Mastering Wren

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Chapter 16

Theo orders us some coffee in the morning on our way to his next lot of meetings. I stand outside, holding my work bag closely to me as I gaze out at the Sydney morning rush of workers, all around me, heading off for the day.

I bite my lip as I think about how much I avoided Theo’s eyes this morning. My mind was racing since he spanked me. I was a little in denial it happened, almost convinced it was just a dream. But I couldn’t fool myself completely, he was acting more and more like a Dominant.

My Dominant.

I blush at the thought.

“Wren,” he says my name as he approaches and I spin to see him holding my chai. I smile politely, only glancing at his eyes for a nervous second before taking it from him, “Thank you,” I speak so quietly I’m barely audible over the traffic and people stampeding by.

I glance up again, very briefly, to see Theo staring right at me.

“You okay, sweet cheeks?” he asks, he can’t keep the amusement out of his tone but I know he means the question seriously.

“What? Yes, of course. We, um... we better get going, boss,” I nod for no particular reason and he raises his eyebrows.

“I’ll lead the way,” he says eventually, after his small pause at taking in my rambling we both start walking, “I have to tell you and I hope you’re not too bothered by it but... some of Cynthia’s family work at this company. I have to sort out a few things with them one on one but that will be more personal. So you don’t have to be around for that, it’s not necessary,” Theo sounds confident but his words ruffle my feathers. Any mention of Cynthia made me feel a little gross.

“Okay,” I answer him as we continue on our way.

“It’s just around the corner, this is going to be a busy day, I hope you’re ready,” Theo goes quiet and I just nod again. Eventually we reach the outside of the insurance company and I’m relieved we are here so we can get to work.

Except we don’t make it all the way in. Theo abruptly spins to face me, halting me before we enter the building.

“Hmmm?” I look into his eyes now, feeling more at ease with him.

“I want to thank you for coming with me last minute to Sydney,” Theo pauses for a second, seems impressed I haven’t started rambling in response yet, so he continues, “When today ends I thought I’d treat you to dinner. We can go out, we could get room service... whatever makes you happy, but you have to choose something. Tell me what you decide when you’ve thought about it.”

“You’re not going to spank me if I take too long to choose, will you?” My face is going red even as I ask the question. Why did you bring it up, Wren, why?

It was my attempt at humour... failed.

Theo blinks slowly at me, not too surprised by my outburst. His eyes darken a tad, taking on a serious note.

“You think that’s funny? What I do isn’t a game, sweet cheeks,” Theo warns me and is about to turn to walk in but quickly decides to add, “Be a good girl for me today, okay?”

“Okay,” I nod and then quickly keep pace with him as we finally walk into the insurance company where he had heaps of meetings to attend to. I had no idea what he meant by asking me to be a good girl for the day, but I’d just assume he meant to avoid pissing him off.

I couldn’t forget the mention of some of Cynthia’s family being here. I didn’t want to think about what they had to talk about with Theo. I’d just try not to focus on it.

If I could get through today safely, I could enjoy dinner tonight with Theo!

The day goes as expected. I was so busy helping Theo out, time simply flew by. When I had gone on a lunch break, I assume that is when he talked to Cynthia’s brother. Theo had pointed Adam out to me when I came back from my break. Theo had been in a shocking mood when I returned, so I had to attribute it to the talk with Cynthia’s brother.

So I kept my distance and kept my mouth shut after that, and the rest of the day passed quickly. Theo had let me leave a little earlier than him when I was done, so I was back at the accommodation first.

I have a shower and then wear my leggings from the other day and a simple grey tank top. I had decided on staying in tonight as I rush around the place trying to make it look clean. I feel embarrassed just thinking about how nervous I was for our eat-in dinner.

I was feeling more emotionally attached to Theo, even when I experienced his bad moods. Now all I wanted to do was please him and make him happy again. I guess it was because I knew he was a decent guy.

Not to mention, I was always mesmerised by him. Now, I wanted to make an impression.

Once the place is clean, my hair is nearly dried to its natural brown ringlets. I sit down on the couch and think of Mr. Fox, sighing.

I knew Theo would be here any moment.

Just as the thought processes, the door swings open and my eyes light up as Theo comes in.

“Hello –!” just as I’m trying to welcome him back to the accommodation, Theo’s mobile phone rings, completely cutting off my welcome.

Theo ignores me and looks at the screen. His face drops and within a moment he is out the door, answering the call in privacy. I jump to my feet and see he has left his suitcase on the floor.

I bite my lip nervously as I scamper over, thinking about picking it up, hoping I could help by putting it in the room for him. As I tip-toe closer, I can hear him talking on the other side of the door he has closed.

I shouldn’t listen in.

You know you want to...

In the end I can’t help but overhear.

“...I’m too busy at the moment... I’m the issue? The fact she doesn’t know already is the problem and it’s certainly not mine... Yeah... I’ll work it out when I get back, you don’t have to speak on Cynthia’s behalf, I’ll speak to her myself...” the call ends and I know he is about to enter back in, any second now.

Panicking because the call is over so quickly, I hop to the side, leaving the suitcase where it is as I desperately lunge for the fridge door. My socks easily lose traction on the tiles and I bang my forehead into the side of the fridge.

I hear Theo enter and I rub my sore head, blood rushing to my face as I steady myself. I pretend to take out the milk like I’m going to make tea.

Theo comes around the corner and is looking over at me, a question in his gaze about the bang he heard, but he also looked frustrated.

“That was nothing! I’m fine!” I blurt out, “Do you want tea? I’ll make you tea –?”

“I’ve told you before, I don’t like tea,” Theo is short with me as he picks up his briefcase and quickly heads off into the bedroom.

I turn around and watch him through the half open door as he shrugs off his blazer so he just has his shirt and pants on, and he heads off into the bathroom.

My mood drops as I make myself some tea, my nerves also settling back in.

Sometimes we’d get closer and then Cynthia would get in the way. I wanted to know what was bothering him but at the same time I wasn’t sure how to approach the topic. I didn’t want to make his mood worse.

I wait for the water to boil and when it’s done I poor myself a cupper. As I add the milk, Theo finally comes out, silently. He glances at me as he walks by. I consider it a dangerous glance, because I feel hit with nerves instantly when he meets my eyes for that brief moment.

However, he walks towards the window and stares out at the city lights, it was getting dark now.

“I decided,” I perk up, hoping to break the ice, “... to have room service. Are you happy with that?”

Theo doesn’t answer me and I feel dark vibes coming off him as he silently stares out over the city, his back to me. I hold my tea closely, looking for some comfort.

“Theo?” I call out to him again, hoping he’ll respond.

“Are you aware you’re not fully my Submissive yet, Wren?” he asks, completely randomly and out of the blue. It catches me off guard.

“Um... what... w-what do you mean? I mean, why are you asking?” I ask, not totally sure what he was referring too. Theo turns to answer me and I freak out, “Wait! Don’t answer me yet,” I bite my lip, hoping to clear my head before he continued to talk about us, “I need to ask you something. Is everything okay with you and Cynthia? I’m sorry, I just... I need to ask. I can’t talk about us when you’re clearly not over –” I bite my tongue as Theo’s eyes widen. I didn’t even mean to go down that path but I had nearly said it... you’re not over Cynthia.

“I wouldn’t be pursuing you, Wren, if I wasn’t completely interested. I don’t just go for anyone... Cynthia is in the past. I have a few issues – one issue... I need to clear up with her when I return,” Theo explains clearly but I know he is hiding something from me.

“What is it?” I ask, knowing I sound nosy. But I need to clear my own confused thoughts.

“It’s not important –” Theo sounds far too defensive to be telling the truth.

“It must be if you say it like that... please tell me,” I feel a cold wall going up around my heart as I ask it. I guess I knew bad news was coming because my intuition was usually correct.

Theo pauses and looks away towards the wall. He lets out an exasperated breath.

“Apparently Cynthia is pregnant,” Theo eventually admits.

I nearly drop my tea.

"What?" I ask, for some reason my heart is breaking already and Theo hasn’t even said he doesn’t want me. But a baby? He couldn’t ignore having a baby!

“She doesn’t know if it’s mine,” Theo adds, finally meeting my gaze, “She asked me to come back so we can test if it’s mine or not.”

“Not yours?” I ask, confused and shocked. I’m hoping he can’t hear the hurt in my tone, “I had no idea you both broke up because she cheated.”

“I didn’t know she cheated either,” Theo snaps, clearly irritated again, “This is news to me as well.”

I go quiet and I look down at my tea cup as I feel sick to my stomach. I didn’t expect my life to ever take a turn so dramatic. I had fallen for my boss, but now his ex-fiancé is pregnant with his baby? Potentially his baby.

“What will you do if it’s yours?” I ask quietly, “Actually, don’t answer that. Theo... about last night. Can we please, just be boss and employee for the moment?” I’m rambling now, but my eyes are also near tears as conflicting emotions confuse me, “I just need space. To think. To just... well you need to... um... you need to work out whatever you need to with her. I don’t think you should bother with me. Who knows, you might end up back together?”

“Wren... why are you so upset? She could be lying to me,” Theo sounds worried as I try very hard not to tear up in front of him.

There is so much I want to say but I don’t even know how to say it.

“I actually miss Mr. Fox, that’s all...” I mutter, which was not a lie, I missed him terribly. Especially now that I felt emotionally unstable with Theo, “Can I go back to Melbourne early tomorrow?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions about me and Cynthia. The reason I’m upset is I’m positive she’s lying to me,” Theo explains more in depth now, “Trust me. I have control over my relationships to the point I know whether or not she’d be pregnant. The problem for Cynthia is I have no feelings for her anymore what so ever and she wants me back. I want someone else now. Do you understand, sweet cheeks?”

“I know but...” I trail off as his eyes blaze.

“Do you understand?” Theo likes straight answers from me and for some reason that makes me want to blush even more.

“Yes,” I nod, “I might eat dinner and... t-then go straight to bed...” I could tell he wasn’t going to allow me to go back to Melbourne. He wanted me here for the rest of the trip.

I was probably over reacting anyway; I should believe him.

I guess my reaction was just about the shock of it all.

“I’ll order room service,” Theo is calm and confident as he heads over to the phone by the couches, “Sit down and relax, I’m not letting you off from our dinner that easy just yet. You can go back to Melbourne early if you want but I prefer you stay with me.”

Theo is resolute as he heads towards the phone and the in-room menu.

I head over nervously to the couches and sit opposite him, still holding my tea. My hands are trembling and I nearly spill some on my neck as I raise the cup too quickly to my lips. He smirks when he witnesses my nervous fumbling and he shakes his head to himself, amused.

I bring the cup down and hold it tightly now, pursing my lips.

Keep your cool Wren, even he thinks your over-reaction is funny.

But... I was still inevitably worried about Cynthia being pregnant.

I’d just enjoy this dinner tonight as best as I could and try to think of an excuse to go home early to get some space. I mean, sure, he made me certain that he was solely interested in me. He was confidently ordering food for us right now in this beautiful accommodation... where he had spanked me last night... I guess that is why I was so nervous.

This was going so fast between us, my heart kept growing every day with more attachment to him... I just hoped I could keep up with the whirlwind my life was quickly turning into.

“What do you want, Wren?”

In fact, it was weird I felt this way because he hadn’t even kissed me yet.

“Ahem... Wren... what do you want?” Theo asks me a second time after I zone out on him the first.

“Oh! Um, a kiss, ah – I meant......” and now I didn’t even know what I meant.

You know what you just said to him, Wren, you idiot!

My cheeks are going so bright red and my mind is quickly becoming blank as I stare at him. I’m in utter astonishment at my ability to blurt out my most private thoughts when I wasn’t concentrating. Especially around him.

Theo is on the phone already, his eye brows raised, he happily lets the awkward moment sink in.

“Just make it two red Thai curries,” Theo orders for both of us eventually, hanging up and simply assessing what I said, silently.

I put my tea on the coffee table and exhale, avoiding his eyes.

“I need to pee,” I say, quickly, also truthfully, “I’ll be back.”

“You’ll get it, don’t worry,” Theo smirks as I walk off and I pause just before I enter the bedroom. I turn to face him, scratching my head.

“What? What do I get?” I ask, pretending to sound really confused.

“What you asked for. You’ll get it after dinner, sweet cheeks,” Theo is out right teasing me now.

“Oh... like... yeah...” I mumble, nod for no reason, and then turn. I stumble my way quickly towards some freedom, into the bedroom and then the adjoining bathroom.

What does, oh... like... yeah, mean, Wren? What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

I’m so nervous it even takes me thirty seconds to remember how to pee as I sit down on the toilet.

Dominants were meant to take care of their Submissives, correct?


Well... he just made me a nervous wreck.

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