Mastering Wren

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Chapter 18

Most people live for Fridays, the end of the week and the last day of work before two days of bliss. I was not in the best of moods, however. Theo was back in Melbourne last night, but today I hadn’t seen him.

He had not come into work at all.

Now I was just back from my lunch break, a coffee in hand as I look over my work and tap my fingers on the new advertising that had come through. They were posters about ‘money for potential’ for young poor students to afford study at university. These posters would help poor students get into contact with our charity and know of its existence.

Getting that sorted quickly meant I was ahead of schedule and constantly looking at the front door, waiting for Theo to appear.

Of course, I wanted to know if he had not shown up to work because of that DNA test. I was certain that is why he wasn’t here yet. I check the clock, 2pm.

He probably wasn’t coming in at all.

I get up out of my chair, holding my coffee close, I waltz my way into his office.

I hadn’t been in his office all day, but now I decide to... have a look.

You’re so sneaky, Wren, who knew you’d ever have thoughts of snooping on someone, ever? You know if you get caught you’ll never forgive yourself.

It’s called research, mind, to find out more about my potential Dominant partner.

Yeah, ‘potential’ is the key word, he might be a father soon.

I try to shake my head clear of silly thoughts.

Now in his office, at first I just pretend to wander around the walls, the shelves and the filing. Eventually I spot papers strewn out over his desk and I get tempted to look but find myself heading to one of the couches near the fire place.

I sit down and grip my coffee cup hard, biting my bottom lip.

“What am I doing...” I whisper to myself, before jumping up quickly again and rushing over to his desk.

My hands flick through meaningless paper forms and printed off emails about Sydney. I end up sitting down on his chair and clicking the mouse at his computer instead. I log in with the common password and it works.

“Ooooo...” I have a funny thought to look up his search history... imagine what dirty secrets could be hidden in there. I click away and scroll through boring work related website addresses.

I was getting frustrated, Theo couldn’t be perfect, no one was ever perfect. So why couldn’t I find anything dodgy?

That in itself... was dodgy.

No, Wren, don’t think that, what the hell?

I pick up my coffee and decide to go back to my own desk. I make it there safely and now that I’ve gotten the need to snoop out of my system, I get back to work.

A couple of minutes later I get a call.

Theo is on the home screen. I answer cheerfully.

“Hello!” I’m proud of myself for sounding so together, despite his weird absence.

“I don’t suppose you could tell me why you were going through my office?” Theo asks bluntly and my smile falls from my face.

My mind goes blank.


“W-what?... Um –”

“I’m just parking now, I’ll be there in five minutes,” Theo hangs up and I put the phone down, feeling sick. How did he know?

“I’m so fucked,” I whisper, my hands in my hair as I frantically try to think of an excuse.

There were so many things I could say.

I was checking if you had a bad side, Theo.

I wanted to make sure you weren’t secretly up to no good, Theo.

Theo... I was just... I was looking for any evidence that you’re not over Cynthia...

I mean, I was curious if Cynthia would be on your home screen? Don’t judge me, Theo, please.

Argh, can you even hear your own thoughts, Wren? You sound pathetically jealous.

By the time I’ve over thought the whole scenario, Theo is at the door, turning the knob.

I stand up quickly, not sure why I have to stand, but I feel I should.

“Hi,” I welcome him as he closes the door and then approaches the other side of my desk, glaring me down.

“What the hell were you doing?” he asks. He was not impressed, his eyes were blazing with questions.


“I was looking – I don’t know?” I squeak out.

“I have cameras in my office in case there are any unexpected intrusions,” Theo explains, “I opened my phone up to see you snooping around.”

“Why didn’t you come into work this morning?” I ask, noting that he is in work clothes. His usual suit.

“None of your business, sweet cheeks,” Theo growls dangerously and doesn’t blink, “Don’t avoid what I’m asking you, what were you looking for?”

I open my mouth and feel like I can’t be anything but truthful now. I don’t want to be, but I have no lies to get out of this one.

“I honestly don’t know,” I look down at my papers and then back up at him, “I don’t know you very well, Theo, I just thought I could find out more about you.”

As every second passes I feel myself more and more on edge.

“You do realise you can talk to me –?” Theo’s words piss me off.

“Excuse me? I can hardly talk at all around you!” I snap, suddenly yelling and feeling really vulnerable, “I never planned on dating my boss, let alone someone who was recently engaged and now possibly a father. I didn’t ask for this!”

“Right,” I’m not sure if he is somewhat amused or just completely dismissive of my outburst, “Before we discuss this any further, you better give me my answer, Wren,” Theo is directing to the real issue now.

Did I want to be his submissive?

All my desires said yes, but all my fears, insecurities and anxieties were getting in the way. Not to mention, now wasn’t the best time to ask me to answer that. Who did he think he was? Putting me in such a vulnerable position? He should ask me that question in a slightly more romantic situation!

I wasn’t just a girl who would so willingly give in to his demands because he wanted an answer right now.

I wanted romance first.

I’m not sure why a rage seems to completely consume me but I reach down for my bag and phone. I couldn’t work anymore today, I was nearly in tears.

I can’t look at him as I answer him.

“I don’t want to be second pickings,” I mutter. I hold my bag and coffee closely as I walk around my desk, aiming to bolt for it.

He grabs my arm as I try to pass him and I nearly spill my coffee all over my top.

I glare up at him, my eyes accusing.

“I’m not the father,” he says, reaching out to put his hand over my own, steadying the coffee for me, “We’re talking further tonight.”

“I gave you an answer,” I shrug, still avoiding his eyes.

“I didn’t hear a no neither a yes,” he growls low, “So, Wren... I’ll ask it this way, yes or no?”

Not. Now.

“Let me go,” I try to jerk out of his arm.

He doesn’t let me go, not just yet.

“I’ll take that as a partial-yes, sweet cheeks,” he is amused now, but I was not in the mood to be mocked.

“No!–yes! Argh, fuck,” I only glance up once to see him trying not to mock me further. I don’t think he had ever seen me quite this angry before. He lets me go and I head for the door, looking over my shoulder to see him watching me leave with calculating eyes. I didn’t want him just rocking up to my apartment whenever, I needed a time, “Will you come at seven?”

Theo blinks, I assume that means he agrees. I don’t expect him to ignore my question.

“Snooping... lying... you’ll get what’s coming, sweet cheeks,” his eyes roll over me and my now trembling hand.

"Only if I say yes,” I answer.

“Oh, really? I’m not sure if I care what you say at this point anymore, Wren,” Theo warns me as he comes forward, clearly still eager to have a go at me for snooping in his office. His sudden approach makes me back out of the door quickly. He closes it for me once I’m out and I try not to run all the way back to my apartment.

What did he mean, he didn’t care what I said? Did he mean he didn’t care if I answered no?

I text him, freaking out, ‘you’re joking with me, right?’

He replies half a minute later.

‘If your lock is still broken, that’s also on the list’

‘Now who’s avoiding the question?.. you said you’d fix it for me, durr-brain,’ I send him the text quickly, not thinking too much about it.

He doesn’t text back.

Theo rings instead.

I answer more confident now that I’m out of arms reach.

“What’s up, boss?”

“Sweet cheeks, don’t dig yourself deeper into your inevitable punishment. Learn when to shut up.”

I stop walking for a moment. Wow.

He really wasn’t holding back anymore.

“You’re so mean,” I whisper, surprised by his clearly more Dominant side shining through.

“Hmmm... I can be, but for a purpose. I’m curious, Wren... are you wet?” Theo sounds confident in his assessment of me and waits for me to reply... I’m just gaping.

I have to hang up before I answer that.

I’m blushing bright red.

That arrogant bastard! Just when I thought he couldn’t make me even more flustered, he would dare to point out how damn much he could affect me? Why did he love embarrassing me?

I was so nervous, I can hardly cope as I head up the lift.

I guess I felt this way because I knew my real troubles hadn’t even begun.

Tonight was going to be a completely different story.

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