Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 2

“Careful now, don’t let your brains go to your dick,” She said emotionless. She could feel his eyes staring at her body with lust. His disgusting smell evaporates in the air. She let out a sneer and covered her nose with her shirt.

He let out a bark of a laugh, failed to notice her annoyance. “brain not important now, but this clearly need you”

Barbara rolled her eyes and keep closing her eyes and ignored him. Luke was lean and few inches taller than her. His head was bold, nose looks like a tiger, sharp cat-eyes like and full dry lips. His ego was bigger than his brain. “It needs you badly, sweetheart. Why don’t we-”

“Shut the fuck up!” She said while gritted her teeth. Her voice was soft yet sharp at the same time. Footsteps coming closer to her but stop when a dangerous growl vibrate through the wall. “Leave her alone, cub”

Luke growl back and spat, “Who the fuck are you?” Then he adds, “I must be the newbie. The stupid one who dare to kill the scientists. Listen, asshole, the human might be scared of you..but you better watch-”

A hissed come from behind her followed by a cracking sound on the wall. Barbara gaped as she turned around. Luke was lifted in the air by the naked man. He dangerously squeezed his throat. Making Luke struggling more to breaths. She could smell the fresh blood dripping from the naked man’s hand as Luke craws his arm. Trying to get away from the real predator. The man was bigger and taller than Luke. Her eyes wandered on him as he flexed his arms. It really wasn’t right for a man to look that good when he stretched. She tugged her eyes down to his hard, flat stomach than to the strong hips. Disappointment stung her as her blanket successfully hide his private part. But, if she narrowed her eyes and focus closely, she could see that sexy ass of his under the thin blanket.

Her panties instantly damp at the thought of his touch. He still and inhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring. His eyes flashed with golden currents of energy when he looks at her, ignoring the poor man struggled in his gripped. The man loosens his hand slightly. Allowing Luke inhaled little oxygen. The man didn’t move. Instead, he examined her slowly, his gaze resting for endless moments on her hard nipples under her shirt. Barbara moves closer to the corner and crossed her hands to hide her embarrassment. She glared at him and snarled angrily. “Stop looking at me or I’ll dig out your eyeballs!”

His eyes darken and an emotion flesh through his eyes for a blink before he lazily turned his head to the man before him. Luke chuckle before coughs. He tried to look at her but the man’s hand has no mercy. It squeezed his throat harder when Luke speaks. “Y-You dirty, girl. You like it r-rough..don’t you? I-I’ll f-fuck-”

A sickening sound of broken bones made her stomach somersaults. Barbara watched Luke’s body dropped to the floor like a soulless puppet. Fear and lust washed over her. She never witnessed anyone being kill before, at least not in the room or inside her cell. Truth, the subjects always fight on each other frequently but none tend to kill their opponent. But this one was an exception. Not just the man is a scary monster but he also a murder. He killed one of the subjects on his first day here. She gulped nervously and stayed still as he walked toward her. “Y-You kill him..”

She said in a failed effort to fully distract herself from what had just happened, unable to keep her eyes from darting to the motionless body. The man stopped in front of her with a light chuckle. “He was a very noisy cub. I’d prefer a silent place”

She noticed the room had been deadly quiet for the first time. Subjects didn’t dare to make a noise. Afraid to be the next victim of the monster before her. She tried not the flinch when he knelt and tilted his head to observe her. All the bravery die inside her. She knew that she couldn’t be more surprised. She did expect him to the dangerous predator in the room. Soon, she might be the next person to die. Along nerve-racking pause make her brave enough to peek up at him. His eyes beamed with amused as he stared down at her. In a slow action, he lifted his hand and touch her locks. He curled it around his fingers and give it a gentle pull. Moving her face closer to his.

Her craws once again poking out, ready to make a suicide move. She gritted her teeth and tried harder not to trembling crazily. His cold breaths caressed her cheek and her earlobe as he whispers at her. “Now, I remember you..Dr.Barbara Creiddylad”

Barbara froze in fear. She felt as if someone has thrown cold water on her body. His voice reached deep inside her. She could feel the tenseness in the air. The man seems to enjoyed her new emotion. He let out a dark chuckle and inhaled deeply. His lips barely touch her cheek as he speaks again, “The question is..Why a scientist, one of them was here? In this experiment cell. Looking as hopeless as ever”

Trembled and breathless. She hurriedly leaned away from him and slap his hand from her hair, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about”

He hummed lowly before quiet for a few seconds to stared at her discomfort body. Air left her lungs when his hand suddenly gripped her throat. He pulled her closer to his face and forced her eyes to look at him. He narrowed his eyes and speak in a dangerous voice, “Liar...Liar...Your panties on fire”

She blinked her long eyelashes, her gaze softened and unfocused. She closed her thighs tightly when his words sank dipper in her mind. She was scared but shockingly arose at the same time. Her tantalizing musky scent shamelessly strengthening. His lips twitched, clearly caught her scent. “What are you doing here, doctor?”

She tilted her chin upward, stubbornness in the line of her jaw. She was ready to curse him when he speaks again, “Beware, little doctor. I’m not in my greatest mood today. Choose your words carefully before I do...something with that tongue of yours”

Her mouth trembled. He raised an eyebrow and squeezed her throat slightly. Afraid to be the next corpse, she finally answers. Her soft whisper caressed his ear, “I-I’m not one of them..a-anymore”

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