Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 4

A wet tongue move against her round left breast. She let out a soft moan and arched her back, offering more of her flesh. A low chuckle caressed her ear before continue licking her flesh. She couldn’t stop the dampness on her-

Her eyes snapped open as soon as she realized that she was naked and back to the cell. Cold air blow through her bare skin. Trembling, she moves to the warm body. One hand on her right inner thigh while other at her right breast, pitching on her tight peak. She moans against, this time louder. A long black hair caressed her arm as he moves to suck a nipple into his hot mouth. Her craw came out and sink into his flesh. She could smell sweats, blood and arouse. Something weird happened to her body. She felt as if her flesh burning yet every touch, every stroke from him bring an undeniable pleasure through her. Things that never happened to her body before.

Her hands trembling and tears clouded her eyes. She couldn’t stop the moans from coming louder and louder as he sucks and bites her peak. He growls as she rode the thigh he tucked in close to her wet cunt. She was starving for him. There’s nothing else she wants except his hot mouth on her clit. Devouring her like the beast in him. As if reading her thought, he moves lower, to lick down the narrow, closed slit, to plunge his tongue deep into the tight depths of her vagina as he drew all her silky cream into his mouth. “Mine..”

His voice was low and dangerous. He drew his nose closer to her small hole and inhale deeply. Trying to memories her delicious smell of aroused. Barbara barely heard him. The touch of his tongue was like a bolt of electricity searing her womb. She gasped at the sensation, her body tightening, drowning in the pleasure that washed over her. There had been nothing like it in all her life. She bucked against his mouth, feeling his tongue circle her aching clit, his lips suckle at it. His hand parted the folds, his fingers running through the juices that wept from her body, caressing a path from her hidden entrance then lower, shockingly lower, to the tight pucker of her anus.

She jerked. He growled warningly into her flesh, sending vibrations of ecstasy echoing over her body. She arched. His tongue stabbed into her vagina, his finger slid a forbidden inch into the lower entrance. “F-Fuck...yesss”

She gripped his shoulders, her claws digging into the muscles as her vagina tightened, desperate to hold his tongue in place as she marveled at the feel of his finger lodged just past the entrance of her ass. It didn’t hurt. She would have thought it would. He moved it, pulling free of her body’s grip, his fingers moistening themselves in the juice that ran from her cunt, then returning to slide into the tight hole once again. All the while, his tongue thrust hard and fast inside her, driving her closer to completion, as his finger drove her closer to insanity. She could think at all.

She tossed, bucking against him, her hands in his hair again, pulling him close as she felt the bite of sensual pain in her ass, the thrust and drag of his rough tongue in her vagina. Torturous need clawed at her insides, burning her alive as he fucked his tongue hard and fast inside her gripping channel. She was going to come so hard as she knew she would die with the sensations of it. She groaned, burning, reaching, she half screamed, half growl at the agonizing pleasure and exploded into his mouth as his finger forged deep inside her ass an instant before her muscles clamped tight in orgasm. Fiery fingers of electricity sizzled insides her, as her hands anchored in his hair and he eased his finger free of her anus, before rising quickly over her.

“Glad to see you again, Dr. Barbara” He whispered against her flesh.

Sanity coming back to her mind like a cold water dump onto her. She blinks and growled warningly. Pushing the male away from her and slammed him onto the floor. Craws sunk deeper into his skin until it bleeds. Anger burned inside her along with lust. She shook her head and glared at the male. “Who the fuck are you? And how the hell you knew about me?”

The calcite eyes of him glowing in the dark like a predator. He let her sat on top of him. Feeling her wet clit brushing against his abdomen. Barbara tried to ignore the moans that threaten to come out as he moves to pinch her nipple. She quickly gripped his wrist to stop him. The scent of his blood hits her nose yet he didn’t even flinch nor move excepted pinching her peak harder. He chuckles as she growls at him, “Forgetting one of your lab rats isn’t like you at all, Dr. Barbara. I thought I was your most favorite experiment, but you dumped me like trash”

She tried not to flinch by his harsh-toned. The answer she got from him didn’t make sense at all. So far, she never ditched anyone, at least not when she was a responsible scientist. She does her work like a professional and never once treat anyone badly especially the subjects. His hands cupped her breasts, his fingers gripping the hard points of her nipples and pinching them gently- bringing her back from her thought. She tried harder to move his hands from her breasts, but the male was like made of steels. She growled at him and asked harshly, “I never dumped anyone! Not even any subjects! So, who the hell are you? Tell me the truth or I will cut your ball an-”

Her face pales when she feels the head of his cock brushing against her ass. It was moving seductively against her flesh. Soaking her with his juices. She looked down at him with a small chocked of surprised, “Or you will what, Doctor? Suck it? bury it into your hot-”

“I-I will fucking cut it!” She warned him yet it came out in a whispered. It moved! His dick was fucking moving by itself! She was supposed to be panic and afraid of him instead of-

A shiver began in her womb, slowly working over her body, building, almost like a climax until she was gasping for breath, her fist clenching his wrist harder as her body was rocked by a demand that took her breath. She wasn’t certain how long it lasted, how long she fought to breathe. Her eyes were wide, her vision fuzzy as the waves of pulsing lust swept over her again and again. It was going to kill her. She took a deep breath and shook her head. He was staring at her as her mind become clear again. But, the look on his face almost makes her moans. His eyes turned darker. Jaws clenched harder as he inhaled her scent. She opens her mouth and speaks in a weak hush, “W-What the hell are you?”

His lips twitched, “You perfectly knew what I am, doctor. You created me..” then he added when she frowned, “Subject 03. Did it ring in your head?”

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