Mastering Wren

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Chapter 29

I sit in the passenger seat of Theo’s Vanquish wearing leggings, a nice cream top and a fancy jacket. It was forecast to rain and already the windows were being splattered with the big fat drops.

Theo has hardly spoken a word to me this morning. More like lunch, we had slept in until midday. Last night was relaxing and fun, even when we went to bed for the first time in a while I had not been nervous with him. Now, however, his quietness was bothering me.

His two sentences he spoke to me today, were a simple ‘Good morning, Wren’ and a ‘Dress up, we’re leaving soon’. I only knew we were leaving when he grabbed his car keys and nodded his head towards the door of my apartment, gesturing for us to head off.

We had stopped off at his apartment on the way and I had waited in the car while he went up to shower and he dressed in a fresh suit.

Now we were finally heading to Toorak and he was driving calm, but I noticed... he would hardly look at me.

Multiple times I turn to him to open my mouth and ask why he is so quiet, but I chicken out.

For the thousandth time, I turn to him and try to muster up the courage to say something, anything.

“Do you music?” I ask, my eyes widening at my own stupidity, “Do you like music?” I correct myself.

Theo slowly turns to look at me and he just stares, eyes narrowed.

“I music, yes,” he answers seriously, glaring me down.

I don’t know why he is being so mean – until he breaks out into a grin at my appalled expression and he chuckles to himself.

“Of course I like music,” he murmurs, pressing a few buttons, “What... you want to hear one of my favourite songs? Get to know me better?”

“Um –” I watch as he searches through a few choices and chooses one.

“Listen and don’t talk,” he presses play and I sit back and decide to do as he says.

He has chosen a song called ‘Heroes’. It’s not what I expect, it starts off quite powerful and it’s easy to listen to. I smile to myself, I liked it. So I continue to listen and watch his reaction from the corner of my eyes.

He starts mouthing words to himself and I know he is singing along silently.

It makes me happy, and I eventually stare out the window as I listen to the lyrics.

However, I nearly jump back in my seat when he reaches over and slips a hand through my hair. He grabs the back of my neck, giving it a light squeeze.

It makes my spine tingle.

I snap my head to the side and see him mouth some specific lyrics, while glancing at me with a smirk.

‘When the night is starless... only we can spark it... light it up in the darkness... oooh’

I watch him nervously while he eyes me smugly in return.

He just seems so content as he continues to drive. Eventually his hand slips from my neck and the song ends, while I wait nervously in the sudden silence.

“Did you like it, sweet cheeks?” he asks.

“Coolies,” I reply, “I mean, it’s cool... um,” I lick my lips, “Why have you been so quiet this morning... not morning, since we, since we woke up?”

“I want you to learn how to read me without me having to use words,” he explains instantly, leaning back into his seat as he drives with one hand. He looks over at me when he stops at a red light, “Words are not as powerful as actions... or the truth that shines in someone’s gaze.”

“So... okay,” I nod, trying to ignore his deep words, “I guess I can try... are you always this vague?”

“Am I vague?” he asks.

I pause and glare at him.

“Seriously? Why don’t you just... ah... tell me something straight, instead of making me worry,” I snap, wanting to whine in the face of his easy confidence but not wanting too sound annoying, either.

“You’re not going to like the party and you’re not going to escape my side today, even if you try to run,” he sounds so cocky and he doesn’t look at me as the light turns green.

"What party?" I ask, “You–”

“My family decided to celebrate my cousin’s 18th birthday at my mansion today – family from Greece are visiting. It’s going to be a big party... I knew you’d say no to coming... so I didn’t ask,” I listen to Theo with rising frustration, and I bite my bottom lip with a sudden onslaught of nerves.

“Anything else you haven’t told me?” I snap, impatient. I was also feeling like he had been inconsiderate by keeping this information from me, “Seriously, Theo? What the hell?”

“Watch that tone, Wren,” he cuts me off with a harsher tone, “Or I’ll leave you with a stinging, bright red ass before we get out of the car,” he watches me as he turns a corner and slows.

He does not break eye contact with me.

“Do you prefer me being direct?” he adds.

“I don’t know,” I answer quietly.

“Then don’t think, don’t worry, don’t question me... and just listen,” he looks ahead and finally turns into a massive driveway, curved and paved with red tiles.

My eyes widen as he drives past many cars already parked on the grass, with people, kids, parents, grandparents; all heading inside. It looks like an old style mansion, weatherboard, freshly painted.

“Half of it’s still being renovated upstairs,” Theo explains as he parks right out front the double entrance doors.

“I can’t believe you own this,” I whisper, taking off my seat belt and eager to jump out of the car. Mostly because I was afraid he would decide to spank me anyway.

I don’t get far when he clasps my wrist in an iron grip and holds me nice and tight so I can’t get away. I even tug to test him out and he just holds me tighter with hardly any extra effort.

He tilts his head and turns in his seat, seemingly relaxed... until he suddenly pulls me forward in a firm tug so I have to lean in towards him.

He puts his other hand behind my neck while staring into my eyes, slowly moving in, closing a minuscule distance in an incredible drawn out span of time.

It makes me more nervous, as I wait for his lips to get closer, eyeing them with want.

“No one will know you,” he explains quietly, “When they find out you’re my employee I doubt they’ll ask many more questions... but you’re more to me, sweet cheeks, much more.”

“Um, t-thanks?” I splutter, nervously.

“When we walk in there, I’m going to probably need a helping hand or two with the girls my parents throw at me,” he admits, “I don’t expect you’ll get jealous?”

I open my mouth to talk but he catches me breathless in a hard kiss.

I close my eyes, my lips crushed under his.

“Oh...” I almost moan as he let’s me go, sliding away from me, back into his seat.

“Your knees weak?” he asks, arrogantly as he grabs the door handle.

“How would you know... I’m sitting down,” I complain, blood rushing to my cheeks.

“You nearly collapsed onto the console in the middle,” he reminds me, and I just blush harder.

“I’m just hungry,” I shrug, trying to dismiss it, “And... I didn’t expect you to kiss me.”

“You’ll know when I’m about to ravish you when you get to know me better... come on, doll,” I watch him get out of the car, slam the door and walk over to my side. He opens the door for me and holds a hand out for me to take.

I simply stare up at him, tall, handsome and mine.

Oh, lordy.

I take his hand and he pulls me out, faster than I expect and I nearly trip; my knees truly weak. He is smirking at my near fall but he has stopped me with a quick arm around my waist.

“So easy, Wren,” he murmurs into my ear, “Pick yourself up, you have a big day with me... and hopefully you have enough energy for late –”

“Theodore!” Theo has to abruptly pull away from me as a large fat man by the front door pops up out of nowhere with a stretched white shirt, buttons almost breaking, and a hand full of beer, “My handsome nephew, welcome, welcome... come in.”

“It is my house, Nicholas,” he let’s me go to regain my own balance and he walks forward to shake Nicholas’ hand.

“Who’s this sweet thing with you?” Nicholas asks, motioning to me as I stumble closer, almost slipping in a puddle before I step up onto the first brick step.

Theo gives me an annoying glare as he grabs my elbow to steady me. He was clearly not happy that I nearly tripped... again.

But I was not happy Nicholas interrupted when Theo was saying something important.

He didn’t get to finish.

“Wren,” I introduce myself, holding out a hand. Nicholas grabs it and jerks me in to press a sloppy kiss to my cheek.

“Pleasure to meet you,” he roars happily, letting me go abruptly and jerking his head to the inside, “Come in, both of you; the food is nearly ready!”

Food, a man called Nicholas, many more guests and women his parents were apparently going to throw at Theo... this was going to be a typical Greek celebration that was for sure.

Theo stalks into his mansion with a confident stride, while I stay close behind.


Just another day.

And another challenge.

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