Mastering Wren

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Chapter 14

I wear grey tracksuits and a black leather and grey fabric sleeved hoodie. I felt pretty damn smart-casual as I kick back on my balcony in my hammock. Yes, I had a hammock but I flipping loved it and so did Mr. Fox. He was curled up on my thighs while I petted him and watched the night sky.

Clouds were passing by the full moon while the stars were pretty much non-existent from light pollution.

I check my phone. 7.30pm now.

Theo was late so I was cuddling Mr. Fox closely, occasionally biting my lower lip as I tried to keep my anxiety at bay. I didn’t want to think about why he was late or if he was so busy that he forgot about me.

Mr. Fox eventually curls up, arching his back as he stretches and his paws kneed at my thighs. He meows and sits, watching the kitchen.

“You see a fly, kitty?” I whisper, turning my head.

I nearly flip out of the hammock at who I see standing in my apartment.

Theo is already in, looking around confused because I’m not inside. He hasn’t spotted me on the balcony yet.

I quickly roll out of the fabric, lunge for the door and slide it open before he decides to get pissed off about my disappearing act.

“I didn’t hear you knock,” I say quickly, placing Mr. Fox on the ground, I shut the sliding doors and then eye his suit, “Why are you still in work clothes?”

“I like wearing this,” Theo answers slowly, eyes narrowing. He was disapproving of my comment.

I shrug and point to the sink.

“Need a drink, boss?” I ask, before stuffing my hands in my track suit pockets, smiling, “It was a nice joke you made today, really had me rattled for a while actually.”

“A joke, Wren?” Theo asks, raising an eyebrow, “Come on, get your work clothes for tomorrow. We’re going.”

I pause, mouth open... and then I just choose to nod and I walk into my room to get my stuff.

I had accepted I was staying over at his tonight. I had also spent the last few hours debating whether or not he was serious about punishing me and what would happen if I didn’t think of a good reason for him not too.

I had mostly believed him. Now I surely did.

The problem was, I hadn’t thought of anything to please him. I had spent the whole day debating his intentions, questioning what he said...

Now I was fucked.

I walk out to him holding a plastic bag of work clothes.

He eyes the plastic shopping bag with disbelief.

“So I have to buy you a new bag too, do I?” he asks, dryly. I can’t help but think if he was actually my Dominant, he was constantly disappointed in me today. I could feel his frustration.

“You don’t have to buy me anything... boss,” I mutter as I walk past him for the door, feeling content with nothing. I was oddly feeling numb, actually, “You never did that lock for my door, by the way –”

“I will be. Do you remember what I said this morning, Wren? There’s nothing for you to be complaining about, so shut it,” Theo is fed up as he opens my door and I feel myself suddenly apprehensive about following him.

But my feet move anyway.

I say goodbye to Mr. Fox. I left him with enough food for tonight and tomorrow and I cleaned his kitty litter. He was all set.

The question was, was I?

I’m not surprised when the walk to the car and the drive to his place is spent in silence. The only thing breaking it was the quiet radio. We didn’t speak.

Until he parks and turns the engine off.

“Despite everything, sweet cheeks,” Theo sighs as he pockets his car keys, “I’m glad you made the decision to come to my place tonight.”

“I’m grateful that you always want to help me,” I answer, keep it smooth, Wren, “You, um... you’re really good but, hey Theo. About that other thing we talked about. The, um –” oh my gosh Wren why are you being direct about it, this wasn’t the plan, don’t ask it, don’t do it! “You said I can be frustrating. I nearly got hit by that bike and yeah, whatever else I did, but... um... you said something about, something like I, uh, a punish...argh... I can’t remember,” my cheeks go red, because I can’t make myself say it. It’s way too embarrassing, “I thought of something to make it up to you!” I blurt out, very quickly, because Theo seems ready to be blunt with me and I wasn’t going to cope, at all, if I gave him the chance. So I make sure he can’t get a word in, “I’m going to cook you dinner, a damn nice dinner and you’re going to love it and we’ll forget about today and be friends again. Okay, I’m getting out now.”

I swing around and grip the door handle, swing open the door and leap out as quickly as possible. I’m making my way for the elevator before he catches up to me. I press the up button and eventually Theo waltzes up beside me.

I stare at the elevator doors so hard, waiting for them to open as he stands beside me without saying a word.

Please say something, Theo, don’t leave me hanging –

The doors open and I rush in, turning around to see Theo choose to deliberately stand opposite me as he walks into the lift next.

“You’re nervous again,” he points out and I look up to meet his eyes. I find myself biting my bottom lip and shaking my head.

“I’m not, I’m fine. You always think I’m nervous but I’m fine. Like really fine,” I nod a couple of more times, hoping he prolongs this conversation before the silence sets in again.

Thankfully, he only takes a moment to read my eyes before answering me.

“I already made you dinner, sweet cheeks, think of something else,” his voice is low and dangerous as the lift climbs.

“Or what?” I find myself asking, wishing I hadn’t but –

Oh my god he is leaning into me. He comes in as if for a kiss but at the last moment he is just speaking into my ear.

“Or you’ll have very red sweet cheeks, sweet cheeks,” he smirks when he leans back to take in my reaction.

“I love how you make funny jokes about Fifty Shades references,” I speak back as casually as possible as we walk out of the lift into the corridor. Even though my heart is about to burst out of my chest, “You’re very funny.”

“I’m not aiming to be funny, but if that makes you feel better...” Theo puts a hand on the small of my back to lead me down the hall, keeping me close.

“You’re my boss,” I was really grasping for straws now.

He doesn’t answer me. He opens his apartment door and allows me to go in first.

My eyes pop when I see a table laid out with cutlery, plates, napkins... and lots of food. There were candles too.

“Wow!” I exclaim, “That’s really awesome! Thanks, boss.”

“Sit down, sweet cheeks, I’m not going to spank you just yet,” Theo waltzes past me and pulls out a seat for me, smirking with a hand now behind his back.

I only feel slightly suspicious but overall, I feel better that he definitely sounds like he is joking now.

“Thank you so much, Theo,” I respond warmly and at ease as I leave my bag by the door and take a seat on the chair he is holding out for me.

“Good girl, Wren,” Theo leans down and catches my gaze as I look over my shoulder.

“You’re not going to sit? Sit down!” I invite him to join me and he raises a brow.

“You don’t need to tell me what to do, sweety. Put your arms by your side, please, Wren,” I have my elbows on the counter and I quickly put them off, afraid I’ve probably marked the glass top or –

This was something else entirely.


Was I seeing rope?!

I watch in fascination and fear as his hands come around me... holding a thick brown... yes it’s rope.

“You didn’t!” I squeal as he pulls the rope tight against my waist and my arms, tying it up securely to the back of the chair, “Oh my gosh... really? You think this is so f-funny, don’t you? Hahaha!”

I laugh very awkwardly while he secures the knot and leaves me struggling to test out it’s strength.

“Oh my god I can’t move,” I whisper, trying to grab the cutlery but failing to reach that far.

“That’s the aim, comfortable?” Theo casually walks to his side of the table and sits down opposite me.

“I’m fine but my stomach isn’t,” I shake my head, grinning for some stupid reason as Theo starts filling up his plate with food. He starts eating while looking at me still testing the ropes.

“This is crazy...” I mutter, way too jittery as I try wriggling next.

“You’re just going to graze your arms if you keep going, sweet cheeks,” Theo is smirking as he chews another mouthful of steak and beans, completely intrigued by my reaction.

I’ve gone from struggling to still awkwardly smiling while looking at the food. Eventually my smile fades and I bite my lip.

“So... I guess this is pay back for when I accidentally called you Christian,” I say, meeting his eyes.

Theo just continues to eat and refuses to answer me, but he is still staring at me.

“Okay, I admit, you must have tied a good knot,” I try to think of something else to say, “Is this what you do to all your employees?”

Theo stops chewing.

Ah oh.

He puts down his fork and knife and wipes his mouth with a fresh napkin, scrutches it and chucks it to the side.

“I want to train you to be my Submissive, Wren,” Theo says it and suddenly all the humor is gone from my mind and my soul.

Tension quickly fills the air as I’m suddenly gobsmacked.

I didn’t expect him to say it now.

In fact, I wasn’t sure if he was ever going to say it and he... he just did!

“Ah, um... oh. Oh,” I clench my fists and go quiet, before I decide to ask, “Is this where you bring out a contract and ask me to sign?”

“We don’t need one. You have ears, don’t you? Listen,” Theo mocks me as I stay tied to the chair and he leans back while continuing to stare at me, “I guess I should ask... I don’t suppose you’re interested... are you?”

I didn’t want to say yes.


I didn’t want to say no.

“I’ll think about it,” I nod, “Can you untie me?”


“Why not?” now I feel myself getting oddly annoyed, “Please, Theo.”

“I can see you’re not ready to say yes, Wren... I shouldn’t have asked you so soon. I’m happy to continue to introduce you to new things along the way... slowly... if you will.”

“That sounds better,” I nod, “I – um, I think I’m just clueless about what you... want... from me. Like... are you trying to tell me you want to sleep with me, Theo? I’ve never slept with anyone, I’m brand spanking new – uh, oh, I didn’t mean like brand spanking new, like... oh gosh, I swear I didn’t mean for it to sound like that!”

“I know, sweety,” Theo tries not to laugh as he continues to look on at me and my heart seems to trip on its own rhythm because I see... warmth in his eyes. He thought my reaction was priceless, maybe he even thought I was cute? I’m suddenly and spontaneously grinning.

This time he can’t help it, he bursts out laughing.

“What, what?” I ask. What was happening?

“You’re not meant to enjoy being punished so much,” Theo calms down and eventually decides, “Since you love it, I’ll just leave you there while I have a shower, sound good?” he starts to get up and I watch with wide eyes as he starts to actually leave towards his bedroom.

“Wait!” I call out, “Don’t leave me like this... please?”

“Learn to beg with something worth to offer and I’ll listen to you, sweety,” Theo doesn’t even look at me as he explains, arrogantly disappearing and leaving me staring on at the food helplessly.

What a dick!

What did he mean? What did he want me to offer? Argh!

I sit at the table, completely immobile as he showers.

What if I needed to pee?

Pssh, Wren, he doesn’t care. He’s a Dominant!

But Dominants were meant to care... weren’t they?

You’re being punished, for doing... something, why is he punishing you?

Good question. I guess... for being careless... ignoring his advice... trying to refuse his gifts... mimicking him... poking my tongue out at him...

Oh my gosh, I sound like such a brat.

No wonder he had been annoyed with me.

Now I had to wait for him to untie me.

I stare at the food and for about twenty minutes I’m getting more and more hungry. The aromas from the meat, vegies and sauces are constantly tantalizing my senses. It’s driving me nuts.

“I’m going to eat you, steak, you’re first on my hit list,” I threaten under my breath, “Don’t look at me like that, brocolini... yeah that’s right you better wilt!”

I hear Theo’s door open and I instantly shut my mouth, going stiff. I guiltily look over my shoulder, convinced he’s heard me talking to myself.

Thankfully, he hasn’t heard me.

But, there was a new problem. He was topless.

My eyes were glued to his abs as he comes over to free me. I’m literally staring so hard he must think I’m a perv. I guess I was one, but who could help themselves when he had muscles that damn toned? My gosh!

He doesn’t say a word as he leans down to untie me. When I’m free I nearly moan in delight now that I can eat. I start to fill up my plate immediately. He seems satisfied as he sees me eager to eat dinner. So he heads back off to his room, rope in hand.

Thank god the rope was gone.

I eat very fast. The steak and broccolini are chewed to oblivion in a matter of minutes. I’m very satisfied at their torturous deaths. My stomach was full and that’s all I needed.

I sigh as I stand up and look around, realizing Theo is still in his room. I then find a clock on the wall and see it’s 9.30pm. Damn, I needed to get some shut-eye.

I find myself waltzing into his room, where I see him lounging back reading a book.

I flop down next to him and he seems quite interested in my sudden appearance. I lean my cheek against my palm as I glance up at him.

“We should probably both go to sleep now,” I suggest, hoping he heads off to the spare room soon, “It’s getting late for an early morning start.”

“...what makes you think I’m going to leave my own bed, Wren?” he asks, looking quite offended.

“W-what? I didn’t say that!” I accuse him, leaning up now and narrowing my eyes at him, “P-plus, you have, like before when I stayed over last time–”

“Do something for me, Wren. Keep your mouth shut and learn to keep it closed. However, it is getting late. Get in and go to sleep,” Theo closes his book and puts it on his bedside table as he reaches over to turn off the bed side lamp.

When we’re encased by darkness I take off my hoodie and chuck it on the ground, wearing my tank and trackys, I slip under the covers as does he. Okay, so he definitely wasn’t leaving.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel comfortable sharing a bed with him.

I don’t say anything for a while but eventually he speaks up.

“Have you ever been held while you fall asleep, sweety?” he asks, gently, from his side of the bed.

I gulp and turn to look at him through the dim lighting coming through the window.


“Well... there’s a first time for everyone,” he growls, suddenly determined as he scoots over and I feel a strong hand suddenly on my waist, pulling me backwards towards him.

“Oh!” I squeak out quietly as he holds me back against his bare, hot chest, his arm tight around my waist, “Oh... this is nice. T-thank you. Um, I didn’t realise Dominants could be so nice,” I whisper the last part.

Theo snorts behind me, silently laughing as his chest vibrates.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“Oh, sweet cheeks... I’m not being Dominant with you right now,” he explains, chuckling to himself.

“What? So you’re always just... I guess it’s just arrogance I’ve seen so far? I wonder what you’re like when you are Dominant, sheesh –” suddenly there is a hand over my mouth. He shuts my lips and keeps them closed as he leans in closer.

“I’ll show you when you’re ready for that side of me, Wren. Now go to sleep... don’t talk back when my hand leaves your mouth. Sleep,” his hand slips away from my lips and I’m already speaking.

“What did you want me to offer you though? I can’t –” his hand slaps back in place and I yelp out as he nips my ear lobe with his teeth.

“Shut it,” he growls, warning me now, “I have plenty of time to introduce you to my world, I’ll give you hints, you’ll work out what I want. For now, I’ll take you slow while I test your limits, sweety... that’s my job. Your job is to listen to me... now go to sleep.”

I’m, for once, satisfied with his answer and my eyes feel droopy as I snuggle back into him.

I had never been held before like this and I felt very safe.

This wasn’t as scary as I’d thought it’d be. Perhaps I could handle him being Dominant with me?

Except he hasn’t fully shown you what that’s like, Wren.

No! I wanted to focus on his arms, not my anxiety.

His arms were warm and nice and tight. His hold was comforting.

Sleep was going to come easy to me tonight. Tomorrow was another day.

The only thing I had to worry about was next week. Our work trip to Sydney would be the real challenge...

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