Mastering Wren

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Chapter 27

After I’ve finished sipping my tea, Theo comes over with the home-made ice packs, one for my hip and one for my wrist. As he approaches the smell of beer once again infiltrates my senses and I scrutinise the damage I’ve done to his shirt. It was still damp and looked sticky.

“I haven’t forgotten about that,” Theo growls, getting down onto his knees beside the couch, he passes me an ice pack for my wrist while he willingly lifts my jumper and puts the second ice pack on my hip. I flinch a bit as he lifts the material, making me blush. I’m also secretly happy and annoyed at the same time that even though he is kneeling, he still looks so damn godly beside me. He was always perfect; except in this moment, because of his ruined suit.

“I think tripping down the stairs is probably karma for pouring beer all over you,” I say quietly, embarrassed again while thinking about it.

“If you listened well enough and I taught you well enough... none of this would have come to pass in the first place,” Theo gently holds the ice pack over my hip while gazing into my eyes, assessing my expressions.

“Not that I know many... but I think you’re a very kind Dominant,” I find myself blurting out, “Not like Christian. If you were him, I’d probably be tied up by now while he went to go find his riding crop... ah, n-never mind that I said that,” I bite my bottom lip, annoyed at myself for bringing up something so sexual in a random moment of kindness from Theo, “I just blurt out my guts around you... words... not my guts, like –”

“Shh, Wren... I’m naturally dominant with everyone... I tend to affect people in that way,” Theo explains, confidently and fully self-aware, but also amused by my mouth once again running away with me, “Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last to stumble on their words around me. How do you think I’ve managed to maintain a successful charity?”

“You’re a naturally born leader and organiser,” I nod quickly, hoping to keep him happy, “Once again, though... I am sorry about yelling about Cynthia. It wasn’t my place.”

“Quiet now,” he reaches up a finger and presses it to my lips, “There are gags for talking too much, sweet cakes... perhaps I’ll have to introduce you to more punishments,” Theo lowers his lids as he looks at my bruise, changing the position of the ice pack.

Oh, shit.

He really just said that, didn’t he?

My mouth opens and closes a few times in momentary shock.

I then open it again to complain but he quickly catches my gaze and narrows his eyes in warning.

“Sweet cheeks,” he commands again, “Don’t think about it. Lie back, relax. I’m not leaving tonight. I’ll feed Mr. Fox and make sure you don’t run around with your injuries.”

Ok, at least the talk about gags was done for now.

“I don’t want to get stiff,” I mutter, annoyed and under my breath.

“I won’t let you get stiff, sweety,” Theo gives me a cocky smirk and a raised eyebrow, “Ever. And if you think you’re not flexible or fit? Trust me, I’ll work you out.”

“Uh... what?” I ask, a little bit breathless, coupled with denial.

Yeah, Wren, he meant exactly what you’re thinking about right now. Like that time he said you needed to be fucked, hard. He wants to fuck you into being fit, hahaha! Fatty! My mind rambles off and I just sit with wide eyes staring at the ceiling as I put my head back.

“You okay, doll?” he asks, and I quickly come back to reality. Moving my chin down to look at him once more.

Doll face, Cynthia. Now I was ‘doll’? I look at him accusingly and he actually rolls his eyes. He knows exactly what I’m thinking.

“Don’t overthink everything,” he growls, taking away the ice pack from my hip to give it a break, “You think way too much... and it doesn’t matter what you want... I’ll call you what I like.”

“Why?” I gasp, suddenly stupid again to what Dominant and Submissive relationships entail.

You just like hearing him confirm what he wants from you, Wren... soon your belly is going to be jiggling away all that muffin-top...

No, no, no, brain, fuck off!

The thoughts I were having right now were causing me to be on the verge of an anxiety attack.

“Did you seriously just ask, why?” Theo asks, narrowing his eyes, “You look pale... have you eaten?”

“I can’t remember,” I admit, resting back into the pillow on the couch.

“Breathe,” Theo kicks back onto his ass and rests the ice pack against my hip again while laying out his arm over both my thighs. His hand tugs at the end of my jumper, toying with it while he looks at me like I’m on the verge of a break down.

His physical position makes me feel safe though; it was unthreatening. Sitting on the floor, legs sprawled out, his arm over my thighs, makes me feel he is simply looking after me for the moment. But...

“Your words scare me,” I blurt out, projecting my exact thoughts. I start to rest down my chin, but suddenly freak out that a double chin will form, so I quickly look back up at the ceiling again, “No worries, just ignore that. I don’t... haha. Know.”

Theo snorts, his hand tugging on my jumper a bit tighter.

“...what?” he asks after a few seconds.

“Um, I don’t know,” I admit.

“Wren? Listen,” Theo sounds on the verge of a massive explanation, and I’m right, “My words scare you because you’ve always been independent and I’m about to take that away from you in the literal sense. You do as I tell you, understand? Everything in your life, I want to take responsibility for it now. If I cross a line, you can tell me, but somehow I doubt you’ll regret having me by your side... and if you do, for any reason, disagree with what I say, I’ll convince you that you’re wrong... you can count on that,” Theo adds in a tad of humour and I smirk and flick my eyes to him... but he isn’t smiling, ok maybe he wasn’t joking, “Are you alright to rest here while I take a shower in your bathroom? Ill order food first so when I get out, food gets here.”

“I’ll pay half –”

Theo grasps my thigh, squeezing it and making me squirm.

“No,” he cuts me off with one word.

“Ok,” I squeak, hoping he lets my thigh go.

“Mmmm... that’s a good girl,” he slowly gets to his feet and compliments me when I stay where I am, “Don’t move from this couch, got it, Wren?”

“No – I mean yes,” I was thinking of ways to complain, what if I needed to go to the toilet? What if I wanted to look in the fridge? But that was just me over thinking everything.

“Now you’re starting to learn,” Theo smiles and turns, stalking his way into my bedroom. I’m glad I’ve now got some space, except he calls out a moment later, ”Do you ever clean?" he sounds disgusted from the sight of my room.

“It’s just an unmade bed!” I reply, trying not to complain further but I can’t help myself. Gosh, he was picky.

“I’ll teach you how to look after yourself, sweet cheeks, you can count on that, too,” Theo sounds deadly serious as he says this more quietly to himself, but I overhear anyway.

There is a rustle of movement behind me and I watch as Mr. Fox gets up. He stretches, jumping down from the arm of the couch and heading towards my room and Theo.

“Watch out, Mr. Fox is coming to watch you get undressed,” I point out, grinning to myself, “He has a weird habit of watching me undress.”

Argh... Wren... why?

Theo doesn’t even respond.

At least not straight away.

“...someone needs to get fucked for a long time without breaks...” he murmurs this to himself, he certainly doesn’t intend for me to hear.

In fact, I’m not sure if I heard him right or if my mind was playing tricks on me.

He could have said... someone needs to get checked for a long time without any breaks? ...someone needs to get shaken for a long time to knock some sense into their head? ...someone needs to get fucked for a long time without cakes?

Oh my gosh.

He could not have mentioned cakes.

Was I going crazy?

Although he may have mentioned being checked... I was questionable of sound mind... at least sometimes.

In conclusion from my over-processing brain, I end up flinching when I hear my bathroom door close and my shower turns on a few seconds later.

He was naked, so close to me right now, in my shower.

I smile uncontrollably.

...such a perve, Wren!

“... fucked for a long time without breaks...” I whisper to myself, feeling hot and bothered by those words but also excited.

Who was I kidding?

I was simply in denial...

...because I hadn’t misheard him at all.

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