Mastering Wren

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Chapter 25

Theo’s POV

This had suddenly become the worst day of my life. I had never felt so confused, bewildered and guilty – as Velma opens the balcony door that Wren had locked.

I’m drenched in beer, my hair a sticky mess as I walk in, feeling numb. I head towards the bathroom, while Kyros continues to laugh his head off in the living room at Wren’s dramatic exit.

I stare at myself in the mirror, surveying the damage she has done to my new suit. Letting out a long exhale, my hand grabs a towel and wets it.

I try to clean my suit, face and hair.

I felt such a mix of emotions.

Wren was my little sweet cheeks... I didn’t expect her to have such an unexpected temper.

Once I’ve wiped the majority of the alcohol off, I grab my phone from my pocket and I ring Wren.

It heads to voice call 3 times.

She must be driving home.

Admittedly, my palm clenches when she doesn’t pull over and answer the first time. By the time I’ve rung 2 more tries, I’m beyond frustrated.

She better get home safe.

I head out the door and glare at Kyros as he reclines on one of the couches, smirking when he sees me. He sips the wine glass I had brought over for him before hand.

“Do you need anything, Theodore?” Velma asks from the kitchen, where she is still cleaning.

“Nothing, don’t worry about cleaning my bedroom, you’ve got enough to do... and I won’t be back tonight,” I growl as I grab my car keys and head out the door, slamming it shut as I head for the lift.

I’m too angry to wait for a lift, so head for the stairs instead.

I go down quickly, all the while I’m brooding.

My mood only darkens as I reach the bottom.

However, I come to a staggered halt when I notice at the very end of the stairs, on the ground floor – a purse and a small stain of blood on the concrete.

Frozen, my heart clenching – I reach down and pick up the familiar looking purse.

When I open it and see Wren’s bank card and licence – I run to my car.

I call her three more times.

Still no answer.

My hands are trembling with sudden anxiety and fear as I grip my steering wheel after starting up the engine. Wren’s car is not in the car-park. I hope she has simply driven off in a rush.

But the stain of blood?

I can imagine a hooded creep mugging her, lurking at the end of the fire escape. Or perhaps a psychopath throwing her to the ground, knocking her out, stealing her keys and abducting her.

It didn’t make sense that they’d leave a purse, however.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Theo,” I snarl at myself as I drive... Wren would be fine. She’d be at her apartment. She’d be safe and completely okay.

So why wasn’t she answering her phone?

Stupid girl – I was trying to protect her, I was trying to look after her!

I’m furious that she had to overhear what I said to my brother. I didn’t mean anything I said the way I knew she would have taken it. I was speaking to my brother the way he’d understand me. That yes, Wren was not my usual type. Yes, Cynthia had been fitter and liked fashion... but it didn’t mean that Wren wasn’t good enough.

I was simply trying to explain to Kyros, in a way he’d comprehend, why I was interested in Wren.

She was intelligent, funny, quick to learn, kind, easy going and –

–she might be dead.

"No!” I growl to myself as I finally make it to work and her apartment building above.

After parking, I run from the car park, through the lobby and towards the lift.

Never in my life have I run after a girl so damn hard – or been consumed with such anxiety for her well-being.

Cynthia had never even affected me this way before. To be honest, we never had many altercations. There was nothing truly interesting about Cynthia... she was plain, boring and admittedly stupid.

Especially if she mistook Kyros for me.

...and when I compared her soul to my little sweet cheeks?

She had nothing on Wren.

Absolutely nothing.

Wren was far more interesting. I just wish I had gotten to meet her sooner in life, than at this later stage where I had already ignorantly proposed to a mediocre self-centred barbie doll.

At least I had learnt my lesson.

I could recognize aspects of a woman that made a woman beautiful, stunning and absolutely gorgeous. It wasn’t all about looks; it was all about the soul.

How you presented yourself, I had learnt, mattered not.

These are the things that truly mattered... how someone’s heart was presented. How someone’s mind ticked. How someone stuttered because they thought too much... rather than too little.

I’m finally at Wren’s door, my palms sweaty as I punch in the code.

I smelt like an alcoholic, even after washing off most of the beer. But I didn’t give a damn.

I swing open the door, scared I’ll find the place empty.

I take a step in and I see Wren on the couch, completely passed out – napping.

Her cat was curled up in her hair, Mr. Fox.

I breathe out a sigh of relief. Her arm is dangling off the couch, though, and I see a white bandage around her wrist.

She had fallen down the stairs.

Now I understood.

I’m flooded with relief and anger all at the same time. She had been so careless!

I walk over quietly and spot her jumper riding up her hip, exposing a bruised hip bone.

It looked mild.

I get down on my knees beside her, careful not to wake her up as I gently lift the jumper a bit further to inspect the damage.

The bruise extended further up, down and across. It was going to be very sore, if it wasn’t so already.

“What am I going to do with you, Wren?” I whisper, my fingers trailing over the bruise with a feather light touch.

She jerks a bit in her sleep, stirring from the tickle. I frown and let her jumper fall back down across her hip.

I stand up and walk towards the kitchen, where I decide to help by cleaning some of her apartment for her.

My anger was steadily rising – this was all my fault.

I had been a terrible Dominant; I hadn’t taught her quick enough. I hadn’t shown her enough affection, I had been too busy with work and finding out Cynthia was pregnant. I had been shocked that I might be the father.

Even more shocked that it was my brother.

And I had neglected Wren’s needs because of it – I had been taking her too slow.

I hadn’t shown her exactly what a Dominant was; I would take care of her every need and she’d listen to my every word. In fact, if she had listened in the first place and stayed in my bedroom – she wouldn’t have rushed out.

She wouldn’t have left that bedroom until I told her she was allowed.

She wouldn’t have poured beer all over me.

She wouldn’t have tripped down the stairs and hurt herself.

My phone buzzes and I open it up, seeing a text from Kyros – it breaks my train of thought for a moment.

‘Good luck getting back in her pants, bro’ I scowl reading it but also mainly at myself for not noticing the text beneath that.

‘I quit’ from Wren.


I shake my head and shove my phone back into my pocket.

“Sorry, sweet cheeks, you’re not getting away that easy,” I growl under my breath as I open the dishwasher and put in some glasses and plates.

You fucked up, Theo, you fucked up real bad.

I had failed as her Dominant and I had never failed before. Especially in that role.

Being a Dominant was naturally bred into me, I was good at it without even trying.

Wren, I had assumed would be a natural Submissive.

I was starting to question that, after seeing her full-blown temper.

Pouring a drink over me and locking me out on a balcony? My little sweet cheeks wasn’t so compliant after all.

One thing was for sure.

I wasn’t going to fail her this time.

I wasn’t going to fail me.

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