Mastering Wren

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Chapter 17

I try to get my thoughts together as I stay in the bathroom, but just as I think I’ve calmed myself... I start to over think. What if he actually meant he wanted to kiss me? Not to mention we shared a bed. What if he was planning to do more with me than just kiss? While he had no idea Cynthia was pregnant with his baby or not?

That final thought had me feeling like throwing up.

I make a decision.

I walk out of the bathroom, my mind is racing as I see him lounging on the couch, completely relaxed. I head towards my phone but I can feel his gaze combined with the silence, tearing up my confidence bit by bit.

“We need to chat,” Theo speaks low, his tone commanding even with that one sentence.

Act casual, don’t act affected, Wren!

“Oh, um,” I push a ringlet of hair behind my ear and look up at him with false bravado as I click on my phone, “I just need to make a call first.”

I can’t look at Theo too long. I have to jump to my feet and walk off as I dial Rhea’s number. Even though I hadn’t said much, it’s like he knew.

He knew what I was up to.

“Hey bae, what’s up?” Rhea answers quickly and I’m grateful she picks up.

“Just checking in, the usual,” I speak in a sing-song tone, and quickly try to calm it down, it was a bit over the top.

“Mr. Fox is doing well, but he seems depressed being alone all day without seeing you. He just sits on the couch. How’s everything –?” Now was my chance.

Hopefully she caught on.

“Oh no! It’s really bad isn’t it? That’s okay, I’ll come back as soon as possible. He – ah, might ah, need, um... yeah, I’ll do my best to leave soon, okay, bye,” I hang up by the fridge and quickly text her ‘I’ll explain later x’. My fingers tremble as I write the text as I overthink that phone call.

My acting wasn’t very good. And that wasn’t even the hard part.

Explaining to Theo and trying to make it sound believable? That was the real challenge.

“This might sound silly –” I speak up as I meet his questioning and suspicious gaze. There is a knock at the door before I can explain fully, “I’ll get it!” I put my hand up to stop Theo and I walk to the door to accept the room service.

The trays are wheeled in and when we’re finally alone again I place myself on the couch opposite him, frantically looking up the next flight back to Melbourne on my phone.

Theo hasn’t said anything when I expect him too and I eventually glance up when I have some flights pop up on my phone.

“So,” I continue from before, “There’s an emergency back at my apartment with Mr. Fox.”

“Mmmhmm?” Oh, fantastic. Theo couldn’t sound anymore dry or pissed off.


“I’m really sorry, I need to go back as soon as possible,” I continue to sound confident, even though it takes all of me to keep it together and not start rambling my way to a disaster, “I need to take the next flight with seats available back to Melbourne. I’m going to eat and run I’m terribly worried.”

“I can see that,” Theo responds quietly and opens his closh to find one of the curry dishes.

I also open mine and my eyes feast on the food as I smell the amazing aroma.

“You... don’t mind?” I ask, my mouth watering as I look at the curry. The carrot pieces and chicken wasn’t going to glare at me the way Theo could so I just stare at the curry.

Theo doesn’t answer me for a couple of minutes as we eat. I can feel him glancing at me occasionally as I eat and it makes it hard to swallow.

He was waiting for me to break.

“Theo,” I have to say something because I need to know where he stands, “Do you mind?” I repeat myself, but it’s better than giving in to my habit of rambling.

He finishes chewing, swallows and then finally looks up and meets my gaze. I’m glad he is going to answer, despite his judgmental eyes.

“I have work but when I get back to Melbourne, and you’re my sub, I’m sure you’ll mind your actions more closely,” Theo is extremely direct and blunt with his words and his tone.

I’m pretty sure that was a threat. The type of threat a Dominant would give.


Can’t deal.

Not with a baby in the background.

“I’m going to get ready,” I don’t eat it all but I can’t continue to talk about us.

I wanted to explore what we had. I really did. I just couldn’t concentrate on us when he was potentially the father to Cynthia’s baby. Which meant he’d potentially still choose her over me when he got the results.

I get up from the couch and hurry to the other room. When I’m away from him I pack my stuff frantically and get it all done in a matter of minutes. It’s as I’m packing my last items that the door opens and Theo is standing there, leaning on the frame casually while looking at his phone.

"What?" I ask it a little bit aggressively.

I didn’t mean to, but I was feeling defensive.

Theo glances up at me with brooding eyes for a moment and then looks back at his phone.

Okay, he was not impressed with my attitude.

“I changed your flight back to tonight, midnight. So you don’t waste your money booking a second one,” I glare at him about the ‘money wasting’ part, the condescending tone suggested I’d never have as much easy-money as him. He meets my glare with his own, which quite frankly, destroys my attempt to stare him down, “’re welcome, Wren.”

I should thank him for his effort to change the flights for me, but...

I couldn’t be too much of a push over either.

I just nod.

I do up the last zip on my carry bag and then realize I have to walk past Theo to exit. My heart beat kicks up a notch as I wonder if he’ll grab me as I try to walk by and spank me again.

Inhaling, I clench my fists and try to walk forward without thinking too much. I try to pivot past him. He doesn’t completely grab me to him but he does take a step back and block my way. His hand confidently reaches up and two of his fingers firmly grab my chin, before I try to get around him.

“You do realise, as my sub, I wouldn’t let you get away with this?” he growls it low and I just stare up at him, mind slowly dissolving to nothing as his face is so close to mine.

“Get away with what?” I ask, almost breathless.

Confidence, bring back the confidence, Wren!

“Lying to me,” his eyes search mine and I try not to keep my lip from trembling, or my eyes from blinking too much.

“I’m... not,” I answer, eventually, “Space is good to think. You should think.”

“I want you to do the same... consider what I have to offer. I want an answer next time, Wren. When I see you, if you say yes, that’s all I need.”

“What happens if I say yes? What happens if I say no?” I blurt out, quickly. Theo is amused I’m suddenly so keen to talk.

“If you say yes... you’re mine absolutely, in every sense of the word,” his eyes lighten as he says that, he liked being possessive of me, “If you say no, I’ll convince you to change your mind, sweet cheeks. Regardless... I have a gut feeling about your answer.”

“Theo, you don’t know me,” I’m not sure why I answer that way but I just do, scared how well he reads me. But he shouldn’t be able to figure me out that simply! It was uncanny.

“Have a safe flight, Wren,” he lets me go, ignoring that last part. He steps back now and I skitter past.

“Goodbye,” I’m relieved and sad I have to leave. I try not to look back over my shoulder because I don’t want to regret this decision.

I had my plan.

I wanted Theo to work out everything with Cynthia first.

If everything worked out fine...

...then he’d have his answer.

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