Mastering Wren

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Chapter 37

Puddy Caita and Mr. Fox slowly get used to each other. I’m sitting on the couch as Puddy sits opposite me, eyeing me wearily. I have a feeling he knows I’m his new guardian. Mr. Fox is sitting on the opposite couch, resting his chin on his two front paws as he blinks slowly at Puddy. They were both falling asleep opposite each other.

Theo had offered to make some toasties for dinner. He was still naked, while I had put on my sleepy nighty. I offer out my hand to Puddy again and he tenses as I get closer.

I try scratching his neck lightly, and I’m surprised when he instantly leans into it. At the last moment he pulls away though, realising he shouldn’t trust me too quickly.

“It’s okay, baby,” I whisper, “I’ll buy you a big scratching post, one so tall you could never even dream of something that big.”

“Ahem,” Theo feigns a cough from the counter and chops through a prepared toasty with a loud crunch, “Mr. Fox might get jealous, Wren.”

“Sorry, Dominus,” I try the term, liking the way it rolls off my tongue.

“How are your injuries, sweety?” Theo asks, smirking with the term I’ve just used to refer to him as.

“Hip is still bruised, elbow is still sore, my wrist is still sore too,” I shrug my shoulders, “But I’ll be fine to work tomorrow.”

“I wasn’t thinking about tomorrow,” Theo puts a plate with a toasty on it, on top of the counter, “Come get it, sweet cheeks.”

I stand up and Puddy jerks; he was a very sensitive cat to movement. He glares at me again wearily through one opened eye as I walk past.

“You can’t stop my love,” I whisper back at him.

“You know what’s funny, Wren?” Theo asks, taking a bite into his own toasty as crumbs fall down his chest and onto the floor. I just narrow my eyes.

“What?” I ask.

“You don’t stumble on your words, ever, when you speak to felines,” Theo leans forward and watches me as I sit on a stool opposite and eat the ham and cheese toasty he made for me.

I choose to ignore his last comment. I wasn’t sure if it was an insult or a compliment but I didn’t want to lose my recent high-mood from his proposal. This naked Greek hunk, proposed… to me? I was still trying to register the shock of it all.

But mostly I felt extremely content, even while eating the toasty and having Theo scrutinise me thoroughly as the crumbs rained down on my nighty while I munch down on it.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Theo raises a brow at me.

I just roll my eyes and he tilts his head a bit to the side, unblinkingly staring me down.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, either,” Theo growls and I smile as I take another bite of my toasty.

He continues to watch me and I just smile as I eat.

“I admit. I’m irritated,” Theo states, out of the blue.

“Because I rolled my eyes and tried to talk with my mouth open?” I ask, exasperated.

“Because you fell down a flight of stairs and now I can’t fuck you the way I want to,” Theo walks around the kitchen bench and heads towards the bedroom.

“Where are you…ah… where are you g-going?” I ask, nearly chocking on my food as I watch his perfectly sculpted butt clench and unclench as he walks away.

“What did I say, Wren?” he scolds loudly as he heads into the bathroom.

I cough into my hand and attempt to swallow my last bite a second time. I was a fast eater. I spin around on my stool to face the bedroom and he comes out holding his phone.

My heart drops into my stomach.

“Let’s see…” Theo’s eyes light up, “Ah yes, here we are,” he raises his brows and hands me his phone, the screen facing my wide, terrified eyes, “Read this. Please explain.”

“Well,” I take the phone and stand up, patting off the crumbs on my nighty, I pace towards the window and read over it once in my mind, “Just so you know, my phone went flat before I could correct myself –”

“That explains quite a bit,” Theo leans back on the counter, still naked. I glance up and my eyes end up instantly focusing on his cock and balls.

Oh my –

Would you suck on those balls, Wren? Would you?


I mean no.


“That’s some internal struggle you have going on in there, sweet cheeks,” Theo winks and I gape.

“I’m…” I trail off. Could he read my mind? Oh my god, he could read my mind!

“Are you going to read the text or not sweet cheeks? Or will I be teaching you another lesson in how to pay your debts to your Dominus?” Theo asks, quizzically.

“You can’t read my mind, can you?” I ask, my eyes popping out of my skull, “Sometimes I feel like you can, and it’s crazy how spot on you are with my thoughts. And you do not want to see what thoughts I have going on… underneath… um… never mind,” I shake my head and turn around to face the window.

Just as I’ve spun to face the window, I turn back around to him again instantly.

“...flame?” I whisper it at him, very abruptly. It was our safe word.

Theo is looking at me like I’m mentally shattering apart underneath my calm exterior.

His eyes are sparkling with intense humour, which just makes me feel like a fool.

He waits.

I bite my lip… okay… just… read it.

“Uh, um,” I turn back to the window, Never mind that. Okay,” I let out a breath, “You’ve just ended. A long term relationship. You’re my boss. I’d rather slow the, um, sorry. I’d rather slow whatever we have, right the fuck – write the fuck? No. Right the fuck down b-before I get hurt. What if you take my virginity and I end up… just a rebound… like a garlic bread…–uh, I didn’t write that. Ignore that. What if you take my virginity and I end up just a rebound at the end of the day? That… would…” I trail off, my cheeks flooding with half my body’s blood, “That’d suck balls,” I whisper, very quietly, this part, “…wouldn’t it? I’d love to.”

I pause.



I turn around, throwing my hands up. His phone goes flying out of my grip and smashes into the wall. The cats both jump ten feet into the air at the loud collision and they both run under the couches.

Like. Like! Not Love. I’d like to,” I then scramble for his phone on the carpet, which is behind me.

Theo is laughing, but only for a moment.

“Wren,” his laughter cuts off, and he sounds so serious I feel like I might die any moment, “Don’t. Move.”

“Oh my god, Theo!” I’m fully bent over, my hand on his phone. Waiting for further instructions, “There’s a spider on me. Isn’t there? Tell me. If I don’t know it makes me ever more nervous. Please tell me –!”

“I’m staring at your ass, sweet cheeks,” Theo growls, “Stay right where you are. Don’t move.”

Oh! Right!

I stay bent over, feeling like I’m stretching my calves. I stare at his phone screen.

I glance over my shoulder and I see him coming back out with a semi-hard erection and a belt in his hands.

“Ah… oh… oh right, woopsies?” I turn back around and face his phone.

“Don’t move,” he comes over and I stay still, “This is for you running,” he moves forward, pressing right into me, and I feel a hot, hard length slide between my legs.

“What’s that… what’s that?” I ask. Hand or cock? I couldn’t tell the difference.

I feel him back away now.

While my mind is distracted by the fact I felt – I assume – his hard length rub against me and steal some of my wetness; that is when he strikes.

“Oh!” I cry out at the same time I feel a tight, hard whack to my ass cheek. Furthest from my injuries.

“Did that hurt or did that feel good?” he asks, both curiously and passionately.

He liked to do it but still wanted to make sure I also did as well, considering it was my first time actually getting flogged.

“Yes,” I answer, truthfully, “I mean, yes, Dominus.”

“That pleases me… sweet cheeks,” as he says it, he smacks the belt against my ass again. I jerk and purse my lips together, trying not to moan.

I liked it way too much. Okay? Way too much.

He only does it twice and then I feel him come forward, pressing into me again, after dropping his belt onto the floor. This time he grabs both my hips, lightly, and pulls me back against him as he grinds into me.

In the mean time, I forget to breathe as he controls my hips with steady, sure, confident hands. I feel his cock rub between my pussy lips and I don’t want to move.

He was getting me used to the position.

I close my eyes in delight – that is – until the moment is completely ruined within a single heart-beat.

I’m so frightened by a loud, beeping, bleeping, and red flashing alarm, right in front of my face… I swing right back up, smacking my head back into his chin.

“Ow!” I cry out and he growls as he quickly jumps around me, a hand rubbing his sore chin as he picks up his phone.

“What’s happened?” I ask, worried about the alarm, coming from some sort of phone alert app.

I back up a few steps and collapse onto the couch as I come to terms with the look of shock settling in on Theo’s face. Whatever happened, it was serious.

“Fuck… shit,” he unlocks his phone and licks his lips nervously. He drops his hand to his side so he can take a moment to process whatever he just read.

I stay silent, super confused as he also turns and then sits on the opposite couch, dialling another number very quickly. I just continue to sit, back now straight and hands clasped together in front of me as he makes a call.

“Double check the charity account for me, dad,” Theo requests of his father, “…yes… I’ll have to submit a report… it’s all gone. Someone went in and took the money… yes I’ll wait. Can you see from your end who made the transaction?”

I sit, shell-shocked. I now come to terms with the fact someone has just taken money from the charity.

“…oh?” Theo speaks into the phone with a flat monotone, his face dropping as he lowers his phone and hangs up abruptly.

“What happened?” I ask again, quietly.

“The account for the charity hit zero,” Theo’s tone is still dead, his eyes are tight, he looks so utterly destroyed, “Someone stole the money.”

“Do you know who, or who could have?” I ask.

“My father checked just now,” Theo looks completely distressed and confused, “It had a secret, cheap code bought off line to glitch out the account name. But my dad’s good with IT, so…”

I don’t know why Theo looks and sound so done with the world.

Well I do but… I don’t know why Theo looks like that while looking at me.

“…and?” I ask, waiting patiently for a reply.

“The money was traced back to an employee,” Theo doesn’t blink as he stares me down.

“Who?” I ask.

“Wren,” Theo furrows his eyebrows, “The money was traced back to your bank account.”

“Me?” I ask, thoroughly confused and shocked into impending silence.

“Yes,” Theo sounds so hurt as he leans back into the couch, “…why did you steal the money, Wren? How long have you been planning this?”

I just stare at him, completely shell-shocked.

Even in my shock, it’s pretty clear to my ears what just came out of his mouth.

A rage I have never felt before; a quiet, cold, broken rage, slithers through me.

He didn’t trust me.

Without one question, and a single cruel assumption… he believed what he saw.

“Get out,” I also lean back into my couch as a type of numb pain fills my chest, “Get out, Theo. Now.”

I watch as he stands willingly and walks towards the bedroom.

“I suppose you’re not a virgin, either,” he doesn’t look at me as he says this. He smirks to himself, completely disbelieving and distrusting.

I don’t have to yell at him to leave, even though I want to. A huge part of me is waiting for him to come out, sit down and talk to me about it.

Because I didn’t steal anything.

Clearly, this was Cynthia’s idea of a joke.

It had to be Cynthia.

But Theo doesn’t even want to talk about it.

He walks out of my room, dressed now, he doesn’t even glance at me, heads for the door and pauses just before he leaves. He reaches into his pocket, brings out the small velvet box and pops it on the counter.

“Maybe you can pawn it for some money,” he speaks, again, without looking at me.

He then opens my apartment door.

He slams it on the way out. The last thing I see; is his back.

It is then that the flood gates holding back my tears burst open.

What had been so suddenly the perfect dream, had turned into a perfect nightmare.

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