Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 7

Dedicated to all the shifter fans...

“Y-Yessss” She said, breathless. Blunt fingertips rubbed over the wet place where they were joined, caressing the slippery, swollen bud of her clit and sending electric jolts of pleasure through her body.

Barbara cried out, arching her back as her body obeyed her order and the fierce orgasm pounded through her. Large, white blossoms of light exploded before her eyes and she trembled uncontrollably. Her wet sex helplessly spasmed around the thick invader, his cock piercing her to the core. His rhythm inside her quickened as he felt her reaction. “That’s it, little doctor, come for me”

He growled, still rubbing over her slick folds with knowledgeable fingers. “Come for me...let me feel you come”

“S-Shit!...Oh...Oh!..G-God” Her hair hung in her face in a long, silky curtain obscuring her sight but she didn’t need to see anything just then. The only thing she wanted was to go on feeling this incredible pleasure- her body’s sweet submission to the man behind her. The thing that she stubborn to give to anyone else.

With an inarticulate growl, he pulled her up, supporting her with strong arms around her waist as he plunged as deeply into her as possible, seating himself to the hilt in her tight cunt. He nuzzled his face against her neck. pushing her hair aside to bare her throat. Barbara leaned back against him, knowing what he needed, giving him the side of her neck that was unmarked. She cried out as she felt his sharp, white canines sink into her again, drawing blood while her to the limit. The feel of him pulsing into her, claiming her body completely, coupled with the stinging pain of his bite, sent a second wave of orgasmic pleasure racing through her veins. She moaned helplessly, a scrap of paper caught in a flood, carried away on the tide of sensation and need. They had been doing that for hours. Nothing stops the beast from devouring her.

He held her tightly for a moment, his board chest slick with sweet and pumping like a bellows against her back. Then slowly, not withdrawing from her body, he lowered them both to the blanket where he wrapped warm arms around her as though he never intended to let her go. “You’re mine, little doctor” She heard him growl softly in her ear, “Mine now, don’t forget it”

Barbara snorted. She doesn’t have the energy to move her body yet with a few minutes trying to steady her heartbeats and breathing, she manages to speak in a low, tired voice. “I’m...not a thing...subject 03. N-No one”

He let out a low growl and tightened his grips. Within seconds he had her ass on the cold floor, her legs spread. She lazily opens her eyes and blinks, staring at the hungry male. “N-No...let”

His eyes glittered with mischief. She didn’t get the chance to move away from him as he spread her legs further and his hot mouth engulfed her clit. She let out a breathless moan. He didn’t bother with exploratory sweeps or teasing her. Instead, he tongued the small bundle of nerves, sucking and licking until she saw stars, broken whimpers of pleasure falling from her lips. With each sweep, he drove her higher until the fire in her veins became an inferno. It was a sensual attack with one very specific purpose- to take her to the edge at jump speed. Hands hard on her hips, he drove his tongue into her aching cunt and groaned loudly before going back to her clit.

She cried out. Shaking her head from left to right. She was panting and exhausted yet the lust burning deep inside her. She holds him to her, the short stubble of her hair like velvet against her fingers. In response, he nibbled on her clit and sucked. Hard. A scream, his name, escaped her as she came, pleasure shattering through her body like a thousand shards of glass. An orgasm so complete and intense it verged on painful. “Oh God, y-yes!”

She moaned, then groaned lowly, “Fuck me now!”

He let out a low chuckle before kissing her clit the last, then crawling above her, he caught the back of her knee over a well-muscled forearm. Lifting her leg, he opened her completely to him as her body pulsed and trembled with her climax. He let out a groan of pleasure in the back of his throat as he fit the thick head of his cock against her and drove himself home in one movement. “Mine..”

“Hmmmm” Her eyes rolled back in her head as her body stretched, feeling that combination of pleasure and pain that was utterly addictive. Before she could savor it, he moved. Bracing himself with an arm above her, he held her leg high and pulled back, then slammed into her again with a small grunt. Then again and again. Within a minute he’d set the pace hard and fast as he took her with an intensity Samara found breathtaking.

The pleasure was too much for her as her body shook with ecstasy. Her hand trembled as she weakly pushes him by his shoulder. “N-No more...p-please”

He opened his eyes and look down at her. Those wolf eyes stared at her in obsession. His breath caressed her neck as he leaned down to lick her salty flesh while still pounding into her. Her legs fell beside him. One hand caged her wrists above her head as he whispered at her, “Not yet, sweet little doctor. N-Not before you tell me...who own you”

She let out a whimpered and breathless moans. Eyes rolled in pain and pleasure. She didn’t want to answer him. Stubborn to admit it. She thought she’d be able to hold out, see him to the end as her hips matched his in perfect sync. Not a chance. A familiar tightened started deep in her stomach as he fucked, it was more than fucking. There were desperation and promise in that way he held her, the way she touched if he was pledging himself to her and claiming her all the same time. “I-I’m yours!...p-plea-”

“Let it go, sweet, I want to feel you come all over my cock. I need to feel your heat over my cock” he whispered softly against her ear, nipping the lobe. Unable to hold on any longer, she did on a gasp and a long shudder.

He groaned and hissed at the same time, increasing speed as his cock plunged into the slick, heated softness of her body. She was heat and desire and...just everything. She was his everything, his perfect match, and now he had her. As he slammed into her one last time, his release hit him like a star-ship on attack and his cock pulsed and jerked deep within her, pouring out his seed and passion into her body.

Wrapping himself around her, he dropped a kiss onto her sweet lips and sighed. The fight for freedom wasn’t over, but he had her. For a moment, he was at peace.

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