Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 6

′ To all lonely girls out there...′

- ZoRa

She was still a little bit shocked by the little discovery. The truth hurt so much yet was relieving. Now, she won’t live in guilty anymore but the problem is...she couldn’t hold herself from enjoying his touches. Every stroke and every kiss bring lust like no other ever done to her body. She couldn’t think straight with his mouth devouring her which is bad. She needs to stop him and think of a way to get him out of here before they know about him. Hell, it will be far more disastrous if they get him under their experiment. After everything, they had done to her these past few days. Tortured her, poking her flesh and make her bleed just to get a few tests done. A test to decide whether her genes can be their new weapon. A weapon to control the world.

Hell, she rather dies than let them touch her again...or him. Subject 03 let out an animistic sound. Growling like a hunger wolf lavishing his prey as he buried his head between her thighs. He had been down there for minutes or fucking hour..which she fails to count the time as he surprisingly keeps bring her multiple orgasms. She tries to clamp her legs shut and rise with trembled legs, “N-No more..”

She whimpered and moans at the same time. The big beast growled and pushed her back down on the blanket. She shoves at his hands, but he’s much stronger than her and determined. He keeps her thighs pried apart, and she can’t help but notice that his hand is enormous, like a baseball glove. His fingers spread the folds of her pussy again and lightly pinch the clits. Then, his mouth on her clit, and sucks it gently. Her hips buck against him as she cries out. She barely heard him murmurs something and sounds pleased, and continue to lick and suck at her clit until her thighs are shaking. She’s going to come. “F-Fuck!”

Those bumps and ridges on his tongue move against her clit, and her entire body quakes, and then she came hard. Over and over, her pussy clenches around his thick fingers. The orgasm rocks through her, making her see stars for the first time since she was locked here. Her body locked and tense with the strain of it, finally letting her collapse on the blanket with heavy breaths. She was exhausted, barely managed to open her eyes. She couldn’t move her body at all not even her fingers, yet the male has no intention to stop. His fingers move lazily. In. Out. In. Out..again and again.

Her eyes widened as new heat shots through her stomach and tighten her core. The burning sensation never end. Come to the new hunger after another. She was thrilled yet couldn’t stop being aroused by the idea of his hands on her skin. She wasn’t certain how long it lasted, how long she fought to breathe. Her eyes were wide, her vision fuzzy as the waves of pulsing lust swept over her again and again. It was going to kill her. She knew it now, she would die a slow, miserable horny death right here and now. “Not, yet...sweetheart. Stay with me..”

She was jerked from the blanket into his arms, her breasts crushed to his chest, her thighs clenching around his hips. His lips covered hers, his tongue sweeping into her mouth as his flesh seared her. Her arms went around her shoulders, her hands spearing into his hair, fisting there, pulling him closer, unconcerned with any pain she would cause him. She wanted it to hurt. Hell, she wanted him to know what he was doing to her. wanted him to feel the violence rising inside her, the need, so sharp and agonizing it was like death.

His lips hard on hers, grinding her lips against her teeth, his tongue a dominating force as it tangled with hers, licked at it, stroked her lips. His erection was hot, uncovered, pressing against her pussy. It was driving her crazy. She wanted his cock inside her, now. “Lyrus..”

Her voice came in a whimper, fear mixes with lust. She arched against him, her hands still pulling at his hair as he dragged his lips from hers, stroked them down her neck. He was sweating and barely controlling himself. “Shhh...i-it will be alright. I’m here, little doc”

His breaths harder. Voice came out between growling and frustrated as if he couldn’t get enough of her. As if some mysterious spell bewitching them. One taste of her brings fire through him. He couldn’t stop himself. For sure, he might die if he didn’t come inside her again and again, leaving his scent on her, marking her as his. The thought makes his groin throbbed. Groaned came out loud, making the female arched against him. His teeth nipped at her. His tongue rasped over her skin, the faint roughness making her press herself tighter against him, grind harder against his cock. “I want you..n-now”

She moaned as his voice an animistic rumble vibrate through her. His hands caught in her hair, pulling her head back, making tingles of pain shoot through her head. Damn, that felt good, too fucking good. Then, his other hand cupped her breast, his fingers gripping the hard points of her nipples and pinching them gently. She arched tight against him, offering her body to him again. She met each kiss with the greed of her own, stroking her body against his, moaning, crying out at each touch. She gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into the muscles as her vagina tightened, desperate to hold something. Lucky, he was there to serve her. The head of his cock pushed into her in a desperate thrust.

She tossed, bucking against him, her hands in his hair again, pulling him closer as she felt the bite of sensual pain on the curve of her neck. His cock slammed inside her vagina. Stretching her, filling her as they both cried out at the clawing, greedy lust that had taken control of their bodies. There was no time to ease into their race for completion. Their bodies frenzied locked together in a dance of agonized pleasure. His hips drove his erection deep, thrusting hard and fast. She felt the small thumb of flesh that began to grow tautly erect on it just under the head of his cock. It raked the gripping muscles that milked his shaft until with one last heavy thrust it fully emerged, locking him deeply, jerking, pulsing against the sensual trigger deep within her body as his sperm erupted from the head of his cock.

Barbara saw stars. Her climax was like a ravaging beast as it ripped through her body this time. She couldn’t breathe, she could only convulse against him as his teeth bit into the skin between her neck and shoulder, just enough pain, just enough edge to drive her into madness. It was a long moment before she felt him collapse on top her. He was so heavy yet she loves the feeling of him above her, trapping her and filling her as if he was a part of her. He snuggled between her breast. One hand covered her left breast while the other wrapped around her hair. In this position, she felt safe and peaceful. They were relaxing against each other. Quiet for another few minutes before he speaks, “Sleep, little doctor. You’ll need more strength later”

His husky voice caressed her ears. She wants to speak, staying alert in case the guards come to take him. She was afraid at the thought, but she feels safe with him still inside her. Hard and throbbing. She suppressed a moan and let the darkness and the incredible warmth of his body lull her into peace.

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