesitated with plans. Dare she take some risk action? What if the laser gets to her first? Fuck! Fuck the fucking damn world! She cursed in her mind. For an instant, her eyes drift off to the floor, her left hand tentatively scratching the top of her right hand until it bleeds. Great, more signs of defeat. "Look at that.."

He tilted his head and shamelessly stared at her butt as she climbs to the front seat. Obviously, he will make her fly them away from here. "I can't wait to fuck you"

He licked his lips and winks when she glared at him and sneered in disgusts. God, she wants to kill him! As if God heard her for the first time, a sudden explosion shook the entire Felicity again. River let out a cursed and tried harder not to fall on the floor. Barbara blinks and looks at his hand whereas the laser was. He was busy balancing himself that he forgets about her at that moment. Feeling more confident, she jumps out of the helicopter and punch him on the face, harder. He looked shocked for seconds before pointed the laser at her. Fortunately, she managed to kick it out of his hand before clawing his face with her sharp claws. River let out a scream in pain but still wouldn't give up. Barbara prepares for any attack from him except the sudden painful sensation on her neck.

She screamed louder in pain follows by a terrifying roar. Her weak knees touch the floor and there are tears in her eyes as she tries to take off the collar. Fresh blood rolling down her bruised neck as she continues yanks it. Shocks aftershocks weakened her body until she was forced to lay hopeless on the floor. She wants to scream again, but she can't. Air trapped in her throat and it can't escape. A maniac laugh stole her attention from the pain. It had subsided as she struggling to breathe. She forces her head to move and stare at the man before her. Dammit! She was too weak to even glare at him. The smile on his lips made her stomach crunch. Terror fills her as he kneels before her with a small remote control in his left hand, replacing the laser. "Tsskkk...Tsskk...I just beginning to-"

"!" She cursed him, weakly.

Blood rolled down his cheeks, instantly ruining his shirt. But, the bastard ignored it and continued staring at her with amusement. He doesn't respond instead, his hand moves to her neck, choking her. Her eyes widened, and quickly wrap her fingers around his, desperately trying to claw her way out, but it's no use. He's twice as strong as her, and his will seems unbend-able. Terror fills her as the laser in his hand rises to eye-level which she finally notices as she blinks her blur sight. The cold cold metal feels like a burn against her skin. He looks her straight in the eye, his eyes filled with chilling determination.

But then he waits.

"With your attitude like this-" He sighed. "I can't let you survive. Looks like I need to do the research by myself. Luck me, I get it in my system"

His eyes narrow and his lips become thin lines as he tightened his grips around her neck. Seconds pass. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock...Barbara runs out of breathing by now. Her face turns purple and her eyes widened in panic. Is this the end? The thought drives her insane. Death is at her doorstep, but he won't come for her. Instead, she's left waiting in agonizing for fear. She hates this. Feeling hopeless again. Her left hand let him go and travel down to her stomach. Questions and thoughts raging through her mind. She never cared for her life except now, when it's threatened. Her instincts have kicked into full gear. She struggling harder against him. Her legs curved as the oxygen entirely leave her body. Tears rolling down her cheeks as she closed her eyes in defeated.

"Too bad, I can't taste you. We can enjoy the pleasure I give you, sweetheart" He says disappointingly. Barbara ignored his lips against hers and focus on her inner self.

I'm sorry...

She apologizes to everyone. To Jorlan for leaving him alone just like his mother. To Lycus for leaving him without telling him about their- unborn baby.

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