Mastering Wren

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Chapter 21

We’re both pretty much silent as we head up to my apartment and even though it is a comfortable silence, my mind runs riot. I keep thinking about the fact that it was Friday night, so that meant we could sleep in. It meant Theo could stay as long as he wanted Saturday, unless he had plans.

It both excited me and freaked me out that the possibilities of tonight were endless.

I was also inexperienced with guys staying over, and even though we had done this a couple of times already... I knew things could change quickly.

I reach my door first and punch in the password to the new coded lock.

It opens with ease. I look up at Theo with excitement and he puts a hand on my lower back to usher me inside.

“Your training may have been put on hold while we were eating out with my old folks,” Theo mutters quietly as I step into the apartment.

“Oh,” I’m guided further forward after he closes the door behind us and we stop walking just past the kitchen bench. I turn to face him and bite my bottom lip as I add, “I kinda figured that.”

Theo lifts up a finger, tracing the tip along my forehead, he pushes a strand of hair behind my ear for me. All the while my hands are fidgeting together in front of me as I attempt to clasp them together but fail the first three attempts.

Yeah he made me nervous... in a good way.

“Hmmm?” I ask, wondering what he is thinking so intensely about. Theo is gazing into my eyes, his own searching mine deeply.

“Many dominants don’t allow the submissive to make eye contact... but your eyes are far too beautiful for me to ignore. And you’d get far too nervous if I asked you to do that,” he smirks at his last comment.

“What on earth would I be nervous about if you told me not to meet your eyes?” I ask, half chuckling as Theo continues to run his fingers through a few curled strands of hair, tugging on them gently as he talks to me.

“Even if I put the demand on you, I know you. You’d constantly break that rule, without even meaning to, you’d instinctually meet my eyes to try and work out what I’m thinking. And I’d consistently have to punish you,” Theo’s voice drops an octave and his eyes darken. I know he is thinking about what he could do to me... and suddenly my feet feel very flighty.

I hop a little from foot to foot and my eyes assess the carpet in depth. Hmmm, dark stain there... dirt from my shoes there... ha.... I’m sure that’s what Theo thought I was doing.

But I was actually trying to process how direct Theo wanted to be with me right now.

How things were already changing so fast.

I catch my breath.

I can’t even deal.

The reality of what I’ve agreed to, suddenly hits me all at once.

“Oh lordy lordy...” I whisper, and when Theo’s fingers momentarily let go of my curled ringlet of hair, I spring backwards and turn from him, “Mr. Fox! Where are you! I argh, forgot to feed you, didn’t I buddy?” I spin and look around. I see him sprawled on the carpet by the window, gazing at me while stretched out on his back, his paws curled up near his face, “Oh, aren’t you a cutey-pie?” I get down on my knees and crawl towards him, giving him a belly rub. I avoid Theo’s gaze and his unmoved stance, which I see from the corner of my eye as I sit so I face both of them.

“Lying is off the list of things I’ll allow you to do, sweet cheeks,” Theo’s tone drops an octave as I avoid his gaze. I still don’t bother to look at him. I pretend to be completely absorbed with Mr. Fox’s need for love.

“Lying?” I ask.

“His bowl is full, you don’t need to feed him, I can see it under the kitchen counter...” Theo’s words have my eyes darting to the food bowl.

Damn it, he had a hawks eye for detail.

“Well, would you look at that, I did feed him, haha!” I put a hand in my hair and grit my teeth, “I must have forgotten...” now I can’t help myself, I look up past Theo’s still unmoved stance and my eyes travel over his perfect suit and... he was directing me an angry stare, shit, “I swear I wasn’t lying to you, you just make me all kinds of...” I gulp, “...confused,” I watch Theo open his mouth to respond and I quickly jump back up to my feet, scared of what his answer might be, “Well!” I interrupt before he can speak, “I think it’s time for bed, I’m completely stuffed. Tired, well fed. Theodore... god given... interesting,” I mutter to myself in a rambled spile as I quickly hop past him, making sure I’m out of arms reach so he can’t grab me.

I could literally feel the frustrated vibe radiating out of him.

Theo follows me into the bedroom, where I have ‘escaped’ too. I run to my wardrobe and rummage through my clothes, looking for my sleepy nighty. I jump a little when he shuts the bedroom door behind him.

“Is there a problem?” I ask him, pretending to be oblivious to my pretty damn erratic behaviour. I’m a little annoyed at how flustered he has managed to make me, or perhaps it was my own fault for over thinking everything... However, as I glance up and see him, he is watching me with narrowed eyes. His arms are crossed over his chest, he’s more annoyed than me, “Theo?” I ask, while picking up my nighty, “Do you mind?” I swivel my finger, asking him to turn so I can get changed.

Theo tilts his head to the side.

He shakes his head.

No! Damn it, he wasn’t going to turn.

“...interesting,” Theo speaks quietly, to himself. I continue to hold my nighty to my chest and gaze at his stubborn stance as I think about what to do, “I didn’t pick you, Wren, to be the type to try and be bossy when you’re vulnerable.”

“I’m not vulnerable... and how am I bossy?” I snap.

“Sweet cheeks, I closed the door on you and I’m making sure you can’t run from me again... you are vulnerable,” Theo couldn’t be any more condescending, but I just huff out a breath and my gaze darts to the bathroom, “... I wouldn’t try it,” his last words are a clear warning.

“I guess I signed up to this by saying yes,” I give in a little, slumping my shoulders. Inside I was still freaking out, both because I was excited and because I was unsure of how to proceed, “Please don’t rush me.”

“I’m not, you need to stop worrying. I think you’re stunning... don’t be afraid to undress in front of me. I’m simply testing your limits, Wren... you’re bound to break at some point. I’m hoping this isn’t your breaking point –”

“What do you think is a ‘breaking point’?” I ask, clutching my nighty very tightly now, a tad freaked out.

“It’s obvious; when you can’t take it anymore, sweet cheeks...” Theo likes to be vague with me, and I know it gives him control over me, and it also freaks me out further. Theo doesn’t even blink, unfazed by my silence and inability to move, “You’re keeping me waiting, do you need some help getting undressed?” Theo’s sly question has the desired effect.

“Nope!” I answer straight away, “I’m fine –” I suddenly start to undress like a mad woman, taking off my top and skirt as quickly as possible, ”Absolutely fine,” I shuck on my nighty, willing myself not to blush like a school girl.

I’m finished in under ten seconds, surely.

However, by the time I straighten and tug down my nighty... my cheeks feel really, really red.

“That was... quite a show,” Theo tries to sound serious but he clearly can’t hold back his amusement. I glare at him for being humoured and he can’t hold back his smile as he nods to the bed, “Get in bed, Wren, you must be cold.”

“The heater doesn’t really work well in this apartment,” I explain, relaxing a bit because I can tell he has turned off the crazy intensity he was clearly capable of. I dart over to the bed and I pull back the covers. I quickly slide in, sitting up on the pillows.

Now I was comfortable.

I smile by gritting my teeth again, basically so my lip hopefully didn’t wobble, “Hello!” I say for no particular reason... the nerves were making me silly.

“I believe we were acquainted when I walked in a couple of hours ago, Wren...” Theo smirks as he starts taking off his own clothes.

“I’m just happy, I guess,” I say, fiddling with my fingers.

“You guess?” he starts to unbutton his shirt.

Oh, baby.

Oh, for freaks sake! Don’t stare too hard, Wren, don’t be a complete virgin perve. Your full on stare is probably more creepy than an experienced lover checking out his abs. Don’t drool, Wren, control yourself.

Argh, ok, mind? Fuck off!

“I’m happy to l-learn,” I nod, and try to not stare too hard at his rock hard abdominal muscles, “...I just hope I don’t piss you off,” I admit, surprised how easily these next words came to me.

“I can see you’re slowly building confidence, but I won’t lie, you nearly pissed me off just before,” Theo is suddenly completely bare chested and I find myself full on staring now... and I can’t peel my eyes away.

“Oh?” I ask, quietly, not really registering his words. Then when my mind plays catch up, and his words hit me as a clear threat, ”What?” I ask, eyes wide as I finally tear them away from his torso and meet his gaze.

Theo’s eyes slide over me, slowly, unlike me, he was completely at ease. He didn’t seem pissed off... but how had I nearly managed to piss him off before?

“If there is one thing I won’t tolerate, more so than lying to me....” Theo answers me quietly and starts to approach the bed, still wearing his work pants. I’m a little disappointed he hasn’t taken them off. He climbs onto the bed and suddenly grabs my ankle, gripping it through the light blanket, he tugs on it and pulls me down so I’m on my back with my head on the pillow. I grin at his show of strength and I forget almost what he is being so serious about until he comes in closer, leaning over me, he rests a hand next to my hip, so I’m dwarfed by him hovering over me... and I was effectively trapped from rolling away. I stare up into his eyes, which swirl with a clear warning, “I can’t stand it when I’m dismissed or ignored. Sweet cheeks, understand this from the start, you don’t ever dismiss me, got it?” Theo slowly shakes his head, ”Ever. Don’t avoid me, either. I’m here to protect you... to teach you. Even if you’re nervous I want you to hold your head high. Take what I have to say and learn to deal with it. You’re more than capable of taking a few punishments, sweety...” Theo smirks and I smile back, but it’s just a nervous response.

“I’m, ah, yeah,” I reply, furrowing my eyebrows at my own words, “I’ll ah, take that into consideration. Was I... how um, was I ignoring you before?”

“Don’t run from me,” he shakes his head, “I like to chase, and I will.”

“I guess you did trap me in here with you,” I add slyly... Wren, you shouldn’t sound so happy about this!

“I’m going to fuck you, Wren,” Theo suddenly says, literally out of nowhere.

“What?” I squeak out, blood rushing to my face so fast I must be turning a beetroot red by now.

Theo smirks and leans down so we’re nose to nose.

“Not today,” he whispers while his nose brushes past mine, he is smiling at my completely shocked reaction. I’m still gaping.

Luckily, however, he rolls to my side and pulls me close, an arm around my waist.

I become the little spoon and I guess I’m thankful I have some peace to process his blunt words while I’m facing away from him.


Even now.

I was still gaping.

“When?” I ask in a whisper.

“You don’t get an answer for that one, sweety,” his chin is on the top of my head and he holds me close.

“Why were you so blunt about it? Do you want me to have a heart attack? I’m too young to be dying of a heart attack... but I’m pretty sure you could force one on me,” I blurt out, literally worried that might happen.

“Shhh...” Theo pops a finger under my chin and closes my mouth, “It was your punishment for running away from me. Now you’ll be nervous about when I want to take you. I’m not telling you when, though, sweet cheeks... I’m going to make you so nervous, it’s going to be very interesting how you deal with not knowing. However, you start behaving and maybe I’ll give you some warning.”

“But –”

"Sleep,” Theo is firm, and I almost shut up until I realise he isn’t in the covers.

“But you’re not in the covers!” I blurt, worried that he is cold.

“I like being cold, besides, I have you to warm my front. I’ll hop in later,” Theo replies in a growl, “Sleep, Wren, no more chit chat.”

“I was just worried about you –” Theo lifts his arm from around my waist and I’m momentarily confused until a palm slaps down on my ass, hardly making an impact through the blanket but still managing to get the point across.

“Shut it, Wren,” he growls while I try not to tremble from the hot flush that one slap sends through my body.

“Goodnight,” I whisper, “Sorry, I didn’t –...” didn’t think... I stop myself before he spanks me again and Theo lets out an exasperated sigh.

"One. More. Word.... and I’ll have to shove something between your lips to keep you quiet. I have a few things in mind if I need to. Don’t push your luck. Obey, sweet cheeks, it’s not that hard.”

I almost blurt out something again, but I quite literally bite my tongue to stop myself from speaking.

I can’t hold back my shiver now. His words really do numb my brain a little as blood rushes from my head... to other places.

I liked this tough talk.

And I knew it was going to get worse, especially when he figured out how much it affected me. How it made me wet, almost instantly.

And his threat.

It was confirmed.

He wanted to fuck me.

The question I had to find the answer to was... when?

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