Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 3


Barbara watched him sighed, his muscles flexing and releasing. Although, he looked a little bit disappointed with her answer. Did he really want to kill her? Fuck! Now, she couldn’t relax at all. Knowing a very dangerous threat was in the same cell with her didn’t make her feel safe anymore. She looked upward, meeting his gaze again. “Well, it such a shame that I can’t kill you-”

He moves his other hand to stroke her cheek. His blood painted on her soft skin and smell like him as if he wants to mark her. The hand on her throat loosened. He also caressed her throat then her collarbones, down to her shoulders. His hand moves closer and closer to her breasts. “Or torture you. But, it will be waste to destroy such a beautiful female. The fragrance of your skin is sweeter to me than the scent of a million roses. Beware, doctor. I can smell you”

A whimper escaped her lips when his hand cupped her breast. She felt numb and sexually frustrated. He squeezed and massage slightly before his fingers curled on her hard peak under her shirt. He stroked and pulled gently. Barbara inhaled sharply when he leaned closer to her neck and nib at her flesh. His saliva soaking on her flesh and the feel of his sharp teeth keeping her still. She liked the feeling. A bit too much. She wished she could argue with that logic with her brain but she couldn’t. Up close, he appeared even taller, boarder. For the first time in her life, she felt fragile. “Did they give you a breeding drug?”

She blinks. The question managed to make her sober from his spell. Alarmed. She lifted her hand and pushed his shoulders. Her sharp nails sank into his flesh. Breaking the perfect skin of his. She shook her head, “N-No!” then add, “And I didn’t lie. I-I was here for years without a daily check-up. I’m a fail experiment. So, they ignored me”

The door open before he speaks. Two men in a guard clothes walking into the room and stopped in front of their cell. Barbara looks at them over his shoulder. He ignored them and continue his exploration of her body. His hand on her breast move down to her round stomach then her hips. She yelped and pushed his shoulders harder when he lifted her onto his thighs. Her legs move between his hips and he pulled her closer until her womanhood brushed against his hard shaft. Her cheeks flushed. She struggled harder to move away from him but end up rubbing intimately on his length. He let out a groan and tighten his gripped on her hips. Panicked and shamed. She told him to let her go. She watched in horror when the men walking into the cell and take away Luke’s body. They muttered in disgusted and hurriedly locked the cell and left the room.

“Y-You’re crazy!” She said angrily at him.

He let out a sadist chuckle and let her go and stand up. The blanket fell to the ground as soon as he stood. Barbara let out a cursed. His cock was thick and long and had an interesting ridge. It was a scar. She quickly turned away from his private part. Ignoring it pointing directly at her.

He let out a bark of laughed then walked to his original position. He sat in silent but she could feel him staring at her. She closed her eyes and tried to steady her heartbeats when he suddenly breaks the silence between them. “All the best people are crazy, doctor. Remember that..”

A lot of question keeps bugging her. From the identity of the man to the idea of him knowing her. The man was a dangerous predator, a monster, mysterious one filled with rage. She could feel his anger every time the men come to take the subject one by one for a check-up. She didn’t really bother by the men until they came back and open the cell.

“Subject 96”

She tensed and look at them in disbelief. As if sensing her sudden change of emotion, the naked man opens his eyes and stared at the men, emotionless. Her hands and legs trembled as the worst memories hunted her. She wasn’t supposed to be called. She was a fail subject, the one they ignored. So, what had changed their mind? She hesitated again and stand slowly when one of the men call her again. “Subject 96, you need to follow us now or we’ll have to use the-”

She flinched and quickly stand up. A hand grabbed her arm before she could walk out of the cell. His gaze was hard and frightening. “You said they had ignored you..”

Then he leaned closer to her ear, “Are you lying to me, doctor?” She shivered, his tone telling her he won’t hesitate to kill her. His words didn’t help her at all. Fear and worried stung her. Soon, his eyes changed from anger to an unreadable emotion when he noticed her trembled body. “What’s wrong?”

She gulped and breaths deeply before yanked her arm from him, “I swear ..I-I don’t know..”

She clenched her hands and hurriedly walking out of the cell. The men locked the cell before he could yank her back. He let out a low growl while glaring at the men between her. They handcuffed her and yanked her out of the room. Her heartbeats speed up as they walking along the white corridors. Passed by many doors until they stop in front of an elevator. A moment later, the elevator open and they walk into it. Then, they continue to the third floor. Barbara felt somersaults when they stop at the familiar metal door.

A soft hummed greeting them as soon as the door open. The lab which still looks the same. The floor was brown like sand on a beach and the wall was red like a bloody tortured hell. A woman stood in front of a bookshelf. Her back was facing them. One of the men push her into the room, “Subject 96 is present”

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