Mastering Wren

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Chapter 35

I walk into my apartment and I’m confronted with two seperate shocks.

The first thing I see is Mr. Fox throwing up on the carpet.

“Oh, no, poor baby!” the next thing I see and hear, is my mother dressed in holiday gear, sitting on my couch. A hand is over her mouth as she gasps in shock at the vile vomit being puked all over the carpet. My dad is here too. Why? No idea.

Also, I forgot I asked Rhea to come feed Mr. Fox and when I glance at the bowl, it’s his favourite wet chicken food; but there is too much. I instantly know he over-ate. Mr. Fox had been a glut and stuffed his silly kitten face.

As soon as he is done puking he sees me, meows happily and comes prancing for my legs.

“Welcome home, Wren,” my dad is sitting next to my mother, grinning from ear to ear.

“How did you get in?” I ask, curiously but with a smile. However, I realise quickly they must have come knocking when Rhea was here.

“We were let in by your friend and were told you were staying over at your boyfriend’s house,” My mum wiggles her eyebrows and I grin nervously and reach down to pick up Mr. Fox, cuddling him to my chest as he meows.

After throwing up he probably wanted more fresh wet chicken food, like, right now.

A happy bulimic kitten… if you gave him the chance.

“Boyfriend, well... ?” I begin to make a joke that he isn’t, but that would sound bad if I had been trying to sleep over with another man and, damn it… “Well, maybe... yes... no… yes.”

“What’s his name?” My mum asks and I plop Mr. Fox on the counter top. Instantly he digs his claws into my shoulder to stop me walking forward any further.

I turn to him to give him more pats and he half blinks his love at me.

My heart beams with happiness at his super relaxed face and glowing golden cat eyes.

“Theo… my boss,” I admit, shrugging and laughing nervously, “So, I thought you were both traveling around the coast of Australia?”

“We still are,” my mum exclaims, beaming with joy.

“We decided to surprise you,” my dad answers.

“That’s fantastic,” I continue to pat Mr. Fox and as I do, I decide I need to put my phone on the charger ASAP. I try to walk off but Mr. Fox meows unhappily as I leave him.

“That little cat must be so lonely,” my dad winks at my mum and they both smile with a knowing look.

“What?” I pause in my stride to my bedroom; the door is closed.

“Take a peep at your surprise, sweetheart,” my mum nods to my bedroom and I already know what it is.

I’m grinning but also a little worried as I take the last few steps and open the door a crack.

As my eyes scan my dark bedroom, I see a big fat tabby cat curled up on my pillow.

It’s sleeping and I slowly close the door with my grin plastered in place.

“I love him, a him right?” I whisper to them, “What’s his name?”

“Henry,” my mum answers.

“From now on he is… Puddy… Caita, yes, that’s it. Puddy Caita!” I choose a different name. I never liked proper names for cats. They deserved outstanding, spectacular names, “It’s good you kept him separate, I’ll introduce them slowly. How old is he?”

“3 years, given up when a family had their first baby, didn’t want a cat around,” my dad explains.

“Well, he’s mine now,” I state proudly, going over to give them big hugs to welcome them into my apartment.

I make sure to step over the vomit on the carpet, which was starting to stink and…

“No, Mr. Fox!” I snap at him when he jumps down next to it and it looks like he is about to lick it back up. Gross! “Silly kitten!” I scoop him up in one hand and hold him.

My dad volunteers to clean it up. I thank him and hold Mr. Fox as I sit down next to my mum.

“I love the surprise, thank you, what was Puddy for?” I ask.

“Starting your first proper job,” my mum beams with pride.

I’m a little in awe. I can’t believe how I had been so anxious moments before and now I had every reason to smile.

“Well –”

We all go quiet as my door rattles.

Someone is punching in the code on the other side.

I jump to my feet, holding Mr. Fox.

I try desperately to think of something to say.

Knowing it’s –

The door opens and my jaw drops to the ground.


He looks determined, his mouth is a curled in an almost snarl. His belt… is off his pants… and in his hand. Separately.

Oh, shit!

“Theo!” I squeak, high pitched and with a forced smile and calm tone, “Welcome, this is my parents!” I’m afraid I’ve almost yelled it, and I pretend to cough into my palm, “You got here just in time,” I pretend to smile like it was planned.

Theo, in a heart beat, puts back on his belt, his cheeks blushing bright red as he looks completely soul-destroyed in that moment. He looks bewildered as he clasps on his belt in a few seconds and looks at my dad first, holding out a hand.

My dad is giving him a suspicious look.

“A twist in the, ah, the ah… leather, you know how it is,” Theo grabs my dad’s hand, “Nice to meet you, I’m Theo, Wren’s… um… boss, boyfriend, both, yes.”

I am no longer standing with my jaw hanging, I am standing with pursed lips.

I cannot believe it.

I had never heard him so lost for words.

My mum stands up to also greet him.

“Don’t be nervous,” my mum is kind as she comes over to shake his hand and to give him a hug.

He glances at me over her shoulder as he hugs her. His eyes briefly harden as they see me biting my bottom lip in great amusement and satisfaction at his discomfort.

“Lovely to meet you,” Theo’s voice breaks and he has to clear his throat by coughing in his hand.

“We’re actually heading off now,” my mum reassures him with a pat on his shoulder, “Just came by to surprise Wren with a present. We actually have a plane to catch.”

My dad nods at Theo and turns to give me a big wave and warm smile.

My mum turns and winks at me, giving me a thumbs-up.

They liked to do things quick and spontaneously in their retried life, so their quick departure is not shocking to me.

“Goodbye, have a safe trip,” I wave them off and Theo stands back, still shell-shocked as they pass out the front door. My dad has left a wet cloth on the counter and I skip over to pick it up. I drop to my knees on the carpet, and quickly busy myself cleaning up the small patch of vomit while Mr. Fox curls through Theo’s legs, purring loudly.

“I had no idea they’d be here,” I admit, finally, as I’m too afraid to meet his gaze, “I assume you got my text...”

“Wren… why did you leave?” he asks, in a monotone.

I glance up at him now, terrified of what I’ll see.

He still looks a bit bewildered.

“Well, first off. It was nice to see you rattled, I’ve never seen you rattled –!”

“Answer me, Wren,” Theo speaks quietly, his eyes are narrowed and I can hear the deep warning accompanying his tone, “What did I say about running from me?” His shock has left and it is being quickly replaced with confidence once more.

I wish I could recover that quickly from my awkward blunders.

“I don’t know if you said anything specifically about running,” I stand up and the cloth accidentally flips back onto my wrist, smearing the vomit on my skin, “Argh! Ew!” I rush over to the sink and I watch as Theo comes to stand opposite the counter. He watches me running my wrist under the water. I look up and try to answer him, “I think… space is good, taking things slow, too.”

“I respect that,” Theo is calm and calculating as he watches me, still unblinking, “But you know what I really think, Wren? You’re going to need a shower.”

“Oh? I think not,” I turn off the tap and wipe myself off with a clean tea-towel. He slowly leans forward, until he rests an elbow on the counter and he is leaning down to my eye level. No matter what I do, I have to eventually meet his gaze. He clearly wants me to pay all my attention to him.

“There wasn’t a twist in the leather belt, sweet cheeks,” he murmurs, quietly, “Now, take off your clothes… we’re going to take a shower. It’s not a question.”

“S-…uh….s-slow?” I try to say the word but it takes all my might to force myself to get it out.

He takes in my stutter with calm-calculation.

One, you didn’t mean it that time. Two… this is slow for us,” he even says the word slowly, rolling it off his tongue, “And this is me patient.”

“There’s another cat, in the… in my room,” I decide to blurt, trying to change the topic.

There’s another pause as he takes this in. His eyes seem to process it with a bit of shock and then acceptance.

“Lovely,” Huh. Theo’s ‘patience’ is about to snap.

I can tell.

I also fully understand that we haven’t done much more than kiss and sleep next to each other. And he spanked me... once. So, uh, fully undressing and… oh my gosh.

“You want to see me… fully n-naked?!” I squeak out, as the realisation hits, “Like actually, like, in the shower… the s-small, the uh, the small shower. The shower. You and me?”

“You seem so shocked I’d want to see a beautiful woman like yourself without clothes on, Wren,” he smiles now, amused by my stuttering.

“But, like, fully naked,” I repeat myself, my arms falling to my sides and my chin rising to try and bluff some ‘found’ confidence.

Huh, yeah right, idiot.

“Out of all the things…” Theo mutters to himself, looking at the ceiling as if praying to god for some answers, “Wren,” he finally meets my confused, innocent gaze, “I want to fuck you.”

“Uh –”

“I. Want. To. Fuck you. Senseless,” he shakes his head slowly in response to my trembling lips as he bluntly tells me, and he even smiles, as if he is now enjoying my naïve reaction, “I want to fuck you… kindly. I want to fuck you… not so kindly. I want to fuck you… my way. Any more questions?”

My eyes are popping out of my head.

My tongue is all sorts of twisted.

Left, right with a hook-turn, and knotted.

I literally can’t get any words out of my mouth even as my lips open and close.

His eyes roam downwards and I instinctively press my thighs together, feeling a warm familiar wetness I always had around him. I lick my lips instead.

This is it, Wren. He’s going to fuck you and two cats are going to watch as he does it.

Oh shut up, brain, that’s only if he takes me into the bedroom. It might just be in the shower!

I meet his gaze again. He’s looking at me with those hooded, lust-filled eyes I always dream of.

...well, I’m out of here. The blood I need I’m sending to your nether-regions. Ta-ta!

I come back to reality, still speechless as I barley comprehend the empty space before me.

I jump with heightened nerves as Theo slyly slips around the corner.

He then snakes an arm around my waist and slowly pulls me into his side

“You need a shower, sweet cheeks,” he repeats quietly and authoritatively in my ear, “Last chance… doll… any objections?”

Um, no doll endearment.

Um, um, have I shaved recently?

Um, did I clean my bathroom? Where are my old panties?

Oh my gosh, he’s going to see me naked.

“Good girl,” he approves as I have no objections. He starts to lead me with my slightly willing small moving feet as I shuffle with him closer to my bedroom which will then lead to the bathroom. He is almost dragging me I’m shuffling my feet so slowly.

“O-okay,” I whisper, my heart rate beating off the charts. My shoulder’s slumped in acceptance.

“My god, Wren,” he looks down at me as he pauses before my closed bedroom door, “You don’t have to walk like a cripple, you’re not handicapped.”

Oh damn.

A knife right through my heart.

I want to say I’m not. I’m just flustered. But instead my cheeks just go bright red and I quickly straighten my back and instead of shuffling I pretend to walk with confidence.

He has just opened the bedroom door and my new cat, Puddy, sleeps peacefully as I hurry along in front, towards the bathroom.

Only to hit my entire right side of my body into the door frame as I pass through.

I cringe as I awkwardly turn and clasp my hands together, desperately smiling like it didn’t happen.

I watch as Theo places his hands either side of the door frame. Blocking me in.

“Perhaps I’ll have to spank the door-frame for hitting my woman,” he says, with a smirk.

“I’m not handi-capped!” I finally blurt out the words.

Damn it, a bit too late for that comment but… too late now.

“Not yet,” Theo growls and shrugs as he walks in, shuts the door and instantly starts to unbuckle his belt.

“What does that mean?” I ask, now standing shell-shocked with his words.

“Sweety,” he slips off the belt completely and sighs, “You’re going to get punished. You’re going to get fucked. And if you’re still walking at the end of it? I’m not doing my job right.”

A rush of wetness seeps to my nether-regions even more so, my brain doing exactly what it said it would as he continues to look at me with that gaze...

I bite my lip and stumble back a bit and sit on the edge of the bath, watching him unbutton his shirt slowly, his belt still in his hand.

“Did I say you could sit?” he stops to glare at me and command me, “Get up and take off your clothes.”

For some reason, out of nowhere, feeling this hot and bothered…

…my mind seems to suddenly clear of the initial nerves.

This was happening.

I had no doubts.

“I might… need your help,” I breathe out, slowly, sultry, my shoulders going back a bit in instant pride at how smooth those words fell out of my mouth. It was... dare I say... sexy?

For once in my damn life!

Yes! Score!

Theo also seems surprised, but he pops out one more button on his shirt, exposing his abs and making my mouth water.

“That’s fine, sweet cheeks,” Theo blinks slowly as his eyes roam up and down my body, “But there will be a price to pay.”

I think of the perfect witty remark.

“You’ve always been good at business,” I smirk and he raises his brows.

“Yes… but, I’m also good at giving orders. Also, there’s something in the text you sent me that I need to address,” I instantly gulp, nearly dying on the spot. He eases my suffering of losing ten years in my life by winking.

Of course, he’d choose to bring it up now!

However, he doesn’t rub it in, he has simply reminded me.

I choose not to speak, intelligent not to even try.

I watch patiently as he slips off his shirt and before he starts on his pants he raises a finger and curls it towards me, to tell me to stand back up and come to him.

“I said I needed help,” I choose to say, last moment, shrugging and constantly trying to remember not to perve too hard. Didn’t want to look like my eyes were molesting him.

“Wren,” he notices the worry in my eyes and my overthinking brain, and he just shakes his head, “Shut up. Don’t talk,” he curls his finger one more time, “And come here…”

“I trust you,” I mutter, instantly forgetting what he just said not to do. I blush and put up a hand, “I didn’t mean to talk –”

“Good,” he snaps, warning me with his eyes not to stuff up again.

“Um, what’s good?” I ask, instantly smacking my palm to my forehead, “Sorry! Sorry.”

I apologise for breaking the rule, twice, within three seconds.

“It’s good you trust me, sweety,” he says, gently, taking pity on my stumbles as I finally stand and take three steps towards him. Two of those steps fail to be properly co-ordinated, while the last one is on point.

“But why –” I cringe at my own tongue... the rule, Wren, the rule! I couldn’t shut up, could I?

Not that it mattered now.

Theo has gripped both my elbows, hard, and in the next moment he’s crushed his lips against mine, moving them slowly to keep mine preoccupied.

“Better…” he breathes as he slowly pulls back and stares into my gaze, “It’s good you trust me, Wren. Because it means I have you under my control. If I do something you don’t like, tell me, if I reach your limit… say… flame. Got it? That’s our safe word.”

I lick my lips and nod.

And then I move forward and press my lips to his again.

Because it felt nice.

And embarrassingly, a few stray tears runs down my red cheeks.

Simply because this was it. I was accepted. For the first time in my life, I felt truly wanted. I felt safe...

...and everything felt right.

At least for this moment.

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