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chapter 15

Five months later

He filled with rage. Burning deep down his heart was the uncontrollable emotion. It has been crawling into the surface, but he manages to push it away. He took a deep breath. “How's everyone?”

Jorlan nodded. “Everyone’s ready”. He glanced at another shifter behind them, “They need to fit in with the rest though. They need to show some commitment and not react without thinking first. We didn’t know how many human in there or if she-”

Lycus growled. “She’ll be there. I can feel it”

Jorlan glanced up at him and smile pityingly, “We already attacked twelve facilities and this will be the last location-”

He tensed and back downed immediately when Lycus growls, “We’ll find her no matter what happens. So, don’t lose your mind yet. We need you”

With a soft growled, Lycus nodded his head and walks to their leader, Bain. He was a six-foot five range. His shoulders were wide and muscular arms bulged beneath his black clothing. His gaze couldn’t penetrate those black glasses to see his eyes. It was unsettling and made him an even scarier figure to confront. But, he’s a great leader and Lycus respect him. Bian nodded and end his call. “The president will send the Seal, enough to cover our asses”

Lycus sighed. “Good”

He had to take some deep breaths to calm. He resisted the urge to destroy something. Soon, he will meet her again. He blamed himself. He was foolish for not trusting her with his plan. If he shares his plan with her then she’ll never- No! He shook his head. Attack the building after their back up arrive- That was the plan. He was supposed to find her and take her out of that hell before the human reaches her. But, damned!

“We need to go now!” Jorlan shouted.

Lycus turned and approached the helicopter. He fought to control his emotion. He glad that others let him climbed first. He was like a ticking bomb. They scared of him because of his tempered. The news of him willing to kill anyone that impeded his way made him the dangerous feline to cross with. True, he will anyone in order to get back his female.

"I'll find you.." He growled softly. The shifters next to him tensed and gripped his gun tightly. Jorlan frowned at him and shook his head, "Calm down, beast. The beauty will run away if she sees you like this"

He winced when Lycus glared at him and lifts his hands. "Don't kill the adviser"


Barbara still couldn’t believe it. She was in a coma for five months. At first, she was running with the wolves in a field filled with fresh corns when a voice calling her. It was soft and full of determination. Until now, she could still hear it.

She did awake after that but with no danger lingering around her. In fact, she was safe. Hiding deep inside the Underworld facility. A woman called Dr, Layna did explain to her everything. Her nose’s wrinkled. She was glad that River failed to kill her and now was locked down somewhere out there. Hell, she’s not willing to find him nor meeting him again. That man was a maniac. Too bad, neither she free from the human. Barbara pulled in a deep, steady breath. She was alive and that was what mattered.

She felt a soft kick in her belly, and she smiled, the now-familiar mix of shock, wonder, and nerves filing her chest. For a half-breed, her pregnancy still growing faster than the human female. She rubbed her palm over the mound of her stomach. This was one other thing that had definitely changed. She was now pregnant with a shifter baby. A sense of love unfurled. Hell, she still felt the trickle of freaking shit panic, but this baby was hers, no matter what happened in the future. Barbara never thinks about having a child. In fact, she doesn’t know how to deal with children, but things change as soon as she awoke from a coma. It was like a whole new life for her. She was going to rock the hell out of being a mommy to her little boy. It’s not officially a boy yet. The doctor hasn't confirmed it yet, but she can feel it in her heart. Her little baby is strong and pretty excited too. He had been kicking for few a minutes now as if sensing that he will meet her.

She smells the sweet scent before heard her. It hadn’t been that long-ago night that she meets her. The little girl loves hiding under her bed when it's time to take her shot. Barbara knew how it feels to see a needle again. She had been through a lot of processes in order to make sure her pregnancy going well. So far, it’s smooth. Thrillingly, She will give birth any time soon, which make the doctors pretty aware of her situation. “Hello to you too, Althea”

Purple eyes meet hers. Barbara tried to hide her smile when the little girl frowned at her. She crawls out from under the bed with her short strawberry hair messing around her face. The little girl wasn’t any different from hers. She was a little shifter with a unique skill. She learns faster for two years old kid. Sometimes, Barbara forgets that she was talking with a little girl because of her brilliant mind. She was impressed every time those little pout mouth open. “Someday, you’ll never notice that I can sneak behind you, Ara”

She pushes her hair to the back and blinks as if observing her, “Your stomach is getting bigger!” She frowned again, “Are you sure it won’t burst out like an outrageous balloon?”

Barbara laughed and let the girl placed her tiny hand on her stomach. “Oh! That was strong..”

She touched her stomach and groans softly. Her little boy kicked under the little girl's touched. She was well aware that he like the girl very much. Even Barbara craved her sweet scent like craving for ice cream. She mentally noted to ask the doctor of ice cream later.

“Are you hiding from your shot again?” Barbara lifted an eyebrow. The little girl dared to shrug like an adult then jumped on her bed. “I hate needle. It hurts like hell and I don’t care a shit if the doctor gets mad at me”

She gaped at the little girl. She was well aware that the little girl had been cursing lately, which shouldn’t be happened since she was only a three years old girl. Barbara put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at her, “Curs-”

“Cursing is bad. I knew, Ara. You’ve been telling me for hundreds of times” Althea throw her hands in the air. Barbara tried not to smile. The little girl knows how to humor her sometimes.

Althea turned her head, her eyes keenly observe the door before looking up at her again. She had those twinkling eyes that didn’t sit well for Barbara. The little girl must be plotting something again. She lifted an eyebrow and sit next to her. The little girl moves her hands in a sign gesture. Missy and PinkyPie went missing. The human must have taken them yesterday, but they won’t take one of us again. Diamond find a secret passage. Use for a long ago but no longer now. The human forgot about its existence. Tomorrow evening..we plan to get the hell out of here-

She stops for seconds before move her hands again, -Please join us, Ara. I don’t like to leave you here..the human may not be wicked like before, but they-

She tensed. Tears begin to spill from her big eyes. “I like you very much, Ara”

Sadness hit Barbara. She wrapped her arms around the little girl and pulls her closer. Her face against her stomach. The purple shirt begins to soak with her tears. Her little boy kicks her stomach again as if noticing the little girl sad emotion, “I like you too, little girl. But, I’ll only become a burden and what if the little boy decides to come out during-”

“I don’t care” Althea looked up at her with her cute puppy eyes. “I’ll take care of him. He’ll be the most powerful shifter ever exist”

Her voice came out gruff, harsh and sounded more animalistic than human. She didn’t care. She just hugs her tightly and caressed her back in comfort. The little girl shook her head when she tries to give more excuse. “Fine. I’ll come with you., so stop crying like a baby”

Barbara smile when she pouts at her. Her red cheeks soaked with tears. Althea pressed her face against her stomach, muffling the sound of playful growls. “I’m not a baby”

Her smile widened as she glanced at the little girl. "You're an old woman in the body of three years old girl"

Althea growls softly and gently pulls away from her. "I-"

"Althea!" They tensed when a woman voice come out from the door. Nurse Ellie was standing there with her hands on her hips. She was a tallest and most kick-ass-looking nurse in the facility with her hair tight up in a neat bun and keen looking eyes. "You run away from the doctor again. This shouldn't be happening again since-"

"I don't care what they think about me. The doctor can shi-" Althea snapped. She bared her teeth at her when the nurse tries to reach her. "Don't touch me with your filthy hands"

"Althea" Barbara shook her head at the little girl. "You shouldn't talk to her like that"

Barbara was afraid that the nurse will no longer be patient with the kid. She didn't want her to take her away like the other kids just because of her attitude. It was undeniable that they took the kids away for further experiment. Sympathy and compassion made her ache for the kids. Underworld Industries had illegally altered human beings with animal genetics somehow, made them stronger than normal human, and even some of their appearances had been changes. She made the right choice by refused to join them back. The testing facility assistants and some doctors had been killed by the people they'd helped create. She'd silently cheered at knowing that news but then, she hated everyone who worked inside the secret facility, performing illegal experiments. Unfortunately, they missed some clue to perfecting their experiments.

"Go," She urged the little girl to follow the nurse, "You need your shot"

"But-" Barbara shook her head at her and pats her head, "Please? Do it for me"

Lips parted to reveal sharp fangs. She snarled at her, a little louder than mild growl she'd given her before. Her hands move in non-verbal communication. I swear we'll get the hell of here. Tomorrow!

"Yes," Barbara nodded her head, "Now, go. Don't make them wait for long"

Althea growls at the nurse and stormed through the door without glancing at her again. She likes to make the nurse irritated with her. The little girl needs to know how to control her tempered before it brings trouble to them. "She's still an adorable girl"

Barbara spoke to her baby boy. She smiled softly and stroke her stomach. She takes notes as her baby boy kick her stomach. "You need to stop doing that or mommy going to stick inside the bathroom for the rest of the day. You know how mommy hates staying in there. It's stinky.."

He kicks again. "Yup...mommy need to pee"

Barbara stood and hurriedly going into the bathroom. It was small yet comfortable. At least, she has her own bathroom instead of sharing with others. The human agreed to give her some privacy. They want her to give birth to a healthy shifter. Unfortunately, Barbara swore to kill them if they dare to take her baby away from her. 'Cross my heart and hope to escape'

She really hopes that they can escape this time. It's been a long time since she feels nervous again. She was thrilled but afraid for their safety. Whatever happens, she swore to do anything to make sure that Althea and her baby boy are safe from danger. Her hands shook as she stood in front of the mirror.

"I hope you're safe too.." She closed her eyes and touched her stomach. "Lycus.."

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