Mastering Wren

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Chapter 19

I run around my apartment trying to clean everything and make it presentable. I also hop in the bathroom and shave everything, a little flutter in my stomach at the thought of not knowing how far Theo was going to push me tonight.

I would never agree to anything unless I was completely comfortable, but I was susceptible to him. If he went about it the right way, he could potentially have me.

It’s certainly not a thought I dwell on too long, rather it resides in the depths of my subconscious as I clean myself up. After shaving, I shower and I shampoo and condition while Mr. Fox sits and stares at me from outside the shower door.

Ever since I got back he was not leaving my side. Now he meows when the glass door fogs up and he can’t see me.

“I’m still here, Mr. Fox!” I call out, to reassure him, and he makes another funny little noise, “That’s right, I haven’t been taken away by the steam, relax kitty-cat.”

I see a paw on the glass door a moment later and I roll my eyes.

“I said I’m right here,” I try to reassure him as I turn off the stream and then squeeze the excess water out of my hair. When the steam clears from the windows, and Mr. Fox spots me, he twirls around while meowing and he waits by the bathroom door, “Hey, now you want to get out of the bathroom, huh? You wait for me this whole time and then you want to leave? What do you want from me, Mr. Fox? Tell me,” I try to put on a firm tone, practicing before Theo got here.

I step out of the shower and pick up a towel, going to the door to open it for Mr. Fox.

As I crack the door open, my eyes glance up to see Theo sitting on the end of my bed –

What the hell?

“Oh my gosh!” I flip out and slam the door shut after Mr. Fox slips out, heading for Theo. That’s why he wanted to leave, Theo had come early! I look to the clock – 6.30pm. Of course he had to get here when I wasn’t prepared!

“Wren...” his voice is on the other side of the bathroom door now, directly on the other side, “Were you talking to your cat?”

“No!” I outright lie, “I mean – yes... but, why does it matter?” I manage to sound exasperated. Probably because I am.

“I came early because there wasn’t too much more to do at work today, you did most of it for me,” Theo sounds approving and I instantly feel my heart lighten.

“Oh, well then... I won’t be long,” I speak more positively now, “Do you want to eat in?” I also decide talking through the door was making me feel more confident.

“I’d rather have a chat first if you don’t mind, Wren,” Theo quietens down and sounds more serious now.

“Can you make me tea?” I ask, “I’ll be out soon.”

“Don’t keep me waiting, sweety,” I’m confused as I try to work out his tone, was he teasing or was he serious?

Oh gosh.

When I hear him walk away, my panic starts to set in.

I go from a slight state of shock to completely freaking out.

He heard you talking to your cat, Wren, what if this chat is about your sanity rather than your potential submission to him?

“Oh... fucking hell,” I whisper to myself as I rush around for clothes; black trackys and grey shirt. I had wanted to wear something nicer than this stay-at-home outfit but he had arrived early so it was out of the question now.

I couldn’t rummage through my clothes lest he start to realise how much he affected me. If he started to take full notice that I was only ever a nervous wreck because of him, not because of anything else, then that’d be too soul destroying. I’d become far too vulnerable.

Hence I had to maintain a little ounce of independence and confidence around him, no matter what.

I hop out of the room and rush into the living area, needing to clear the air, regardless.

I clasp my hands in front of me as I see him pouring the boiling water into a cup for me. He glances up, completely relaxed as I rush up to the counter. I lean over it and bite my bottom lip, glancing over my shoulder at Mr. Fox who is now on the couch watching over our interaction.

“I’m not crazy,” I explain, calmly, “The thing is... I’m actually a cat whisperer,” I feel confident in my explanation as I turn back to him.

Except when Theo’s face drops.

Oh my god, Wren, he thinks you are nuts now! Fix it!

“I’m good with animals?” I blurt, “Thanks for making me tea!” I grab it when he is done and I avoid his gaze by heading for the couches, “I’m sorry for snooping today.”

“You should be, Wren,” he replies quietly as I plonk down next to Mr. Fox.

Thank god he forgave me for snooping. Now I just had to convince him I wasn’t nuts. I couldn’t disregard my statement before either. I should back it up. It was best that I figured out a way to somehow prove I was a cat whisperer...

...don’t even try to, Wren...

But I had to back up my claim!

“I can purr like him,” I say as he comes closer, “You roll your tongue and.... Prrrr... like that, it’s actually –”

“Ok, just – stop,” Theo is not impressed as he sits down opposite me, his knees spread and his elbows resting on them as he clasps his hands. He leans forward to catch my nervous eyes and I smile guilty.

“Sorry,” I try to keep my response to one word, before I try to meow.

At this point even my subconscious has nothing to say. I think it was ashamed with myself. It was in denial. I couldn’t even fully acknowledge how far I had fully embarrassed myself already in this conversation.

I can’t even blush – I think I pale instead as I try to look calm, waiting patiently for his response.

“I know you’re fond of Mr. Fox,” he says, seriously, “You don’t need to justify it. Relax, Wren, seriously. You say really silly things sometimes.”

“Why do you want me to be your submissive?” I ask, laughing, trying to make a joke out of it, “Seriously, you could have anyone and you’ve chosen me?”

“At this point I don’t think you have a choice, sweet cheeks, you clearly need a man in your life,” Theo is dead serious as he sits back against his couch and looks me up and down, pursing his lips, “You have cat fur all over your pants and top, Wren.”

“I was going to wear something nicer,” I complain, “But you came early.”

“Ok, listen,” Theo sighs and I can tell he wants to start having the real conversation, so he just jumps right into it, “As your Dominant I want to come into your life as a caring, protective but ruling entity, trust me, I know what’s best for you,” he pauses so I can take it in, I nod, trying not to feel offended as he continues, “Unless you say no as of now, sweety, this is how things will work... relax, let me explain... I’m taking you out to dinner every night, I’ll help provide you with some more clothes... sweet cheeks, you need them. If I ask you to do something, you need to listen and follow my orders. You’re no longer going to sleep alone. If you put yourself at risk, ignore me or disobey me – you’re getting punished until you learn. I want to provide for you. It’s honestly that simple.”

“What do you get out of all this?” I ask, confused because this all seemed about me for the moment. I was starting to think, perhaps he wanted to just dominant me and didn’t even care about... the sex?

Theo smirks.

Clearly he knew exactly what I was thinking, especially with the instant humour now sparkling in his eyes.

“You’re mine, sweet cheeks... out of all this, I get you,” I blush at his words and he cocks his head, “didn’t you realise that, sweety?”

“No – yes. I mean, yes. Of course I did. But you made it sound like... actually d-don’t worry. I understand,” I nod, smiling, ”Yes.”

“Hmm?” he seems confused by my jumbled answer and I bite my lip, suddenly nervous to say it again.

“My answer, Theo... I said yes,” I speak quietly, still blushing.


I said it.

I can’t deny it; a huge rush of excitement was starting to fill my gut.

Theo smiles now, a new joy in his eyes as he gets to his feet.

“What are you doing?” I ask quickly, shocked as he starts to approach me. I put my tea on the table, nervous by his actions, “We can go slow right?”

“It’s okay, relax, I’m going to fix your lock now,” he is trying not to laugh as he reaches out a hand to me, “I just need to give you something first.”

“What’s that?” I ask, suddenly excited. Perhaps he was the type to buy jewellery for his subs? I grab his hand and he hauls me to my feet while I smile in excitement.

I’m majorly confused as he reaches up his thumb and trails it across my cheek bone, just staring into my eyes.

“Sweety... I think it’s about time I gave you what a promised to give the other night...” he explains, simply, “And yes, of course I’ll take you slowly. You’re just learning.”

I now knew what he wanted to give me.

I bite my lip as I look at his lush full, inviting ones... lips that I had fantasized kissing time and time again, for so long.

He confidently cups the back of my head and as he leans in I automatically close my eyes. His nose brushes past mine and his lips softly press into my own, slowly, slowly, opening mine up in response to a more powerful kiss.

My brain stops and just as I’m beginning to really enjoy his lips moving against mine... he tortures me by pulling back.

“What?” I gasp out, opening my eyes. I see him smirking again, and he brings up a finger to press against my lips, closing them.

“That’s all you get for the moment, Wren,” he explains, quietly.

“Ok, Theo,” I just want to say his name and I’m completely flustered as he suddenly pulls back. My knees are trembling as he heads towards my door and the broken lock, suddenly leaving me wanting.

Damn it, he knew how to tease me.

I see he has a pile of tools on the bench that he has brought with him as he picks up the replacement coded lock he wanted to fit on for me.

“Dress up, sweet cheeks,” he speaks as he sorts through his tools, confident, calm and in control, “I’m taking you out for dinner to initiate the real beginning of your training.”

“Oh?” I didn’t expect him to say that, especially so seriously. He glances up at me, almost glaring and I realise he doesn’t want to be questioned, “Oh, okay, okay!” I head into my room and at the last moment peek over my shoulder to see him smiling to himself.

I blush at his obvious enjoyment of how awkward he could make me without even having to try.

I shut my bedroom door, my lips still tingling from our first kiss not long ago.

I turn to face my clothes, not just nervous anymore.

My heart was also alight with something more. A warmth; evidence of feeling loved... even if he loved making fun of me.

I pick out the black skirt I bought with him the other day and try to find a nice matching top.

I’m not sure why he chose me as his submissive... but I was sure as hell glad I agreed to give this a shot.

I was excited to see what he planned for me next!

Wren, don’t get too complacent, watch yourself... you know what’ll happen if you piss him off!

Argh, reality had to hit hard with my over thinking brain, as always.

I frown as I try to think of a way to keep my anxious thoughts at bay... it was simple, really, all I had to so was try my best to keep him happy!

Ha... if only things were ever that simple.

Nothing would work out the way it did so perfectly in my fantasies.

That’s just not how the world worked.

And of course, I didn’t know it yet but I’d soon find out that this dinner was going to be anything but smooth sailing.

Especially with what Theo had in mind.

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