Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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Chapter 8

“I must be in heat” Barbara nod her head as if confirming it herself. Breathless, she opens her mouth and take a deep breath and push away the black dots in her eyes. Seconds later, she becomes pale. She breathed a weary sigh. “Shit! W-We shouldn’t let this happen again-”

Lycus hummed delightfully. His hand roamed from her breast to her stomach, stroking it gently. Barbara was aroused, always will be with his touches. She confirmed she will never feel the same again after fucking him. A dangerous mistake yet made her addicted. She lay on her stomach, naked, her body sheered in sweat, pulsating, throbbing with a fever of lust. Her hands cupped his bums, her claws pressing against those hard muscles and she couldn’t contain her moans as he slammed into her in a more erratic way. It felt so good. Almost as good as when he touched her there. Lycus rolled the hard little points between his fingers making her head tossing. Her breasts were so swollen, so sensitive, they were nearly painful.

Her skin tingled. The other hand ran over the damp contours of her flat stomach to the smooth flesh between her thighs. Slick, wet heat greeted her fingers. Her clit throbbed, pulsed. She shivered at the feel of her own fingers glancing over the hard flesh. Need arched like electricity over her body. Hungry, consuming, she wanted, needed Ace. She admits she was in a deep mess now. Tears glittered in her eyes, sweats soaking against their skin like a dropped of rains. Exhausted. She needs more rest. The napped she get wasn’t enough to energize hers. It was a hell of ecstasy when she awoke with his hard dick buried deep within her. She released his ass to slid down her fingers to the thickly coated slit of her cunt. Her legs trembled, threaten to fell flat on the floor if he didn’t grip her hip and pulled her to him.

“I-I’m serious!-” She panted for air, “-Before it’s too late-”

He let out a deep chuckle then nibbled on her shoulder. “It’s already too late now little doctor” then, he growled gently, “We fucked like a rabbit. My cum was inside your womb and will be dripping between your thighs. No matter how many time you try to deny it, you’re mine, always...and ever”

The tension began building within him again, faster and more powerful. The swiftness of it stole his breath, making his head spin. “H-Heat or not...I’ll always want to fuck you. Everywhere. Anytime. Anywhere”

Time stood still as her body squeezed his with an orgasm that seemed to go on forever, her sighs filling him with elation and wonder. His own pinnacle was already in sight, and he gazed down at her, fighting to maintain his vision, his sanity. When the moment of ecstasy came, at last, his soul seemed to expand to encompass the entire universe of which she was center. She let out a growl and crawled, trying to sink her sharp claws on the cement in order to gain control of her body. This was wrong. A mistake that should not be repeated. Too many danger to risk something from the lust they barely control. “Y-You don’t understand-”

She moans and shook her head as more orgasm breaking her limits. “W-We need to..stop”

His balls twitched in anticipation. With a snarl, she sank her fangs into her lower lip until it bleeds, igniting yet another inferno of desire as his cock move inside hers, releasing another cums. His chin snapped upward, his hair tickling his buttocks and possibly her back. He took a shallow breath, “Don’t..n-not yet”

Barbara shook her head and tried again, tried to move away from him when a hard shudder worked over her body, her vagina spammed and a fierce jolt on incredible need shook her body, forcing a moan past her throat. Fuck! Her muscles gripping him like a slick, velvety fist. Control. She had to fight for control, but her body was uncontrollable at the moment, neither him. Gritting his teeth, he eased back, wanting to growl himself at the delicious pleasure from the friction of her flesh against his. His cock was so sensitive it was nearly unbearable. He could feel the small barb-like protrusion emerging from beneath the head of his cock, slowly, already unfolding from its former hiding place. She squirmed beneath him, fighting for breath, her body damp with perspiration, her female juice coating her inner thighs, as well as his.

He thrust inside the tight heat clasping him, the sensitive swell of the barb raking her tender flesh, driving him insane with the pleasure it washed over his body. Her body arched, her eyes widened, she glances at him over her shoulder in dazed., wild hunger for a second before her orgasm hit. This time much harder. She clenched around him, the action making her so tight and hot he could do nothing but follow her. His guttural growl as he felt the harsh ejaculation into her body shocked them. The barb, so feared for so many years, destroyed his sense of balance. He could feel it moving, stroking the sensitive flesh it had lodged in, each movement had Barbara cried out, jerking, tightening, her orgasms lengthening as he came inside her, She was breathless, crying now, her head tossing with the extremity of her pleasure before his own began to ease, and he felt the little protrusion recede, allowing him to pull weakly from her body.

Barbara still trembled, her cheeks were soaked with sweat and tears as she gasped for breaths. Lycus whispered her name softly as he eased her into his arms, lying beside her, his hand smoothing down her damp back. “T-That was...amazing”

Her breath hitched, “B-But no more...please” Her eyes closed in exhausted, “I need a long rest”

Then, she shook her head. A weak movement as her tongue stroked over her lower lip, “B-But we need” Lycus took a deep, careful breath after that small caress of her short hair. He was still hard, he could easily take her again, but he feared for her. She needs more rest than him. He could hear it in her voice, and the weak movement of her body. She was confused and unprepared by the overwhelming sensations that were controlling her body. “No, sleep first then talk”

He turned her to her side, bringing her leg over his as he tucked her buttocks against him. She mumbles for few seconds before her body become plaint, relaxed and he knew that either sleep or unconsciousness claimed her. Either, he knew, would be a welcome relief for her.

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