Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 5

Lycus watched the woman above him. She looked stunning just like the first time he landed his eyes on her. Therefore, he like the slight changes about her new appearance. She look curvy and...feisty than before. Gone the serious yet kindhearted woman in her white lab coat. Her skin was so pale and soft successfully make her looked like a dead person with heavy eye-bags and red portly lips.

He felt rage and almost tear apart the guards when they dragged her unconscious body into the cell. She was in a very bad condition. The thought of someone tortured her making his blood boil dangerously. He had memories the scent of everyone that touched her. Perhaps he will go easy on them since they didn’t force her or...

A lowly growl echoed through the cold cell as he thought of anyone violence her. The woman above him flinched and blinks in disbelief. Still digesting his answers. The frown on her face prove that she didn’t believe him. A sharp craws not longer than his lifted to the air and lightly touch his nose. It was adorable when she thought she can intimidate him. His lips twitched as the smell of fresh blood and aroused mixes in the air, deepen his lust.

This little female is ‘Mine’...

Her strange eyes sparkle with anger, giving him a silent threat. But, he couldn’t stop the need inside him. Wanting to devour this female until she scream for mercy, begging him for a rest after a couple times of orgasms. At last, she demand, “How the fucking hell you know about him? Don’t you dare lie to me! H-he was...”

She immediately goes quiet, shuddered slightly as she think about something. Something that seem to make her sad. Thing that almost made him growl as if trying to hunt down her thought like it will do any harm to her. She didn’t even notice him reach up to touch her chin and pull it down till her breaths caressed his. Hot and wet core rubbed against his abdomen and well-rounded breasts pressed to his chest. This was a successful way to tortured him. He couldn’t do anything besides holding her in his arms. Couldn’t even buried deep inside her like in his wild fantasy. “Speak...tell me what you think happen to him? To me..”

She open her eyes to glared harder at him before softened in guilty and quickly look away. Her voice was soft and too low for normal human to hear, “He d-died”

It came out along with a chocked. He wait for seconds until she speak again. Not even once he try to interrupt her. The curiosity to know what the female heard about him defeated the anger and grudge deep inside his heart. Only Goddess knew what he ought to do to the female when he was kick out from her lab. They said she doesn’t need him anymore. She won’t see him or speak to him even when he shown violence to everyone comes nearer her. He was fight and run, trying to find a way to meet her. To demand an answer for his confused mind. All the promises she made. That she will never betrayed him, to not sent him away like a useless patient after all years of experimenting on him. After success in turning him into a beast. Half man, half monster. He was lost without her guidance. The only one knew what happened to his body.

“Fuck!” She cursed under her breath. Jaws tighten, teeth clenched in anger. The female above him look more tantalizing when she mad. “I knew I shouldn’t trust that asshole”

She spats before look down at him. Observing him for a few moment before leaned closer to his neck and inhaled deeper as if devouring his scent. His rigid length twitched in excitement. Her eyes sparkle in disbelief and joy as she leaned away, “You’re real...Lyrus” She whispered, lips apart slightly. She still looked confused yet remain silent. He lifted an eyebrow as if saying, ‘I told you so..’ before chuckle lowly. He gaze at her seductive breasts for long enough to make feel caution of her nakedness and tried to move away from above him. He tighten his gripped on her hips and pulled her hard enough till she lost balance and pressed against him. He suppress a groan when her breast rubbed on his face. Bounce as she try to move away from him. “W-Wha..”

A small moan came out when he sunk one nipple into his hot mouth. Her body trembled with need as he bite and suck until the peak tighten like a small button. “S-Stop!”

She said desperately. But he could sense the hesitant in her as if she didn’t have a sane mind. Good. He was tortured to see her reaction as he touch her. Stroked and lovingly marks every part of her flesh. The scratches and cuts on her skin are almost heals. Soon, she will heal completely with his saliva soaking all over her wounds. It’s a good thing that his saliva is powerful enough to do some miracle on her. Her words trip and tumble off of her agile mouth. She was saying something, anything about wanting him to escape before they find out about him. In fact, she was eager to make him stop even though she want this. Although, a few stroked on her sensitive clits managed to make her buck her hips against him and cried.


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