Devoured by him; Experiment 03 ( Romance Erotica )

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chapter 9

“This will not happen again” She let out a sigh. “I’ll not forgive myself if they found you, Lycus. I can’t even imagine it if they-”

She gulped, almost afraid to think about the sequences if she gets pregnant. She had seen a pregnant female being dragged from the cell. It was a lucky thing for them to have a baby from subjects. The scientist will be delighted. They can do more test on the baby and the mother. It was one of the sickening moment that she hopes to never happen to her, but now, she didn’t know if she can run away if they got her. It took six months for the pregnancy to take over a subject like her. She once did a check up on the pregnant females and shocked to know how fast the development of the fetus inside the female’s womb. Although, it wasn’t impossible for thing like that happen to them since everything about their body had developed faster than human. In fact, their immunity becomes greater. Making them hard to get sick. The scientist had tried a lot of tests to know the reason behind those miracles but still haven’t discovered about it. Yet many theories had been made by them.

Barbara wishes to get out of this hell before they find out everything about their ability. The subjects were like a mysterious equation that hard to solve. But, she knew pretty well about the shifters. She was the only one that successfully discovered those mysterious behind it and she might share it with them if that asshole didn’t betray her. Now, she wishes to not get involved with their dilemma. However, after years passed in a blink of eyes, the chance of getting out of here become diaphanous. There was a time where she wishes they will just end her life but it will never happen as long as that bastard still in charge of this operation.

Lycus let out a chuckle and nip at her shoulder. He had been standing behind her all the time. Almost making her forget about his present and will drift back to distress if not because of his touched. Barbara flinched and move away from him. She glared at the bar and gripped it in frustrated. Some questions began to form in her mind and this time she could hold it anymore but ask him, “I assumed that you managed to get out of this place..but why did you come back? Did they find out about you and caught you back? D-Did they already know about you? Did the-”

His warm breaths caressed her bare shoulder. Making her mind blank again. “They know nothing about me, little doctor. So far, only you knew me. And I suppose to kill you before you tell anymore. Will you, little doctor?”

His voice whispered in her ear. Barbara freeze as the male wrapped his strong hand around her neck. She appeared to take no notice of his question. Lycus had leaned to her. Making her body burn in arousal as his hard shaft pressed against her butt. His dick still ached for her, even though it only passed few minutes since they fuck like a rabbit in heat. The delicate aroma that was so uniquely hers filled his lungs and rushed through his bloodstream until he knew he could have identified her blindfolded from the hundred meters away. His own purrs roared in his ears, blocking out any other sound save for those made by his little doctor. Her sighs, her soft moans her hums of pleasure as he bites her earlobe and gives a gently squeezed on her neck was overwhelming him.

Barbara trembled as he chuckled darkly. “Will you, doctor?”

She was confused by his question. Will what? Fuck him again? Lick those salty muscles of him? Sucking his cock until he couldn’t talk? Making him-

“W-Will...what?” She was breathless as his other hand move down to her left nipple. He rolled it and pinched, making her hitched when he pulled it and pinched again until it becomes hard to the point she almost begs him to suck it. An orgasm gripped her from within, disrupting his rhythm. “Will you tell them about me, doctor? Will, you betrayed me like ten years ago?”

Barbara jerked herself, trying to pull away again, hating the enforcer for the distrust he represented and for the pain she knew his words caused her. “I had never betrayed you, Lycus. Never even if they threaten to hurt me...or even as far as torture me until I die. I will never tell them about you. Not even once when they locked inside those tortured chamber...a-again”

Lycus fingers twitched. His voice came out dangerously along with a deep growled, “Again? Did they tortured you?”

Barbara walked to the corner of the cell to get the dirty shirt from the floor. She could feel his eyes on her as she bent to take the shirt and pull it over her head. “I’m going to kill them..”

She sat against the wall and glanced over him. His eyes had turned into bright calcite. His sharp jaws clenched and his hands fall to his sides with a tight clenched. Her eyes softened and she looks away from him, afraid that she will lose her control and go to him, “It didn’t matter anymore..”

His sharp glared fell to hers. Lycus barely hold his tempered as he gritted his teeth, “It’s a matter to me, little doctor”

In a blink of eyes, he turns to the wall and punches it until there was a huge wall on it. “No one can touch you..or hurt you except me. And I swear I will keep all without mercy. Just like the way they do to you. I’m not stupid, doctor. I know pretty well what happened to anyone that being dragged to that chamber..”

Barbara swallowed her own saliva and run her trembled hand over her hair, “Don’t..” then, she added, “If you really care about me..please don’t do the stupid thing that will reveal your identity to them. The worst thing can happen to you once they know about you, Lycus. Worse then what they’d to me”

Lycus closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “I will try...but no promise to what I will do if they touch you again. I don’t think I can hold it”

Barbara pressed her lips into a tiny line. She didn’t have the mood to talk to him again, afraid that she will argue with him again. This male was stubborn and nothing can stop him. Lycus was still holding his tempered. The thoughts of her being tortured made his blood boiled. He took a deep breath to push away those thoughts and soon sat beside her. Her scent always calming him. Their thighs pressed together but this time he sat there with eyes closed instead of touching her, letting her take a rest. He knew those bitter memories still hunted her. He had noticed the ways her breaths quicken, her heartbeats hammered loudly and her curvy body trembled as fear took over her mind.

Soon..’ He promised to himself. His hand clenched, but he gives no sight of anger. Most of the time his emotion was hard to detect. Barbara sighed softly. Her heartbeat was slower as she slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

Footsteps came nearer the door before it jerked open, letting the light shone through the dark room. Two guards came through the door and stop in front of their cell. One of the guards named Hermit open the door of the cell and call out, “Subject 96, you are summoned to the lab”

Barbara gritted her teeth as she stood and walk to the door. However, Lycus was there in a blink of eyes. His big form blocking her from getting out of the cell. His eyes darken and a deep dangerous growls came out instantly when Hermit take out a baton. Her hands quickly gripped his arms, sinking those sharp craws in his flesh. The scent of fresh blood hit their sensitive nose. “Don’t..”

She warned him. Her eyes softened even when he gave her a death glared. “I will back in one piece. I promise”

Lycus clenched his jaws. He was having a hard time to hold his anger. The thought of her hurts washed over his mind. Barbara hurriedly wrapped her palm over his long shaft and gave it a gently squeezed. His shaft instantly hardens and jerked as she stroked his cockhead until a fluid soaking her hand. “I will be fine, Lycus”

He took a deep breath and look into her eyes before gave a quick nod. “But, I will torture all of them if you’re not, little doctor. Mark my words”

Barbara sighed and released him. She followed the guards after a quick glance at him. She could felt his observant eyes landed on her back until the door closed. Hermit leads the way while the other guard stays behind. She was worried about Lycus. The guard looks nothing familiar to her. Maybe he was a new guard. She prays to God that nothing happens to Lycus. She didn’t completely trust himself. He was a very dangerous predator. Years of knowing about him didn’t hide the fact that he was a lot different now. He had become stronger, bigger and healthier than she thought. Gladly, her experiment was a huge success.

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