Mastering Wren

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Chapter 36

I can’t believe my hands are going there but they are moving on their own regardless. My breath leaves my mouth with a trembled rattle as my fingers roll over his zip and they feel the warmth and hardness protruding underneath.

“Are you trying to tickle me?” he asks low, grabbing my hand with his, he forces mine more firmly upon his very hard and enlarged... argh... oh my gosh.

Unzip that zip, Wren, he wants you to take it off, not just caress it like you’re petting a cat.

I bite my lip as I finally undo the top button and then grab the small metal latch with a firm grip. As I hear the zipper unlock I can’t help but liken it to the sound of a kitten purring. But, why? Brain? Why so many cat references? A question for another day, I guess.

Once I’m done with the zip, and my hands reach for Theo’s waist line. I get a surprise as he steps back out of my reach and proceeds to do the rest himself.

“Oh,” I just stand with my lips in a very defined ‘O’ as he pushes the black slacks and briefs down at the same time... and I am confronted with a very naked, enlarged Theo, “...oh.”

“If I help you get undressed, the punishment is pricey,” he explains, ignoring my completely corrupted virgin eyes as I stare at his... at his –

“What?” I ask, looking up, his question all but gone from my mind.

“You’re going to read that text you sent to me, out loud and explain the contents of it thoroughly to me,” Theo explains, bluntly, ”If you want me to help you take off your clothes.”

Ha ha, nice try Theo. I don’t think I’ll agree to embarrass myself further anymore in this life time, thank you very much.

“Oh, no, thank you –” I smile politely but he cuts me off in an instant.

“When I ask you to do something,” he says, quietly, “Feel free to act, rather than reason your way out of the options I have provided you with,” Theo tells me this matter-of-factly, without irritation or emotion. Just business.

It annoys me a bit and I look up into his eyes.

“Downcast, sweet cheeks,” he murmurs and I know his eyes instantly read the worry in my gaze and the relief when I witness the answered passion in his own. I shouldn’t have doubted him. But I just liked to think – a lot – a bit too much.

Now, instead of grabbing his hand and putting it on my fancy black jacket, I decide to undress myself. I still, admittedly, happily choose not to read that god-forsaken text I sent him as my phone died as I ran from him with nervous virgin feet. Heh, virgin feet, good one Wren.

My hands slowly find their way under the leather of my jacket and I fling off that thing onto the ground like it’s child’s play. I’m proud of the sexy way I do it, too. Then, I focus on my boots and socks and I take them off next.

Once I straighten, I realise the easy stuff is now all gone.


My spine quickly sends out a loud and clear message to all my nerves; ′nope’.

It happens so quickly, in an instant, to every part of my body while I realise everything else next... the cream top, the leggings... the bra and underwear... were going to be... ahem... a little harder to just fling off with confidence.

Even though he had seen me in my high school nighty and spanked me in a towel, clearly this situation was different. He was going to stick that enlarged organ into my body and hopefully pound me into unconsciousness –!

... hey, hey, hey! Don’t get carried away, Wren, maintain some dignity!

But now I’m frozen and I can’t take off the rest of my clothes because my mind is not even in the present moment.

I’ve hesitated too long, as my eyes dart back and forth between the cream top and black leggings, up and down, back and forth, completely undecided. It’s enough for Theo to step forward and place steady, confident hands on my hips while I’m distracted.

“I guess you’ve made your choice then,” he growls as he slips his hands expertly under my top, gripping the edges, “Arms up, sweet cheeks,” he commands me politely as he jerks the shirt up. I raise my arms as he commanded me and he takes it up and over my trembling arms and hands.

I’m surprisingly not blushing too hard – yet.

“Don’t fret, sweety,” he murmurs, “I’m going to teach you your lesson in obedience after I’ve thoroughly washed you... and after I’ve made you fully mine. You’ll comprehend it better after I’m done with you.”

“I know what you’re –” I find a finger suddenly pressed against both my lips as I attempt to tell him I understand how sex works perfectly.

“Just for that interruption,” he warns as he steps in closer, until we’re chest to chest and his other hand slips behind my back to unclip my bra, “You’re getting spanked in the shower.”

Oh, man. I think I was going to get spanked far more often, considering I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, like, ever.

Just as I’ve thought this, my mouth opens to complain the water will make it sting more. Instead, before that can happen, his finger across my lips becomes a full hand. He clamps my lips shut and his hand behind my back wraps in my hair as he forces my head back to meet his gaze on his terms.

“I’ve always thought you to be clumsy, sweet cheeks,” he says, as his eyes are alight with a new idea, “Or perhaps this whole time you’ve just been far too... defiant.”

I smile into his palm at the word and I guess he feels it and his eyes narrow just as he smirks.

“I’m fine with that, doll,” Theo takes his hand from my mouth, as he drops to his knees in front of me, “I can deal with that, easily.”

“Can I ask a question?” I ask, really quickly and quietly, hoping I can sneak one in as his hands grab the tops of my leggings and inch them down.

“...sure,” only Theo could make that one, simple word sound so scary and full of imminent danger if I misused this opportunity for a question he didn’t approve of. I fling off my bra as I think about what I want to ask.

“It’s a silly question, oh,” I jump when his fingers prod into my thighs as he takes down my leggings further, now at my knees, making me shiver, “It’s, ah, it’s um –”

“You have ten seconds to ask that question, sweety,” he jerks my leggings down to my feet and I lift each foot so he can throw them onto the pile of our mixed clothes. His clothes, your clothes, your very own clothes baby, Wren, my brain’s thoughts make me feel stupid and I blush, “Otherwise, if you fail to do so in the given time frame, you’re getting fingered by me until you cum, standing right here; with your panties still on. Once again, you have ten seconds.”

So, Theo was all about business deals in sex too, huh? It seemed to be a growing pattern.

“Ah, well,” I quickly bring my mind back to my original question, “I always wondered. Do Dominants train their Submissives to worship their, uh, cock? Or themselves?” my voice squeaks on the word ‘cock’. I can’t help it.

I watch as Theo smirks unbelievably huge at my question.

“If I had no respect for you, I’d make you worship my dick, sweet cheeks,” he says, while slipping his fingers under the edges of my underwear, slowly teasing me, “But I want you to worship all of me and all of who I am. I want you to respect me for who I am.”

I do a small nod to myself, licking my lips as he finally scrunches up either end of my panties and starts to pull them off. Not slowly, not fast, just a normal pace. Enough for me to just stare and then wonder if he’d care I didn’t like to shave often down under.

And suddenly, in this moment, I am extremely nervous.

I have no words.

Not one.

I just carefully judge his reaction.

His eyes are clearly shocked when he sees the curls, and I jerk backwards as he reaches up a finger towards them. He quickly wraps his arm around my knees to stop me backing off and I breathe a bit heavily and more in a panic as he stares at me so intensely.

“You don’t like it,” I blurt out, “I’m sorry. I don’t know whether or not I should –”

“You’re a woman, Wren,” his eyes flick up to mine, passion still held within, “Don’t ever apologize to me again about being a woman,” I watch, nervously, as he chooses to slowly stand back up, his touch leaving me as he simply stands opposite me once more.

Now we are both fully naked and his cock is still poking towards me. I guess that was a good sign.

"I am a virgin,” I reconfirm, I’m not sure why I feel a need to say it but it just comes blurting out. Theo, in response, takes a few steps back, raising one mocking brow at me.

"Really?” he asks, turning to open the shower door and turn on the stream to nice and hot.

“I don’t like it too hot –” he turns to face me and I shut my mouth when I see the glare in his eyes.

“Wren, do I have to shove my cock, nice and deep, all the way down your throat... just to shut you up?” Theo speaks openly harshly, for the first time.

And messed up as it is, my thighs almost instantly start to feel sticky as my wetness grows at his threat.

I loved him being Dominant.

I’m also shell-shocked by his threat into utter silence, which makes him smirk and makes me bite my lower lip a little too hard.

He knew exactly what to do and say. Damn it.

“Good girl... now, listen to me,” he ushers me over and I do shuffle closer, my hands clasped behind my back as his eyes run over me, “This shower isn’t too small. You’re going to get on your hands and knees, under the stream, while I spank you. If you try and get back up before I’m done, I’m going to take your sweet virginity, with your hair wrapped tightly around my fist while I fuck you from behind into the floor of this shower that Mr. Fox has clearly been sleeping in,” he jokes with the last part as we both witness some of his cream-ginger fur spread around the edges. We both watch it wash down with the stream.

“He likes water,” I mutter as Theo simply waits for me to get down on my hands and knees.

I inhale a big breath and then slowly bend my knees as I put first one hand and then another down into the hot stream. I flinch, it’s not too bad, but it’s hotter than I usually liked.

“Give me some room, sweet cheeks, I want your ass under that water too... come on Wren,” Theo is really getting into it now and I admit, following his orders, isn’t too hard... plus it’s actually fun.

My knees slide along the watery basin and I position myself under the stream. Just as I am in the right spot, a loud smack slaps across my ass and makes me flinch when I least suspect it.

“Oh, damn,” I whisper under my breath... that was a lot harder than last time I got spanked by him.

“I had a special night planned for us,” he scolds me from behind, “But you left, without warning,” he spanks me again, but this time it’s the other cheek and a little harder, “With not even a phone call... just a text,” each palm on my ass gets harder than the last and I have to grit my teeth to endure the pain, “And we will be following through – soon – with that text, sweety.”

“But –” I try to speak but he spanks me once more and I know I’ve reached my limit, “It really hurts Theo,” I blurt out and he stops. I feel a hand curl in my hair, jerking my head up into the stream of water so I’m kneeling upwards. I have to squint to look up.

“Good. I’m glad. It was meant to,” he jerks on my hair a bit more, asking me to stand and I do so, thinking he’ll give me room. However, he does not let my hair go as he comes to stand in front of me. I have to rise back up as my head passes a hairs breath from his cock. He does it on purpose, I know, and when I’m finally past it, he lets my hair go and my cheeks are as red as can be.

“You’re one very sweet girl, Wren,” he says, honestly, “Look at me now, you can watch me for the rest... I changed my mind. Your eyes are too beautiful to have them downcast for too long.”

“Ah... oh, thank you,” I smile and he responds by backing me up into the tiled wall, with both his hands on my waist. He slowly leans in and kisses me softly near my right ear, then my jaw, my cheek and the corner of my mouth. The kisses are so soft and tender, I feel like I’m in a heavenly sex dream.

I turn my head into his so we can kiss properly and he only teases me with light caresses of his lips. All the while his eyes devour mine and I watch his in return. I know most people close their eyes while kissing but he was far too curious about my reaction and I was too curious about his.

I end up smiling into his lips and he in turn, smiles into mine.

“It’s hard to be too mean to you, doll,” he admits as he pulls away, “But that doesn’t mean I won’t find ways to punish you... because I know how much it makes you wet and wanting to be filled and stretched.”

“No,” I don’t know why I deny it, but I deny it strongly.

I guess because I didn’t want to admit it. It wasn’t something easy to admit out loud. Easy to admit in my head... but just agreeing?

“I can find out whether you’re right, or I am... but if you lied to me...,” he smiles as he thinks of another punishment, “... you’re going to turn around... face the wall... and stick your ass out... so I can clean your wet little pussy with my cock while I bend you over.”

Oh, damn, deny, deny, deny!

“Well, once again... no, I’m not wet,” I answer this time far more smoothly and with evil intent. I wanted to lie, okay?... because I liked the sound of that ‘punishment’ in particular.

"Cheeky, sweet cheeks,” he grabs one of my breasts with a free hand, softly kneeding it as his other hand cups my hair down beneath, and he slowly slips a finger across my untouched nether region.

“U-um...” I exhale and can’t meet his eyes as I realise as he touches me that I’m a lot wetter than usual. Probably more wet than I had ever been. My curls were a mess, his finger was covered in wet, hot virgin juices... and I felt pretty vulnerable and silly.

Now you’re officially not just a crazy cat lady, with a stutter and a habit of walking into things, but you’re also a secret sex crazed, horny perve who can’t keep your eyes off the first dick you’ve ever seen, and you’re a mess, a messy mess, and he just started to touch you! Nice work, Wren. Theo will love it.

“I love it,” Theo growls, unexpectedly echoing my thoughts... but not with sarcasm. I meet his gaze with virgin-shock to see his eyes filled with lust, “I love the way you squirm, Wren,” I literally gasp as he unexpectedly shoves a finger deep inside me, feeling how tight I am.

I guess he was quickly distracted from his threat of punishment, as was I.

“Oh my god, Theo,” I gasp again, amazed at how nice it was to have a larger, firm finger, other than my own, lodged inside me, hitting the exact, right spot.

“I don’t expect you to call me god,” Theo teases, “But if that’s your thing...”

“I think I’m happy calling you Theo –”

“Dominus,” Theo cuts me off, “You can call me Dominus... my cheeky, wet and clumsy Wren... sorely in need of a Dominant to rule your life... do you want me to take command?” he asks as he takes his finger out and shoves it back inside, “Do you want me to take care of you until the end of our time on this Earth? I’m more than willing to provide you with that security.”

“N-now is not the time,” I gasp as he takes his finger out, adds in another and shoves two back inside, “F-for, f-for riddles, oh – ah... ah, shit,” I can’t actually believe how good this feels and Theo just simply leans in a bit closer to me, his hand from my breast now leaves. He instead, puts his elbow and forearm against the wall by my head, to look deeply into my eyes as his fingers continue to tortuously fuck me down below.

“I can give this to you, all the time, sweety,” he continues, “This isn’t a riddle, either. This is how I expect to have you. I’m just making myself very... very clear.”

For some reason, as he continues... all I can focus on is how wet I am... how wet the shower is... the water... and then I’m thinking about that fountain.

T & C.

“Why did you propose to Cynthia?” I ask, out of the blue, and his fingers all at once leave me. But only so I can see him raise his two fingers and suck them clean right in front of me.

Let’s just say, that wetness he just sucked away is quickly replaced with a fresh new personal batch of desperate -Wren down below, seeping out along with my innocence. Something was just so damn hot about watching him taste my juices.

“You may be shocked to hear I’m more than happy to tell you why,” he explains honestly as his hands now both go to both my breasts, to wash them, to hold them and kneed them.

“Tell me,” I nod, wanting to know, “She is the only reason I’ve ever doubted you or your intentions. Why you’d propose to someone like her?”

“Not just reputation and success, as I’ve said before,” Theo explains, eagerly, “I never told you – really, why – why I once chose her.”

“Please, do... it confuses me to no end,” I wait and Theo smiles at how eager I am to find out.

“Some men like to sleep around,” Theo explains, “I like to keep what is mine. Once someone is with me, I dedicate myself to them with all I have. I’ve only ever wanted to be with one woman, someone I can spend the rest of my life with,” he judges my eyes and I hope he can see the warmth I am returning in them. I didn’t expect to hear this, “I’m a romantic, Wren. But I’m also a Dominant. I expect obedience, I expect dedication. Cynthia may have been Dominant like me, which I assumed to be appealing... oh how I wish... you have no idea... how badly I wish I could have met you sooner.”

“Why?” I ask, wanting to expel my fears for good, “What’s so good about me... besides being a challenge?”

He pauses as I wait expectantly for his answer, the water running over his face, dampening his hair... making him more unbelievably attractive.

“I don’t know,” Theo suddenly looks down, at his feet, and I’m greatly offended by his choice words until he quickly looks back up and locks gazes with me again. He raises his hands and gently cups my cheeks in his palms, “I don’t know how to put it into words... but I’ve never felt like this about someone, the way I feel around you. I think it’s... I can’t shake it. And I know it. And I hope it doesn’t scare you. But for some reason, I love you. With all my heart, I love you. I love you when you’re smiling, when you’re clumsy, when you’re angry... there is nothing about you I can truly fault. I love everything about you.”

“You told Kyros I wasn’t your type... that I wasn’t fit enough?” I remind him, feeling a little guilty for pushing him this far but I needed to erase all doubts. All of them.

“I didn’t know what my type was until I met you,” he smirks as he runs one of his hands down my neck, over my breast, over my small waist, wide hip, behind my fat ass... “There is a beauty in you I have never seen and I know I will never see again, in another woman, for as long as I live.”

Ok, these were all satisfactory answers but I was quickly remembering I had to return the favour.

I would have to be kind back; and honest.

Here goes...

“And you’re, um, handsome,” I blurt, so entranced after his kind words, I try to find the right words back. Instead, it comes out lame. Not poetic at all. I try though, I try... and I blush, “I mean, you’re hot. Like really, really hot. I think. Every woman thinks. I like what I see... and hear,” I feel my ears literally cringe at the way that all comes out.

But to my delight, Theo just leans in and kisses me.

“...good,” he squeezes my ass and runs his thumb along my cheek bone as I stare into his now intensely focused eyes, ”Now, I would like to continue this but you have to agree to some things first... and I don’t want you to think I’m joking. Because I am deadly serious.”

“Like what?” I ask, ready for anything.


...nothing in the world prepares me for what comes out of his mouth next.

“Will you marry me?” he asks, “If you say no... I can convince you otherwise, I promise.”

I literally stop breathing and I just stare at him in shock.



I can’t lie.

I’m staring so long and not answering, Theo eventually turns off the shower, his eyes narrowed but only with impatience.

“Theo... I don’t,” I am so overwhelmed, I’m both confused and happy at the same time. But mostly confused, “It’s so... we haven’t even... I don’t want to say no. I don’t know if I... if you... if we... can... consider... that... um...”

“Just answer the question and don’t think too hard about it,” Theo shrugs, smiling, feigning patience now. His eyes spoke volumes, though. They spoke the truth. He was desperate for my answer.

He actually meant it.

“...where’s the ring?” I ask, I can’t help it. I was curious why he’d ask me to marry him without one.

“Oh, shit,” he turns as fast as lightening, as if he can’t quite believe he forgot. Because clearly he forgot.

He opens the shower door and there is a very loud, high pitched, squidge! I watch as his foot slides along the slippery basin and he almost tumbles head long out of the shower.

I’m stock still as I see him blush.


He... he actually blushed. Oh my god.

He tries to pretend it didn’t happen as he grabs his pants and goes to the back pocket.

I can’t believe he is actually...

....and he has...

...and he just...!

It hits me. Properly. It takes awhile, but it happens all at once.

Before I know it, I’m stepping out of the shower, renewed and empowered with an unstoppable, unexplainable force inside me, coming straight from my knowing heart.

"Of course I’ll say yes!” I yell it at him, “I’d be a fucking idiot if I said no– you slipped and that sealed it for me... it was too good,” I laugh, but it dies out as he turns around... and I stop breathing again as he actually has got a velvet box in his hand.

My heart is blooming while my brain is paradoxically having a quiet, hysterical panic attack in a quiet corner of my soul. Where the hell did he get this from? When the hell did he plan this? What the frick?

He kneels and he opens the box to reveal the biggest sapphire I have ever seen in my life, resting on top of a sterling silver ring.

I look at it with a weird, cringy smile as my brain and heart send out opposite signals. This is a dream, Wren, pinch yourself, bang your head on the wall, wake up! This isn’t happening –

“Let me ask properly,” Theo exhales slowly, and I realise he literally forgot about the whole proper process. He literally forgot. And he was super embarrassed, “Will the most kind and gorgeous female that has ever walked on this Earth, and stumbled on this Earth... marry a slightly rich, apparently very handsome, Dominant, on his knees, supplicating himself before you?”

I don’t keep him waiting this time.

“I just said yes,” I complain, “And I don’t know why. I just can’t say no. Let me –” I reach out my hand for the box, I want to see it closer but he closes it cruely while I gawk at him in shock.

He chucks it on the pile of clothes. Sorry, correction, our clothes-baby.

“Look at it later, sweet cheeks,” he grins as stands, puts an arm around my waist and opens the door to my bedroom, “I’m going to fuck you all night first, deal? –”

Oh, shit!

“Mr. Fox!” I cry out as I see him and the new cat, Puddy, chasing him around the bedroom, out into the kitchen, around the couches and straight back into the bedroom. Mr. Fox had heard Theo open the bathroom door and sprints right into my legs, weaving through expertly.

Puddy stops by the door, his tail puffed up and a growl vibrating from his throat.

“Grab him,” I ask Theo to get Mr. Fox, who has now jumped on the bed. Mr. Fox looks excited and as Theo takes a step towards him, Mr. Fox sprints past us into the bathroom, runs back out and then heads straight towards Puddy.

I watch in horror, scared Puddy will pounce and pin my kitten down.

“You forgot to close the bedroom door,” I snap at Theo, accusingly and he puts his hands up in surrender. He just looks bewildered as I watch in a panic as Mr. Fox stops opposite Puddy, his tail sticking right up, curiously in a curved question mark.

Mr. Fox looks happy. Puddy though... is weary. He is not growling anymore, but he stares fixated on Mr. Fox, who slowly sits down opposite him.

“We’ve been a good ten minutes, Wren, I think they’ve been at it for a while,” Theo explains, “It looks like they’re friends.”

“I think at the moment they are frenemies,” I sigh with relief as Puddy backs up and then slinks his way back into the kitchen and living area to explore. Mr. Fox also slinks his way after him, curious to follow.

I jump a bit as there is naked male warmth at my back. Theo is right behind me, his hands again clasped down on my elbows, bringing my arms behind my back in a tight vice-like hold.

“Relax, Wren.”

“I’m worried about them and Puddy hasn’t been introduced with me yet,” I say, quietly. Theo runs his hands from my elbows, up my arms and back down again, comfortingly.

“I can see you’re worried... and you won’t be able to enjoy yourself while you worry,” Theo admits, “We’ll make sure they settle, first, okay?” he suggests, “We’ll continue later.”

“We have work tomorrow,” I sigh, disappointed about the interruption and the fact I was enjoying myself so much... only for this to interrupt the most perfect ten minutes of my life.

“I can’t promise you won’t be exhausted tomorrow, Wren,” Theo growls into my ear and kisses it as I lean back into him.

“Oh, really?” I ask, cheekily.

“Really,” Theo kisses my ear twice again before he walks past me, shamelessly naked.

I watch as he stalks his way out into the living area and squats down, holding out his hand. Mr. Fox runs behind him and Puddy, a minute later, very slowly approaches to sniff his hand. I just stand and admire from a distance.

Theo turns to me to give me a warm smile and my heart melts in my chest.

I just agreed to marry my boss. And not one part of me regretted the seriously spontaneous decision.

Love stories always had their original twists. I guess having the last person I ever expected to fall in love with me, was mine.

And I guess I was Theo’s.

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