Mastering Wren

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Chapter 15

I’m in a rush as I exit off the plane, find my luggage and the toilets at Sydney Airport all in a matter of ten minutes. It had been a 30-min flight in the air and I was shocked that Theo had been on another airplane. I had assumed we’d go together.

It only made sense once I read online that the flight path from Melbourne to Sydney was the busiest in the world. Over 63 flights a day were made between the two cities. Theo could not fit me on his flight. I was arriving a little bit later.

Now I was heading out of the unfamiliar airport towards the taxi pick up. I was excited about trying something different but I was also hoping I’d make it to the right accommodation safely.

To my relief there are taxis galore and it’s only a short drive to our accommodation by the harbour. In the drive I’m in awe of the clean, architecturally brilliant city. It was so different to Melbourne where everything was vandalised with graffiti and random acts of artwork, the odd metal poll would be warmed with knitting and cafes were very hipster.

Sydney was classy and because it was different, I was really enjoying a change of scenery. It’s as I’m dropped off at a massive lobby with tinted windows and a concierge waiting for me, that my mind is brought back to Theo.

I gulp as I’m shown inside, I grab a key-card for the room and I make my way to the elevator.

I check my watch, it’s 10.00am. Theo might be here or he’d possibly already be in the city in meetings. I wasn’t sure because the rest of the last week I had hardly seen him. It bothered me and made me question lots of things.

At work he had been clearly busy with an overload of sudden business partners and organising everything that would happen in Sydney. A last minute charity ball was being offered to be hosted and sponsored by an insurance company. Theo had been going nuts trying to keep up with everything while I did the boring, easy administration stuff on the side.

The last intimate moment we had had, was when I slept over that night and he had held me. After that moment had passed, distance had been insured since that morning. Theo had been smug about me staying over, at least I thought he had been.

But since then I only had minimal contact with him at work. He was consistently on the phone and he did apologise once to me about being preoccupied. He had tried to reassure me it was only rare that he got this intense with work. All I knew was that rich people who knew more rich people got wind of Theo coming down to Sydney and hence forth completely booked him out.

Now I was both excited and nervous to see him.

I would be sharing accommodation with him for three nights. I admit I had had multiple conversations with myself all week trying to work out if he wasn’t interested in me anymore and if this trip would be majorly awkward.

It was silly, because I knew he was just busy. But... I can’t help but be self-doubtful. We had had so much interaction and then suddenly it all seemed to stop.

Wren, he doesn’t have time to constantly spend time with you, he’s head of a successful charity, get over it.

I step out of the elevator, find my room and see my luggage at the door. It had been brought up for me. I look at my key-card and hope that Theo is still here. Talking to him to see where I stand would help clear my head.

I fix my pony tail and let out a breath, looking down at my leggings and plain blue hoodie. I should have made more effort but I was only interested about being comfortable on the cramped plane flight. Now I was wishing I had worn something even slightly more attractive.

I sigh and then reach out to press my key-card to the lock. Except as I do so I see a shadow under the gap of the door... and the handle starts turning. My hand falls back to my side as the door is swung open by Theo.

I bite my lip as I see him in a brand new black suit, one I really liked... he always looked good but – damn, he was extra fine today.

“Wren,” Theo nods at me, “I need to go. Get settled, I won’t be back until tonight, is that okay?” he comes forward and grabs my elbow, he comes to a quick halt and takes a moment to seriously assess me.

I just nod very quickly.

“Of course but... I thought you needed my help?” I ask, confused.

“I just need you to help me out tonight at the charity event. You can go out and buy a nice dress, one second...” he reaches into his pocket and brings out his wallet, I watch him flick through his cards and he picks one out to hand to me.

I find myself stepping back.

“I can’t take your credit card,” I blurt, putting out a hand to stop him, I’m looking at his bank card like it’s a big no-no. I didn’t want to be one of those girls where the guy literally chucked money at them. It might give him the wrong impression. I didn’t want to continue to have intimate moments with him, be totally ignored for the week, and then be satisfied because he gives me some money.

Theo’s eyes darken for a moment, because he is clearly still in a rush and he doesn’t want to be held up.

“This is not the time to try and be difficult with me. Take it. I’ll see you tonight... and I’ll be having some words with you too,” he sounds menacing as he drawls the last part.

I don’t want to piss him off further, so I take his card with guilty, trembling hands while he rushes down the corridor.

He is clearly eager to be on his way to his first meetings.

I open my mouth to say goodbye but I’m too late, he has already opened the fire escape exit and decided to head down the stairs. I find myself just staring after him, mouth gaping open as he is gone... again.

I sigh, frustrated.

I look at his credit card again and I physically cringe as my finger slides over the numbers and bumps.

“Gold digger,” I whisper to myself as I grab my luggage and open the door. Even though I wasn’t, I felt like one.

At least, for now, I could take in the flashy accommodation.

There was nothing else I could do, but listen to my boss and get ready for tonight’s event.

I can’t help but frown, despite him saying he’d come talk to me then, I had a feeling he’d be swamped with people there too.

I certainly didn’t expect this Sydney trip to become so lonesome.

I flatten my baby blue formal dress, feeling very nervous as I fix my hair into a bun. I had spent all day looking for a nice dress and a very nice assistant in a dress shop helped me choose this long, flowing dress. It had silver linings around the waist and neck and the material was a soft thread.

Once I feel I’m ready, I decide to slip on my silver glittering heels I bought to go with the dress.

I had spent a long time getting ready in this awesome bathroom. It was massive, with marble floors, a marble sink and large ceramic bath. The shower was big enough for ten people, honestly. This place had to be one of the luxury apartments.

Couple that with the bedroom with the amazing view and balcony, the open plan kitchen and leather couches, fur rug and room service – oh yeah I tried that out already. This place was fit for a honey moon.

Wren, you’re feeling awfully entitled if you’re thinking about honey moons and you guys aren’t even dating!

I cringe at my own thoughts. It was true, we weren’t even a couple. I had to calm down. But... my mind had already questioned why Theo had booked this place for himself, before he knew I was coming. Did he book it when he was still with Cynthia? Did he book it after he left her, and he planned to seduce some random girl back to this bachelor pad?

All I knew was I was here now. And I was still alone.

“Time to make your fancy entrance,” I speak to myself as I walk to the door, at least my period was gone so I didn’t have to worry about my dress being involved in an ‘accident’.

On my way down to the lobby and the taxi I ring up Rhea, who was looking after Mr. Fox for me. Once I confirm he is doing well, I get in the back of my taxi and give the address of the charity event.

Not to mention, I had also thought I’d arrive to this event with Theo, but he had never come back to the accommodation. Instead, he had texted me that he’d be going straight there. I was slowly and surely getting more and more confused. I wasn’t just doubting myself anymore, I was starting to question everything.

I didn’t know what he wanted from me anymore or if he even wanted me.

I felt very much in limbo.

The taxi arrives at a busy street in the city, a reception is open and people are lining up to enter. Everyone was dressed very formally so I wasn’t regretting my decision to buy the dress I was wearing at the moment.

I had no bag, I had simply shoved my phone into the side of my bra along with some cash. I line up to enter, smiling to myself nervously, hoping I fit in. I feel so out of place now that everyone is clearly in groups or with partners. Eventually I make it in, feeling flattered when a few people look at my dress twice.

They’re probably staring because they’re wondering why you’re all alone, Wren.

My anxious thoughts take a back seat when I’m finally allowed to enter the enormous complex and search for Theo. This was a high class entertainment reception area. Whatever insurance company thought of this really put effort into the whole ball.

I walk around admiring the sleek black walls and glossy marble floor. There was a massive bar, tables galore and a huge screen set up for a presentation later on. I held a ticket in my hand which directed me to my table.

It was table 1, nearest to the screen and podium. As I glance over I see a bunch of men and Theo, all talking in depth by the table. No one was sitting yet. I look away, suddenly wanting to avoid them. I would rather talk to Theo one on one.

But... I had no one else to talk to. I couldn’t avoid him forever.

I suck it up and raise my chin.

Walk over gracefully and show him you don’t care he’s been busy. You’ve been busy too, Wren! You have a life!

Yeah right, mind.

I walk over now, closing the distance slowly, I walk right up behind Theo so he doesn’t see me coming. The other men are first to notice me and they all glance at me with clear interest.

Good. I literally spent hours to look this great, fixing my hair, my ear rings, my makeup. I wanted to make an impact, even if Theo didn’t have time for me.

“Theo,” I say his name smoothly and he swivels around, surprised as I sneak up on him.

“Wren,” he says my name quietly as he glances me over. I know he’s impressed. I take the time to look at the other men, who are all gawking at me.

“He’s in the middle of making an important deal, darling,” one older man steps forward, he sounds condescending and I’m offended until he asks, “Come with me, I’ll grab you a drink.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to interrupt my boss,” I focus solely on the man with dark hair, greying at the edges as I take his arm and walk away with him.

As my back is now to Theo and I basically dismiss his existence, my heart is racing in my chest.

Bold move, Wren, very bold... even my own mind seems shocked at my audacity.

But I couldn’t help myself, I suddenly wanted to prove my independence. I didn’t want to let him affect my thoughts and my feelings this much. Not when he ignored me almost all week while being busy with work.

“My name’s James,” the man introduces himself, “You’re looking beautiful tonight, Wren, darling. Theo has said quite a bit about his bright assistant.”

“Thank you,” I nod, feeling hardly at ease because I can’t help but still feel a continuing condescending vibe off James. He takes me up to the counter and questions me about work, about my family, my life in general. I answer as vaguely as possible, feeling uncomfortable with the interrogation.

“So you don’t drink?” he asks as he hands me the lemon lime and bitters I’ve ordered and he’s offered to pay for.

“No,” I answer shortly, sipping from the glass.

“Why?” he asks, grabbing my arm, “Tell me more about yourself while we walk back. I really am interested in what you have to say, sweetheart.”

Argh, an old man calling me sweetheart made me feel gross.

“Good idea. Um... I just don’t like drinking,” my answers are shorter and shorter, James notices and now he seems to be the one getting offended.

I’m eager to get to my seat now, because people were sitting down and well... I hadn’t failed to notice Theo occasionally glancing over at me while he was speaking with the others.

Pssh, I didn’t need him checking in on me.

When we arrive back at the table, James takes a seat near Theo, leaving a seat for me between them. Oh gosh, no. I didn’t want to talk to James again.

Theo is waiting, expecting I’ll seat next to him so he doesn’t opt to say anything to me when I get back. Or perhaps I was reading him wrong and he was actually just frustrated that I had walked off before.

“I might sit over here, actually,” I say sweetly, speaking to the group of guys while dismissing my boss as he looks at me, again. I take a spare seat on the other side of the table, specifically where the vase in the middle would block my view of Theo.

I settle, comfortably and then proceed to chat with two different men either side of me. They are keen to chat as am I. I know I shouldn’t but... I was getting a weirdly sick satisfaction at my accidental revenge on Theo since I had been ignored by him all week. I say ‘accidental revenge’ because I didn’t plan on ignoring him tonight.

But so far? I was enjoying it.

I guess it was because I was annoyed Theo had taken up lots of my headspace, I had needlessly worried about him. Now I was indulging in some stress free and fun socializing. It was harmless!

So the rest of the night goes successfully to plan. In fact, my mood starts to lighten as the people I talk to are quite lovely. I flit around the tables when people are dancing and sit quietly when the presentations were taking place. All the while, you could say I was having a perfectly good time.

But of course, the night had to eventually come to an end.

People are leaving in waves, the place slowly emptying just after midnight. Eventually the last man from our table leaves and Theo is left with me.

We hadn’t spoken all night. Any time he had tried to approach me, or I had seen him coming, I had flitted off to somewhere or someone else before he could catch me.

Now I assess his gaze and then quickly stand up, giving him a half smile as I decide to walk off.

He wanted to talk to me and I was still in the mood to be dismissive, I had been acing being independent all night! I didn’t want it to end now, I guess I was getting cocky... the place was almost empty now but... still.

I walk past him and I see him leap to his feet – he was going to intercept me.

I try to walk off quickly, no-where in particular.

“We’re going, sweet cheeks,” Theo catches my wrist as I come to a halt. I spin to face him but he doesn’t look at me as he starts pulling me with him.

“Did you have a good night, Theo?” I ask, as disinterested as possible. My attitude was out in full force, once again, accidentally. I didn’t mean to sound so cold, but whatever, he deserved it.

Theo doesn’t answer me, which shakes my confidence a little bit. He takes me outside to the taxi pick up where we wait for one to come by.

He is still holding my wrist and I watch him. I could tell he was internally struggling with how to respond to me. I find myself biting my bottom lip, expecting something... and then he pulls me around, gripping my chin in his hand.

I try to pull back, because I didn’t expect him to hold my chin so firmly, but I can’t. He forces me to look at him.

“You’ve been playing with fire tonight, sweet cheeks,” he warns, quietly, his eyes run over my face, “You know I’ve been busy. I haven’t been ignoring you... what was the purpose of avoiding me tonight?”

“I w-wasn’t –”

“You were,” he snaps, cutting me off.

“I don’t know where I stand with you,” I blurt out, my eyes looking down, I can’t meet his intense stare as I say this. There was a spark in his eyes, he knows what I’m referring too.

“ stand with me. You should have stayed by my side tonight,” he sounds gentle enough, but there was clear anger and frustration below the surface.

“But you were so distant all week and I thought maybe you were just fooling me around... you must have been, at your place when you... when you tied me up and you helped me fall asleep. Was that just... fun to you?” I ask, for some reason I’m close to tears and I glance up to see him looking shocked and offended.

“The only Submissive I want, is someone I care for deeply –”

“Like Cynthia? ... but she left you, why did she leave you?” I ask, knowing it’s probably too direct but I can’t help it, the question just leaves my mouth.

“She’s irrelevant,” he snaps, his eyes cloud over with anger and I wipe at my eyes when moisture escapes.

I turn from him, not wanting to speak anymore as a taxi rolls up. Theo gives the address and we end up both in the back. The silence is filled with tension so I just I lean my forehead against the window, feeling drained and tired. When we finally arrive back to the accommodation, I jump out of the taxi as quickly as possible.

I start walking inside, not waiting for Theo. He keeps pace with me, however, even though I try to get ahead. In the elevator I can’t help but glance at him... and he glances at me.

I look away quickly, my heart in my throat and my cheeks quickly warm.

That was pretty cute.

All my girl-crush warm tingly feelings hit an overload.

Wren... he just looked at you. Why do you always over react when he simply looks at you?

Because we did it at the exact same time?

Argh. I didn’t want to overthink anymore. I wanted to get inside our room and go to sleep. I didn’t want to make this something it wasn’t.

The elevator doors open and we both rush out. He beats me to the door, using his key-card to enter.

Once inside I feel more at ease.

“Do you need the bathroom to get undressed, sweet cheeks?” he asks, quietly as I move past him and walk into our bedroom. I stop and look at the bed for a moment, feeling gross when thoughts of other girls with Theo besides me, pop up in my brain.

I cringe and then glance at him as he walks in and stands next to me. He already starts undoing his shirt and a rush of nerves suddenly slam into me.

“Ah, yeah I do, t-thanks,” I mumble quickly and head for the adjoining bathroom. As I turn to close the door I peek at him as he shrugs his shirt off his shoulders. I look a little bit too long and his eyes blink once... and he catches me staring.

I slam the door a bit too hard because I do it quickly.

I slap my palm to my forehead because he obviously knew I was freaking out. I lock the door. Chill out, Wren, nothing is happening here! Nothing at all!

Even my brain doesn’t seem convinced.

I take off my dress, wash off my makeup and decide to have a quick hot shower. When I walk out, I towel dry my hair and let my hair hang in damp ringlets to dry in the heated air of the apartment. I blow my nose, make sure my eyes aren’t red, and then look around for my pyjamas... but I didn’t bring them in.

I pick up a dry towel and wrap it around my middle. I hadn’t heard Theo leave the bedroom but he might be in the kitchen making tea. At least I can hope so.

I hesitate with my hand on the door knob.

Well, Wren, what are you waiting for? You either stay in here all night or you just go out and find your clothes, just do it!

I open the door.

I do not expect to come face to face with Theo’s perfectly chiselled chest.

My hand is instantly on my heart, my eyes literally popping out of my head at the unexpected surprised.

“Ah... w-what are you...” he is just wearing his black pants. He slowly and gracefully reaches out to grip both sides of the door frame, blocking me in the bathroom. His eyes are focused on me like I’m his sole interest, “W-what –”

“I was going to let you off for completely avoiding me tonight...” he explains clearly, his eyes determined and resolute, “But there comes a time...with all submissives, sweet cheeks... you need to be taught.”

“Oh,” I whisper quietly, “W-well, you ca... can’t...what do you mean, taught?” I don’t even know what to do. I’m frozen where I am, completely dwarfed by him. I was going to be at his complete mercy in a moment.

Wren, he’s making you feel like this on purpose. This is what he does.

“Tuck it in,” he says, his eyes motioning to the towel.

“The –”

"Yes. Unless you don’t mind it falling off when you’re bent over my knee...” he doesn’t give me much option. My hands literally tremble as I tuck in the corner under my arm, nice and tight, hoping that’s good enough.

I want to ask if he’s joking but I don’t get the chance.

“Good girl,” he mutters as soon as I’ve done so, then reaches in and grabs my arm, dragging me out. I stumble after him, my feet were sore from running around in high heels all night.

I don’t know what to do but it doesn’t matter, he is the one in control. As he sits down on the end of the bed he pulls me across his lap, the towel riding up my thighs, exposing my ass. Oh gosh, I should have realised that was going to happen! I struggle in response. But I can’t get far because he holds me down nice and tight with an arm around my waist.

“I don’t know what I did wrong,” I complain, trying to look at him but he is glaring at me now.

“Sweet cheeks, you don’t say a thing. You just take it, don’t move or I’ll keep going. Got it?... good, stay still...” Oh.

The first smack is hard enough to make me flinch.

“...ow!” I mutter under my breath and squeeze my thighs together when he comes in for a second go. Smack!

“You’re not going to avoid me again, sweety. You stay by my side unless I say otherwise,” each smack gets harder and I yelp out at the fifth one.

“I’m sorry, Theo,” I find myself giving in, only because I feel so humiliated right now but I was also confused why my stomach felt all warm and tingly, “Ow! Please stop... that’s enough, isn’t it?”

“I’m not letting you go until your ass is nice and red for me, sweety,” he warns, smacking me again.

“This is so embarrassing,” I whisper, knowing he’ll hear me.

“Too bad. Now listen,” he snaps and after smacking his hand down on my ass, he suddenly smooths over the pain, kneading one ass cheek with a steady strong hand, “After this you can go to sleep. But tomorrow you better listen to me and do as you’re told, you’ll be attending all the meetings with me.”

“Yes, okay, I understand!” I answer in a rush, hoping he’ll let me go because I was getting increasingly worried he might find out ... well he might... argh.

I can’t deny it. I admit it, okay? I was wet.

“Good...” he suddenly wraps my wet hair around his fist and uses that to pull me up off his lap. I gasp at how tight he has to pull it. His hand loosens quickly, however, and I scramble backwards away from him, feeling very shy. I timidly look at him, his mouth tilted up in the corner in a satisfied smirk as I proceed to run around looking for my pyjamas, “...adorable...”

Okay, I think he said that but I could be hearing things.

I get down on my knees and open my suit case, looking for my nighty. I find it and rush into the bathroom to get changed. Once I’m done I walk out to see him still sitting on the end of the bed.

“Goodnight,” I whisper as I hurry past him, I grip the sheets, pull them back and curl in under them as quickly as possible. I lay on my side and I have my knees to my chest, my ass was still stinging, “Can you turn off the lights, Theo?” I ask, glancing at him when I feel the bed decompress at the end. He comes over until he’s leaning on his hand and looking down at me curled up in a ball.

“You okay, sweet cheeks?” he asks, he sounds concerned.

“I liked that more than I should have,” I blurt out, in a hurried whisper. Why did you say that to him, Wren? I blush bright red and quickly rest my cheek on the pillow so I don’t have to gaze into his eyes, completely embarrassed.

Why was I so honest with him?

“You really are adorable,” he chuckles as he suddenly leans down and he kisses the top of my forehead.

All sorts of feelings flood through me when he does it. It’s only for a brief moment and then he rolls off me, heading for the light switch.

I’m still blushing about being spanked. And how he checked in on me just now.

He was so concerned about my reaction after letting out a bit of his Dominant side on me for the first time.

I suddenly feel so special.

The room is encased in darkness and Theo comes back over to get in bed.

I face away from him as I think to myself.

Gosh, I was smitten with him.

I guess I should have expected it but I’m still a little surprised when he puts his hand on my hip, gripping it tight, he pulls me back into him.

“Ah...okay,” it’s the only words I can find, I was already feeling really sleepy as well as happy.

He settles behind me, his chin on the top of my head, making me feel small but comfortable. His arm is around my waist, holding me nice and tight.

“Be careful, sweet cheeks,” he murmurs, it was loving even though it sounds like a warning, “I’m very tolerant with beginners, but once you start to learn how we’ll work... you better take what I say very seriously. Do you understand me... Wren?”

“Mmmm...yeah... I think so...” I answer him very quietly, my eyes were closed, I was about to fall sleep already.

“Yes or no,” he scolds me in response to my half-hearted sleepy reply.

My eyes are now quickly open again.

"Yes,” I blurt out, nodding quickly. It’s too much enthusiasm and my head swings back into his chin. I cringe when I knock into him a bit hard, “Oh gosh... sorry! Did I hurt you? I swear I’m not clumsy. I’m never this clumsy!”

Theo just laughs and holds me tighter.

“What am I going to do with you, Wren?” he asks, before gently adding, “Stay still... you’re not clumsy, you’re just nervous. You’re safe with me... just don’t forget what I said. I’ll be training you slowly but slow only lasts so long.”

His free hand tugs a curled strand of my hair as I settle back into him, letting out a long exhale. If I’m honest, I don’t really hear what he’s said at all.

I’m too tired.

At least I survived today.

I’d just try not to piss him off again tomorrow.

I knew he was just starting to open up to me about his Dominant side but it was glimpses only.

Something told me once he trained me how we wanted, he’d be a force I wouldn’t want to play around with. Ah well...

I go to sleep thinking about how he kissed my forehead.

All night, I sleep like a baby, feeling really lucky that I have Theo by my side.

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